QUESTIONNAIRE Atitude Scale Measuring Attitude towards Modernisation

Name Sex


Sl. No 1 2 3 4 Sex Education will corrupt the students There should be co-education in all the schools and colleges Sex Education should not be implicated strictly in schools The Indian society women need to be given more freedom than 5 6 7 what they are already enjoying Should women be employed in all types of services like men Women should be confined only to household activities The society will progress only if the women are given status 8 equal to men. Social progress is possible only after the removals of the caste 9 system Eating or sharing with the lower caste people will harm to one’s 10 11 12 13 religion There is no need of parda system for women Man is puppet in hands of God The world is maya and only God is truth Taking the world as Maya is withdrawl from life and 14 cowardness Not man, but God does

Strongly Agree Agree

Undecide d

Disagre e

Strongly Disagree

Though marriage is an important occasion still it should be held in a simple way Meeting for boys and girls before marriage is a moral crime The aim of education should be the maximum development of academic knowledge and not preparing a person for a vacation. it should be engaged according to the choice of boys and girls The marriage should be settled with the consent of parents and elders because they are more experienced The marriage of boys and girls should only be settled only after giving consideration to their horoscope. 16 17 18 19 20 21 .15 everything For the smooth running of the family women need to be only educated Marriage is a bond for whole life.

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