1. Here we are. Let’s see the menu. These are hot dog and hamburger.

What do you prefer? I would rather eat hot dog. Where does the conversation take place? 2. Mr Gatto got an accident last night Yes. I’ve heard about it too. It was pretty bad. From what the woman said, what did she express? 3. There are only 20 chairs. We’ll need 5 more. Do you mean 7? The other two are for us I’ll move those here. How many guests will attend the meeting. 4. Do you sell tennis rackets Mam? Yes, we do. They are on special prices month. Rp 200.000 each and Rp 300.000 for two How much does a single racket cost? 5. What time is GA33 for Surabaya due to depart At least at 03.50. But you must check in one hour prior to departure What time must the passenger be at the airport? 6. I’m sorry for not coming to your birthday party. My mother was hospitalized. a. It’s okay, don’t mention it b. It’s alright I’m glad to hear it c. Let’s forget it. I’m happy to hear that d. That’s quite alright. I’m sorry to hear that. 7. Have you got a room for one night please? a. I’ll take it b. Can I see the room c. Sorry we’re full up d. I’d like a good hotel 8. This is for you Nina For me? Oh thank you Andy a. Oh my God. I’m glad you like it b. You’re welcome. I’m glad you like it c. I’m sorry. I’m glad you like it d. Certainly. Glad to help you. 9. I’ve lost my note book. Could I borrow yours before the test? a. I know, you look awful b. I’m sorry I’d like to help you but I cant c. Not at all, I can study on my weekend break. d. I certainly did. I have to take it with me 10. We put off our plan to go camping because of the bad weather. a. What a wonderful idea b. How disappointing c. You’re so kind d. That’s a very kind of you

He lives in Bojong Gede. Let’s hear their opinion. Therefore I don’t think I agree with the government policy that demand such a high standard on the national exam I completely agree on the government plans to increase the standard on national examination. the education in this country still needs a lot of improvement. We’ve been … of the possibility of a strong turbulence in the next 30 minute. In my opinion. Listeners. Who makes this advertisement? What is being offered? Welcome to the Speakers Corner Program. Why don’t you stay with us for the long weekend? From April 14th to 16th. And listeners. we already have two people here. 12. . Passengers are strong advised to remain on their seat and fasten their seat belts. I believe that this can force many low standard students to study harder so that they can pass the examination. The other one is Untung Wahyudi 48 years old a civil servant.11. As the consequence the educational standard in Indonesia would meet the international standard. 15. What is the man’s occupation. Bogor. The room package starts from Rp 950. I’m Susanto. 14. the controversy of the government policy on National Examination for high school students continue to rage. She is a corporate labor worker at Kebayoran Lama of Jakarta. As we know critics point out to many students who failed the exam had good grade and set to enter the university. 13.000 for two nights including breakfast for two adult plus two children under 12 years old. The first one is Asri Wahyuni 25 years old. You will also get 10 % discount on food and beverages. What is the topic of the Speakers Corner Program? Which of the following statements is not true? This is your captain speaking. your host. They’re going to share their views.

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