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(SilverStar Online Journal of Horus-Maat, Vol.2, Issue.

2, Summer Solstice 2010) Lucifer is the quill, of black flame the writings. Indelible is the ink on the charred silk of a presence, whose subordinates have long forgotten the phosphoresence. For They, seeking the False Luminescence Are Those lacking in primordial essence Through reverence defiled, we shall spiral downward in time, remembering our long lost birthright, of starlit skies benighted. For He who is seeking sustenance And He who is breathing silence through blood and steel, and fire shall reclaim the throne of god. [Excerpt of Anthropemic Bibliopegy , by LIM MMIX] Lucifer speaks to us all in various ways we should and do understand all too clearly. Contrary to popular belief, His message and teachings are not at all shrouded in secrecy and mysticism. Unfortunately, as humans, our need to cloud ourselves in logical illusions constantly renders the obvious into dubious, creating a most unusual regression when it comes to spiritual motion. Spasms of clairvoyance (endarkment if you cleverly will), instead of being considered simply as they are, tend to raise more questions and provide fewer answers (unless you focus of course, but thats an entirely other issue). Sticking to the main point here, the art of recycling these cognitive processes battling in our brain into viable options, weve called, amongst other generic practices, Philosophy. The nullifying fundamentalism of Existence has been, in the psyche of most terrestrial beings, abandoned and lost in the dusty archives of history. It seems a more simplistic structure has been adopted instead, wherein the evolutionist thought-pattern, inevitable in itself as mental operation, is now boldly considered a thing of the past. Quantum-speaking: a Past we abstract by not allowing ourselves to actualize it in the present tense and thus bringing about a minimal level of future potentials for us to cling onto and witness. New ontological links have spawned from this addiction we have to the illusion of logic. Those reflexes might seem rather demote in retrospect but they were necessary for survival and the survival of what? Of flesh? Certainly not. More likely the survival of laws implemented and regulated by inner-Archons fighting against our most basic instincts (reasoning, independence and soul-fortitude for instance), which are, ultimately, the sum of all energies representing our True-Selves. That is exactly where and when, through utmost passion and rigorous worship, that the Lord of Tunnels, gatekeeper and key-master comes into play and Luciferianism emerges as The All that permits everything else To Be or Not to Be, even Beyond, if prompted to do so. The rudimentary exercise of thinking should always remain paramount to any devotee/initiate, of course. I would hope to see the day when this habit would leak into the masses as well, but I will not lose myself to utopian delusions just yet. Paradoxically, I have the visceral tendency to discard and somewhat despise academic philosophy and most specifically philosophers and their schools of thoughts; which condemns me to pause and think about it for a moment. Let us dissect this statement real quick: philosophers and their schools of thought implies that, at some point, a consensus concerning various topics has been agreed upon and that the theories emitted by one individual led to

the formation of a school under which you can seek education, hence submit to conformity and to anothers very personal opinion. For the scholars, these theories became truths not to be questioned, lest you confront the group and be singled out. Youd be forced to create a school on your own eventually. (Or keep your reflections to yourself and leave no intellectual legacy behind.) Now why do I see so many parallels to be made with institutionalized religion here, or is it just me? If the illusion of logic usually leads to philosophy (at least in some circles of interest), without the illusion of logic, would there be any need for philosophy? Or rather, would there be any philosophy at all? And if the illusion of logic is an addiction and we know that the pretension of an addiction is the pity it inspires, then how come this vessel of flesh in which we are trapped is not treating the problem like a cancer or like any other type of disease it is normally conditioned to fight before leaving us a dried-up corpse? A simple question really? Yes, precisely. And since it is a simple question, then what am I doing right now other than philosophizing? --- The machinations of heaven (smell the metaphor?) tormenting us and continuously looping us backwards are well oiled indeed. When talking about the imperativeness of a New Paradigm to emerge, we should first build an efficient defense to shield ourselves from the exoteric effects of those finite and outdated patterns leading us nowhere. Only then will we be able to dissect their properties and slip through the fabrics of reality by focusing within, aiming to be outside, without, elsewhen and and become Pure Abstract Beings (well aware of the 400 billion+ bits of information flowing about rather than the mere 3000 bestowed upon us by the brain). I am always interested (and not necessarily interesting, as Boris Vian would wryly put it), but nonetheless, I often find the whole thing (the internal dialogue) tiring, to say the least. It seems today as if one cannot undertake the golden road of philosophy without contracting the nasty habit of counter-attacking and overtly contradicting the other, especially when the attacked partisan in the said skirmish is not even alive anymore to validate his opinion. That being said, Im like most of you, eager to learn, yearning to step out of the superstition field and delve into the superstring field, and finally wondering whats the point in all of this? I am aware that there are philosophers out there who are genuine enough, but they are a rare kin. We could almost weed them out to two vulgar categories of thinkers: 1) those interested in the immensely small (in the grand scheme of things), ie. politicians, scientists, ecclesiastic authorities and neo-cult leaders, trying to decipher what the cosmos or god still has in store for us, and 2) those of any open-minded creed (theistic or not) and background (ethnic, social, etc.), bearing the unignited black flame inside, striving to transcend and be reunited with the utmost chthonian principle The Void, all around waiting to devour the Demiurge and his system. Yet on and on it goes, lingering and overflowing, until what was to happen, happened; most people lost interest in philosophy, naturally. Lets face it: pondering and foreseeing are less than revered nowadays. Because when it comes down to it, validation through taste, ideals, values and opinion will always remain well, too personal. Individual tastes are non-negotiable, that we know, however minds can be altered and hearts seduced, right? Power over matter; magick, so to speak. As selfproclaimed experts on human nature, philosophers everywhere should have stumbled upon this very early on and weighted this singular thought as the primary epiphany. But with a nihilistic sigh I must add that I too, when exhibiting myself under what may appears to be mentor-like traits, exuding some form of charisma and sagacity, (a frightening Illusion truly), become nauseated and promptly grow weary of myself, as most Chaos devotees should often feel Blessed by the providence of an eternal spectrum of possibilities yet handicapped by the curse of doubt (which in itself stays essential to proper self-improvement). I cannot help myself I just feel and think this way. I am but a simple man and thats how things are. Why this Will to share, this Will to learn scorching inside? A Will I have problems figuring out why it manifests in such ways. I know many of

you went through similar perplexing alleys as I. Its a dead-end; theres no escape and perhaps thats the beauty of it. Ive always felt like LUCIFERs divine revelations reached us through interrogations and nothing else. Even the visions are plagued with imbalance and uncertainty. I can only be amazed when everything does fall into place according to the vibrations that I have consciously emitted. My intents, ritualized into a wavelike beam, piercing the veil of the PCR (Prism Concrete Reality) and affecting other physical beings as well as my surroundings. Mastering the subtleties of such a discourse should be of the essence, yet from personal experience I can honestly say that it is not always the case; Haphazardness also holds a great deal of power over control. The mysteries of life are a drug and like any treacherous narcotic, it is a double-edged blade. They can swiftly slice open your mind to new horizons or make you some kind of cerebral S&M freak. A scarred degenerate wasting life trough a self-degrading diet; over-analyzing everything and sadly enough, over-assuming too. Such is the norm, biased as it is, with, lets say, the traditional scientific approach towards lifes mysteries. Such organizations have a way of presenting their allegations as if they were irrefutable facts, but truly they are just momentary sophistic proofs about issues that are mostly irrelevant in the first place. But thats the appeal of such studies and why they are still gaining ground and leading the masses today. That is also why it intentionally buries people under a massive pile of gibberish and mathematical allegories, leaving most puzzled and confused. If it would indeed be the right way of reasoning, there would be no need to insist upon its righteousness; it would appear clear, simple and easy from the get-go. The issues would be their own questions and their own answers at the same time for everyone to comprehend. Historically speaking, only recently did quantum physics, for instance, had to stand side-by-side with the Occult, the Unseen, and admit that hey, we dont really know. Is there a connection? In Chaos, where the micro persistently collapse over the macro and so forth, folding into endless possibilities sometime regulated by an observer (i.e. the dualdraconite aspect of Lucifer), yes there is. Chaos or rather what we perceive as literal emptiness/disorder permeates everything. Without it, not even atoms would be complete. How strange is it that without Nothingness, something like matter could not even exist? --From this point on, I feel like I must deconstruct what I have clumsily tried to illustrate since the beginning of this text. For what good is there in writing if I cannot dispute my own arguments and crush my own pedestal? I am, after all, my worst and most beloved enemy. --Moving on, heres another example: Fanatics of the rabidly-rational are praising, in modern society, the likes of media icons and lobbyists whose jobs are mainly to prove everybody else is wrong; hence they appear right and we all act accordingly, accepting their ludicrous assumptions as plausible Truth. It seems ok really and works best for most of the flock, wouldnt you agree? Why debate on it any further? Out of logic? ...No. Logic has nothing to do with it, for such is the way we were designed and such is the way Chaos, which Lucifer wields like a beacon in the dark, works its magic. It embodies both the illusion of right and wrong, of war & peace, of good vs. evil, etc., thus influencing each and every step in our life. In truth we are daily reminded of our common inability to respond to any stimuli on our own and deep down we know it. Without the Flame we are no more than stale vegetables and without Chaos, there would also be no illusion of logic. Is Philosophy then a mind-filter for Chaos, might I ask? Take a look at religions, which proved yet again to have been an impressive castrative tool, inhibiting true Gnosis. It always made sure we were to remain numb as ragged dolls for better population

control. Their rhetoric still based on redundancy and their ceremonies stuck in stone... We have been or will be forced to embrace it or at least neighbor it at some point. To make a stand and defy the monumental ignorance it represents can easily become a lifelong endeavor I would not suggest. When versed in the arcane of the all-encompassing, all emphasis should be placed on ingenious ritualism and disregard any rigor mortis model. We should instead make up our own. (Forever being a word we should absolutely ban from our spiritual dialect. It has a fatalistic ring that refrains us from moving forward.) The gears of Yahwehs lies may be well greased, that is, if Chaos remains the fuel to ignite its engine, else it simply cannot function. Creation is a one-way ticket from Hell to Paradise (or maybe the other way around? Anyway what a blatantly idiotic concept to begin with) but wont take you anywhere else in Death. Chaos, however, does bear its own reasons for no greater purpose than its continuing existence, with or without us onboard. We discuss, debate, and write only to fill in the blanks, yet the Vacuum in between the lines will always remain. Such is the essence of the True Divine. Sometimes it may appear invisible and far-fetched even; so loud we chant and so often we argue, wasting words on paper, pretty much like I am doing this very instance. Within the misinterpreted Novosphere, hovering above us, which can only be perceived with an adequate usage of the AJNA, Chaos manifests as a nexus through a vehement synchronicity of Will. The Will to destroy creatively and to embrace a Darkness so thick, it swallows whole the fallacy of the Ego-self; ascending through discord and disruption, in order to swim through the aeons as if they were calm waters. (I am not referring here to the subversive, time-constricted definition of aeons used in the Goetia and most astrologically-oriented tenets, which hopes to portray dramatic shifts of thought-currents with the coming of ages. I am simply borrowing the term for the sake of interpretation.) The very principle of discord is drawn directly from The Antediluvian Gnostic Pool, which existed prior to contamination from the wicked blood of Order. As a fervent follower, one needs to put the precept back to the forefront of Chaosophy and not misview the potency of, lets say, Discordianism (an example amongst many) as if it was diametrically opposed to orthodoxy when it comes to serious Luciferianism. With careful observation, youll notice that their worship is also centered around Lucifer/Satan under the guise of the archetype Eris which stands only as a destination, a polyfaceted Limbo (ie. the Novosphere), to which you must travel to gather forth energies, ideas, and strength in order to reinvest the benefits, even retroactively, to the service of the Great Goat. Purchasing a ticket can be quite expensive in consequences and travelling there can be physically and mentally straining... but its also quite rewarding. Solace of the Soul is really the bitch-talk of Evolution, snuff and discard the very notion. Do everything you must to reach The Endless. We can not deny the similarities in both movements, but they are distanced enough to make a distinction. A Luciferian Adept does as Chaos dictates, answers the call of the Lightbearer, blending the intrinsic values of Discordianism (and everything he can get his hands on) into the whole and with it, fashions yet another riveting dichotomy to exploit. Yet unlike philosophers and their schools of thought, he doesnt try to dissociate the elements as if they were opposite sides of the same coin. Gnosis creates new psychological wires that just could not connect before. The new circuits are truly more intricate than the old ones and the invigorated synaptic flux reveals arcanums that may seem logically invalid or incorrect at first, for even the exponential curve of freed possibilities is, in itself, a restriction. Our sensory perception is limited that way and refuses to admit that, outside the repetitive start and stop pattern of Chaos, nothing truly Is. I think if one wishes to contribute to the Great Work, one must ignore all conventions, his own and

those of his foes and peers alike. Do not wait for the unfolding Current to grow in front of your eyes; become its roots and seek sustenance for your True-Self. Become the contrast which makes the impossible obsolete. Remember: to set on this path means to have found The Way and to have already reached its destination; you just havent come to terms with realizing it yet. Whether or not we make use of the familiar imageries and sigils shared between various doctrines is of no particular significance really but its a starting point. The golden apple is the seed of Lucifer and is as crucial as the Serpent who convinced us to bite its tender flesh. Symbol, mythos or not its still a powerful analogy. Relish in the fresco that you are painting. Remember the essays, poems, and grimoires that you may have read, the music that you have listened, the sights that you have seen which inspired you in the past. Pay careful attention to their paradoxes and form in your mind the schematic logic that seems to infiltrate the overall concept. Meditate on it. Then once you are positive that you may have grasped the scope of the diagram, shatter the equation and its solution, and take your sweet time to pick up the pieces. Re-assemble them in any manner you see fit. And if you happen to think that youve grazed the surface of Truth, resist the urge to procrastinate and start again from scratch until you ultimately fall from a strike from His scythe. In the end, I know this was a philosophical text of scattered ideas, or a Chaosophical short essay of sorts, but how can I be certain? Id rather consider it an adversarial conversation between myself and I: and you, the Observers, are justifying or rather solidifying the validity of such an exercise. If nobody had read or was to read this text, maybe the idea to write it wouldve never manifested in my mind in the first place... only The Master, Lucifer, knows. G. McCaughry anno MMIX

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