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Slow Meta (Teaser) By Jordan Jones

Slow Meta

INT. LOFT. MORNING. FADE IN; Orange light from the windows spills out to illuminate a closet bedroom with bed and the kitchen, full of computer equipment. A front door with windows into digital worlds sits beside the dining island. These are locks. LISA and DAVID are in bed. LISA Guns use magazines, but we read ‘zines. DAVID (Mumbles something.) LISA I was thinking about starting a ’zine. David uncurls and licks her forearm. It’s quite sexual and arouses her. DAVID You can do it. (He pushes head into her stomach then stops.) What do you call them? Professionalmen? That’s brilliant, really. You’ve really got society pinned down. LISA Thanks for the hard on. DAVID Steve could help. LISA Steve isn’t a real professionalman. David’s face contorts in disgust. CUTAWAY: SLOW META CUT-IN: DAVID Professionalman or sov-bomb. Aren’t those your new heroes?




LISA The sov-bombs are the heroes. David, you know I was helping us. (David ignores her.) Or sov-bomb, yes, David. Will you want to come to the grocer with me? DAVID (Mumbles something about how he wasn’t a good candidate for surveillance.) Lisa gives him a chance to respond verbally. LISA You do whatever you want. DAVID Okay. I’ll stay. Have a good time. Lisa exits. LISA (V.O.) I am a sov-bomb! FADE OUT;