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Postgraduate & Mid-Career Development Unit

Faculty of Management & Finance
University of Colombo

Title of the Programme: Master of Business Administration 2011-2013 weekday Semester: Semester II First-Half Title of the Course: MBA 538 – Operations Management Lecturer: Dr. S. T. W. S. Yapa / Mr. Mohamed Naeem Contact Hours: 30 Hours (3 hrs x 10 Lectures) Course Objectives:

Traditionally, operations management has been defined as a transformation process. Inputs (such as material, machines, labour, management, and capital) are transformed into outputs (goods and services). In operations management, we try to ensure that the transformation process is performed efficiently and that the output is of greater value than the sum of the inputs. This course involves the study of concepts relating to the operations function in both manufacturing and service organizations. The objective of this course unit is to provide students with an understanding of the basic concepts of Operations Management. More specifically, the student should understand the important role played by the Production/Operations function in a business and its relation to the other functional areas, and the student should be able to analyze a range of Operations decision situations and apply the appropriate decisionmaking techniques.
Teaching Approach: The course will be taught through lectures, case studies, class-room assignments and home work. Students are strongly encouraged to attend every class. Since a large portion of

the learning in this class will come from in-class discussion of readings and cases, a missed class is a missed opportunity. Students are requested to participate in class room discussions and share their experiences with fellow students.


MRP II • ERP Lecture notes and other recommended readings Lecture notes and Chapter15 of Chase Lecture notes and other recommended readings MN MN Individual Assignment II submission 26/06/2012 MN 2 . Technical notes 5 and 10 from Chase Lecture notes.Content of the Course: Session Topic • Introduction to Operations Management • Operations Strategy and Competitiveness • Evolution of Operations Management • Managing for Quality • Total Quality Management • Facility Layout& Location Selection • Demand Mgt. Chapter 12 of Chase Handout #A4 Case Study – New Product Development – Toyota Prius Car Handout #A5 SY 2 30/04/12 02/05/12 3 07/05/12 08/05/12 4 14/05/12 15/05/12 5 21/05/12 22/05/12 6 28/05/12 29/05/12 7 05/06/12 06/06/12 8 11/06/12 12/06/12 9 18/06/12 19/06/12 10 25/06/12 26/06/12 SY MN MN • Designing Products.) • Just – in – Time and Lean manufacturing • Supply Chain Management SY Handout #A6 Individual Assignment I submission 06/06/2012 SY • MRP. Services and Process SY • Work Study • Job Design • Inventory Management (Contd. Aggregate Planning Learning materials Handout #A1 Due dates Lecturer for project and presentation 1 23/04/12 24/04/12 Handout #A2 Self-Study Handout #A3 Case Study – Quality Management Lecture notes.

team work skills. No assignment submitted after this late submission period should be accepted by the lecturer for marking. If any student requires more than five working days to submit the assignment for a reason acceptable to the Faculty he or she should make that request well in advance.Evaluation: End-of-Semester Examination Individual Assignment I Individual Assignment II 50% 25% 25% End-of-Semester Examination: 3.Hour Essay type closed book examination. It is expected to develop students’ data collection skills. and writing skills through this project Individual Assignment II This assignment is given to understand and apply the theoretical knowledge gathered through the course to analyse and resolve problems. Late submission policy: Students are permitted to submit their assignments maximum up to five (05) working days after the due date with the penalty of reduced marks. The students are to identify an operations management problem related to in an organization (manufacturing or service) and provide with a solution for the identified problem based on the theory learned. From the Programme Coordinator 3 . Answer any 5 questions out of six questions Continuous Assessment: Individual Assignment I The objective of this project is to apply the knowledge gathered through the course to a practical situation. analysis skills. Penalty of late submission may be one (01) mark for each working day with the maximum of five (05) marks. The assignment would include questions to analyse and provide suggestion to specific situations in Operations Management.

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