“The Clock-Tower School” National Contest ~ May 2012GRADE 4

I. Choose the correct word to fill in the space. 1. Snakes have_______________ feet. A. Know B. no 2. How_________________ you get to London? A. do B. Dew C. due 3. The lamp hangs from the __________________ . A. ceiling B. sealing 4. I saw this very big, brown ___________________outside! A. bare B. bear 5. In one ______________________ my parents will be leaving. A. our B. hour 6."Where is my book? Oh, dear! I think I lost ___ !" A. him B. it C. its 7. "John is making a lot of noise!" "I'll ask ___ to be quiet." A. him B. it C. its 8. "I can't find my glasses!" "You are wearing ___!" A. them B. there C. they 9. "Do you like bananas?" "I love ___ !" A. hers B. its C. them 10. "Please tell Mrs. Smith to come in." "Sorry, I don't know ___." A. her B. him C. she 15 POINTS II. Order the words given to obtain a sentence. 1. am / friend / taller / My , John, / I / is / than / . 2. than / is / Josh / boy / wiser / any / age / his /. 3. I / CDs / have / times / he / many / four / as / has / as / . 4. looks / to / tennis / is / Learning / as / not / play / easy / it / as /. 5. gold / Of / silver, / and / more / the / precious / former / is / . 10 POINTS III. Complete the crossword puzzle, by spelling the number indicated below.
1 2

Across Down 1) 33 1) 32 3) 8 5) 19 7) 55 9) 90 2) 80 4) 18 6) 24











8) 44 10) 22 12) 5 11) 13 13) 15 14) 4 15) 70





I always walk ______ them. My uncle is much __________________________ than my father. 2. in on at through with b) I couldn't get ______the river swimming. 10. Complete the sentences using: A. Every Sunday we (go)_______________________________ to see my grandparents. through between out of along across c) It's unlucky to walk ______ a ladder in my culture. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense. 8. through / in out of / in under / around at / in e) He jumped ______ the wall and ran into the garden. a) Question: “___________do you want to eat?” Answer: “Pasta and cheese. a) My father is heavy.” d) Question: “_________________will we be travelling to New York?” . We (play)____________________________________ Monopoly at the moment. but that one is ________________________. He often (go)__________________________________ to the cinema.GRAMMAR & VOCABULARY I. so I started looking for a bridge instead.The correct degree of comparison of the highlighted adjective. through / in out of / in under / around out of / into d) Sally left school ______ the age of 16 and went to work ______ a bank. 9.” c) Question: “_________________does that girl go swimming?” Answer: “At the club. 1. 6. 35 POINTS Timp de lucru: 2 ore Se acorda 10 puncte din oficiu. a) He spends most of the day ______ school. But look! Today she (go)_________________________________ by bike. She usually (walk)_____________________________________ to school. The child seldom (cry)___________________________________________. 7. Describe the best game you’ve ever played. Look! He (leave)_______________________________________ the house. 3. One word from the grey boxes below each phrase. TOTAL 100 POINTS GRADE 5 SECTION I . B. (watch / he)_______________________________________ the news regularly? 15 POINTS SECTION II . Quiet please! I (write)____________________________________ a test. but I have a _______________ grade in the Biology test. I (not / do)____________________________________ anything at the moment. 5.Choose one appropriate word to complete the questions. b) I have a good grade in the Geography test. e) This magazine is cheap.Spell the following numbers.WRITING VI. 4.VI. but my daughter has the ________________ baby on Earth! d) Have you visited the old castle? It was the______________________ castle we visited during our holidays.” b) Question: “_________________do we get up?” Answer: “Early in the morning. over towards along by up to 20 POINTS III. c) Amy has a beautiful baby. 989 _________________________________ 546 _________________________________ 51st _________________________________ 419 _________________________________ 24th _________________________________ 775 _________________________________ 178 _________________________________ 68th _________________________________ 157 ___________________________________ 99th ___________________________________ 10 POINTS II.

Henry____________(not / tell) his father about the accident. They_______________________(order) something to eat.GRAMMAR & VOCABULARY I. things. holidays. She______________(do) her homework in the afternoon. 8) The firemen were able to _____________________ the fire in Church Street. f.Answer: “We will be travelling by plane. Sarah. Why don't you _________________ these jeans? 6) It's warm inside. A . etc.not/ listen). Our cat_____________(catch) a big mouse! j. Write about two “likes” (places. Complete the sentences using the right tense. Last summer I ________________(go) on a very interesting holiday. Robin: “I think the waiter__________________(5-forget) us. and then___________(start) looking for the other children h. He probably thinks we________________________(9-order/ already). d. please. c. I have to ____________ it. 5) You need some new clothes. In the 19th century.” 10 POINTS IV. . ________________ your coat. TOTAL 100 POINTS GRADE 6 SECTION I . please? I don't like driving on icy roads. Give reasons for your choices. several colleagues________________________(13-work) at their desks. Get on Fill in Turn down Look for Take off Switch on Try on Put out 1) Quick! __________ the bus. Where is the waiter? The guests__________(arrive) any minute. 12 POINTS III. Things_________________________ (4-change) a great deal in the last hundred and fifty years. 1. but even I don’t know all the answers! i. 3. The trip ___________________________(3-be) very rough and often dangerous.” Robin: “Look at that couple over there. 7) It's so loud here. please? 4) ________________ the form. If Bob___________ (tidy up) the kitchen. Jane_____(clean) the sitting room if Aaron and Tim______(move) the furniture. Now you can fly anywhere in a matter of hours! B. people. It's ready to leave. Phil___________(decorate)the house. 17 POINTS II. 15 POINTS SECTION II . Emily was very rude to me. ____________________(drive).” Michelle: “I think you’re right.WRITING VI. 2. He _____________________(16-tell) that Sharon didn’t hear our discussion yesterday because she _______________________(17. He_____________(count) to 10. travelling_______________________________(1-become) much easier and very comfortable. 35 POINTS Timp de lucru: 2 ore Se acorda 10 puncte din oficiu. they ________________________(10-be/only) here for five or ten minutes and they already have their food!” C. In the last hundred years. a.) and two “dislikes”. 3) It's dark inside. I____________(visit) her again. Can you ______________ the radio a little. 2) I don't know where my book is. g.” e) Question: “_________________is that walking with Jim?” Answer: “That’s his friend.Past Simple or Future Simple.When I_______________________(11-walk) into the busy office. If Caroline and Sue_____(prepare) snacks. Fill in the space using the appropriate tense . it _____________________________(2-take) two or three months to cross North America by covered wagon. We_____________________(6-wait) here for over half an hour and nobody__________________(7-take) our order yet. b. and two managers __________________________(14-discuss / quietly) ways to improve the company. Use the phrasal verbs in the box to complete the sentences. I______________________________(15-meet) John in the hallway. Anita______(clean) the porch. I_______________(try) to answer all your questions. Complete the sentences and find out how to organize a party. Can you ________________ the light. the secretary________________________(12-talk) on the phone with someone. He ______________________(8-walk) by us at least twenty times. e.

Rewrite the sentences in the Passive Voice. 4. 1. 2. A. he (learn) ________________ karate. “Please switch off his mobile phone”. A. a) Our dog did not chase the cat. .4. My mother uses butter to prepare cakes.What would you do with them? Timp de lucru: 2 ore Se acorda 10 puncte din oficiu. whose D.WRITING VI. which C. _________________________ b) John cleaned the house. 6. A. what C. The lifeguard told us________________. __________ 2. If you could become a superhero what powers would you like to have? . the party ______________(be) great. Write C (for countable) or U (for uncountable) next to each sentence. Choose A – D to complete the sentence. 2. 5. that B. who B. There are a lot of windows in our classroom. A. If Bob_______(look after) the barbecue. whom C. Sue___________(let) the guests in. The test is for students _______________native language is not English. The air hostess _____________________. the lifeguard said to us. 5. to begin as given.GRAMMAR & VOCABULARY I. 1. This is the school ___________________ I used to study. “Could you read the next paragraph?” the teacher said to her. there 2. __________ 3. 5. 7. 15 POINTS Complete the blanks using the correct tense. 4. the air hostess told him. A. “Show me your driving licence”. what 4. which B. Decide for each highlighted noun if it is countable or uncountable. If he (have)_______________ more time._________________________ Rewrite the sentences. If we (have)_____________ a yacht. 2. whose C. The children are playing in the garden. where B. which D. 1. A. the police told the driver. she told him angrily. 3. Scientists say that the environment is threatened by pollution. which D. What 12 POINTS SECTION II . 3. Find the guests ______________arrived here yesterday. 1. which C. Elaine_______(buy) the drinks if somebody________(help) her carry the bottles.Give yourself a name . A. __________ B. TOTAL 100 POINTS 35 POINTS B. GRADE 7 SECTION I .__________________________ e) Frank took this photo. I don't like milk. Frank________ (play) the DJ if the others________(bring) along their CDs. where B. 14 POINTS IV. “Don’t shout at me”. of whom 3. The house___________ they live needs repairing. If they all_________(do) their best. I. 1. The policeman _____________________. that D. whom 5. who D._________________________ c) My friend bought a new video game. A. __________________________ d) They don’t speak English in this shop. __________ 4.Describe your powers . Children __________eat a lot of candy often get bad teeth. She told him______________________. __________ 5. “Don’t bathe when the red flag is flying”. we (sail) ________________ the seven seas. The teacher_________________________.

asking for more information about the matter. Do you________________ a member of the tennis club if you want to play? (have to) 4. 10 POINTS II. We ___________________ shopping. 5. (have to) 3. . I ____________________(to be/ not) so sad. so I did. The doctor told Jim to_______________smoking or face a lot of problems. That man is wearing a white coat.WRITING V. so he_________________ a doctor. but the lights are not on. (have to) 2. there were at least twenty other people who (3. but I didn’t want to include any. a) If you____________________________________( to be) late for training again. b) saw / I/ reading/ her/ old/ interesting/ an/ book. 5. The man there said I could still fill in the papers. My brother (buy) ______________ a sports car if he (have)________ the money. Who is going to________________ your cat while you’re away. 1.3. d) The/ man/ old/ a/ was/ bent/ pen/ Swiss/ writing/ with/ tiny/ blue. so I __________________a DVD instead. c) I___________________________(to be/not) angry if you________________________(to eat/not) my chocolate mousse. They (5want) _____________________ me to include references.go) ___________________ to school together. I’m a member of the club so I __________________ to get in. the fridge is empty! 7. I was lucky! 15 POINTS II. Have to don’t have to may might pay be buy watch be go be become learn clean 1. b)I ______________________________________(to spend) all my vacation abroad if I ___________________________(to have) the time and money. I (6end)________________(7. I (8. (rise from bed) 3.get)__________________________ that apartment! When I (2-show)____________up to take a look around. he (be) ______________ very angry.have)____________________the apartment (10.(searching) 4. synonymous to the meaning in brackets.up) listing my father as a reference. a) wearing/ an / He/ was/ tie/ ugly/ green. Write a letter to the animal shelter. 4. 35 POINTS Timp de lucru: 2 ore Se acorda 10 puncte din oficiu.fill / already) _______________ out their applications and were already leaving. Ken and Liz _________________ more English words. B. because they don’t know enough. d)If only someone____________________(to remember) my birthday. You want to adopt a pet. Fill in the blanks filling with the correct form of the modals in the blue box and complete the sentences with the right word from the grey box. I need to_________________ about flights to Thailand. Order the words to obtain a correct sentence. I never ______________________early on Sundays. Fill the gaps with the words in brackets. Fill in with an appropriate phrasal verb. I can’t believe I (1. If I (feel) ______________ better. TOTAL 100 POINTS GRADE 8 SECTION I .(learn more information) 10 POINTS SECTION II . 8.(quit) 5.arrive)_________________before me. Tourists_________________ full-price metro tickets. 15 POINTS III. There’s nothing interesting on TV. If they (tell)________________their father. (take care) 2. 6. c) kitchen/ there/ big/ table/ white/ a/ In/ the/ was/ wooden.get) _______________________the apartment because my father and the man who (9. He _________________ at home. e) my/ met/ funny/ friend/ a/ I/ for/ British/ tea/ tall/ today/ cup. 9. Mary is not answering her phone so she ________________ in class.GRAMMAR & VOCABULARY I. I (go)_____________ to the cinema with you. She__________________ her desk! You can’t find anything on it! 10. Most of them (4. They can get special discount cards. I _____________________________(to let/ not) you play in tomorrow’s match. She loses a lot of time __________________keys in her bag. I couldn’t answer more than half of the questions.

1. c) I can get the information you need 4 Don’t take it off. d) They have to fill it in. 2. e) Readers must return all the books. I___________________ be working too hard. 4. Why do we live so far from the city centre? I wish we _______________________as we always need to take the bus home. Match the two parts of the sentences. You should turn a) down. 4. i) If you ________________________________( to tell) me about the concert. g) If I _________________________(to know) you were coming. 5. Write a story beginning or ending with the words: How I hate bullies! 35 POINTS Timp de lucru: 2 ore Se acorda 10 puncte din oficiu. I don’t have any money. You are always so keen to get back home to eat! 2. b) Look out! 3 Please be careful. please turn b) it in. 4 Here’s the application form. I think I’m going to lie e) it down. B. I _______________________(to bake) a cake. I have a feeling everybody is looking at me. I should have studied harder. Your mother __________________be a great cook. That man looking at me seems to recognize me. 1 It’s dark in here. 9. 5 Please ask your parents to complete the form. Match the words in the box with the appropriate sentences. If only________________ for my exams. She tried very hard. 15 POINTS IV.e) I____________________________(to open/not) that umbrella inside the house if I ________________________(to be) you. I failed all my exams. 3 It’s hot in here – why don’t you take c) on the lights. If only________________some money from you. I _______________________(to be able) to help you out.please fill d) your jacket off? 5 I’m quite tired. f) You_________________________(to be/not) sorry if you__________________ (to revise) for your exams. Sarah___________________________she would. I don't know why I am so tired these days. to fit the given parts.WRITING V. You seem to know everything about the theatre. I know you’re busy but we need to talk! I’d like to talk to_____________________you’re busy. I feel______________________at me. He____________________ know much about this company after only a year working here.Match the sentences with similar meanings. There is an interesting movie on TV. To give the promotion to Harold was silly. I should have borrowed some from you. A. __________________________. 6.his car keys are on the table. but we are studying now! We're studying now __________________ an interesting film on TV. 2 You have to bring them back. Do you know where Carl is? He____________ be out . Rephrase the following sentences. h) If I ___________________________________(to understand) more about computers. 3. Or maybe I am not sleeping too well. and she still failed the exam. 8. TOTAL 100 POINTS . _____________________________she failed the exam. 10. That man ____________________________me. j) We ____________________(to eat) out if there_______________________________(to be) no food at home. a) Do not remove the book’s cover. but she didn’t. She knew the answer and she still did not respond. Sarah said she would come. 5. 7. I _____________________(to go). 15 POINTS III. We always have to take the bus home. You______________ go every week. can't must might must can't 1. she did not respond. 1 I can find that out for you. 2 Your TV is too loud. 3. 15 POINTS SECTION II .

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