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Janis Hanson, jhanson@uwlax.


2013 Summer Blended Learning Institute

Language-learning Workouts August 23, 2013 9:15 – 11:15 a.m.; 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. 3305 Centennial, University of Wisconsin – La Crosse Link to the handout from . 1. The cost of foreign language study  Rosetta Stone (5 levels) >$300  Tell Me More (10 levels) >$600 Review of Tell Me More (Janis’s blog)  UW-L (one course) >$1000, to audit (for students under 60) >$300  Spanish Institute of Puebla (3-week intensive program w/ room & board) >$1500 + airfare to Mexico Tips for health and wellness…and for foreign language fitness  Efficiency  Pleasure  Variety  Commitment


3. Crowdsourced language-learning programs  Duolingo Ted Talk, Louis von Ahn: Massive-scale online collaboration, roots of Duolingo  LiveMocha Duolingo & LiveMocha reviews (Janis’s blog)  Memrise o Using “mems” (i.e, “morsels of interesting…information you see beneath each word”) to help users memorize basic foreign language vocabulary o Variety of prompts for review of selected vocabulary o Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese 4. Five-finger test: Choosing what to read (Janis’s blog) 5. Point-and-click dictionaries  Kindle Spanish to English dictionary (Janis’s blog)  (Spanish, English, French, Hebrew, Arabic) o Defines and collects words you tap on in target-language websites o Provides practice quizzes with the words you collect o Recommends websites based on your reading level and interests  for websites, and PDF & doc files, 10 languages Lingro description (Janis’s blog) 6. Vocabulary Self-collection Strategy: Adaptation for intermediate/advanced language learners (Janis’s blog) 7. Language Exchange Websites  Links to tips for using language exchange websites (Janis’s blog)  The Mixxer (one of many sites to meet people for Skype language exchanges)  Nos Sostenemos – Janis’s experiment using Google Docs for help from native speakers

University of Northern Iowa 14. video with power points for key ideas. Best TESOL/ESL/TESL/TOEFL Resources: Your One-Stop Shopping for Great Ideas and Help An overwhelmingly huge list of resources from Jim Becker. English.  Podcast reviews: English language learners (Janis’s blog) British Broadcasting Company. Korean. Portuguese.Chistes en español que lo pasan A description of the collection in English (Janis’s blog) 12. Voice of America. Jean Hindson. Open Culture: The best free cultural & educational media on the web A collection of links for learning 46 languages online for free 15. More Spanish online  There’s a lot to love. and Spanish  Ted Talks Audio. and transcripts with translations Soap operas and series (subtitles optional) in Chinese. Podcasts for intermediate & advanced learners  How to download free native-spoken podcasts & MP3s (Benny’s blog: Fluent in 3 Months) Hint: Change your iTunes profile to identify yourself as someone from a target-language country. Exploring and collecting with Pinterest and Tumblr Janis’s Pinterest collection: el Test de Bechdel -. author of The First 20 Hours: How to Learn Anything…Fast! o Kaufman’s Ted Talk o Connecting Kaufman’s ideas to do-it-yourself language learning (Janis’s blog) Special thanks to Jenny Brunk.8. Japanese. Do-it-yourself Learning Gurus  Lifehacker (the search bar is in the upper right corner.  Spanish Playground – resources for teaching children Spanish Review of Spanish Playground (Janis’s blog)  Agencia EFE and Instituto Cervantes: Práctica Español News & cultural topics for three levels  Trivia Tests in Spanish at Review of Frikitest (Janis’s blog)  Jumbled Sentences in Spanish at Arquilabra Review of Arquilabra (Janis’s blog) 13. English. and the UW-L School of Education for their generous help with this project.S. Professor Emeritus. . Grammar Practice  Links for English grammar exercises (Janis’s blog)  Links for Spanish grammar exercises (Janis’s blog) 9. French & Spanish (Janis’s blog)  Drama Fever (dramafever.) Public Radio  Podcast reviews: Spanish language learners (Janis’s blog) o Rojas Spanish Language o Notes in Spanish (Janis’s pick for advanced learners) o Show Time Spanish (especially good for intermediate learners) 10. Video  Links to video-clip exercises for self-study: Dutch. somewhat hidden)  Josh Kaufman. Reggie Mora. (U. Fernanda González.