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TOPIC : TO ASK FOR DIRECTIONS Circle the best answer.
1. A. I can’t tell you where it is. B. Go along this road and turn left. C. Why didn’t you buy a new map? D. You should have planned your journey.

A. Do you want to come along? B. I am going to the supermarket. C. My friends will be here soon.

D. Soon Keat is in the house.

3. A. Yes, it is, Sir. B. How will I know? C. What do you think? D. Read the signboard.

A. Why must I tell you? B. Why do I need to stop? C. I’m sorry, Sir. I was in a hurry. D. I didn’t see you there just now.

5. A. Please drive me to the nearest police station. B. I just want to rest in here for a while. C. Wherever you want to take me. D. I’ve only RM12.

6. A. Should I turn right or left? B. It is behind the primary school. C. You walk north towards the river. D. Can you tell me the direction to the bank?

7. A. Yes, it is my pleasure. B. Where do you want to go? C. It is about 2 kilometres away. D. Go along Jalan Alor and then turn right.

8. A. Excuse me, where is the bank? B. Where are you going? C. Sorry, wrong direction. D. Thank you.


A. How long is the journey? B. Could you take me there? C. How far is the PWTC from here? D. Could you tell me the way to PWTC?

10. A. You’re standing in front of it. B. You shouldn’t ask me that. C. Oh, it’s just over there. D. Well, it’s right here.

1. A. No, I’m not! B. Yes, I know. C. You shouldn’t be angry. D. I’m sorry, Miss Tan. I missed the bus.

2. A. I’m sorry. B. Are you hurt? C. Where did I hurt you? D. Next time, be more careful.


3. A. Yes, I know. B. It wasn’t my fault. C. I’ll try again tomorrow. D. I’m sorry. I’ll do it when I get home.

4. A. You’ll thief! B. Oh, it’s all right. C. Did you take my mobile phone? D. I never thought it was you.

5. A. I don’t know. B. It was a great test! C. I think I didn’t do too well, Mom. D. I am too tired to talk about this, Mom.

6 A. I need a kilo of sugar. B. I would like to buy this shop. C. How much is a kilo of sugar? D. I would like to pay for a kilo of sugar.


7. A. I’ve done all my work, Sir. B. Joshua is absent today, Sir. C. I’m sorry, Sir, for not doing my work well. D. Sir, it’s not my fault

8. A. You should not fool your grandmother. B. You should not dirty your room. C. What have you done? D. Who did it?

9. A. Please be quiet. B. Can you talk politely? C. Please revise your lessons. D. You are making too much noise.


A. Sure. I’ll be there at 1.00 p.m. B. Sorry, I missed the bus. C. How do I know? D. It is still early.


TOPIC : TO MAKE SUGGESTIONS Choose the best answer.
1. Liza Mother : I have a bad cold. : ___________________________________________

A. It’s a pity. B. You look pale. C. Let’s go to the clinic. D. Where did you put your medicine? 2. Jason Salesgirl : Which of these shirts fit me? : ____________________________________________

A. Can you choose another one? B. Wow! That shirt is beautiful. C. I think the blue shirt fits you. D. These shirts are expensive. 3. Father Brother : Where should we go for the holidays? : _____________________________________________

A. That’s a wonderful idea. B. Hooray! Happy Holidays. C. Let’s take along the grandparents. D. Sunway Lagoon Resort should be fun. 4. Ziela Suri : How do I cook these promfrets? : ___________________________________________

A. Just put them in the sink. B. You can either steam or grill them. C. They are delicious. D. Do you need any help?


5. Aidil Danial

: It’s quite windy today. : _____________________________________________

A. It’ll rain very soon. B. I don’t like the wind. C. Would you like to fly the kites? D. It’s good for playing badminton. 6. Aini Rita : ______________________________________________ : Oh, I’m afraid I can’t join you.

A. Let’s go jogging in the park this weekend? B. Do you like jogging? C. Jogging is good for your health. D. Don’t follow me! 7. Customer : I’m going out. What should I do with the room key? Waiter : __________________________________________________ A. Have a nice day, Sir. B. When will you be back? C. Do you need the key when you go out? D. Please leave it at the reception. 8. Son Father : My examination is just around the corner. : _________________________________________________

A. I’m pleased to hear that. B. Don’t worry. Just do your best. C. Have you done your homework? D. Well done. 9. Kumar Rajan : It’s raining heavily outside. : ________________________________________________

A. It’s alright. Let’s play chess and scrabbles. B. Take off your raincoat. C. It’s a rainy day. D. I’m getting wet.

10. Aunt Susie

: There is a new restaurant opened in town. : _______________________________________________

A. I am not hungry. B. Where are we going for dinner? C. We should have our dinner there. D. The restaurant is big and clean.



Circle the best response.
1. Father, I’ve won the first prize in the story telling competition. A. When do you enter the competition? B. Well done, son. C. I’m so happy. D. I hope so.

2. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad. A. Thank you, dear. B. You’re welcome. C. We love to hear it. D. Please, don’t mention it. 3. Hooray! We’ve beaten the Yellow Team.

A. I don’t believe you B. Let’s celebrate it. C. It’s great! D. Be careful next time.


4. Mom, I’ve completed all the homework. A. Don’t cheat me. B. You’ve tried so hard. C. Keep up the good work. D. Please don’t let me down.

5. I won RM 1000 in the singing competition. A. Wow! B. Congratulations! C. When are you going to spend it? D. I hope you will keep the money safely.


A. Good, you’re a man now. B. Congratulations! I’m proud of you. C. Wow! I can’t believe my eyes. D. You’ll get better next time.


A. I am not happy. B. Thank you, Sir. C. I studied very hard, Sir. D. My parents will be happy, too.


8. A. Congratulations! B. You’re a good boy. C. Try harder next time. D. Please look after it carefully.

9. A. Put them in the sink. B. You are a good cook. C. Wow! That’s a good catch. D. How many did you catch?

10. 0 A. You’re a failure. B. That’s my second goal. C. Congratulations! You did well. D. Great! The referee disallowed it.


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