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Rose Energy Project: Architectural Design and Access Statement

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Section 1 – Introduction Purpose of this Statement Section 2 – Site Physical Context Section 3 – Evaluation Constraints Opportunities Section 5 - Design Design Considerations Use Size Layout Scale Landscaping Appearance Elevational Treatment Building Form Materials Schedule Section 6 – Access Vehicular Access Cycle Parking Access for Emergency Services Inclusive Access, External Inclusive Access, Internal 4 5 Section 7 – Environmental Considerations Introduction Building Fabric Water Conservation and Recycling Sustainable Drainage Systems Recycled / Low Impact Materials 15 16 17 17 18

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Rose Energy Project: Architectural Design and Access Statement 01 Introduction Purpose of this Statement 1.3 1. landscaping and appearance. This statement should be read in conjunction with the following architectural drawings. Section 5 – Access – Identifies vehicular and pedestrian access in and around the site Section 6 – Environmental Considerations – Clarifies the commitment to best practice in relation to sustainable development 1. layout and scale of the buildings. The architectural design statement is prepared in support of a full planning application to develop a biomass fuelled power plant. read and use them’ (CABE. The document achieves this within the following sections: Section 1 – Introduction – Outlines the purpose of the statement.4 4 RPS . size. 15562/A0/0102 15562/A1/0103 15562/A1/0104 15562/A0/0110 15562/A0/0111 11562/A0/0113 15562/A2/0115 15562/A2/0116 15562/A2/0118 Site layout and Contextual Section Planning Application Boundary Site Location North and East Elevation South and West Elevation Main Facility Plan Main Office Layout and Elevations Weighbridge Layout and Elevations Cooling Tower Layout and Elevations The purpose of the statement is to address the issues of design and access in and around the site.1 This statement has been prepared by RPS Burks Green on behalf of Rose Energy Reference has been made to the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment’s (CABE) guidance on ‘Design and Access Statements: How to write.2 1.5 1. 2006). Section 2 – Site – Considers the site and its surroundings Section 3 – Evaluation – Identifies the site constraints and opportunities Section 4 – Design – Outlines the design considerations including use. Other consultants’ drawings may be cross-referenced where appropriate.