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Epstein-Barr Virus – December 20, 2012 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Causes what clinical syndrome?

Epidemiology Transmission Pathogenesis Oncogenesis Clinical manifestation; classic triad 7) Labs 8) Diagnosis 9) Treatment 10) Complications 11) Prognosis 12) Prevention

10) Few patients have Cx. mild thrombocytopenia and neutropenia 11) Major symptoms last 2-4 weeks. steroids reduce viral shedding but does not shorten length of illness. lymphadenopathy. mild thrombocytopenia (rarely ass w/ purpura) 8) Culture would require 4-6 wks. infx of B lymphocytes. oral secretions. sore throat. splenic rupture.  contiguous structures  viremia. uncommon and unusual neuro conditions (Alice in Wonderland syndrome/metamorphopsia). short course <2 weeks may be helpful in complicated cases (1mg/kg/day prednisone. leiomysarcoma in immunodeficient states 6) Systemic somatic complains. IgG VCA 9) Rest and supp care. Hodgkin disease. burkitt lymphoma. airway obstruction. lymphoid interstitial pneumonitis (children with AIDS). igM VCA. CD8+ T lymphocytes in response to B cell infx. epitrochlear LN particularly suggestive of EBV. second episodes with other strains not document (unless immunocomprimised). not non-intimate contact. multiple red papules. Shed in oral secretions >6m after acute infection. Malignant: nasopharyngeal carcinoma. lymphoproliferative d/o. fever. and spleen. heterophile Abs agglutinate cells from other species – horse). liver. avoid contact sports and strenuous activity for 2-3 wks. GBS. generalized lymphadenopathy. detects 90% in older children but only 50% in younger children. splenomegaly (50%). then intermittently throughout life. ass w/ Gianotti-Crosti syndrome (symmetric rash on checks. P/E: lymphadenopathy (90%). hepatomegaly (10%). pharyngitis. fatiguex1 year has been reported 12) Impractical to try to prevent but candidate vaccine (recombinant) does exist . IgM VCA (viral capsid Ag). classic triad in adolescents/adults: fatigue. Reye syndrome. malaise. less in children 4) Infects oral epithelial cells. 80% develop ampicillin rash if treated. Wax and wane weeks-months. Heterophile Ab test (monospot. max 20) x 7days then taper x7days. env’t sources or fomites. sexual transmission to uterine wall usually asymptomatic 5) Benign: oral hairy leukoplakia (adults with AIDS). lymphatic system.1) 3) Infectious Mononucleosis 2) Infects >95% of the world’s population Sexual intercourse. atopic dermatitis appearance) 7) Leukocytosis. Incubation 30-50d in adolescents. fatigue.