CHAPTER 1 A deep pulse of drums like a giant's heartbeat vibrates through my body.

Music rides the air as a dolphin rides the waves. The smell of tension and fear was close in the room. Tension because of uncertainty of themselves or others. Fear of the unknown. I sashayed as I moved around behind the bar. I was one of two bartenders in the Divine Passion Bar at the resort Cerulean Sins. Lucky me to get a job in the strip bar. The music was loud and almost drowned out the screams of men and women alike as they watched male and female strippers do their acts. I was wearing the uniform for the female workers of the resort. A bright blue silk shirt that buttoned up the front with a collar and tied in front to show the midriff. The shirt had the logo words Cerulean Sins Resort and the picture of a lipstick kiss with fangs to the left of the words. The logo was embroidered in black. I was wearing tight black leather pants tonight with black leather boots that went up to my knees. The boots had three inch heels. I actually broke dress code with the leather pants and boots but the boss couldn't fire me because I knew all the drinks by heart and I came up with a lot of successful ideas that the guests loved. Plus, I ended up doing almost everything at this resort. "Latreia! Stop dancing and get me 2 blue Hawaiians and a sex-on-the-beach!" shouted Jeremy over the noise. I grinned flashing my straight white teeth at him. "You just wish you had a body like mine!" I said laughing as I did a little twirl. Jeremy laughed. "Hell yeah!" he said as he went back to making drinks. Jeremy was six feet tall and cocoa colored. He had honey eyes and chocolate hair and he was gay. He was wearing the brilliant blue silk vest with the logo on it. He was wearing tight black pants with shiny black dress shoes. "Finished!" I sang artfully sliding the drinks down the bar to Jeremy who dished them to the appropriate customers. "Miss!" called a middle aged woman with dyed blonde hair. "I want a Bloody Mary double strong." "Coming right up." I said with a smile. I can fix a bloody marry in two minutes. I'm that good. "Here you go!" I said smiling. "Miss, what kind of dye do you use? I just love your hair." said the woman. My smile froze. I had silver sparkle hair. In the sunshine my hair glittered like drops of water caught in my hair. "It's my natural hair. I was born like this." I said with my

smile I give customers. "No way. No one has hair like that, unless you're some type of fae." said the one stating the obvious. "Yes, ma'am." I replied leaving. It was a very busy night. I got over a hundred dollars worth of tips. I was humming one of the songs under my breath as Jeremy and I cleaned up the bar. It was four in the morning by the time we finished. "See you tomorrow Latreia." Jeremy called as he left. "Have fun with Logan!" I called. I swept up the floor and organized the stock. By four thirty I was ready to go to my condo. On the premise of Cerulean Sins there is an area with condos for a lot of the workers to live. Cerulean Sins Resort is located on an island ten miles east of Jamaica. I locked up the bar and turned. It was full moon tonight. I looked up and down the cobblestone road. To the left was the hotel for the less rich at the base of the hill. Around Divine Passion Strip Bar were other bars and such down along the street. This street is called Lust and Revel Way. Various half drunk couples meandered around. I turned left to head into the jungle paths that led to the condos. "Latreia Nidneh isn't it a bit late for a woman like you to be walking around alone?" said a voice behind me. I turned to find my boss, Charles, stalking toward me. Charles was a vampire. and reminds me every chance he can. "Hello, Charles. I just locked up. I'm headed home now." I said with a smile. "Why don't your smiles ever show in those beautiful dark blue eyes?" Charles said standing over me. Charles had skin like snow and the palest blonde hair I have ever seen. Everything about him was pale, including his blue eyes and full pink lips. He leaned over me and breathed on my neck. "You smell especially scrumptious today." he whispered into my hair. "Do you need something or can I go home?" I said blankly. "I always want something. Yes, I have come to give you news. I'll tell you as I escort you home." Charles said offering me his arm. I looked at his arm and reluctantly took it. "Good. Now, I am being assigned to a high up position by the Master. So, the Divine Passion will be without me as the manager the master trusts me to assign a new manager. I want you to be the next manager. You are the best for the job. Besides you already know how to take care of everything." said Charles leading me down into the dark jungle paths. I was quiet. I didn't dare say anything. "Latreia." Charles murmured squeezing my arm. "I'll have to deal with the managers of other areas and the owner himself

if I become manager." I said softly still trying to focus. How did I feel about this? Well, I'd sure get paid a hellof-a-lot more then a bartender. But, I'd have more expectations and responsibilities. Did I even want to do it? Why not. "Yes. But, if you need help... I'd be willing to assist you." said Charles smiling. The soft moonlight falling through the tropical tree leaves painted his face delicately. "I'll keep that in mind." I said cautiously. He stopped walking suddenly. His sudden stop caused my momentum to throw me off balance and fall backwards into him. He automatically caught me around the waist. And that is how we were found by the Master’s followers. Charles held me tightly to him. Almost as if he was afraid. Charles was afraid? I sensed them before I saw them. They were running through the jungle towards us. "Charles what are they?" I whispered reaching for my large bag. I had a short sword concealed in a hidden compartment in my bag. I now reached into my bag and grasped the hilt of my short sword. "The Master's animals." Charles said tightly. I looked up at his face. My genes had left me also able to see in the dark. Charles seemed even paler (if that were possible). "It is all going to work out Charles. I'll not leave you. You may be a pain in the ass and a leech but you are in a way honourable and a friend. I'll aid you." I said determined. Charles looked at me, astonishment and disbelief on his face. "Those who go against the Master will die. I appreciate your strange loyalty but I don't want your life on my head." Charles said bitterly. "You have no choice in the matter." I said curtly and watched as the first came through the tree line. They were were-animals. And there were five of them. I could feel that warm supernatural power being emitted from their bodies. "Charles of the Pleasurers, the Master is displeased that you have become so squeamish. He sends for you to return and obey your Master." said a large male who looked like a Philippino or Aztec. "Very well." Charles said without emotion. "What happens if he doesn't go?" I asked. The one who had spoken looked at me sharply. I met his glare and gave him my uncaring blank eyes that I always had. He was well trained and his only reaction was a blink. But, he had reacted. "Latreia." Charles said warningly. "Hush, Charles. I asked the were-leopard a question." I said waving a hand at Charles. "You know I am a were-leopard? Only a vampire or were-animal can tell type of animal. But, Charles will be punished severely for disobedience, short of death at least." said the large male. "I will not allow you to take

him." I said simply. "Then you will be killed." said the large male. "You will try." I replied and braced myself for attack. "Stay near me." I told Charles and drew my short sword. The were-animals attacked they were graceful and quick like the cats they could be. They struck with quick blunt blows. I dodged them easily. What no one except me and my parents knew was that I was a fourth were-tiger and could shift into a half tiger half woman when I wanted to. I wasn't tied to the moon like many other were animals were. I sliced up three of them before they stopped and regrouped. The blade was silver and that caused them to heal human slow. Blood dripped from my blade. I had a sudden violent urge to lick the blade clean, but I thought it might freak the others out even more. "Latreia. You didn't say you could fight." Charles said amazement showing in his voice. I spared him a glance. "You didn't ask." I replied. "What is taking so long to retrieve a Pleasurer vampire?" said an English accented male voice from our left. I moved so I could watch the were-animals and the vampire. who walked out of the trees. The male vampire had soft curling long brown hair tied tightly into a pony tail with a velvet black ribbon. He was wearing an outfit that Shakespeare would've been proud of. He wore all black except for a gold chain with a little gold club charm that one would find on a playing card. "Royal. Why are you here?" Charles asked. There was a nervous twitch around his eyes that I was able to catch. "To retrieve you for the Master. He believed you would give us trouble. We hadn't thought someone would actually fight for you." Royal said moving toward us. I moved in front of Charles. "That is close enough." I growled. Oops, didn't mean to growl like a tiger. That made Royal stop. "What are you, girl? A were-animal that we didn't know of. How interesting. Now, move aside and stop playing around." he said moving closer. "No. He is my friend." I said a low growl rising from my throat. "What is she? She has no scent." said a were-leopard. "I don't know." said the large male. The were-leopards and Royal stalked toward me. I was ready for them. Royal struck out suddenly like a snake. I reacted and chopped off the hand that reached for him. Royal hissed fangs bare and jumped at me. I stabbed deep into his chest. Then something jumped on my back and slammed into my head. I was out like a light. I woke with a start. I was still in fight mode and ready for the worst. I was tied down to a chair. As I stood when I woke from my sleep the chair came with

me. It caused me to unbalance and fall to the grey stone floor onto the side of my face. I lay there still for a little while slightly dazed. The chair was a solid oak chair that a human couldn't have stood up with. The side of my face was stinging now. I smelled blood so I guess I scraped my face up pretty bad. I heard by that time the creak of door hinges. Someone walked into whatever room I was in and walked to me. "Oh, wow. I had heard a thud. Did you just wake up? Poor thing." said a melodious baritone male voice. I just lay there unable to really move. I saw feet as I looked through my hair. It was a pair of bare male feet. "Here don't try to move I'll get you up." he said. Large strong hands grabbed my arms and the chair arms and lifted me off the floor. I hung there and saw silky black pants and pale bare feet before the chair and I was set back on the floor. I closed my eyes to reorient myself. "Thank you." I murmured eyes still closed. "You are welcome. Ouch. You bloodied your face pretty badly when you fell." he said. Then I opened my eyes. I blinked at what I saw. For a moment I thought that I was seeing things. But, no. Before me stood a beautiful man. He was very pale with blue-black thick hair that fell almost into his eyes. He seemed feminine but you would never mistake him for female though. He was not wearing a shirt and was well-built with washboard abs. He moved toward me and I watched his muscles move under that skin. I looked back at his eyes. His eyes were a lime green. You would never think eyes could look like that. He now loomed over me. "May I?" he asked indicating my stinging face. I looked at him puzzled. "Sure." I murmured. He leaned down toward me. I just froze. I didn't even question what he was doing. He gently licked my hurt face. He looked into my eyes as he did it. He licked in long sure strokes. I wasn't exactly sure why he was doing it but I didn't mind. One, he was so breathtaking and two, I wasn't human and what he was doing wasn't that strange for me. He started licking lower. When he licked the line of my jaw I involuntarily shivered at the sensation. His lips twitched as he tried not to smile at me. He licked along my jaw again, this time slower and watched me with those eyes. Things low in my body tightened. I closed my eyes so he wouldn't see. He stopped licking my face and moved back. I opened my eyes slowly. He was standing a few feet away from me with his arms crossed staring at me. "Where am I?" I asked with a purring voice. I felt my eyes widen. Oh crap! My beast was aroused by this stranger. He wasn't a were-tiger. So why? "You are in the

Master's home. What are you? You aren't a were-animal yet you react like a female were-cat. I am puzzled. Your blood is ... so exotic tasting. Like yellow jasmine and vanilla. I can't determine what you are. And I am usually so good at it." he said a confused expression on his face. "What are you? You are not a were-animal of any sort. You are not a vampire." I said puzzled. "I am a type of incubus. I feed off the sexual energy of others. I am the last of my kind." he said a twinge of sadness in his eyes. I stared at him. An incubus! "You can't be an incubus. The last incubi and succubae allowed on Earth were removed and returned to Lahat a century ago. Those who went against the relocation were killed." I babbled. I stopped abruptly. I had said too much. The beautiful man stared at me with a blank expression. I blinked at him. I knew that expression. I had a similar one most of the time. As if called that cold and dangerous look rose to the surface and spilled into my face. We sat like that looking at each other. "You must tell me what you are. You may be able to spare your Charles from his Master with the information." the man said. My cold danger remained as I thought what to do. Did Charles matter all that much? Yeah. He was one of my only friends who didn't get scared of me. "My father was half wereanimal and half vampire and mother was ..." I stopped before I finished. How could I say it to this man? I looked into the beautiful man's eyes and tried to see into his soul. What kind of guy was he? "She was an unseelie sidhe." I finished daring him to comment. "Wow. How did your mother conceive? I mean it takes a lot for a female unseelie..." he stopped talking and looked at me shock rising into his eyes. "My mother raped my father until he died, and still did him after death. That's how I was conceived." I said staring into his eyes. "I was a mistake." I said finally looking away from his intense eyes. He didn't say anything. I looked up at him and saw a flash of emotion in his eyes. "I must go now. We shall meet again, Latreia." he said turning and walking away. I must have gone unconscious because I woke and found myself in my king size black and royal purple bed. I jerked up startled. My body ached and the side of my face was bandaged. Charles stood from where he was sitting in my black boudoir chair. "Are you all right, Latreia? Damn. I'm so sorry that you got into this. I feel terrible about what happened." he said kneeling by the bed eyes full of sadness. "Why are we here?" I asked looking around at my

royal purple, red, black and silver bedroom. The bed and boudoir took up most of the space. I had a nice size closet and thick black carpet. "The master let us go because of you. But, you are now to be involved in vampire. politics. The master said, 'She is of the level of a master vampire and shall act like one. Charles, since you seem to like her so much you shall be her first servant.'" Charles said bitterly. I didn't say anything but let him talk. "I have no protection if you decide to throw me out. The master has officially made you owner of Divine Passion. Without a master I will be killed or sold as a blood whore. Please be my mistress!" Charles begged. I was shocked. Charles the cocky, arrogant, flirtatious bastard was begging. "Hush Charles! I'll take care of you." I soothed him. Tension left him. "Thank you." he murmured putting his head on the bed. I started to get up. "No. Don't get up let me help you." said Charles bounding over the bed to my side. He helped me stand. "What day is it?" I asked tiredly. "Next day 2 o'clock." Charles replied. "Crap. Divine Passion opens at four. ...What do I wear? What are you going to do?" I asked. "I will be there to help you as I can. I will be wearing the male worker's uniform. But, you as the owner can where whatever you want." he said. "Okay. Go get ready. I'm going to change." Charles nodded and left the room closing the door behind him. I went to my closet and looked in. I had all sorts of things because I was often given any clothes that guests of the resort left behind. I pulled out a turquoise top that was see through on the long sleeves and over the stomach up to just under the breasts where a ribbon that matched fitted the shirt to me. I slipped on the shirt and looked for bottoms. I found a pair of silver pants that were mostly sheer except for around the groin and the butt. I put on some black silk slippers and looked in the mirror. I looked like an Arabian dancing girl. However, having my face all bandaged up was not appealing. I rummaged through a chest in the back of the closet and found what I wanted. I took out a half face black mask that had been found on the steps of Divine Passion one day. I put it on over my bandages and everything was covered. Now I looked like an Arabian dancing girl thief. I twisted my hair up into an elaborate hair do full of curls and black silk ribbon. When I was done I left my room to find Charles. "Charles. We need to go." I called

walking down the goldenrod yellow walls with the burgundy floors. Charles stepped out from the kitchen. He was wearing the exact same outfit that Jeremy had been wearing last night. He looked me up and down with raised eyebrows. "Wow. You look good. You are so much more daring with your clothes then I am but it works on you. I like the mask." he said with a faint smile that resembled his usual smile. "Let's go. We'll have to take my motorcycle this time. I'll just have to get in trouble for bringing it." I said. "Latreia. You are a mistress vampire now. You can do almost anything you want. If you want to remain neutral and not deal with the others then there are things that you'll need to know. If you want to be an Azazel Mistress then you will become rather powerful for there will be many who will want to owe loyalty to you." Charles said as we went out the front door and onto the porch. My home was two stories and had a massive basement. In my two-car garage was a gorgeous green and purple motorcycle. I got on and put the keys in the ignition. "Get on. I said tossing him my other helmet which was purple. I put on the green helmet carefully so as not to mess up my hair. “Come Charles.” I said sitting on my motorcycle and starting the engine. Charles slid gracefully up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. “Don’t get frisky.” I muttered as I drove us out of the garage. CHAPTER 2 The exotic trees and foliage swayed in a fragrant breeze. Afternoon sunlight cast a warm haze to the atmosphere. Charles and I rode down the hard-dirt packed path. We passed a stray bungalow here and there as we traveled. Charles was clinging to me as we raced in the direction of Divine Passion. “Scared, Charles?” I said with a chuckle. “It has been a long time since I have been in the sunlight. I forgot how much it stings.” he said with a faint hint of pain filling his voice. “Oh! Damn! I’m so sorry Charles. I forgot. I’m stupid.” I growled "It is fine Latreia. I am an old enough vampire so I will survive." Charles said amused. "Well. I can't forget things like that." I growled at myself. So we sped onto the cobblestone street that held the pleasure establishments. I pulled into the little employee parking lot behind Divine Pleasures. "You are the owner and can park in the reserved parking slot by the door." Charles commented. "Oh, yeah." I murmured zipping in to the parking spot. I slipped my keys

into my little black silk purse and slung it over my shoulder. "Let's go. We are two minutes early to the before hours meeting." I said reaching for the door. Charles, like quicksilver, opened the door for me. I smiled. "Well. Thank you, Charles." I said with a grin. "Anytime, mistress. Anytime." Charles said with that old gorgeous smirk of a smile. Everyone was inside by the time we walked to the front of the building. There were twenty-five employees in total. None of them were human. There were ten buff bouncers who kept things in order around here. There was Jeremy who grinned and waved at me. Lastly, there were fourteen strippers, seven male, seven female, well, not everyone was here, five of the male and two of the female were still down in the basement where they lived. Why weren't they up here? They would be awake by now. "Hey! Charles what is going on? Ilexia and the others refused to come up here to the meeting. They said they weren't going to listen to some non-vampire." said Fernando, who was half-Spanish, half-English, he was a were-panther. His golden tawny eyes looked at me with questions. He was tall and slightly muscular. I knew he was well-made everywhere. I had seen him and almost everyone else naked on stage. He brushed his chocolate hair out of his eyes. "Damn. You look good Latreia." said a deep and seductive voice from behind me. I turned. There stood sex-in-leather. He had thick wavy golden streaked auburn hair that brushed the collar of his black leather vest. His leather vest was a second skin that gaped down to mid stomach and had silver patterns of barbed wire on the hem and around the collar and sleeves. His pants started at his hips and were tight all the way down and disappeared into a pair of black combat boots. His turquoise eyes sparkled with inner light. "Arthur. Where are the others?" I said a hand on my hip. "They are in the basement. They are all rather upset with Charles' downgrade. They are worse off with you as their new master." Arthur said with his accented, rich, deep voice. He had an old English accent that he couldn't get rid of. I was angry but could hide my emotions like the best of the vampires. I walked toward the hall that led to the basement. "Mistress..." Charles said. "Explain to the others what has happened with the ownership, and such. I'll be back." I said anger leaking from my aura as the trickle of water in a cave.

In the darkness of the basement I stalked through the halls to where the vampires held their coffins. I strode into the room and saw them lounging around. "Listen here. I am now in charge and will not tolerate this. You will all get upstairs now and go through our regular pre-hours meeting. I will not stand for this disrespect you all show me." I said anger clawing its way out of me. I knew the moment my eyes began to glow with my anger. "So, the rumor is true that you are half vampire." said Ilexia flipping her long blonde hair over her shoulder. I cocked a hip and stared each of them in the eye. "Rowan, Saladin, Arman, Diablo, Elvina, Ilexia I am your mistress now. If any of you have any grudges or dislikes of me that cause you to not want me as your mistress. Say so and you may leave and go to the Master." I said with a wave of my hand. Being sent back to the Master was a sign of disgrace. It meant that either you weren't trusted to be away from your "father" or "mother." Or that you were inadequate and unable to follow orders. "I despise you, Latreia!" spat Ilexia with thick venom. I looked at her with disdain. "Then leave.” Ilexia stared at me. "What..." she whispered shocked.”You heard me. Leave. I could and probably should kill you for your disrespect and disobedience. But, I want you to live with your disgrace and be without a mistress or master except for your maker. Go now. Leave your things. I will have them sent later." I said coldly. Ilexia stood there dumbfounded. "Now!" I yelled putting my rarely used magic into the words. The minor vampires shrunk back and huddled near the wall. Ilexia shrieked and clawed at her ears as she ran away and up the stairs. "Listen, little ones. I may seem like a harmless little human. I am not. If you will stay and be loyal to me then I will protect you all and care for you. Who else wishes to follow Ilexia?" I said looking down at the huddled vampires. "We will follow you, mistress." Rowan with the caramel eyes and hair said. "I will stay with you, mistress." said Elvira with the long black hair and grey-green eyes. "I will serve you, mistress." said Diablo with the black eyes and dark brown hair. "As will I, mistress." Arman and Saladin (the twins) said with their white blonde hair and dark green eyes. "Good. You are all under my protection. If anyone hurts or does wrong by you. Come to me and I will help you." I promised turning as I felt another vampire appear at the door. It was Arthur. He leaned against the door post. "Arthur are you going to remain?" I said staring into his eyes. "Yes, Mistress Latreia. I felt your power as it

lashed out at Ilexia. I will follow one as powerful as you. But, only if you are strong. I will not follow a weakling." he said. I nodded and walked toward him. I stood waiting for him to move. We stayed like that. Just staring at each other. Then he moved to the side with a bow. "Come, my people. Let us go deal with the shape-shifters now." I said as I was followed by six vampires. Charles was frantic when I returned above ground. "Latreia... Mistress! The two male strippers quit. The girls are fine with you for now. But, you'll have to prove dominance over them soon enough. What are we going to do?" sighed Charles. "Calm down. Charles could you act as a stripper?" I asked. Charles looked at me with distaste. "Of course! I was stripper before you were even born." he boasted. "I doubt that." I muttered. "Good. We'll have to find another male stripper soon. We'll have to do without one tonight." I said. "What about a female? Ilexia was the main attraction. None of us can do what she did." said Sierra a lion-shifter with tawny hair and hazel eyes. "Without her Elvira's act and my act is messed up." Arthur said. "Yes, I know." I said thoughtfully. "Latreia can do her act." Jeremy said as he walked over to us. "What?" said Charles. "Yeah. You should've seen her last week. She went out with me and some of my friends. Daniel slipped her triple shots of whiskey along with her Blue Hawaii drinks. Hahaha. Michael works as a stripper on the main land. We dared them to perform and took bets on who would be the best. By then Latreia was so drunk that she actually agreed. Hahaha. She staggered up onto the dining room table. But, damn, when the music started she was doin' it hot. Almost makes me want to go straight for her. Mmm mmm. Anyway. She taught Michael a few things. She won. Hahahaha. You should see your face now Latreia." laughed Jeremy. "Well, Well, well. Our Latreia has a very wild side." Charles said grinning. "Can you do the solo acts as well as the group acts?" Elvira asked. "Yeah." I said clearing my throat and looking away. "Show us one and then we will see." said Arthur. I looked at him. He cocked an eyebrow at me, as if saying, Are you too weak to do this for your people? I lifted my head high and stalked over to the stage and jumped onto it in one fluid motion. I spun around to face my audience. "Someone hit the lights and music." I said as I turned to give my back to the audience. Why am I doing this? Damn. The introduction to a fast vibrating song blared through the air. I counted the beat. Then I let myself flow with the music. I twirled, dipped, swayed, and shimmied

over the stage. I did a few flips and more elaborate stuff. I flirted with the music and the bright colourful lights. I smiled coyly and shied away then came back for more. I did an elaborate spin and stripped off my shirt in one graceful arch. I paused mid move and let the music and lights glide over me and my black bra. Then I did a backward flip and threw my shirt off stage. The music became more frantic as I moved with more allure. I was beckoning to the music and lights with my movements. I was bold now. No more shying away. I moved my hips and enticed the lights to dance upon me as I moved my hands down my body. The music slowed to the original pace and I put more sway into my motions. The lights intensified. I did a double back flip and easily got my pants off and thrown off stage by the time I landed. I landed in a classic pose of hands on hips, one hip cocked, head held high in defiance, and a flirtatious smile on my face. I sashayed to the front of the stage as the music slowed to a seductive breeze. I turned so that my back was to the audience. I slowly swayed, letting the lights caress me. The music started to end and I faced forward again and slowly kneeled on the stage letting my lose curls frame my face as I looked out at where the audience would be. Then there was silence. The stage lights turned off and the lights in the audience were turned on. I was still posed. I could now see that everyone had been watching me. I leaped off the stage and landed gracefully. My eyes found Arthur first. His face was calm and cool. But, his eyes were full of a dark heat that made me shiver slightly. He noticed and a smile pulled at his lips. Charles' face was riveted. Vampires usually aren't so expressive. "Well! That was inspirational. I've never seen something so intense and emotional." Elvira said bubbling over with excitement. "You have a great body." said Arman with a toothy smile. His fangs were extended. He was horny. "So I passed." I said coolly. "Hell yeah!" Liam, a bouncer, said. I turned away to go to the stage. I was shaking with unreleased laughter. I bound up onto the stage and went back stage. I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror. My personal glamour was still in place. My scars weren't showing. I stared into my eyes. I blinked, sighed and started to look for my clothing. I searched but couldn't find my clothes. I was puzzled. "Where are my clothes?" I asked out loud. "I have them." someone said from behind me. I spun around. It was Arthur. He was grinning at my expression. "Thank you." I said walking cautiously toward Arthur. Arthur had my clothes draped across his arm. I

stopped three feet away from him. I looked up into his turquoise eyes and cocked an eyebrow at him. "Your act was very good. Surprisingly so. You didn't seem like the exhibitionist type.” Arthur said the tips of his fangs peeking out from under his top lip. I had a wicked idea suddenly. I smiled slyly. I moved quickly and stepped into him. Our bodies touched everywhere. Arthur reached out a hand automatically and grabbed me around the waist to balance us. Arthur's body was very happy to see me. "Latreia." Arthur said in a warning tone. I pressed my nose into his chest and breathed deeply like I have always wanted to ever since I had first seen him. My senses were flooded with the smells of the Earth: fresh cut grass, a dark forest, sun-baked rocks, wildflowers, and cedar. The smell was so erotic and pleasurable. I moaned into his chest. My breath caught as I noticed his bare skin under my face. What was happening to me? It was as if someone was enhancing all my emotions and encouraging them to take action. I nuzzled Arthur's chest, sliding my hands up under his vest. I traced up his spine and brushed my fingers over his skin. "Latreia." Arthur said in a hoarse voice now. I looked up at him. A fierce want and need darkened his eyes. I shivered. "Arthur..."I said hesitantly. Arthur spun me around and slammed me into the wall. I cried out in surprise before his hungry mouth swallowed up my cry. His hands were everywhere. They slid over my body as silk. I could barely breathe as he fed from my mouth like a starving man. His tongue ravaged my mouth. I pushed my tongue into his mouth finally. I explored his mouth thoroughly. My tongue caught on a fang and blood trickled into our mouths. Arthur gave a deep growl and picked me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he carried me into one of the dress rooms. He pushed me onto the floor. I ripped at his vest, tearing it off his body. I ran my hands over his chest. I rose up and licked his nipples. He moaned and ripped off my bra and panties. He stopped his frantic rush to look at me. It was almost as if I could feel his gaze on me. He lingered at my breasts and thighs. He looked into my eyes. There was warmth there that I didn't recognize in his eyes. He leaned over me and kissed me gently on the forehead, the tip of my nose and my mouth. His mouth worked down to my breasts. He nibbled my nipples. I writhed under him, rubbing where our bodies contacted. He moaned around a mouthful of my breast. I gasped and plunged my hands past his waistband. I found what I was searching for and massaged. He groaned and tugged at my breast. I pulled at his pants. He rose up to

his knees and pulled off his pants, watching me all the while. I watched as he slowly unzipped his pants and pulled them down oh so slowly.

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