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Hi, New season is approaching and therefore I would like to share with you some changes in SFL for upcoming

months. If you have any comments, please get in touch before 5th September. Later complains might not be considered.

I’ll start with the most wanted information about dates and cost of the registration/hall fees. For easier memorising, the tournament days are- every last Sunday* in the month. The only difference will be the location. Here is the list of the dates and venues. 29.9. Glenrothes 27.10. Glenrothes 24.11. Edinburgh & Aberdeen* No games scheduled for December. Referee course 26.1. Glenrothes 23.2. Glenrothes 30.3. Glenrothes 13. or 27.4.** Hexam & Edinburgh 25.5. Cup game? This will be confirmed throughout the season
(*Aberdeen venue might be scheduled for Saturday due to better availability on this day and still waiting for confirmation) (**UK Nationals are being currently scheduled either for 1st or 2nd weekend in May. Once the decision is made we will then decide for when we will schedule this tournament.)

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SFL changes for 2013-14 season Document for teams

And as per the cost we will have some increase but as I’ll show you lower down in my letter where we planning to spend your money and what outcome this will bring. Player membership [PM] fee for 2013-14

Year Adult Student Under18 30 15 10

Half-Year* 15 10 5

Day 10 5 5

Non Playing N/A N/A N/A

*Half year membership will start automatically after 31st January. Earlier purchase is not available.

Team membership [TM] fee for 2013-14


Hall payment [HP] fee for 2013-14


The most significant increase is in [TM]. This is due to SFL joining fees to UKFF and IFF. UKFF currently charge £120 registration fee per team so we are still slightly better off. The [PM] is up by 30% for adult and 50% for student. Kids are staying the same. This increase will help to organise the referee course here in Scotland, bring professional refs for the tournaments, purchase public liability insurance and to purchase trophy for winning team. NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! To be transparent about the money as much as possible as well be more efficient and raise the bar to match the standards in other floorball developed countries SFL will only accept online payments for Team and Player registration fees. This will be done over Paypal. More details about the process below. NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW!

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SFL changes for 2013-14 season Document for teams

Let’s talk about the money in detail…
Due to numerous complaints from teams about refs last season we decided to invite professional refs from England and Findland to raise the level of the game play. Some people were refusing to take a turn as ref or even blow the whistle due to lack of good knowledge of the rules and verbal abuse from the players. We would like to avoid this issue by getting the professionals on board. Our idea is also based on positive compliments from teams (not only Scottish teams) that went to UK Nationals 2013 and saw the level of the game. We have invited the refs for first two or three tournaments and then we will run a referee course for all the teams to help to train new generation of refs in Scotland. Ref course can’t be done earlier than late November due to unavailability of the person who runs the course. So here are some numbers of the cost projection. Cost of the flights or trains + expenses per two refs £600-750 per weekend. Cost of weekend ref course around £1600. Our aim is to have as much people involved in getting the ref course level 1. This can be only achieved if all teams are cooperating and willing to have the games improved. If each team will send 4 players to the course than we can have as much as 40 refs. However by only participating in the course SFL will not guarantee to achieve the certificate. Each applicant has to complete the written test and will be individually observed by the trainees. They will decide who will get the certificate. So even if only 50% will successfully complete the course we will end up with 20 trained refs who can than train other people for the fraction of the current cost later this year or next year.

IFF has approved UKFF as the official floorball body in the UK earlier of this year. The aim of SFL was to become full member of the UKFF but due to some difficulties, SFL and UKFF agreed to revise this membership in a year time. However, to prepare SFL for joining to UKFF we become Associated Division to UKFF. This gives us some freedom over our finances and some rules but we progressing to fully merge with the UKFF rules and improvements for the following season. The full list of new rules will follow soon. UKFF has issued a flat fee for using their software, payment system, administration cost along with IFF reg. fee. The total bill comes to £500. Next year we won’t have to pay any joining fee, all the admin, IFF, insurance fee will be reflected in team registration fee.

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SFL changes for 2013-14 season Document for teams

Don’t worry it’s easy. Each player will have to go online, fill the form, pay with his Paypal account 5 days before the tournament and that’s it. The system than generate the team sheet for the tournament with all up to date information. What if you don’t have Paypal [PP]? Don’t worry, the [PM] same as the [TM] can be paid in “bulk” by one person (manager, coach etc.) who collects the cash and uses his [PP] account to pay. Just make sure you have included each player’s name, address and mobile number. Using one address and phone number for the whole team is not allowed. The player which has not paid in full will simply not appear on the team sheet. Why do I have to register 5 days before the event? We are all humans who make mistakes from time to time. 5 days are here simply to give us some time to correct any errors before the game day. Why Paypal? How much it cost? Paypal has nearly everybody in these days and from all the financial services available, PP has one of the lowest rates for the non-profit organisation. We will be paying up to 2.9% +20p for each incoming payment.

SFL didn’t have any public liability {PLi} for last couple of years. The public liability basically covers the SFL and the teams from being sued by others. IT IS NOT PERSONAL INJURY INSURANCE {Pii}. Example situation: “During the game a visitor gets injured. He then passes his claim to lawyer and the lawyer will go after everybody involved in this. SFL, Team, Player, Sport Centre.” This insurance is widely used in other sports to protect big loses and to protect the club, league etc… The cost of this insurance for entire SFL is around £320 but we are currently in negotiation with UKFF to be part of their insurance for lower cost. £150-250? PERSONAL INJURY INSURANCE is to protect each player during the game or training. If you get your leg broken or head split in half than you will get some money. However this is significantly higher priced than PLi. The price for very basic one (no broken legs cover) cost around £140 per team. UKFF is reconsidering compulsory Pii for next season. So unless some teams want to get covered SFL will not require having Pii in place only the Public Liability. But if I’m wrong or if you know any insurance company who will do it cheaper, please get in touch.

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SFL changes for 2013-14 season Document for teams


Cash carried from last year: Total planned income from memberships: Total planned payments (insurance and joining fees): TOTAL MONEY LEFT AFTER DEDUCTIONS

£320 £2,625 £1,670*


(*Ref course and Coach course are not included. Detailed financial projection for 13-14 available on request)

Each tournament** will cost: If 10 teams are playing, our income per tournament will be: Surplus will be used to cover part of the bill for prof. refs and courses
(**Hall hire and Van hire for second rink)

£950 £1300 £350

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SFL changes for 2013-14 season Document for teams

1. Players, teams & clubs a. Registration of the teams has to be done by 10th September. All teams will require, prior to their registration, disclose their dress code of their players kit (i.e. Colour of their shorts, jerseys) [Pre-registration form is also attached to this email] b. Registration of Players and Teams has to be done by 24th September. Players reg. must be paid 5 days before their first tournament. c. Players and clubs will have to registered online using Paypal d. Each player has to have a permanent number (no tapes on T-shirt allowed-team has to provide proper kit even for a one day player) on his back all the time during the game. e. All players will use one number across the whole season and it can not be changed! f. Failing to follow this will result in financial penalty of £50 per player towards the club. This outstanding amount will have to be settled before they can play again. g. Each team have to have 2 contact names in registration 2. Fixtures a. The game day is set for last Sunday of the month (excluding December) b. The cost of the tournament will be £130 and will be collected before the beginning of the games on the game day. c. Teams should check the dates and get back to SFL before 5. September if they feel they can’t attend. d. Team that won't turn up without WRITTEN 7 day notice to (Sunday before the tournament) will have to pay £150 fee. This outstanding amount will have to be settled before they can play again. SFL is also accepting rule from UKFF (5:0 lost per game & -3points from the table & not included in nationals) e. Team that is late by more than 10 minutes will start the game with 0:3 down. 3. Rink Set up a. A lot of delay last year was caused by long rink set up. Therefore first two playing teams will dedicate 8 people (4 from each) to help set up the rink. b. Last two teams will help load the rink into the van. c. Four sheets will be printed with instructions how to set up the rink and four measure tapes with duck tapes will be purchased and ready at each tournament. 4. Referee a. Kimmo has organised a professional refs for the games to show how the competition can be changed. b. UKFF promised to help us out (rent some refs for tournaments) c. First 2-3 tournaments (Sep, Oct maybe Nov) with professionals and after that certificated refs. d. SFL will organise Ref course, if 4 and more people from a team will attend than SFL will reduce their charge up to 75% per person. If lest than 4 people will attend than the players have to pay a full price. e. Refs award scheme (£10 per 3 games, or similar, for qualified ref) To be reviewed after the refs course.
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Coach course can be organised in January or February but depends on interest from teams. If not enough people than it won’t be organised in Scotland.

5. Memberships a. b. c. d. e. Players can choose from year, half year or day membership Membership can be paid in bulk by one person but with correctly filled reg. form Membership needs to be paid at least 5 days before the tournament Team reg. goes from £50 to £100 Hall payment goes from £120 to £130

6. Insurance a. Quotation £320 per year for public liability insurance b. Insurance quotation per team is here: UNDER 19 link Senior Link c. Interested teams for team insurance please get in touch with Ondrej

8. WEBsite a. We change the domain from to to better reflect our nature and location Stepan will create emails: (emails will go live after we have all your contact information from
pre-registration forms)

b. (for general registration purposes) (direct contact-Ondrej won’t be using gmail for official communication) (redirecting email to everybody in committee) (for website contact form or it can be info@...) (redirecting as the committee email to all teams. Two contacts per team. c. d. e. If more email addresses are required please contact Stepan Teams will provide their team photo (or it will be taken at the beginning of the first game day). Team photo can be sent to Stepan. Re-do of the website with UKFF connection TBC

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SFL changes for 2013-14 season Document for teams

10. Money transparency a. Financial live reports - every second month we summarise what we have spent and how much we have left. This will be distributed to

11. Under 18

a. Who is ready to train kids this season? b. Do you have the coach qualification? Contact Ondrej with this matter please.

12. Van hire and fuel

a. Fuel consumption will be based on governance set price found on if receipt is not provided. b. Van hire will be reimbursed after providing a copy of an invoice. Cheque will be send asap. c. All originals of the receipts have to be stored until the end of the season. d. Please send only a copy of the invoice or receipt, NO ORIGINALS.

Thanks for your attention.

Ondrej Muskat
Chairman of the Scottish Floorball Federation W: E: M: 07727211390

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SFL changes for 2013-14 season Document for teams