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Kanook Sept 21st, 2013 I really don’t care how you color the vote by the House to rip

$40 billion from the SNAP program or to defund the nations healthcare law, in my books is only a rampage against the Black Man elected by the majority – plain and simple. It is more than criminal its traitorous and should be looked at as such. The conservatives have more than crossed the line stating that it is against the Constitution to look after the citizens of the land, they strut their stuff in claiming they are saving the nations money pot, while their sugar daddy’s and members of the TeaBonics crowd sing and heaps platitudes of praise upon them. Oh yes, while stuffing their pockets. This party of the 1% march in parades, manufactured tears streaming down their wine flushed faces glorifying the men and women of our military, and within the halls of Congress rip from these very same a program that assists in feeding their families. They threaten to rip the money away from Social Security and Medicare and their vote to defund the healthcare law really demonstrates their true colors, “they don’t give a rip about America’s citizens”, only their well stuffed bank accounts in the Cayman islands, which in my opinion shows their belief in the banksters we’ve all learned to love and respect – I chuckle! You know that fearless Hollywood cowboy that killed savages on the screen, well now he is held in high-esteem with an almost demi-god status by the Tea Party, they scream of illegal immigrants while their hero road across the screen killing the original inhabitants of America. How times have changed… How does one write fiction, in my case I begin with semi-plot with no clear outline where letting the story unfold to be very surprised at its outcome! Then with a beginning cast my imagination assigns various personalities to each character – then I sit back and

watch the scenes unfold put together by the cast – in a sense I’m more of a stenographer writing down the actions of the characters – each character takes on a life of its own – writing in the 1st person – the primary character notes the action he or she witnesses – as they sometimes stumble through the scenes. When the story falters it is usually because the scenes began to drag – so instead of continue to write I stop – otherwise the story wanders and looses even my interest – some call this a “writers block” I look at it as if the characters went home for dinner or a vacation. Why do I write fiction, simple the truth running about today can be compared to the scary movies on late-night-TV, and as it is should, scare the be-Jesus out of you. The primary character of not-so-long-ago in some so-so “B” movies, Uncle Ronnie as President gave amnesty to 3-million undocumented immigrants, mostly because a whole slew of them were picking cabbage for 3 cents a wooden box, whereas when he put his “John Henry” on the bill he made anyone who had entered the land his ilk stole from its original inhabitants, before 1982, “good guys”. As most bills that float around in our Congress it was originally peddled as a way to “crackdown” on those employers who hired and exploited “undocumented” immigrants, a part that was “removed” before its final passage. Like any “bill” or an announcement of such a “bill” it was a grand distraction to shift the nation’s focus of what was really happening – Uncle Ronnie did his best to drag the population into one “huge” hole of debt – yea Bonzo’s dad! A good portion of the citizens of the United States of America are existing in a semistate of survival with an imaginary sense of security, whereas between two massive bodies of water (they believe) protects them from the ills of the world. A wall that received a few chunks of it pulled apart because of the shenanigans of GWB and his bandito’s on 9-11. In addition to the Pacific and the Atlantic American’s have a semifriendly neighbor to the north, while to the south there remains a land that has been torn apart by violent killings (99% because of America’s love for drugs, and some weapons supplied by a program began under GWB’s watch and continued on BHO’s), because of this land of violence we find that a good majority of American’s cling to their guns like a 6-month-old child to their pacifier – with some praying that the land-of-the-free will construct a 200-foot wall with machine gun emplacements every 15-feet, to keep these relatives of Pancho Villa at-bay. And that “friendly neighbor” to the north, now they

want to pipe caustic chemicals across out nations largest underground water supply which waters the nations bread belt, and the conservatives just love the idea, naturally their campaign cash box stuffed with Big Oil “little” contributions. Most wrapped in their “security blanket” shrug off any implication that our government could have been involved in any actions that was/is tearing the land of the free asunder – some today point to the fact that the majority at the voting booth re-elected a Black Man for his 2nd term as the primary reason America has become the butt of most bar room jokes across the planet. They blame him for our massive debt, they blame him for our unemployment, they blame him for legalizing POT, while their conservative leaders strip the food from the poor, while tripping daily to the sugar-daddy’s on the midway for their reward of obeying their orders based on greed. It wouldn’t be fair to say that “all” Americans bask in this false sense of security, just as it is not fair to state “all” live in a prescribed zone-of-opulence – not hardly. All have been effected by the 9-11 event, and the two subsequent credit-card wars, and more importantly the gambling of America’s wealth by the greedy criminals of Wall Street, and their subsequent bailout by the Taxpayers, whose value as productive citizens has been driven to the basement because of these select few. And albeit the public elected the Black Man to “fix” these problems, the opposition lost their election, and are doing everything possible to make his two terms a constant battle to achieve the change he promised. Some of those who happened to read my opinions, point their holy-than-thou fingers at his campaign promises and scream with blind fury that he is to stop pointing at the past and get on with “fixing” the problems. They’re to the point of being religious when it comes to this, fanatical if you want to apply a label. They “flash” meme’s here and there showing the price of the fuel to propel their favorite chariots, and how the price of their daily intake of food has gone through the roof – they say that the prices were much lower during GWB’s watch – and scream to high heaven when you remind them that GWB was more than instrumental in the creation of wealth on Wall Street, and with the Arm’s Manufactures, don’t even mention the fact that the Oil Companies actually were the one’s that causes 4,500 of America’s finest to loose their lives along with 47,000 wounded in a War designed to control more oil, or that fact that in one country alone over 1,000,000 of its citizens lost their lives because of that goal.

Sitting at home we watch as our country is being slammed by some pretty big acts of nature, if we’re lucky it’s happening miles from our location, if not the leaders of the region rush like ducks to water for Federal help – never-you-mind that when some place else was blown apart by nature the very same voted against the Fed’s assisting in helping. Each and every leader feels like the Federal community pot is theirs and theirs alone, they’re goofy that way. With all the citizens of all 50-states contributing to this community pot it remains a mystery to me how these “wingnuts” deserve to be the only political force to dictate its distribution, yet they and their followers, from their bullypulpits, with spittle dripping from the sides of their grim lips, say it is so. They call on the words of their god, “money”, to slam the doors of humanity on those in need, and they stomp their feet and shed buckets of FAUX tears, if you give a homeless person even a brief hello when you stroll pass them on the street, or drop a nickel or two in their hat. Alright I admit that the progressives have their share of queens and kings, whereas lately they are working on a bill to make some more qualified than others when it comes to the 1st Amendment, a bill that would blow a big chunk out of its true meaning, an attempt to disqualify or put limits on the “freedom of the press.” Yet this foray into one of our freedoms doesn’t hold a candle to the push from the conservatives to eliminate the vote from the disadvantaged or minorities, they were successful – the Supreme Court, our nations guardian of our Constitution voted in favor of doing just that – satisfying the Conservatives to no end – seems they feel it will be the only way to regain the Executive Branch. One wonders if in truth our great land is buried as deep as it seems in a hole of selfdestruction – or are we being jerked around “once” more like we were in the biggest scam ever pushed in our laps by the “false-flag” operation concerning 9-11. Come on folks even with no formal training in Physics, a quick glance at the rules of the elements, you’ll see that burning jet-fuel cannot and did not melt steel. Really! Suck it up people, GWB and his gangsters could not and did not compose the Patriot Act “after” 9-11, it was ready months before – and we bought it…sad! I will agree that Obama has not done a stella job in deflecting the stonewalling from the conservatives, and early in his term made some goofy decisions in creating his

cabinet, and as for transparency his staff, well his promise of a “transparent government” in my book gets around 35%, well below failing – in fact as time goes forward he’s actually developed an extreme dislike of the Internet – wonder why? What I think is the important part of this “rant” is that come-on folks what is going on today is not a “B” movie, and when the lights go up and you look around you’ll notice that your way of life will not only change for the better but will have sunk a little more into the pit of despair – get a grip America, where you might run from any discussion or debate on the state of our political system, you will find you can’t ignore it. Some of you (99%) wonder why I dwell on the negative aspect of our politicians, if you happen to know anything positive they’ve done – feel free and plaster it all over the net, while you’re at it – spin a positive tale on how you have benefited from the truck load of cash with no-strings-attached you (Taxpayer) turned over to Wall Street – your country is slipping further and further into the hands of the greedy and shameless – and you don’t care. Good for you! This is not FICTION folks, it just as well might be the making of our future History books, where will you fit – oh yes, the “Silent Majority”, got it. A few names to remember: Monsanto, BP, Citigroup, Chevron, Koch Brothers, George W Bush, Tony Blair, Donald ‘Duck’ Rumsfeld, Dick (shoot your buddy in the face) Cheney, Condi Rice, and the list goes on, oh yes and all the sitting leaders along the Potomac – they are and have broken the system of survival in the USA – along with those TEABONIC wingnuts who are blindly following a double-trailer full of BS from FAUX news and their gang of racist talking heads – along with a few other highlights from selected media outlets. Do we have a choice? Do we have a voice? Do we care? We all know that letting “George” do it was a massive failure, and unless you raise your concerns, “Barack” will march in the same parade as “George”, while the rest of us “mark time.” Enjoy your weekend!