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Placement Cell
Project Synopsis…
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Any new bugs found will also be corrected and the system will be updated and released. Because we used object-oriented principles.PROJECT SYNOPSIS Project Title:Placement Cell. Duration: 60days My Role:      Analysis of requirements System Design User interface Developing Coding of interface Integration and Testing Objective: Our task was to develop a payroll system that would keep a record of employee data including their pension plan. Most of the bugs that we found and those that the clients and beta users found have been corrected. modifying the system to fix bugs or add a new feature has been relatively easy. The system we developed calculates the employee net pay from the deductions. We have . union membership status. The payslip can be printed out as a receipt. of the employees taking into consideration employee data. and taxes and also to be able to calculate the pay been able to achieve these task.

Requirements: Languages/Tools Used:  VS.2GB (Free Space)  RAM.86 GHz)  Hard Disk.Dual Core (1.NET  SQL Server  C# (sharp) Software:  Installed.Visual Studio 2008 with C# (sharp) setting  SQL Server 2002 Operating system:  Windows xp or higher. Hardware:  Processor.512MB (Minimum) 2GB (recommended) .

showing year-to-date totals  Create and maintain a ledger containing all necessary records of employee payments. and year.  The different tasks and functions are outlined in a very simple and clear manner for the users.  The payroll system gives the employee the ability to keep track of their earnings by printing their payslip for each month.  Calculate gross and net pay. . month. and determine tax deductions to be made.  Print payslips for each month.Overall description: The payroll system can perform the following functions:  Store employee information.  The system does its calculations in a very clear and concise manner.  It gives the employers the ability to keep records of how much they pay out as salaries by creating a ledger that can be used to filter out results by employee.  The payroll system calculates the total earnings of the employee and automatically updates the employee’s earning to date. and reducing paperwork by keeping efficient electronic records.  The employers can set different rates for employees. time saving and efficient way of keeping track of employees earnings by speeding up calculations. All calculations are guaranteed accuracy.  The system provides a better.

com) .Modules Used In This Project: Employee Registration Login Administration login Employee login Creating ledgers Recording deduction Generating payslip Generating Reports Adding designations Exit <name> (abcd@gmail.