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Veronica Tkachenko, Russia
SA Editor: Virendra Battu, India

Tkachenko — is a known astrologer, the Member of Russian Journalist Union, a participant in International Congresses, the author of many articles and four books. She holds a Diploma from the Academy of Astrology and works in European tradition. Veronica Tkachenko is the founder of Fashion Astrology and has international priority in this area. Her successful fashion forecasts have helped many designers and Fashion houses. For consultations contact at or visit website:

n order to predict the fashion trends, the trend-bureau uses a staff of specialists in various fields. But we, in Fashion Astrology, have our own clear criteria by which we can predict accurate fashion trends for the next few years, and also for long term.

Astrological forecast fashion designers




hat will 2012 bring for designers? Until March 2012 the planets do not promise birth of completely new, viable ideas. Many designers continue to look for inspiration in retro fashion. So I hasten to reassure our fashion creators: if in 2011 you did not create successful collections, do not despair, the best is yet to come. Jupiter, the planet of the «great happiness» will be in Gemini in June 2012 and will mark a new stage in the work of designers who were born under air signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

For John Galliano (28. Consequently. but neatly». indigo and orange. young in body and soul. which. This tendency is reflected in the new collection by Julia Dalakian for ModaMo.1942) brand. the designer can create «rarely. This effect is of Uranus and Saturn opposition on the horizontal axis of the Zodiac (Aries-Libra). will be in demand by consumers. In this scenario. The need for intense color combinations. DKNY collections. All the interesting details of the product exhibited retrogression of trends (as in outerwear and underwear). Clothing Look at new 2012-2013 fashion trends using examples of new collections. However.04.11. Neptune will remain in Pisces until 2025. New (or well-forgotten old) maxi length was designated by Neptune.08. which entered Pisces in 2011. discordant visual perception increases: red and grass-green. Fashion of the next year bright line of Aries epoch: optimism. Betsey Johnson (10. the degree of openness in this case does not correlate with long skirts. Trends of 60s are still cited by many designers. brightness and transparency will be presented. But he was lucky at birth: Uranus trine to Saturn in his horoscope is an indicator of the longevity of his fashion inventions. Now the trend is losing its relevance. Quite practical suggestions present now in Zac Posen. . will be in demand by many people. which differs with calling courage and irony. but more adaptations appear later. however. fuchsia and brown. In 2012 Stella McCartney is likely to propose complicated constructive solutions.1960) the coming 2012 year will be less smooth. the lifetime of maxi length will be no more than 1-2 years. In mid-2011 there is a «mirror» trend (reversal design for 180 degrees). even though there has been some delay in response to consumer demand.Marc Jacobs (09. This sign represents the feet in human body. Now he no longer will go away with his ethical violations. Does it mean that we will wear maxi during all of 14 years? Certainly not! Observation tells us that a planet’s entry into a sign gives birth to sharp trends in fashion.1963) in 2012 will continue his activities in line with the traditional classics.

bright colors. knitted and leather leggings. as well as fur cuffs from elbow flounces and foot straps on trousers. and bows. shoulder girdle. Alena Akhmadullina (pants with ruffles on the bottom) collections. it does not mean a new flowering of metrosexuals. Uranus in Aries helps to find quite adequate expression of masculinity. . Therefore. socks with fur cuffs. However. complex patterns. Similar offers we find in Moschino. The boundaries of gender differences in clothing will become even less visible. Frill (originally men’s item of clothing). variations in the length of pants.Jupiter in Gemini (the sign of the dual nature of man) is the «zone of generosity» for fashion experiments: in this case. sleeveless design of the bottom. heels will be widely distributed in menswear and shoes. shoe laces and decorative elements illustrate this fashion trend. wrist and ankle area.

In menswear emphasis on the codpiece is done with lacing. Codpiece as holsters was offered by Cristopher Decarnin. In the women’s clothing it is expressed in a shift of the composite center for the area below the waist. waist-belt. cutting through the waist. however then the idea was premature. Knitted fabrics are very good for draperies and playing with . During the next three years popularity of knitted fabrics. and now haute couture in fashion. In 2012-2013 Saturn stays in Scorpio and emphasizes the «zone of sex». rivets and leather finishing seams. Now basque. in a socially acceptable form.A period of the women’s waist triumph comes. Saturn in Scorpio. This trend in casual wear correctly implements by Vera Wang. simulating a belt for stockings. in 2009. sections. This explains the transit situation at the end of 2013: Neptune in Pisces. of course. long pleats at the waist and hips do this task perfectly. but dresses well below the waistline. etc. a former creative director of the Balmain Fashion House. Skirt and dress. Jupiter in Cancer. including outerwear will raise. acquires an additional temptation by wedges. complicated flirtatious tailoring.

unbalanced volumes at the hips and shoulders. webbed. green and crimson colors are often used. textile inserts. Footwear In the key shapes of fashionable footwear there is a clear division on the sock and heel accessories that are connected by straps. Reptile skin prints in blue. . Patterns have gained a new depth and 3dimensional volume.

United Nude offers us such model. Let’s go back 84 years ago (in 1928). I predict not only high heels in women. decorated with lace) and precious stones are used most often. clutch with mount for hands will be (here again subjects of Gemini and the projection of this sign — hand repeat) observed. the ruler of this sign. Accessories In 2012 very relevant gloves with an extended flare. An adaptation to the theme where we do not sew the wings to fashionable shoes. mitts. On October 2012 Saturn moves into Scorpio. but also in men’s shoes during 2012-2013.In shoe making industry. with no firm support under your feet. Also feminine interpretation of army and hiking boots are more noticeable. but now the heel of the shoe seemed to hover above the ground. tending to some excesses in its characteristics. is the God of trade and brokering deals. textile materials (textiles refer to Gemini sign) are frequently used. The shoe design now observes an evolution toward a more feminine silhouette: oval and round capes shoes. Saturn in its transit journey of the Zodiac marks different height heels in shoes. portrayed in the winged sandals. Mercury. according to the cycle of . Uranus in Aries (Aries sign represents the head) over the next 7 years will bring a lot of hairstyles and headdresses. big bows and a wide stable heel. It is a sign of woman’s nature. Luxurious materials (colored satin.

In Fashion Astrology to describe the influence of Pluto.45 — all these things calmly arranged in an unusual fit holster. Pluto is also responsible for the application of new space age technologies. In the period from October 2012 until the end of 2014 we should expect more harmonious patterns. Ritratti lingerie brand already offers such models. credit card. support. With the entry of Saturn in Scorpio experiments with lingerie form and structure do not come to an end. gives them the necessary stiffness. with deep intrigue and sexuality.Uranus. small hats were worn. . combined with a strong theme of eroticism. Mobile phone. crossed elements. we look at sign occupied by the planet and body part signified by the sign itself. slimming. Stressful aspect of Saturn to Pluto is reflected in the design of the waist line. So. keys. new materials with different functions are focused in one garment: flexibility. Pluto in Capricorn enhances any construction of design clothes. lighter. Modern women’s corset is like a spaceship.Colt. We used to think that a woman’s bag is the perfect invention for placing essential items. Men usually prefer to evenly distribute things in various pockets. Lingerie S aturn is the main indicator of lingerie fashion. Removable hood with fur trim also illustrate this trend. in 2011 we celebrate the incredible development of corrective underwear and the emergence of fundamentally new corset models. telling us its seduction story. headphones and possibly a firearm . German designer Dayne Jewell has found an interesting solution to the problem by inventing the holster Y01. cigarettes. The objects of our desire will become models of retro glamour. which emphasizes using laces. Certainly. because the cut and design solutions of underwear defines how outerwear looks. At the time. They remind us of glamorous film stars images of a bygone era. heat and anticellulite effect. wallet with cash. but it does not always look good.

ultimately. the consumer decides everything.But let’s not forget that. I wish you all a successful and fashionable the coming New Year! . On his choice depends whether or not a particular model will become popular.