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telematica radiocomunicazioni


ATET is an ideal partner to plan, engineer and implement the best solutions in the radio transport networks field using microwave radio technologies. ATET uses the best technologies available on the market to propose “turn key" solutions at a national level to enable: • Flexible implementation. • Technical and management know-how. • Solutions suitable for customer requirements. Knowledge of transmission techniques and the system let ATET offer the right mix of experience and flexibility to give added value to the overall range proposed by ATET for both access networks and transport networks.

ATET uses Aviat Networks technological solutions, the leading manufacturer in the world of microwave radio. The platform Eclipse is only platform on the market that enables all the following architectures: • PDH, Super PDH, SDH, Ethernet full IP end to end and GegE transport • Node Capability up to 6 directions • AMD integration • Transport up to 1,2 GB/s with dual polarized antennas • Capacity up-grade with only software licences.

The “Eclipse” platform, in addition to offering the best performance on the market, is also the lightest in terms of hardware. The comparison in the figure is based on a 6 direction link.

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generally used in a complex network node (Add-drop multiplexer (ADM). 16 E1 & 40 MB/s IP • INUpn from 380 MB/s.l. which is fully compatible with all the web browsers on the market such as Internet Explorer or Netscape. 23. Terminal Multiplexers etc. 32. The sophisticated Management Software “PROVISION” guarantees an advanced system of diagnostics. This means advantageous installation. 26.r. in a single component. 10. U6. fewer integration costs and easy maintenance and upgrading. configuration and analysis of all the SDH and/or PDH radio network devices and enables the configuration and analysis of all the radio network devices. (see specific section) ATE TS . +39 011 568 32 00 Fax +39 011 59 04 93 00165 Roma ITALY Via Aurelia.). 10129 Torino ITALY Via G. 8. standard PDH to implement access networks and native Ethernet full IP flows. 13. in particular.atet. 42 Tel. With one component (IDU+ODU) you can create an intelligent network node that implements complex multiplexing. The Eclipse platform is composed of three product lines: • IDU-GE3 from 50MB/s up to 380 MB/s • INU with 28 MHZ up to 230MB/s with 1 STM-1. 480 Tel. Preferred Partner Technical data for solutions at the address: www. Digital Cross Connect. 11. 28. +39 06 66 01 77 68 Fax +39 06 66 01 75 08 www. permutations and routing of traffic functions without requiring additional equipment. 38 Ghz The Eclipse platform is particularly competitive in capacity upgrades compared to common SDH . 15. 7. can simultaneously manage and process multiple information flows in licensed and unlicensed bands.2 GB/s & Synchronization 1588v2 • ODUsp+ from 50 MB/s up to 100 Mb/s • ODUhp from 50 MB/s up to 380 Mb/s It supports all frequency bands regulated to L6.atet. Da Verrazzano. with dual polarized XPIC antennas up to 1.Microwave radio for backhaul Aviat Networks systems. they can operate on standard SDH to create backbone networks. It is based on a Web Server integrated in the devices.