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Expressions to Describe Feelings

Feelings Fear Vocabulary

Heart palpitates with fear Adrenaline surges in ones veins

Heart beats with fear and anxiety Describing a rush of fear

Example Sentence

Are you alright? the driver asked anxiously, his heart palpitates with fear. Adrenaline surges in his vein propelling him to scramble down the staircase. Scream at the Scream as Fire! Fire! the lady top of ones loudly as one scream at the top of her voice cloud voice as she pointed a quaking finger at the alarming sight. A shrill cry of A high-pitched A shrill cry of terror came terror cry of fear from the pointed a quaking finger at the alarming sight. Intimidated Frightened The school bully growled at Fright the intimidated boy who was on the verge of tears. Terrified To feel a stone To feel terrified The driver felt a stone lodged in the lodged in his throat when throat he saw the victims lying immobile on the road. Colour To become Their faces were drained of drained from pale colour as they had escaped death by a hairs breadth. Disoriented Confused mind What what happened? A Kim whispered weakly as confused mind his disoriented mind tried state to make sense of his surroundings.

Mind in a frenzied blur

Their minds frozen, they could only stare blankly at the results. To lose Lees world went black as Fainted World goes black consciousness the heart stopping honk that shook his senses grew fuzzily distant. To be nervous/ Everyone is no tenterhooks Nervous/ On anxious as they wait for the judges Anxiety tenterhooks result. Tension has To be filled The tension that deluged deluged one with anxiety her caused the clammy hands. Watch in Watch in I watch with trepidation as trepidation anxiety and the price of petroleum nervousness keeps going up every day. Cold sweat To perspire When I heard the noise, I breaks out from fear and broke out in cold sweat. nervousness perturbed To disturb She was perturbed by the Worry greatly make news that the PMR results uneasy or will be announced anxious tomorrow. Frayed nerves Worry and When the rain started to anxiety subside, to a certain extent it brought relief to my frayed nerves. Steel oneself To force John took a deep breath to Calm to calm down oneself not to steel himself to calm down. one panic down

Mind frozen

Describing a panicky and confused state of mind To be at a loss of what to do

He mind was a frenzied blur as tension had deluged / overwhelmed her.

Heart skips a beat

Describing a moment of shock/fear


Eyes flash with anger Brandish maliciously

Her heart skipped a beat when her worst fear came true-she had failed the test! Eyes that show Whats wrong with you? fury Mary screamed as her eyes flashed with anger. Hold and were The robber whipped out a in an parang but aggressive manner

An Eventful Day
It was a beautiful sunny day. People in Kuala Lumpur were going about their daily routines, minding their own business as usual. So was Pn. Muntaz. She was a happy shopaholic, browsing through the items in an upscale departmental store in the Golden Triangle area. Meanwhile, Leonard, who has just finished a simple meal by the road side stall, was also on his rounds to look for the next victim-yes, his job is as a snatch thief! Many years ago, he was having a good job but when the company folded up. Leonard finds that being a snatch thief is an easier way of getting fast cash. On this particular afternoon, while lingering in front of a drug store in the Golden Triangle, Leonard has spotted Pn.Muntaz, who was busy trying out the shoes and clothing in the departmental Store Leonard smiled. That woman is an easy victim. She looks rich too. There must be a lot of valuable in her handbag. If I succeed in taking it, I will have a better meal tonight, he chuckled to himself. He decided to follow P. Muntaz for a little while, waiting for the right time to strike. After buying to her hearts contents

How can you call yourself my father when you arent even able to provide me with these simple, elementary needs? I dont need a useless scumbang like you. I will find the money on my own! I screamed as I stormed away and slammed my room door behind me. My entire body shook with fits of anger. I flung my school bag against the wall it fell onto the floor with a loud thud. Champs scampered away in fear I could hear it whimpering from under my bed in the far corner of the room. Tears ran down my cheeks as I fell to my knees. Deep down inside, I knew I was a feckless unfillial daughter for uttering such dreadful words to my father, then man who has earnestly brought me up since my mothers death when I was two years old. He has neither grumbled nor blamed anyone even once for the hardships and setbacks he faced in trying to make ends meet as bus driver. I stood up, trying to compose myself. A bright, strong ray of sunlight shone through the window, nearly blinding me. What had got into you, I thought to myself. I have never lost my temper like this in my 15 years of life. Could it be the peer pressure or my raging teenage hormones? Could it be because of Christinas words at school this morning? Adrianne, why are you missing out on the school trip to Singapure?my best friend, Lina, asked as we strolled down the long corridor towards the canteen.

Before I could reply, I heard some giggling and then Christinas voice boomed out. Adrianne, the beggared daughter of a pauper? I wouldnt be surprised if she cant even afford to pay a mere RM 500 for the school trip. Just look at those worn out shoes shes wearing! I quickened my pace as Christina and her gang continued snickering. My face was as red as a ripe tomato. I could almost feet the acid reflux from the stomach burning my throat. No matter how much I wanted to yell back at her, I cannot deny the truth in her words. I did speak to my father about the school trip but he said that we are on a tight budget this month as his company is not doing too well. I laughed it off and told that I was not keen on the trip anyway. But at that moment, Christinas words stung me. Cork-a-doodle-doo! my neighbours rooster crowed at dawn as it does without fail every morning. I dragged my sleepy feet down the stairs and head to the kitchen. My father was not his usual spot, sipping coffee, strange, he always makes breakfast for me before leaving for work. Suddenly I caught sight of a note and an envelope on the table next to a spotless white pair of school shoes. Hope you like the new shoes and here is the money for your school trip, it read. My eyes brimmed with tears. The doorbell startled me I was astounded to see uniformed policemen standing at our doorway. They started by saying that my father made too many road trip and had inadequate rest. He came back to Penang from Penang from Kuala Lumpur at Dam and left for another trip to Johor at 3am

this morning. His bus spun out of control, crashed into several vehicles and finally came to a stop when it hit the ground rail. A total of six people were killed instantly including my father. The policemen continued mumbling but it was all becoming a blur to me. My brush last words to him clouded my thoughts. The room seemed to be spinning dizzily. My legs turned jelly and I sank to the floor. Why did I allow my temper to get the better of me? Why did I risk my fathers life just because of Christinas jeers and spiteful words? And my own malicious words to him. How could those outrageous words escape my mouth? What have I done? Thoughts ran wild in my head. I stared in disbelief at the policemen while they to get me off the floor and onto the settee. At that moment, the reality hit me-there is too much power in more, seemingly incorrect words. I doubt Christina would ever think that her words which were meant to make me an object of ridicule because of her jealousy towards my better grades could kill someone. And certainly, the thought of my father dying because of my heavily-laden sense of dissatisfaction and bottle up anger has never crossed my mind. A cool breeze caressed my face. A small hand tug at the edge of the helm of my floral skirt slowly, I opened my eyes and turned towards little Anna. I gave her a reassuring smile. She must have seen me frowning, my brows knitting tight together and making weird, worrying facial expressions as if reliving a nightmare. Those harsh, grating words and the guilt of killing my father and five other innocent lives have been haunting me even till this very day.

Celebrating Chinese New Year

Malaysia is famous for its diverse cultural history and multi-racial society. From the duster of long houses of the traditional houses of the Malaysia, each of them has different beliefs and preparation for their New Year. For example, the Kadazan celebrate Pesta Sumazau or The Feast of the Paddy while the new year of the Malays fall on the 1st Syawal. Talking about the Chinese New Year, it falls on the 1st day according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar. The legend of this auspicious day started 300 centuries ago. Once, in a small village called the Hwang He, also known as Yellow River, a beastly and monstrous dragon kept haunting the peace and tranquility of the village. It appeared to them on certain days and as if being hypnotized, the villagers would given all their belongings and sacrificed a girl to the dragon. These incidents happened for quite some time, until one day, a young and brilliant Chinese philosopher, Lu Yieng discovered that the dragon had a regular habit. The beast would only come out once in 360 days and it seemed that it was also afraid of redcoloured things and noise. Form that day onwards, the villagers kept a record of when the dragon was going to appear and began to prepare for the battle. On their first trial, the villagers were very anxious and worried over the imminent consequences. Luckily, it was exactly like the prediction of the philosopher. Nowadays, the Chinese still celebrate this day with a big preparation. There are also many popular dos and donts such as parents must not scold their children during Chinese New Year or else they will be naughty throughout the year. On the

first and second day of the Chinese New Year, it is an obligation not to sweep the floor as it will sweep away the Prosperity God. However, it is compulsory to sweep the house compound on the Evil force. Such beliefs have been practiced throughout the ages. Typically, on the first day of Chinese New Year, young children will dress up in their best outfits such as the cheongsam for girls. Grandparents will give ang pow or red packets to their grandchildren as a sign of blessing. To mark the beginning of the celebration, fire crackers are lighted while the lion dances are performed amidst the sounds, of gongs and cymbals. Lion dances are believed to scare away the devils. In the evening, a family reunion dinner will be held. Friends and relative chitchat happily among themselves amidst the joyful celebration. The Chinese New Year celebration gives on until the 15st day of the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Once again, fine works and fire crackers are lit up to mark the end of the celebration. It is also known as the Chop Goh Mei. On this day, when one looks above the sky, they will see a full moon shining as bright as the sun, signifying that it will be a prosperous and fruitful year ahead, as the Moon Lady watches over her children. Usually, the Chap Goh Mei celebration will end with lots of fun and merriment as unmarried maidens throw oranges into the sea to seek suitable partners. Good luck, to all you beautiful maideny out there!

Write a story starting with I can still remember the first time I took part in
I can still remember the first time I took part in a nationallevel short story writing competition. Puan Noridah had called me up after school one day and handed me a rather crumpled application from. Philip, I know its a short notice, but I only just saw the advertisement-it was part of the wrapping for my roti canal! Its for students aged 12 to 15, and youve just turn 12. What a coup it would be if you won first prize! Imagine, winning RM 1,000 worth of books and VCDs for the school. Yes, it would be awersome if I could pull it off. Even with the second prize of RM 500 in cash and RM 500 worth of books and VCDs, I could get my own collection of Harry Potter books as well as indulge in getting non-pirated VCDs of my favourite movies, especially those starring my hero Jackie Chan. But first, I had to write on outstanding story about school life. However, inspiratioin had been eluding for me for the pass month, and the deadline was only a week away. I consulted the family astrologer, namely my sister LisaShes always been pretty superstitious while Im not one to believe the stars. Anyway, with the secondary school students as my competitors, I wasnt leaving anything to chance. Whens the best time to start writing? And do I have a chance? I asked her. Of course you do, but youd better start cracking straightaway, even through your astrological chart tells me the

best time for you to write is five days time. Definitely not what Id advice someone who procrastinates as much as you do. So I start writing at once, but my liberary efforts were pathetic. Inspiration was still not forthcoming and over the next three days, I would begin a fresh story on gleaming while foolscap paper all fired up with great expectations. But it was no use. I would get in the first few paragraphs, only to have the tale limping along as I petered out of ideal. Why was it that, just when I needed a good story, all the stories Id begun sounded lame? Frustrated, I decided to leave writing for a while and prepare for the monthly best looming ahead. Then, as soon as the Bahasa paper was over, I resumemy writing. No luck; I did think my latest attempt had promise, but I simply could not resolve the narrative. Then I had a brainwave; perhaps my neighbor Mr Jeyaratnam who was in the middle of writing his fourth book could advise me on how I could improve it. Mr Jeya read my latest story carefully along with all the other aborted efforts, as I waited on tenterhooks for his comments. Sorry, but this is all rubbish! he told me blunty , as he threw all my pages into the rubbish bin. You can do a better than that. I suggest you start completely over. I can see clearly youve been hanging on the same story line, only using different characters. Dont waste your time trying to salvage a plot that wont budge! Just go down the road net taken-you know what I mean, dont you?

I did, and through a little bruised by his candour, I took his advice and wrote an entirely new tale within three hours. I took a little more time to polish it and had to send it off that evening if I wanted my entry to arrive on time. Well, dear reader, did I win the first prize after all, all was it too much ado about nothing? Ill reveal all when I publish my first book of short stories called writers Block.

My Ideal Woman
Once upon a time, there existed a shimmering maiden with beauty and attributes so mesmerizing, so hypnotic that it bewitched and infatuated every single man across the vast kingdom without exception. But then, those glittering soft brown eyes of hers were only me Whilst I gazed upon the setting sun in the horizon and swinging on the dainty porch, vivid thoughts flooded my mind as I could only smile silently. Maybe I was being too exaggerating, but a sudden romantic and sentimental sensation awashed me. Gently, I fished a photograph from my beast pocket and mentally admired her beauty while caressing the sharp edges absent-mindedly. Yes, she was no doubt a diva. Just a mere glance at the beauteous features stimulated my every sense but then her somewhat vain attitude and unusual personality did not appeal to me. They say that true love is hard to find, a needle in a haystack, to be precise, that a perfect match to ones life is closen to anything but possible to seek. Grudgingly, I have to agree with that statement, although where is the crime in imagining your ideal partner? Personally, I feel that there is somewhat an ultimate might, on undisputable power that sets lives into such complicated equations that are impossibly undefined by any forms of mathematics. I believe, like the religious belief of Yin and Yang in the a Chinese ancestry, that there is a balance in the universe, a match to every existing substance.

Of course, where there is darkness, there is light; where there is sheer evil, there is the greater good; where there is life, there is death; where there is Adam, there is Eve. For every living person, there is an ideal partner. He or she may be just around the corner but you just do not seem to notice it; he or she might be at the furthest corner of the earth, either thriving in the harshest terrain of Africa or in the iciest environment of the Antarctica. The point is, there is a perfect jigsaw piece to every mans life that fits ideally, thus complicated puzzle. What I find special in woman is that most of them posses what men require. My type of woman should of should of course, be loyal, trustworthy, faithful, dedicated, sincere, honest and most of all, devoted. Without these few traits, then it is impossible for her to fit into my life. Every time I return home, she will always be there to great me, to embrace me warmly as if to ensure that no matter what, she would always be by my side. Ahh no doubt a chefs skill she must possess, for a woman does not know any culinary arts should not be called one. Of course, I am not fussy or anything, but my ideal woman should have at least finished college. I mean, it is not that I personally loathe dumb bimbos; its just that it is good to have an intelligent intellect around the house, if you get what I mean. And then, there are the looks. According to the satistics of a recent scientific reseach, beauty is one of the main properties in woman that make them attracted by men, and it was ranked first with a mean score of 9 I out of 10 , just above confidence(8.9) and personality (8.5). when it comes to attraction rates. Of course, unexceptionally, I do prefect a complex woman with unusual qualities in a specitic way that

makes her special and suited only to my desires. Celebrities like Katy Petty, Taylor swift, Emma Watson and Vanessa Hudgens are no doubt, beautiful and gorgeous in their own way, but unfortunaly they are not my cup of tea. Maybe a little bit from each girl, you know: Emmas supphire blue eyes and fair complexion, Taylors wavy golden hair, Vanessas heart meeting smile and Kattys wacky attitude and unique individuality. It would be impudent of me to hook up with a penniless woman, for I am a man of high standards and demands. When it comes to money, spauses or couples after argue, not because they dont have it, but they dont have enough of it. I strongly ask for a lady who not only has the looks and the brains, but also the shang , shang, if you get what I mean. Cars, mansions, world tours it is what a carefree man requires. Yes, I have to admit my requests and requirements are harder to achieve than they seem, but who knows? Maybe my dream girl will miraculously appear someday, and when time comes, you can be sure that I will not let her out of my sight over!

Chapter 1
1. Introducing Granda a) Always a gentleman On his feet, holding the door open for a young lady struggling to come into the clinic with a baby. (pg2) b) A fount of useless information (full of know ledge) Can remember the names of the actors and actresses in a film. (pg2) c) Absent Minded His packet on fire in the clinic. (pg3) d) Appreciative of Rory As he slipped off to sleep, Granda always tells Rory: Youre a great boy. I dont deserve you. (pg4)

Chapter 2
1. Introducing Granda a. Absent Minded Throwing Rorys homework jotter down the chute. (pg6) b. Very popular with the children at school They loved my granda; thought his exploits were hilarious. (pg7) 2. Introducing Rory a. A responsible student Rory never forgets his homework once. (pg6)

b. A responsible grandson Tells Mrs. Foley (the teacher) that the cannot stay back in school to do his homework because Granda has prepare lunch. Actually, it was Rory who was to rush home to buy him lunch for his Granda. (pg8) c. An appreciative boy Remember how Granda had taken care of him all him life. So, now that Granda is old and forgetful, it is his duty to look after Granda. (pg9)

Chapter 3
1. Introducing Rory a. A very responsible boy Even willing to sacrifice his selection into the schools football team when Mr. Hood (the football teacher) reminded him to come for the practice. In actual fact, Rory loves football too. But he is willing to make sacrifices for Granda. (pg10) 2. Introducing Rachnader The local old peoples hospital, where according to Granda, it is a place for those unwanted elderly people. This dark and forbidding building frightened him and he says he rather die than to stay in Rachnader. (pg11)

3. Rory admits he needs Granda and likewise, Granda needs him too. They are inseparable.(pg11) 4. Rory is a patient boy. He has been preparing Granda for the Parents. Night for over an hour now. (pg12) 5. Granda tries to help out in household chores, when he burnt out one for the pot as he tried to do some cooking last weeks. This is the second fire, in this part. (pg12) 6. Taking about Rorys father, Granda hates his son, he calls him a waste of space.(pg13) 7. Granda takes Rory as a son, not his grandchild, Granda admitting he needs only Rory and nobody else. Likewise the same with Rory. (pg14)

Chapter 4
1. Granda is forgetful. Wears his slippers to The Parents Night and poor Rory has to walk back with him to change them. They were late for the Parents Night. (pg15) 2. Granda burns up the school as he so forgetful and put his shouldering pipe in his coat. (pg 18)

Chapter 5
1. The children loves Granda- talking excitedly about how Granda set the school of fine. (pg20)

2. Rory takes it upon as his responsibility to look after Granda takes good care of him: i. Toffee apples for me ii. Christmas tree iii. Carried me shoulder high at football matches. 3. Rory is told of a fine in his apartment from the baker, whom Rory frequents every day. (pg24) 4. Rory hates Mrs. Mackay who calls his Granda daft old idiot and ties to kick her hard. (pg24) 5. Rory is told by the policeman that his Granda has left the chip pan on and forget about it. (pg25)

Chapter 6
1. Granda has not awakened yet as he took in too much of the smoke.(pg26) 2. Rory hardly prays but now, on seeing his Granda lying there in such a condition, he cannot help but to say a prayer asking the Bing Man to help Granda to wake up soon. (pg28) 3. Val Jessup tells Rory he has to stay in the childrens home at Castle Streee. If Rachnader is a nightmare to Granda, Rory also feels the same way about the childrens home on Castle Street. (pg30)

Chapter 7
1. Rory is introduced to the tenants at the childrens home. Amongst them. Tess, when Rory considers as mad as she stries to attack Rory for sitting in her seat.(pg34) 2. At night, Rory thinks about his Granda and as this is the first time he stays alone. He could not bear it. It hurts him a lot.(pg35)

Chapter 8
1. Rory learned that Tess is given special treatment, like getting a taxi to go everywhere.(pg38) 2. Rory visits Granda in the hospital and is happy that Granda is better.(pg39) 3. Granda tells Rory that he is thinking of making some chips to go with the pie that Rory brings in. rory is so touched by that act. (pg39) 4. Granda is alert. When he asks about. Where Rory has spent the night and Rory had hesitated Granda knew that Rory is the boys home on Castle Street. (pg40) 5. Granda insists to be discharged but Rory assured him he is fine and he will soon be with him as soon as Granda is better.(pg41)

Chapter 9
1. Rory felt sad when he goes back to his flat. He understands what happened and feels sad as he was caught between pure love for Granda, trying to help with the lunch and exasperation with him. (pg42) 2. Because of his actions, Granda has landed in hospital and he, in Castle Street. (pg42) 3. At Castle Street, Rory learns about Tess behaving as nobody wants her. Her mother, her aunt and no foster parents want her as they cannot put up with her.(pg44)

Chapter 10
1. Mrs Foley shows kindness and concern. (pg47) 2. Darren tells Rory Mrs. Foley may want to foster Rory and Rory has cold sweat.(pg48) 3. Rory ran to the hospital to see Granda and was surprise that Granda is not on his hed. He thought Granda has died. (pg49)

Chapter 11
1. Granda has been moved. (pg50)

2. Val Jessup tells Rory that he cannot take up the responsibility to look after Granda as he is only a boy. Granda has been assessed and it is found out that he is not fit enough to look after Rory. (pg52&53) 3. Granda has been moved to Rachnader.

Chapter 12
1. When Rory visits Granda in Rachnadar, he sees that Granda is crying. (pg54) 2. He keeps asking Rory to take him out of Rachnadar which is a place where they put old folk that nobody wants.(pg54) 3. He also feel he has failed in his duty to look after Rory for he has promised Grandma that he will take care of Rory well. (pg55) 4. When Rory goes back to Castle Street, he has his first fight with Tess, as he is in a bad mood too. It is the worst day of his life. (pg56) 5. Rory tries to tell Val Jessup that Granda is dying in Rachnadar. He knows that although the might breathe and walk and eat but inside, my Granda would be dead. (pg57) 6. With Tess fighting with Rory and the idea that Mrs. Foley may want to faster him, Rory decides that night itself that Granda and him will run away. (pg58)

Chapter 13
1. Rory is a brave boy. Darren through of Rorys plan for the Great Escape as the most daring and exciting thing be had ever heard of.(pg59) 2. Granda getting more quiet and confused each day. Dying inside. Once Rory had him out of here, held begin to live again. (pg60) 3. Rory is a very careful; and meticulous boy he went over and over in his head, the plan, every step of the way, making sure nothing could go wrong.(pg60) 4. Great Escape wedge open the emergency exit door. After Val had dropped him off, packed everything in his ruck sacks and go back to the hospital through the door. Creep out, go through the wooded grounds to the old back road of the station. Take a night train down the coastal line to the park where Darrens mother had her caravan.(pg60)

Chapter 14
1. 2. God seems to be helping Rory to make his Great Escape a successful one.(pg64) Rory got to stop to let Granda a catch his breath. He can see the strain on Grandas face and Rory just hope that he is doing the right thing. (pg66) Granda thankful to Rory for bringing him out from Rachnadar. With tears streaming down his face, feeling




old, sick, wet and exhausted, he knows Rory is doing all this for him.(pg67) Rory feels like telling him that he does this for both of them just like Granda cannot bear to be at Rachnadar, Rory too, cannot hear to be at the Boys; Home on Castle Street. (pg67) By nightfall, Rory is convinced he has done the rnght thing as they are not going back. (pg68)

Chapter 15
1. It was a happy time at the caravan site-Granda is back as his old self again, preparing breakfast for Rary and looking after him. (pg69, Paragraph 11&12- He was amazing me. For me it was the best breakfast I had ever eaten.) 2. Granda went fishing at a pond and even caught a silver fish. They were so happy that they laughed and laughed and laughed and they were not even aware that there were people near to them. (pg71, Paragraph 14- Together we hauled at the line. Pg72, Last Paragraph- We laughed so much we almost didnt hear the footsteps.)

Chapter 16
1. Meeting up with Sammy and Tyrone- an unfriendly encounter. (pg74, paragraph 2- Suddenly, my Granda took me by surprise.. paragraph 11- Tinkers! he kept muttering. 2. Granda hates talking about his son, Rorys father.(pg75, Paragraph 2- We lived beside a river, son paragraph3Nothing, nobody in between, eh? 3. Rory admire Grandamone- Granda is a fount of information Granda knows how to catch fish, knows what berries to pick and eat and the name of almost every bird which called through the tress, though he is still suffering from Alzheimer. (pg76. Paragraph4- Im a fount of information, he told me paragraph6 But it wasnt happening so often. 4. Granda blames himself for not talking care of Rory enough and giving him so much trouble. Rory overheard Grandas mutterings and brushed the thought away and in fact, was hoping that they could stay at the caravan sife forever. (pg76, paragraph8. Ach, Bella, I heard him say on that last night pg77, paragraph 2- And we were. How I wished we could stay here, secluded, alone, forever.

Chapter 17
1. Rory and Granda had to leave the caravan site. ( pg 78 First Paragraph) 2. Rory made sure he had Grandas medicine food and Granda is warm a very concerned son.(pg 78 Paragraph 6) 3. Rorys mind was in a turmoil-do not know where to go. Right now. To escape from the police, he wants to make it the main road or the pier. The main road can enable them to take a train to a big city and the pier, to catch a steamer heading for the islands. (pg 80, Paragraph 5 and 6) 4. The police came and blocked me entrance to the caravan site. Rory was shocked and angry to see so many policeman coming for the two of them. (pg81, Paragraph 7) 5. Granda is feeling cold and weak. He asks Rory to run away while he give himself up. A heart-warming scene, when Rory refuses flatly and told Granda that they are a team and either they go back together or escape together.(pg 81, Paragraph 10) 6. The police spread out in all directions to look for them and suddenly Rory was held with a hand clamped over his mouth. Another covered that of Grandas. The man said he is here to help them to escape from the police.( pg 82, paragraph 2)

Chapter 18
1. Rory and Granda were taken to Sammys caravan. Granda was not feeling well and has to be fed with medicine at once. (pg84, Paragraph 2) 2. Ruby and Tyrone explains why they were willing to help Rory and Granda. Rory reminds them of them of their own son, Tyrone. The social workers said that Tyrone should have a good education and he should not be with their parents. Whom they suspect to be an abused child. Here, Ruby could relate to Rory and Grandas situation. (pg 85, Paragraph 9 last paragraph) 3. The caravan, driven by Sammy, moved out of the park safely. (pg 87, Paragraph 2)

Chapter 19
1. Rory and Granda had a good time at breakfast in Sammys caravan. They learnt that Sammy would he moving north for a family party. Rory and Granda should follow to get as for away as possible. (pg 88-91, paragraph 7) 2. Rory and Granda learns that they have become famous on the Scottish news. (pg 91, paragraph 6) 3. The appeal by Val Jessup and barrens mother made Rory had second doubts about their runaway. (pg 92 , paragraph 7) 4. It was Granda who cleared his doubts- he would rather die of cold and hunger and be free.(pg 93, paragraph 2)

Chapter 20
1. The life of a tinker- always on the move in the caravan. A new adventure every day. Tyrone and Rory loves it. Rory says Tell me somebody who wouldnt? it was a boys dream life. No ties, no school, just adventure. Only Tyrones sister does not like it and she stays with her auntie in a house.( pg94, paragraph 4 to 6) 2. Granda is forgetful- he even forgets his own home.(pg 95 paragraph 6 to 8) 3. Rory learned it is important to give help with sincerity. He Rory learned offer some money for their food and lodging but Ruby refuses to accept it. (pg 96 , paragraph 9, pg 97, first paragraph)

Chapter 21
1. They had a party where Ruby and Granda danced around in a circle. Granda was happy and carefree. (pg 101, paragraph 3) 2. At that moment, Rory knew then that no matter what the future hold for them, he has done the right thing taking Granda away. (pg101, paragraph 3 ) 3. Ruby fore tells Rorys future as a. They will not be caught by the authorities. b. It is Rory who will go to them as he does not have a choice. c. Before that, they will still have many adventuresthey will meet with people who will help them. d. Rory is looking for something and when he finds it, that is the time everything changes for Rory.

e. Ruby never answers Rorys question as to whether Granda would be all right or not. 4. Ruby did not answer Robys question of whether Granda will be all right or not. He is worried about Granda. (Granda ask many question to the Roby)(big ? from the Roby)

Chapter 22
1. Rory looked at the news and realized that they have to be on the move again. (pg 104 , paragraph 4) 2. Sammy and Ruby helped Rory made their escape plans. Roby suggested to go north as it will be very remote and wild. But Sammy is worried it is too remove and Granda would not survive sleeping in the rough weather there. They suggested to them to go to Glasgow and stay with their family for a while. Then to head south from there. (pg 106, paragraph 7 and 8) 3. Sammy would drive them to a station in Dundee and they will sit in separate coaches. (pg 106, paragraph 9) 4. At the station, it was hard to say goodbye. Rory felt a great loss and Granda had tears trickling down his cheeks. ( pg 108, last paragraph.)(learn like the listen)

Chapter 23
1. Rory and Granda sat in separate seats in the train to Glasgow to avoid dectection. (pg 109, 1st paragraph) 2. However, a woman who sat by the window recognized them and Rory and Granda were forced to get off the train at the next stop in Perth. (pg110, paragraph 3)

3. Granda went to the toilet and Rory, while waiting for him, was caught by a boy who recognized them and the boy wants to hang them over to the police so that he can become famous. (pg 112, paragraph 3) 4. Granda sneaked up to him and hit him on his head, knocking him out with a lemonade bottle. (pg 113, paragraph 3) 5. Rory was worried because now they have become criminals, as Granda has just committed grievous bodily harm. ( pg 113, paragraph 8) 6. Rory was lost as he did not know where to run to, Granda was in total command now as he told Rory what he planned to do. He is going to steal a car.

Chapter 24
1. Rory was shocked at Grandas behavior- he knocked a boys head with a lemonade bottle which might have killed the boy and now. Granda wants to hijack a car.(pg 115, 1st paragraph) 2. Granda explained that they were fugitives now and what is important is saving themselves first. (pg 116, 3rd paragraph) 3. Granda was driving very fast and Rory was thankful that Big Man is still looking after them. They were on the way heading south. (pg117, 8th paragraph) 4. They stopped at lay-by where Granda took a nap. (pg 117, 11th paragraph)

Chapter 25
1. Granda kept playing the song, My Way by Frank Sinatra on the way. (pg 120, 4th paragraph) 2. When Rory and Granda decides to go soath, Granda suggests that they get dressed up and he even suggests to steal womans clothing. Rory is against the idea saying that he is going to lead him to a life of crime. He even tells Granda he is turning himself to a Godfather- causing bodily harm to people, involved in car theft and now shoplifting. All these show Rory is morally, a good boy by nature. (pg 119, paragraph 7) 3. They run low on petrol and go fill up at a petrol station. Rory does not know how to fill the car. A man offered his service. (pg 122, paragraph 3) 4. Granda was asleep by then. (pg122, paragraph 9) 5. The man refused to accept some money. He told Rory that there would be no more travelling at night now. (pg123, paragraph 1)

Chapter 26
1. Rory has to trust Rab to help them. Granda has used up all his energy when he not-wired a car, drove all the way south and all these activities had taken the toll out of him. He was pale and cold.(pg126, paragraph 3) 2. Rory blamed himself for his Granda is worsening condition. He has made all the wrong decisions. (pg126, paragraph 7) 3. After listening to the news, Rory decided to go to Liverpool to let his father takes responsibility of them, for once. (pg128, last paragraph)

Chapter 27
1. Rab commented about Rorys father and Rory reminded him not to talk about him to Granda. (pg129, paragraph 3 to paragraph 7) 2. Rab suggested to Rory to go to Liverpool to let Rorys dad shared his responsibly. 3. That night, when he steeps, Rory, who is still wary of Rab, wedged a chair under the door handle. (pg131, paragraph 9) 4. Granda fell out of bed and loot his memory and he even could not recognize Rory.

Chapter 28
1. Rory was suspicious when he heard Rab talking into the phone. (pg153, paragraph 1) 2. Rab explains that he is getting some people to help Rory and Granda to Liverpool. 3. His friends used to come over and play cards and they may not be able to keep their months shut about Rory and Granda. (pg133, last paragaraph) 4. He will be driving them to the Borders and his girlfriend, Annie, will take them on their first leg of their journey to Liverpool. (pg134, paragraph 7) 5. Granda believe that there are kind people in this world although the world seems to be going to the dogs. This really makes the world a wonderful place. (pg135, paragraph 7)

6. Rory describes Rab kissing Annie passionately as something disgusting as it is done in front of a child and in public, something Rory does not think is the right thing to do, morally. Granda choose to differ. Actually, this shows Rory is morally a good boy. (pg136, paragraph 5) 7. Annie calls Rory and Granda, fugitives. (pg136, last paragraph)

Chapter 29
1. When they reached England, Granda wants to know why they are in Liverpool. (pg138, paragraph 1) 2. Rory hides the truth from and they were later introduced to Norma and her daughter Nicola. (pg140, paragraph 3) 3. Just like Rab, Normas daughter, Nicola sympathize with Rory and Granda and she actually admmes Rory.(pg 141, paragraph 7) 4. Norma think that Rory has taken on too much and Granda is also too old and done in- he does not look well at all.(pg 142, paragraph 12) 5. While they were talking in the kitchen, they heard Granda making a roar in the living room. He looks like he was losing his mind (going crazy) hewn he understood why they were going to Liverpool. (pg 143, last paragraph)

Chapter 30 1. Granda made a lot of fuss about going to Liverpool and made Rory promised him not to take him there.(pg 144, paragraph 2 until paragraph 5-last paragraph). This made Rory hates his father mother as he feels that his father should have responded and volunteered to help (pg 144 paragraph 2-5-last paragraph) 2. The next morning, Granda was wheezing and he was pale. Norma was concerned, really concerned and told Rory to let Granda rest while she and Nicola will go to the town. (pg 145, paragraph 3-6) 3. Nicola gave Rory her contact number to call in case of an emergency Granda woke up in the afternoon and told Rory that he does not hate his father; he is just a piece of nothing. He is not worth a brother and they have never need him, definitely not now. (pg 146, last paragraph) 4. Rory got Granda ready to run as Nicola warms Rory that her mother has called the police who are coming to the house to get them. (pg 147, last paragraph)

Chapter 31 1. Norma made the police report out of concern for Grandas health that was what Nicola was tryling to explain to Rory. Rory wants to hate Norma but the cannot because Norma has not meat any harm. (pg 148, first paragraph and pg 149 first paragraph) 2. Rory told Granda they are going to Liverpool and they are on the Great Escape again. (pg 149, paragraph 6) 3. They followed the back uphill road behind the house and the walk up the hill took its toll on Granda but he was sporting and reused to give up. (pg 149, paragraph 6) 4. He tried to talk about the starts Granda is real fount of information. (pg 150, paragraph 8) 5. Then, the police came near, they decided to make a run for the ditch to hide there. (pd 151, paragraph 5 to 6) 6. After his, Granda has to be helped to a bus shelter as his face was so drawn (stressed out) and pale. When Rory suggested a mattress and a bed, Granda wants Rory to make a deal with him that he they will stay together even through it is just sleeping in the cold bus shelter. (pg152, paragraph 7-9) 7. Granda fell asleep and Rory dozed off. Rory woke up with a start and realized Granda is not shoring, not breathing and Granda was DEAD! (pg 153, paragraph 4 last paragraph)

Chapter 32 1. Rory ran, looking for someone to help Granda because he couldnt he deal, Rory blames himself if Granda is really dead. (pg 154,paragraph 4) 2. Rory found Williams family and they rushed back to the bus shelter to get Granda. By then, Rory remembered how true Robys predictions were- it was Rory who go to the police; he was gone to the police. And he also the remembered the terrible sadness does it refer to Granda as death? (pg 155, paragraph 4-9) 3. A man later got into the police car and introduced himself as Rorys father! ( pg 157, last paragraph)

Chapter 33 1. Granda recovered after 4 days hovering between life and death. Rory was accepted by his new family. He has a stepmother, Karen and two step sister, Rhonda and Aua. (pg 148, paragraph 5 first paragraph. Pg 159) 2. Granda love her new two granddaughters and also accepted Karen. As for his son, her hardly talk, - to him but Jeff keeps on apologising and he always asks to be given another chance from Granda and Rory. (pg 159 fist paragraph 5) 3. Rory and Granda settles down in Liverpool and stay a flat neat to Jeffs house. They had help and care workers and the whole family to visit them each day. Rory was happy that everything turned out well for he had found the thing Ruby had predicted his dad and a family! (pg 160, first paragraph) 4. He kept in touch with those people who had helped him Granda. (pg 160, paragraph 4)

1. My eyes were glued to her and then looked away. Gritting my teeth and creasing my eyebrows into a row, I tried to suppress the emption and the tears rising within me. Soon, the dam of tears within me exploded and it flowed down my pair of red and puffy eyes.

2. When I heard the piece of unwelcome new, I was stunned and speechless. I searched hard for words to say but utter not a word except for soba.

Fear of speaking in front of an audience The first time I spoke in front of my classmates, I was unconscious. I forget writing the subject on the board at the beginning. During the class, I avoided looking at my mentor who was assessing my performance when it was reciting time, I remained speechless for a few seconds. My mouth was dry. Finally, as I could recite, my voice came out deep and chocked, but I continued carelessly. While engaging in my speech, it is enough said my mentor. Her words gave me goose bumps. I had not yet mentioned all the lecture points. Going to my seat, I became on the verge of tears. For the rest of the class period, I kept getting angrier with myself. Why I did not manager the class time effectively? I thought to myself. Though there are few weaknesses in your class, it was a good effort, my mentor said. When I heard that, I felt comfortable and more enthusiastic to perform better in class later.

Pollution is an issue of concern in the world that we live in today. There are many type of pollution, namerly air, water, noise. Pollution in our environment will undoubtedly affect our quality of life. Our naturally beautiful world is becoming ugly because it is suffering from the effects of environmental pollution. Pollution can also cause various health problem and other negative effects. Air pollution is caused by the emissions of toxic gases from vehicles, factories and open burning. Nowadays, there are more and more vehicles on the road as society gets more affluent. More and more people strive to have a better quality of life by having the convenience of driving to their destinations instead to taking public transport. Automobites provide transport to millions of people around the world to enables them to travel to their workplace, school and other places. Therefore, the air around us is getting more polluted by the carbon dioxide that is emitted from such motorized vehicles. Carbon dioxide is another types of gas which is harmful to human as it can cause the reduction of oxygen in our bloodstream. It also contributes to the greenhouse effect and smog in cities. Another example of a contributor to the air pollution is in the manufacturing factories. The manufacturing of products in factories to meet the growing demand of society is also causing air pollution. Factories release toxic gases to the environment. Some factories also use coal to general heat and

energy. As a result from the burning of coal, carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. Besides factories, many people are fill practicing open burning as a way of disposing their household wastes. Although burning our household wastes is a convenient way of getting rid of our rubbish, it is harmful to the environment as it contributes to the worsening of the air quality. As a result, people will suffer from health problem such as chest paint and asthma because the quality of air has worsened. In extreme cases, people can contract lung cancer. Water pollution is also a problem that we are currently facing. The marine life is the first to suffer from water pollution as they depend on the nutrients in the water to survive. As a result, we are robbed of beautiful sea corak and unique spesies of fishes. Besides ruining our marine heritage, the disappearance of marine life will affect the livelihood of fishermen, not to mention our source of food. Water pollution is caused by harmful wastes from industries, farms such as rivers and lakes. This irresponsible act contaminates our drinking water and can cause serious health problems and can even culminate in death. Noise pollution is another form of pollution. Noise from heavy machinery and vehicles can cause hearing problem and in extreme cases, deafness. As there are a growing number of vehicles on the road, we are exposed to noise pollution every day. The government in advanced countries encouraged their citizens to take the public buses and transit trains by providing an affordable and efficient transportation system. This effort discouraged people from driving their private

vehicles and consequently reduces the number of vehicles on the road. We must work together to reduce pollution so that the future generations can live in as healthy, unpolluted environment. As the saying goes, precaution is better than cure. Hand in hand together, let us starts recycle and conserve the world for a better future.