Whose Life Is It Anyway?

A Case Study

LIS 152

Rallion Gilbert Almenario Allan Jay Monteclaro Aiza May Palaya

Training and Staff Development Although it should be clear to the applicant what it is expected of them during the hiring process.Case Introduction While dealing with a nasty issue regarding filtering inside the library. but since it has no beating on my work. behavior and social skills are usually very apparent in how an applicant interact with people online. Usually. especially during the interview. With today’s technology. and Assistant Director Gordon Eubanks discovered a rather uncomfortable fact about the library’s new assistant children’s section librarian. it is also imperative to check the applicant’s online presence and image as these greatly affects how they are being perceive. especially on social networking site. However. She said that her performance. The two librarians. . which is exemplary according to her supervisor’s evaluation. the Human Resources Department should conduct background verification using professional. decided to confront Kunzet in a closed door meeting asking her to take her photos down online. academic and personal references of the applicant. Regina Kunzet. including that with a man and one captioned “Who says librarians are boring?”. “I'm sorry you don't like my personal lifestyle. is enough and her photos has nothing to do with the library. training is necessary for the new employee to adjust and learn key facts about the organization and its employees. Kunzet’s nude photos. Campbell Public Library Director Jeanette Furlong. the first day of the job involves orientation. shocked as they are." Staffing Recruitment and Hiring During the recruitment process. I can't see how it is any of your business. She said. Personality. a defensive Kunzet emerged and argued that it had nothing to do with her work as a librarian. is apparently featured in a questionable website.

and tries to understand the universe as a whole and relate to it meaningfully. policies and other information regarding the job and the organization. objectives. The employee handbook should contain at the job title and description. Level 3: Egocentrism . rules. and independent business. vagueness frustrates them.Individual seeks to discover the truth. but their goals have a broader base and a longer time span than those of people in Level 5. benefits. Seven Value Levels by Clare Graves       Level 1: Reaction . Level 6: Social orientation: Often called a people person.Perceives useful things in life as most important. Related Concepts Personal and Organization Values Values . and safety. etc. rules and regulation along with the corresponding actions by the company in case these are violated. The approval of others who share their values is more important to them than either money or fame. Political animal .worth or importance you attach to different factors in your life. competition. Religious person .Values and loves other people.A person reacts.Rugged individualism taken to an extreme. and not strongly inclined to follow the moral rules of the society. and power. fame. value system Attitudes are affected by values.During the orientation. It should also outline the company policy. their values center on influence.Considers beauty. During this same day. Social person .Is motivated by power. this person values social relationship more than anything else. Level 7: Existentialism . to a stimulus. rather predictively. see also.dealing with concerns about pain.Values unity highly.People at this level are able to accept vagueness and get along well with others who do not share their own values. They tend to be goal-oriented. Aesthetic person . impulsive. and harmony as most important. Six Value Systems by Eduard Spranger       Theoretical person . restless. An egocentric person is aggressive. Level 2: Tribalism . Level 4: Conformity: Conformists are people who need clarity and straightforwardness. Success is measured in terms of money and power. Level 5: Achievement: People thrive on politics. Economic person . shelter. the employee handbook should be given to the new employee as a personal copy.  . the new employee is introduced to the goals. Anything from dress code to behavior and attitude should be available in the employee handbook. form. technicalities involving the job including salary.

What happens then? A young beautiful girl is in need of attention. On the other hand. and strong values. It affects the trust worthiness of a person and the consistencies in ones actions. The "acting" rather than "being" affects ones reality and will soon catch up to them. . that personality ethic has replaced what use to be the character ethic. According to the Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory. We are not talking about good and bad here. is a one of the various needs that a person can have. Cognitive dissonance . Internal and Interpersonal Conflicts Conflict often are based on differences in values. commenting. etc. One may be exposed to values of others which they may not agree with. liking.the emotional state that results from acting in ways that contradict one's belief or other actions. What she realizes that this an easier way to seek attention. she starts posting more pictures. While this happens and the need is not fulfilled. Personality ethic places emphasis on being likable.     First she starts posting her pictures. Some people show interest.What is the psychology of a young beautifu l woman posting naked photos of herself on the internet for free? Attention without a second thought! To be known by many. These conflicts often result in cognitive dissonance. attention falls under self-esteem needs of a person. character ethic is based on principles. Also. Without even thinking of the consequences.soundness of moral character. they post things which they think will give them maximum attention The Role of Integrity Integrity . The rest of the world doesn't mind checking out. quantity is also a factor when it comes to target audience. author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. the person seeks for more. According to Stephen Covey. making sure that you are well received. Others can be conflicted when they cannot decide which values to act upon. beliefs. More often than not.) Public sharing is decent way to get more audience and gather crowd. People with a low self-esteem have a higher need to seek attention and glory from others (This is a need. the person who posts has an idea of the target audience beforehand.

Denial. c. 2. . a strong desire to maintain membership in the organization. a person may react in one of the following ways: 1. 3. not just to the job. when a conflict arises. It is also important to note that the definition of attitudinal commitment incorporates the presence (or absence) of a desire to maintain membership in the organization. Work Related Commitments Attitudinal Commitment . Self-justification. Conceptually. Change the behavior. b. a strong belief in and acceptance of the organization's goals and values.According to cognitive dissonance. it can be characterized by at least three factors: a. a willingness to exert considerable effort on behalf of the organization.the relative strength of an individual's identification with the involvement in a particular organization. 4. organizational commitment is more global than job satisfaction because it applies to the organization as a whole. As an attitude. Change the original beliefs.

represent an effort to specify behavior that the company does or does not sanction across myriad value systems and legal frameworks. ensure that decisions fall within certain boundaries. With the ALA Code of Ethics as a local policy. .strongly influences the evaluation of an individual behavior and performance. colleagues. Violations of the Code of Ethics may also be a violation of local.” Code of Ethics of the American Library Association Libraries are encouraged to adopt the Code of Ethics as a policy. Ethical Systems Organizational ethics . Chronological sequences of required actions. help decide issues before they become problems. Good policies are:     Consistent Flexible Distinguished from rules and procedures Written Procedures Plans that establish a required method of handling future activities. enforcement moves to the local level. To be most effective. or Federal law. policies should be reflective of the objectives and plans of the organization. Ethical Policies and Clauses Related to the Case “We do not advance private interests at the expense of library users.Planning Policy General statements or understandings that guide or channel thinking in decision-making. who are rewarded or punished in accordance with the ethics of their company. allowing no discretion. Detail the exact manner in which certain activities must be accomplished. state. Rules Spell out specific required actions or nonactions. It also directly affects the behavior of employees. Corporate codes . or our employing institutions.

or has been declared to be of unsound mind.. 9246. The reason for the refusal shall be set forth in writing… The Board has the power. deceit or falsification in obtaining a certificate of registration. its Implementing Rules and Regulations. practice of librarianship. are significantly more likely to be male.” IFLA Code of Ethics for Librarians and other Information Workers - “The Board shall not register any successful examinee nor any applicant for registration without examination if he/she has been convicted by a court of competent jurisdiction of any criminal offense involving moral turpitude or has been found guilty of immoral and dishonorable conduct after investigation of the Board. with only 5% of self-identified seekers being female. or temporary/special permit. cross-sectional telephone survey of 1501 children and adolescents (ages 10–17 years). professional identification card. The Philippine Librarianship Act of 2003. Related Concepts Effects of Exposure to Pornography on Children Estimates suggest that up to 90% or more youth between 12 and 18 years have access to the Internet.g. or any violation of this Act. Seekers of pornography. Republic Act No. Concern has been raised that this increased accessibility may lead to a rise in pornography seeking among children and adolescents. magazines). when it is developmentally appropriate to be sexually curious.“Librarians and other information workers respect the protection of minors while ensuring this does not impact on the information rights of adults… Librarians and other information workers distinguish between their personal convictions and professional duties. a nationally representative. characteristics associated with self-reported pornography seeking behavior. or professional identification card. both online and offline. The respondent may appeal the Board’s decision. order/resolution to the Commission within fifteen (15) days from receipt thereof” Section 22 and 23. or for any of the following: unprofessional or dishonorable conduct. with potentially serious ramifications for child and adolescent sexual development. abetment of illegal practice by allowing illegal use of his/her certificate of registration. They do not advance private interests or personal beliefs at the expense of neutrality… Librarians and other information workers have the right to free speech in the workplace provided it does not infringe the principle of neutrality towards users. the Code of Ethics or the Code of Technical Standards for Librarians. to revoke or suspend the Certificate of Registration or cancel a temporary or special permit of any librarian on any ground stated under Section 22 of this Act. are identified. or Board policies. or temporary/special permit. fraud. practice of profession during the period of suspension. Using data from the Youth Internet Safety Survey. such as magazines . Children under the age of 14 who have intentionally looked at pornography are more likely to report traditional exposures. The vast majority (87%) of youth who report looking for sexual images online are 14 years of age or older. after due notice and hearing. both on the Internet and using traditional methods (e.

are significantly more likely to cross-sectionally report delinquent behavior and substance use in the previous year. poverty alleviation. It will guide its beneficiaries in every step of the way by establishing mutual learning. Provide options for the employee depending on her reason. scholarships. Results of the current investigation raise important questions for further inquiry. Concerns about a large group of young children exposing themselves to pornography on the Internet may be overstated. By harnessing the tools of education. conflicted communities. It will provide libraries. irrespective of source. . and literacy programs tailor-fit to suit the needs of the community’s youth. Instead hear out the employee by understanding her purpose for maintaining the website. Further. and other educational necessities either directly or indirectly to Filipino children in poor. Review of Employee handbook rules and regulations. they will not only help themselves but also help others.     Cases in the Philippines In this part of the case study. Do not immediately force the employee to take down the website. Make the employee understand the harm the website may cause the library’s image in general and the interests it might jeopardize. KRIS Library’s highest dream is to spark a cycle of empowerment. tutorial. Solution to the Immediate Issue  Communicate with the staff involved and explain the gravity of the situation. online seekers versus offline seekers are more likely to report clinical features associated with depression and lower levels of emotional bonding with their caregiver. and service in the Filipino youth. Re-training.or movies. Establish clear cut policies regarding the filtering of certain websites that have inappropriate content as per compliance with CIPA Create stringent rules encompassing acts on the part of the employees that may jeopardize the image of the library and the interests of the users. Vision KRIS Library sees an empowered Filipino youth—enlightened individuals who have improved their status on life by studying hard and working hard. peace. Findings from these crosssectional data provide justification for longitudinal studies aimed at parsing out temporal sequencing of psychosocial experiences. we decided to look for positive examples of library employees’ images and behavior affecting their parent institutions. This should include a due process that involves preventive suspension if necessary. Those who report intentional exposure to pornography. Establish guidelines that management can follow in the event an investigation becomes necessary to establish whether an employee is guilty or not of a certain offense. Kris Library Mission KRIS Library aims to change the game.

By maintaining a professional image. growing up in a happy household with a Muslim mother and a Catholic father is reason enough to believe that peaceful co-existence is possible. which enriches the minds and souls of over 200 Muslim-Catholic students. As a scholar herself taking up Industrial Engineering at the University of the Philippines. She also made history as the first female and Muslim major award winner in the Cobra heroes search. .Recently. Nocum understands the importance of education and through KRIS. they were able to put up the Kristian-Islam Library or KRIS. With the help of her family. founder and administrator Arizza Nocum won this year’s Cobra Pinoy Heroes Award 2013. they are able to provide scholarships to the children of the less fortunate in Zamboanga City. she lends the library its rightful lime light. For the 18-year-old hero Nocum.

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