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Documents point to ATF raid on 'Lanza gun shop' being a staged media ...

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9/21/2013 12:47 PM

alleged to have “on at least two occasions” sold ammunition to “a person whom he had reason to believe was a felon.m. 2013 Evidence points to a December raid of the Riverview Gun Shop in East Windsor. Tobacco.] It’s fair to ask how The Courant was able to produce such a detailed report practically simultaneously to the events without advance information of the ongoing raid. a resulting warning letter and conference in 2008.. “But tonight.30. a marked deviation from practices relied on by ATF and the Justice Department when they have refused to share information with oversight investigations because ongoing investigations might become compromised. http://www.” -----------If you're a regular Gun Rights Examiner reader and believe it provides news and perspectives you won't find in the mainstream media. Those interested in tracking down a copy should refer to Case Number BNX: 120655 from ATF’s Boston Field Division. this article hit five minutes before that. and actually for longer than that.S.” [See screenshot posted at The War on Guns. they were withheld from LaGuercia until the Aug. as being an event staged more for media fanfare than for public safety. -----------What the Obama administration can’t get through legislation they’re determined to get just by issuing orders.] “You are hereby advised that your Federal Firearms License is revoked effective December 20. Firearms and Explosives. Fitzsimmons on the day of the raid. and further “willful violations” reported to LaGuercia in 2011.. according to the notice of revocation signed by Director of Industry Operations Kenneth E.” it continues. “Now the sale to Lanza was spot on. At issue are a series of noncompliance findings against Riverview dating back to 2007. With the publication in this column on August 29 of such information. Click here to read "Executive Actions. not to mention posing real risks to store employees and any customers who may have been on premises. and had even withheld from that owner evidence of illegal activity on the part of a key employee for months. The notice reveals reports of violation issued in 2007. they had all the evidence they needed at least four months prior to the raid. which by its very nature presumes a threat warranting such a show of force by the state against its citizens.Documents point to ATF raid on 'Lanza gun shop' being a staged media . and telling your like-minded friends about it. although it guaranteed a national media spotlight guaranteed to create the impression that the enforcement agency was responding swiftly and decisively on the case.” pointingto further troubling indicators about the raid. “The licensee business is responsible. 2012. the warrant and notice of revocation authorizing the store’s closure reveal. under the doctrine of respondeat superior for the actions of its employee and therefore these constitute willful violations of the GCA [Gun Control Act of 1968] and constitute additional grounds for revocation of this license. What the notice doesn’t say is why the alleged violations of law by Dibella. at 6. which conducted the raid with local police to close the shop and seize records and contents.” the notice declares. It would appear to be especially relevant as the situation was deemed by professional federal law enforcement to be dangerous enough to send dozens of armed agents and police officers ostensibly into harm’s way. legal documents issued to authorize the raid indicate. with the very specific annotation “3:31 p. informed source tells Gun Rights Examiner “the horrified FFL immediately fired him. The Bureau of Alcohol. but has held onto it pending further corroboration of certain information. or anything.” However.” were not acted upon. further details can now be shared. It’s also fair to ask if information about “ongoing criminal investigations” is only jeopardized when Congress asks for it.” The article the source referred to has been updated. memos or emails about coordinating the raid with the media. Perhaps someone from there will be motivated to find out who at ATF tipped off the reporters. its timing. The warrant itself [again. Gun Rights Examiner has reviewed a copy of the document to validate this information] was signed by United States Magistrate Judge Holly B. Dec.” the source observed. the timing of a detailed news report of the raid suggests the bureau had set the reporters up with a complete story ready to publish before the raid took place. and “delivered” to Riverview/Federal Firearms Licensee David E. please subscribe to this column and help spread the word by sharing links. December 21. which reportedly occurred “during the period from approximately Jan.. had been documenting and communicating with the John Moore/Getty Images store owner about compliance issues for years.” the notice begins. 2012. 2012 hearing referred to in Hoachens’ cover letter. where Sandy Hook Elementary School murderer Adam Lanza’s mother reportedly purchased the Bushmaster rifle used in the massacre.." Report this content 2 of 3 9/21/2013 12:47 PM . Code].com/article/documents-point-to-atf-raid-on-lanza-. Documents point to ATF raid on 'Lanza gun shop' being a staged media event September 3. and the immediate detailed media coverage it received from The Hartford Courant. another warning conference in 2010 resulting from those findings.” That hardly squares with an urgent need to conduct an armed multi-agency raid.examiner.m. 20. EST. Most were for paperwork/form-completion and reporting violations. Conn. ATF showed up at his door with 30 agents and a search warrant. EST..m. and if there were any prior internal discussions. The latest GUNS Magazine "Rights Watch" column is online. Hoachens. David Codrea Gun Rights Examiner The sale of the firearm to Nancy Lanza complied with all applicable laws. [Note: Gun Rights Examiner has been allowed to review these documents. LaGuercia “by personal service” on December 20. “Enclosed please find a Final Notice of Revocation and the Findings of Fact and Conclusion of Law from the hearing held on August 8th and 9th. be sure to visit "The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance. so that was not an issue behind the raid. And for more commentary. Further. 2012..” and who then allegedly also “allowed [him] to handle firearms while he was on the licensee premises in violation of [U. 6:08 p. 2012. “No conflicts. Instead. 2010 to July 2011” and were attributed to an investigation by “ATF law enforcement. a Google search conducted shortly after the story first appeared reveal at least one source linking to the Courant story on the CTNow website from “Thursday. and you can read it before the magazine hits the stands. errors. but one of the most serious findings dealt with Riverview employee Krystopher Dibella.” the source told Gun Rights Examiner on the night of the raid. at which point. further citations in 2009. “Without sounding like a conspiracy theorist. Gun Rights Examiner has been sitting on much of this information since since the evening of the raid. establishing that if ATF believed the findings merited a high-profile raid coordinated with local police that was sure to garner publicity. so it now shows a date of “7:32 p. promoting it on social media like Facebook (David Codrea) and Twitter (@dcodrea).

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