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2013-09-21: From Angels, Dreams & Signs to Future Esoteric and More Tonight on The 'X' Zone
Source: REL-MAR McConnell Media Company Dated: Sep. 21, 2013

The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show has been on the broadcast airwaves since 1993 investigating the world of the Paranormal and the science of Parapsychology hosted by veteran Canadian broadcaster Rob McConnell, Monday - Sunday from 10 pm - 2 am Est. HAMILTON, Canada -- Broadcast from the studios and broadcast centre of REL-MAR McConnell Media Company in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, The ‘X’ Zone Radio/TV Show investigates the world of the paranormal and the science of parapsychology and today's show and past episodes can be heard at and visit our main page at The 'X' Zone Radio Show hosted by Rob McConnell is the longest running professional broadcast radio show featuring the paranormal and parapsychology with the same host in broadcast history. The 'X' Zone Radio/TV Show with Rob McConnell broadcast schedule for Saturday, September 21 2013 and this show is available at Segment details are available at and the actual broadcasted interviews are available at SEGMENT 1 KAYA - Angels, Dreams & Signs - A former Pop Star in Canada, KAYA walked away from fame to pursue a deep inner spiritual calling. His profound angelic encounters and intensive dream work led to his emergence as an international spiritual teacher presenting in more than 12 countries around the world, a renowned dream interpretation specialist, he has spent over 17 years researching the topic and his books have been sold in over 31 countries. More at SEGMENT 2 DANIEL FAZZINA - Divine Intervention - Daniel Fazzina's professional background is in media production. His experience includes hosting radio shows, editing music videos, directing a short film, and award-winning commercials. He also served as a board member of St. John's University's chapter of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, where he earned his B.S. in Communication Arts in 1998. More at SEGMENT3 RANDY ROGERS - The Key Of Life: A Metaphysical Incestigation - Randy Rogers is the president of Telefilm, Inc., a Los Angeles based production company. His career spans four decades of working in the newspaper, television and motion picture business. During that time, he has covered every type of major news event from George McGovern's 1972 election bid to the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill in 1989. His company, Telefilm, has handled the promotion of the world's biggest motion pictures including The Matrix, Harry Potter, Pearl Harbor, Batman, Superman, Shrek, Toy Story, Iron Man and Indiana Jones. Growing up in the western Pennsylvania steel town of Johnstown, Randy asked for his first camera from a Green Stamps catalog on his 10th birthday. More at SEGMENT 4 KERRI HOPKINS - Breaking The Name Code - Define Your Name - Define Your Life - There's a definite science to a name. one can literally "Make A Name For Themselves" & effectively alter their level of success, happiness & influence just by knowing & applying 26 simple letter codes. Kerri Hopkins; Clinical

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PRLog - Global Press Release Distribution

Researcher & International consultant explains how to profile our strengths & weaknesses by dissecting and analyzing a name. learn defining traits about yourself, your friends, relatives, boss, co-workers, significant other & even your future kids. More at ALSO ON TONIGHTS SHOW : SEGMENT 5 Brad Olsen - Future Esoteric SEGMENT 6 DR GREGORY JANTZ - When Your Teenager Becomes... the Stranger in Your House SEGMENT 7 DR RICHARD ALAN MILLER - ESP Induction Through Self-Hypnosis SEGMENT 8 KAREN FORREST - Angel Lady Topics and subjects of The 'X' Zone Radio/TV Show include: the occult, remote viewing, hauntings, shadow people, precognition, reincarnation, forbidden knowledge, conspiracy theories, UFOs, UFO crashes, alien abduction, psychic phenomena, near-death experience, angels, exorcism, end-time prophecies, shamanism, herbalism, mind over matter, psychic surgery, crystals, Atlantis, Kirlian photography, lost tribes and civilizations, 666: the Number of the Beast, 11:11 in numerology, fairies, PSI, ESP, astrology, Chinese astrology, sacred geometry, palmistry, time travel, cosmology, the Apocalypse, Nostradamus, dreams and dream interpretation, Tarot cards, Ouija boards, life after death, the Dead Sea scrolls, Wicca, the Michigan Triangle, the Bermuda Triangle, vile vortices, séances, spiritualists, the Dalai Lama, Raelians, paranormal hoaxes and frauds, zombies, past life regression, Electronic Voice Phenomena, crop circles, cryptozoology and science fiction literature, among many other paranormal and parapsychology subject matter. For more information on becoming a broadcast affiliate or general questions or comments, please send an email to or call Toll Free - (800) 610-7035 Ext 0. --- End --Email Phone City/Town State/Province Country Industry Tags Link Click to contact author 1-800-610-7035 Hamilton Ontario Canada Education, Media paranormal, parapsychology, rel-mar, rob, mcconnell Scan this QR Code with your SmartPhone to* Read this news online * Contact author * Bookmark or share online

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