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1. Land of Cherry Blossom where Rizal visited for one month and a half.

A.Germany B.Japan C.Hongkong D.France E.Italy 2. What PLACE did Rizal refer to when he said, "__________ is more extensive than Paris. The walls are built in cyclopean manner. The streets are large and wide." A.Sayonara B.Naples C.Yokohama D.Tokyo E.Paris 3. While in Tokyo, Rizal was visited in Tokyo Hotel by the secretary of the Spanish Legation whom invited him to live in that legation. What was that secretary of Spanish Legation? A.Jose Maria Basa B.Juan Salcedo C.Terrero D.Felix Hidalgo E.Juan Perez Caballero 4. Having realinzed that Spanish diplomatic authorities were instructed from Manila to watch out his movements in Japan, Rizal accepted the invitation of the Spanish Legation for the following reasons: i) He could economize his living expenses by staying at Spanish Legation ii) He could further his medical studies iii) He had nothing to hide the prying eyes of the Spanish authorities A.i only B.ii only C.iii only D.i and ii E.i and iii 5. __________: Japanese drama; Judo: Japanese art of self-defense A.kabuki B.hara kiri C.bunraki D.ukiyo-e E.ikebana 6. Taking abundant notes of the life, customs and culture of Japan and Japanese people, Rizal was favorably impressed of: i) The picturesque dress and simple charm of the Japanese women as well as the cleanliness, politeness, and industry the Japanese people ii) The beauties of the country; and there were very few theives and beggars iii) Their discipline, courage and generosity A.i only B.ii only

C.iii only D.i and ii E.i and iii 7. However, there is one thing that Rizal did not like in Japan ...... A.hara kiri - a voluntary suicide of oneself by stabbing in the left belly B.ricksaw - mode of transportation C.prostitution D.yakuza E.none of the above 8. In spring morning in mid-March, 1888, Rizal entered one of the biggest store (dealing on Western goods) in Yokohama to buy something. What was the name of the former samurai who owned that store? A.Usui-san B.O-Sei-San C.Meguro D.Sayonara E.Oishi-san 9. A lovely woman was at that store. Assuming that she was a store staff, Rizal asked if she knew English. And to her surprise, she was very fluent in Japanese, English and French. What was the name of that woman having cameo-like beauty, charming tenderness and high intelligence. Usui-san Usui-san B.O-Sei-San C.Meguro D.Sayonara E.Oishi-san 10. What was the real name of O-Sei-San? A. A.Sai San B.Sendaihaga C.Nakahama D.Seiko Usui E.Tetcho Suehiro

11. On April 13, 1888, Rizal boarded an English steamer, at Yokohama, bound for the United States. What was the name of the steamer?
A.Hayfong B.Salvadora C.Belgic D.Djemnah E.none of the above


A Japanese newspaperman who had been jailed twice for writing an article against the government did not know any foreign languages that he was not able to talk with any other passengers in that steamer bound for United States. So Rizal who could fairly talk helped the latter, and they became friends. Both were valiant patriots inflexible enemies of injustice and tyranny, and both exiles traveled across the Pacific, through the United States, and parted at London. Who was that Japanese newspaperman?

A.Seiko Usui B.Takayama C.Usui-San D.Tetcho Suehiro E.none of the above

13. Suehiro published his political novel Storm Over the Southern Sea which the plot is similar to

Rizal's Noli Me Tangere. Who was that HERO which is equivalent to Ibarra in the Noli?
A.Manjiro Nakahama B.Amagawaya Gihei C.Chishingura D.Sendaihagi E.Takayama

14. On what date Rizal was executed in Bagumbayan (in Manila) which is now Rizal Park?
A.December 30, 1896 B.December 31, 1896 C.December 30, 1897 D.December 31, 1897 E.December 31, 1898

15. Suehiro became prominent in Japan's political and journalistic circles. He grew rich

as ___________ of Choya Shinbun and later became a member of the Japanese Parliament.
A.editor B.writer D.publisher E.researcher

16. Rizal discovered that the placing of the ship under quarantine was politically

motivated for the election was near, and in order to win the votes of the whites in California was to impede the entry of 643 Chinese coolies, believed to be displacing the laborers in WHAT SECTOR of the laborers?

A.commercial sector B.entertainment industry C.industrial sector D.agricultural sector E.railroad construction camps

17. After a week of quarantine, all the first-class passengers, including Rizal, were

allowed to land. But the ____________ passengers of the second and third-class accomadations were forced to remain on board for a longer period.
A.Chinese B.Japanese C.Chinese and Japanese D.Vietnamese E.Chinese and Vietnamese 18. Who was the PRESIDENT of the United States when he crossed America heading for London A.Grover Cleveland B.William McKinley C.Chester A. Arthur D.Benjamin Harrison E.Theodore Roosevelt

19. In what STATE do Alto, Oakland and Sacramento belong?

A.Utah B.Colorado C.Nevada D.California

E.Illinois 20. In San Francisco, Rizal left for Oakland by ____________, while in Oakland he left by ____________. A.train; ferry boat B.ferry boat; train C.steamer; train D.train; steamer E.ferry boat; steamer

21. On May 8, 1888, the train, which Rizal was riding, passed a place which he

described as having a good system of irrigation that could be cultivated. It seen with horses, oxen and trees. What was this place which is part of Utah (the third state they passed over)?
A.Denver B.Salt Lake City C.Provo D.Ogden E.none of the above

22. In Rizal's diary, he described this place as there are mountains in the middle of

the lake like the islands of Talim in Laguna de Bay.

A.Colorado B.Reno C.Ogden D.Provo E.Salt Lake

23. At 10:30am, May 9, 1888, they climb up a certain height which was snow seen

along the way. There were pines. Icecles in the tunnels were very bright as they passed by. What was this 5th state of the American continent they crossed-over?
A.California B.Nevada C.Colorado D.Nebraska E.Illinois

24. On May 10, 1888, the train crossing the American continent reached Nebraska

(one of the states in US), a plain country. They reached Omaha city, a big city the biggest since they left San San Francisco. What river did Rizal depicted in his diary that was twice as the Pasig River in its widest part?
A.Neckar River B.Big Blue River C.Lodgepole River D.Missouri River E.Republican River

25. Rizal riding on the train crossing over the American continent arrived at Ontario,

Canada (English territory). In the afternoon, they passed this falls and stopped for some time to see the points that were beautiful. He depicted this as the greatest cascade he ever saw but it was not so beautiful nor so fine as the falls in Los Banos though bigger, more imposing. What was this falls he described?
A.Webster's Falls B.Borers Falls C.Inglis Falls D.Sherman Falls

E.Niagara Falls

26. On Sunday morning, May 13, 1888, Rizal reached New York, thus ending his trip

across the American continent. He stayed this city which he called "big town." On May 16, 1888, he left New York for Liverpool on board of that ship. This is considered as the "second largest ship in the world" at that time, what was the name of that ship?
A.City of Rome B.Hayfong C.Carthaginian Express D.Salvadora E.Djemnah 27. After his travels in the U.S., Rizal lived in Londo from May 1888 to March1889. He chose this English city to be his new home for the following reasons: i) improving his knowledge of the English Language ii) London was a safe place for him to carry on his writing of the novel Noli Me Tangere iii) studying and annotating Morga's Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas, a rare copy of which he heard to be available in British Museum A.i only B.ii only C.iii only D.i and ii E.i and iii 28. In London, to enumerate a few of his noble deeds, Rizal completed his annotating of Morga's book, and in defense of his people against Spanish critics, what was the official newspaper of the Propaganda Movement through which Rizal wrote many articles? A.La Liga Filipina B.La Solidaridad C.La Independencia D.La Republica Filipina E.La Publicidad 29. On May 25, 1888, a day after his docking at Liverpool, England, Rizal went to London. For a short of time, Rizal stayed as guest at the home of _________. This man was an exile of 1872 and a practising lawyer in London. A.Maximo Viola B.Dr. Antonio Ma. Regidor C.The Becketts D.Dr. Reinhold Rost E.Don Miguel Morayta 30. What was the name of the libararian of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and and authority of Malayan languages and customs whom Rizal came to know? This man gladly recommended Rizal to the authorities of the British Museum for his study of Morga's Sucesos. A.Dr. Reinhold Rost B.Felipe de las Corte C.Dr. Dominador Gomez D.Don Miguel Morayta E.Laureano Viado

31. A medical student of at the University of Santo who was imprisoned because a

copy of Noli Me Tangere was found in his possession

A.Felipe de las Corte B.Mariano Herbosa C.Dominador Gomez D.Laureano Viado E.none of the above

32. While in London, One good news that cheered Rizal was the defense of this man

of the novel Noli against the attacks of the friars. Who was this priest?
A.Felipe de las Corte B.Dominador Gomez C.Fr. Rodriguez D.Fr. Felipe Garcia E.none of the above

33. For a short time in Paris, Rizal lived in the house of __________, at No. 45 Rue

Maubeuge, where he polished his annotated edition of Morga's book.

A.Justo Trinidad B.Valentin Ventura C.Jose Albert D.Dr. Felix Pardo de Tavera E.Dr. Trinidad de Tavera

34. Then after Rizal transferred from Ventura's, he lived in a little room together with

the two Filipinos. Who was his one of his roommates who was a former gobernadorcillo of Santa Ana, Manila and refugee from Spanish tyranny?
A.Justo Trinidad B.Dr. Felix Pardo de Tavera C.Dr. Trinidad de Tavera D.Jose Albert E.none of the above

35. Another magnificent project of Rizal in Paris was also fizzled out was his plan to

establish a modern college in Hongkong. Who was this rich Filipino resident in Paris that promised to help him raise P40,000.00 as initial capital for the college
A.Jose Albert B.Dr. Louis de Weckert C.Mr. Cunanan D.Dr. Otto Becker E.Valentin Ventura 36. On January 28, 1890, Rizal left Paris for Brussels for two reasons. One reason was the gay social life of the city that could hamper his writing of the second novel El Filibusterismo. What was the other reason for his tranferring? A.the Spanish official spying B.he want to save for his plan of putting a college in Hongkong C.his romantic relationship D.cost of living was very high E.none of the above 37. Upon Arrival in Madrid, in securing justice for the oppressed Calamba tenants, including his family, Rizal sought the help of the Filipino colony, the Asociacion Hispano-Filipino and the liberal Spanish newspapers. Which of the following below that is not belong to the Spanish newspapers securing justice for the Filipino people? A.La Justicia B.El Dia C.El Globo

D.La Republica E.La Revolution 38. A talented Spanish scholar who was a press-agent of the friars in Spain that was challenged by Rizal for a duel A.Wenceslao Retana B.Dominador Gomez C.Antonino Lopez D.Valeriano Weyler E.none of the above 39. Secretary of Asociacion Hispano-Filipina A.Dominador Gomez B.Antonino Lopez C.Valeriano Weyler D.Marcelo H. del Pilar E.none of the above 40. While in Madrid, this man was the lawyer of Rizal when he secure justice for the oppressed Calamba tenants including his family A.Antonino Lopez B.Marcelo del Pilar C.Valeriano Weyler D.Mateo Elejorde E.none of the above

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