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The self called 'Elite', plan to create the American Union by 2007. This will include all of the nations of North, Central and South America and the Caribbean Islands, and will function just like the present European Union, which was completed in the year 2000. There will be only one monetary system, one central bank, one governing body, one military force, one judicial system, no borders, and no Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Elite have invented a new term for expanded NAFTA, which they now call the FTAA, or Free Trade Area of the Americas. The Council of the Americas, at the Quebec City conference in March of 2001, stated very clearly that they plan to complete the FTAA by the year 2005.

Is FTAA, or Free Trade Area of the Americas,Going to be dictated to by a Pope By that I mean, no Constitution and Bill of Rights, But ROMAN LAW And of course THE POPES RELIGION.

Former US president Bill Clinton said it was vital Britain maintained its "special relationship" with America to help build a new world order. The ex-leader said Britain had to be the "bridge" between America and Europe so they can stand side by side against terror. He accepted the relationship had been "costly" for Tony Blair over the Iraq war, but stressed it was important to continue.

The New Year's Mass was the last major celebration of the Christmas season for John Paul, who is 83 and suffers from Parkinson's disease, which makes it difficult for him to speak, as well as knee and hip ailments that make it almost impossible for him to walk or stand. He cut back some of his holiday activities and scrapped two traditional papal events -the ordination of bishops January 6 and baptisms on January 11. But throughout the Christmas season, he has appeared far stronger than during the series of celebrations in October marking his 25th anniversary as pope. Then, he was unable to deliver many of his homilies and had to have others to read them on his behalf.

Is the pope the force behind the push for world govcrnment?Will there be another 20 century Inquisition? Remember the Pope was the dictator of the old world order, Religion and politics, Kings and Queens, of Christendom, Where 68 million men women and children lost their lives


Quote National Geographic magazine

Julius Caesar, Title Was Pontifix (Pontif) Maximus. King and High Priest.


Yesterday National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice swore in to the 911 commission under a fascist symbol displayed on the United States Senate Seal. The symbol which appears as a 'X' at the bottom of the seal is two rod bundled axes. The word fascist comes from the word fasces which means, "a bundle of rods and among them an ax with projecting blade borne before ancient Roman magistrates as a badge of authority, one who may have been in control and had the power over life and death. ." Fascism is a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition. Italian Life Under Fascism


. have but one consistory.Thou has subdued all things under his feet". so that God Himself and I. the spiritual and the material. and am able to do almost all that God can do.. assert. I am all in all and above all. The Roman Pontiff (the pope) judges all men."Either sword is in the power of the Church. the Vicar of God. It is right that the temporal sword and authority be subject to the spiritual power. define. may well seem verified in me.. I have the authority of the King of Kings. that is to say. but is judged by no one. We declare. the other in the hand of the kings and soldiers. 1303 Pronounced the Papal Bull. but at the will and pleasure of the priest.. What therefore can you make of me but GOD?" (Emphasis added) Pope Boniface v111. That which was spoken of Christ. and pronounce to be subject to the Roman Pontiff is to every human creature altogether necessary for salvation.The one in the hand of the priest. Unam sanctum .





the symbol of the Babylonian Nimrod . including Egypt. .and later known as Janus. Libya and Iraq and most used IN USA.Two Faced God The symbol of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry is the double eagle with a head looking in both directions . a purely naturalistic institution.Janus . look at the INRI in the pic Two Headed Eagle The 33 in the triangel means 33 degree mason This same symbol appears in at least two portraits of George Washington. The regeneration of nature by the influence of the sun symbolizes the spiritual regeneration of mankind by the sacred fire (truth and love) of Masonry. The eagle is a widely used Brotherhood symbol and it can be found on the coats of arms of many countries. It was a major symbol for the Nazis in Germany Masonically INRI is read: "Igne Natura Renovatur Integra". the two headed (two faced) god.

my ghostly father. dignity. rank.All of which I. and the Roman Catholic Church Universal throughout the world. with all the punishment that can be inflicted upon me on earth.. and that I will hang. M ------. against all heretics. the first then says Reges. (perinde ac cadaver. my belly opened and sulphur burned therein. make and wage relentless war.her agents counsels' from time to time. the first points with forefinger of the right hand to the center of the palm of the left. and will be submissive in all things commanded to me. and do call all of the heavenly and glorious host of heaven to witness these my real intentions to keep this my oath. four times. In confirmation of which. one above the other. directly or indirectly. by word. The Society of Jesus (Jesuits) I do further promise and declare. The Society of Jesus (Jesuits) In the first place. and the latter then with his right hand makes the motion of cutting with a dagger down the stomach and abdomen of the first. to perform and on my part to receive inviolably. regardless of the honor. as they may entrust me. from the Holy Sepulchre. nor sex or condition. I will subscribe my name written in my own blood. The first then says Iustum. and all of mycoporeal powers. which the other will cut longitudinally and on opening the name JESU will be found written upon the head and arms of a cross three times. the other then with the forefinger of his left hand touches the left side of his body just below his heart. and not to divulge. I hereby dedicate my life. the strangulating cord. or any mental reservation whatever.) but will unhesitatingly obey each and every command that 1 may receive from my superiors in the Militia of the Pope and Jesus Christ. waste. strangle. and bury alive these infamous heretics. Superior You will now rise to your feet and I will instruct you in the Catechism necessary to make yourself known to any member of the Society of Jesus belonging to this rank. to extirpate and exterminate them from the face of the whole earth. the palms of his hands open. the other crosses his feet. and lastly from Rome. and that I will spare neither age. with my name written with the point of this dagger dipped in my own blood and sealed in the face of this holy convent. Q: Whom do you serve? A: The Holy Father at Rome. then one crosses his wrists. in testimony thereof. or authority of the person or persons. will with another make theordinary sign of the cross as any Roman Catholic would. soul. and witness the same further. secretly or openly. spoil. either public or private. I furthermore promise and declare that I will. The other answers Impios. I will secretly use the poisoned cup. from Calvary. rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women and crush their infants' heads against the walls. given in charge or discovered unto me. That when the same cannot be done openly. of the Society of Jesus. Protestants and Liberals. without murmuring or repining. as I am directed to do. you. and my throat from ear to ear. That I will go to any part of the world whithersoever I may be sent. and with this dagger which I now receive. whatever may be their condition in life. as a Brother Jesuit. the other with the forefinger of the left hand points to the center of the palm of the right. the steel of the poinard or the leaden bullet. writing or circumstance whatever. as I at any time may be directed to do so by any agent of the Pope or Superior of the Brotherhood of the Holy Faith. even as a corpse or cadaver. may my brethren and fellow soldiers of the Militia of the Pope cut off my hands and feet. Q: From where do you come? A: From the bends of the Jordan. and my soul to be tortured by demons in an eternal hell forever. flay. do swear by the blessed Trinity and blessed Sacrament.N--. the other answers Necar. then the first with his right hand draws it across the throat of the other. the Pope. touching it. which I am about to receive. burn. or any of this sacred convent. but to execute all that shall be proposed. and should I prove false or weaken in my determination. In testimony hereof I take this most holy and blessed sacrament of theEucharist. The first will then present a small piece of paper folded in a peculiar manner. in order to annihilate forever their execrable race. when opportunity presents. Q: Who . that I will have no opinion or will of my own. You will then give and receive with him the following questions and answers. the first then with his right hand makes a circle around his head. by you.

sex or condition. and to spare neither age. but to implicitly obey my superiors in all things without hesitation or murmuring. Library of Congress Catalog Card #66-43354.commands you?A: The successor of St.Q: Who received you?A: A venerable man with white hair. this is Masonic.Q: Will you do that?A: 1 will. This oath is still in effect. the founder of the Society of Jesus or the Soldiers of Jesus Christ. I kneeling on a cross beneath the banners of the Pope and of our sacred Order. Ignatius of Loyola. on the left you will see the knights templars and second down you will see the knights of Malta look at it closely Yes the catholic church is in control .Q: How?A: With a naked dagger. then. The Society of Jesus (Jesuits) Q: How do you travel? A: In the bark of Peter the fisherman. let him be accursed and exterminated. into all the world and take possession of all lands in the name of the Pope.Q: For what purpose?A: To obey the orders of my General and Superiors and execute the will of the Pope and faithfully fulfill the conditions of my oath.C. To be as a corpse without any opinion or will of my own. to destroy heretics and their governments and rulers. made public in 1883. He who will not accept him as the Vicar of Jesus and his Viceregent on earth.Q: Whither do you travel?A: To the four quarters of the globe.. and is still used today. Go ye. Library of Congress. Washington D.Q: Did you take an oath?A: I did.

" The Earth Charter and the United Religions Initiative are two instrumental pieces in the international networking of movements across the world that are leading to a one-world religion. the Chairman of the Earth Council.VATICAN CONTROL THROUGH CIVIL LAW In the mid nineteenth century. "Power tends to corrupt. and therefore of necessity. In these dreadful centuries the Roman Catholic Church proclaimed that salvation was only by means of her sacramental system. religion. Lord Acton one of the greatest Roman Catholic historians described the Papacy as "the fiend skulking behind the Crucifix. nuns.000 people in environment. The Earth Charter process was initiated by a former Prime Minister of The Netherlands and was carried out under the direction of Mikhail Gorbachev and Maurice Strong. and education in 51 countries. which has involved more than 25 global leaders and 100. famous for his saying." clearly pinpointed Papal Rome as the academic and legal cause of the more than six hundred years of the Inquisition and other atrocities such as the St. It is a comprehensive document of global ethics and a political blueprint for world government. The article below is intended to stimulate an interest in history so as not to repeat its misery and to inform believers of the calm deliberate and designed civil agreements taking place between the Vatican and most nations in our own day. The Earth Charter After eight years of planning. the Earth Charter was formalized on March 15. and absolute power corrupts absolutely. which began in Paris August 24 1572. and premeditated legal agreements between Papal Rome made these horrors of history possible. business. and spread throughout France. Bartholomew's Massacre. and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Vatican Prepares to Control Through Civil Law "Power tends to corrupt. and influential persons engaged in these movements (official sources remaining aloof). Her apostasy from the Gospel has not changed in the 193 years since the Inquisition as the Vatican Council II and the Catechism of the Catholic Church (1994) clearly show. 2000. Bible believers need an informed perspective on where events are leading. calculated. politics." Acton. she needed a legally engineered force to silence the true Gospel. Quiet. The principles of the Earth Charter include built in global governance as defined by the . Because of the Vatican's worldwide authority through civil law and the number of Roman Catholic priests.

. Woe to the ruler who resisted the papal will! Subjects could be. and guarantees the Roman Catholic Church and Catholics the right of freedom of religion and worship. three months after the Earth Charter. according to the Preamble to the Charter. appointing bishops. the legal strategy has become even more autocratic. United Religions Initiative. 2000. highly sensuous. Something of the desire for legal power is seen in one of its statements. For example. In time past it was through legal agreements that Rome brought kings and princes to heel. with the United Religions Charter being signed on June 26. The latent control mechanisms in international law that can be seen in The Earth Charter and in URI arc of precisely the kind that enables Catholicism thrive. negotiating laws regarding property. Such legal issues are agreed . Without the Gospel. " Power through Civil Law Control of civil law and law among European nations is what the Catholic Church thrived on through the Dark and the Middle Ages. "In order to build a sustainable global community. and were placed under interdict. A concordat also secures rights such as that of defining doctrine. for RCC teaching both then and now is that there is no salvation outside the Church. and most effective sacramental system known to modern man. she succeeds both in holding down the Gospel and in simultaneously furthering her position as keeper of the ubiquitous. Since early in the 20th century under Pius XII. fulfill their obligations under existing international agreements. While the whole emphasis is "spiritual" it is quite interesting that the desire for the same legal power club is as evident in the documents of URI as it is in the Earth Charter. with the June 2000 conference marking the birth of a truly global organization that stands as a mother ready to embrace into her bosom all the religions of the world.United Nations (UN) Commission on Global Governance (1995) and other UN commissions. This control was the primary underpinning of her power during the six hundred years of the Inquisition and in the growth of her religious power system generally throughout the centuries. and support the implementation of Earth Charter principles with an international legally binding instrument on environment and development. Power Refined in Concordats A "concordat" is an international contract. whole states could be. and the Vatican. and the rights of all individuals and peoples as set forth in international law. and can still be released from their oaths of allegiance. which legally binds the nation support freedom of religion and spiritual expression. establishing Roman Catholic education.. were. URI to date has held three summit conferences. Her ability to grow in strength and numbers is always in proportion to her legal agreements with any nation. In the nations where she has legal concordats with the civil governments. the nations of the world must renew their commitment to the United Nations. (URI) The philosophy behind the Earth Charter is fully incorporated into the United Religions Initiative (UR1) URI is designed to evolve into a United Nations for Religions. Catholics through their fear of death were all their lifetime subject to her bondage. URI plans a Worldwide Movement ". and recognizing Roman Catholic law regarding marriage and annulment. however.

papal representatives "receive from the Roman Pontiff the charge of representing him in a fixed way in the various nations or regions of the world. particularly during the Inquisition when the civil powers in the name of civil law prosecuted millions under her murderous church law. the remarks of Archbishop Martino. whose allegiance is first to the Roman Catholic Church. bear all the more weight." "An apostolic nuncio has the diplomatic rank of ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary. According to the Catholic Almanac. because the diplomatic service of the Holy See has the longest uninterrupted history in the world. Korea. Many of her citizens have access to positions in the ruling structure of that nation where.on in civil law between the "Holy See" (as she in her position as a sovereign state is legally called) and the other nation. Vatican control can be seen very clearly in those nations where concordats have long been established as. for example. they are enjoined by the Roman Catholic Church to use their influence and position to bring that nation into line with papal desires on any issue. . Some Islamic countries have failed as yet to sign agreements with the Holy See. Her citizenry.. the Holy See signed international agreements primarily with European and Latin American countries. particularly civil power. Effective legal structures To establish legal structures effective to her purposes is the goal of Rome. The structure of the Roman system makes her capable not only of gaining a predominant position but also capable of maintaining the upper hand so that in fact "Holy Mother" takes all into herself. In the course of nine years. This is how she operated in the Dark and Middle Ages. This is true. Rome is now able to influence substantially civil rulers and civil policy in many nations. particularly in the nations in which she has papal nuncios as ambassadors. At present she maintains diplomatic relations with 172 countries at embassy level. For example. all the while maintaining relations with Israel. yet she is much more.. Through her many Roman Catholic representatives in government.'" It can be argued that the Roman system has no official position in URI and other like organizations. a nuncio has precedence among diplomats in the country to which he is accredited and serves as dean of the diplomatic corps on state occasions. dwells within each of these nations. and Africa are entering juridical agreements with Rome. but the Church of Rome has always worked in such a way so as technically to keep her hands clean while having her laws and mindset implemented by others. and in particular through her concordats. Moreover. From 1950 to 1999. Even nations of the Middle East. her own direct influence as a civil power. in Germany under the extant concordat worked out between under Pius XII and Hitler. the Church of Rome has much influence in national and international laws. She has had uninterrupted relations with Cuba while having great difficulties with China. "Holy Mother Church" is only one of 154 sovereign states participating in the International Criminal Court. 'Within the international community the Holy See supports every effort to establish effective juridical structures. Rome's permanent observer to the United Nations. desiring to maintain official diplomatic intercourse with all nations. and Vietnam. woos Libya. although some of their reluctance now may be swept aside with the successful outreach to Islam through the Pope's latest Damascus trip during which he donned white cloth slippers to enter a Muslim sanctuary. Understanding this. Prior to 1989. 128 concordats were signed between Rome and various states. Asia. The Catechism of the Catholic Church (1994) is very clear on the issue. "As Pope John Paul has stated. Traditionally. The Vatican. 43 concordats were signed between the Holy See and other nations.. as Roman Catholics. The Vatican's desire to maintain civil relations with other nations is now greater than ever.

It is usually called the Carolingian Reform after its initiator. Catholic power can be brought to bear covertly against that nation which refuses to defer to her views. nonetheless. "During the ninth century. The Vatican's persecution of believers they deemed heretics. and one of its chief tools was reliance on church law. Then the known world was much smaller and the only international system was Rome herself and the Holy Roman Empire. 752 and Can. Thus. All this made possible the Inquisition from 1203 A. Therefore. that is to say. Its intention was to stabilize the structures of Christendom.Para. Perplexingly." The famous Hildebrand Pope Gregory VII nailed down the legal power base of papal canon law so that it became incorporated into Western civilization in the legal system of nations in the eleventh century. was done by legal civil means. of Can. many Christians simply want to escape. papal power now has become so consolidated that it is able to surpass what Hildebrand Pope Gregory VII did in his day. for them the Church is the animating principle of human society. most of what is published falls in within the norms of political correctness in which Roman Catholicism is not mentioned. #882 of the Catechism eventually can hinder the freedom of religion and worship of those the Holy See deems to be false churches. there was a concerted effort to renew society and centralize Western civilization. confiscation of property. but of being the Church.. #899 The initiative of lay Christians is necessary especially when the matter involves discovering or inventing the means for permeating social. Charlemagne. for example.. The present Pope. internment without trial. who was crowned Roman Emperor by the pope on the feast day of Christmas in the year 800. It involved incarceration. "Absolute power corrupts absolutely" The Emperor Justinian in the sixth century was the main architect who established the foundation for Rome's ability to impose external unity. held in place by concordats that legally guarantee the teaching. Due to the totalitarian nature of the Roman Catholic Church. While some Christians are well informed and aware of the seriousness of the present move to a world religion. Moreover.e. Now the stage is set for a one-world government. (in person of Pope Innocent III) until its dissolution in Spain and Portugal in 1808. political. This initiative is a normal element of the life of the Church: Lay believers are in the front line of Church life. is able to work no less autocratically than Pope Pius XII Although kept in bounds presently by other forces. the 1917 adoption of the Code of Canon Law.. although the Holy See has formal diplomatic ties with the various states. torture.D. and economic realities with the demands of Christian [i. So it is that such power over individuals. and death. none of the nonCatholic citizens of other nations have positions of power within her ruling structure. however. the community of the faithful on earth under the leadership of the Pope. particularly those regarding matters of faith and morals. 333 of the Code of Canon Law and Para. they in particular ought to have an ever clearer consciousness not only of belonging to the Church. Roman Catholic] doctrine and life.. and the revision of the Code under his authority in 1983. . by means of the decree on infallibility of Vatican Council I.

"The Pope 'v authority is unlimited. prison.. 1401: 1. " (which means that he turns himself round to the whole Church) make every rule. legislature. into a certain and incontestable article of Faith. is more widely spread than any secular nation and entrenched in many countries. our Lord Pope Pius XI" and still is.i The extent to which Rome claims a right to judge and impose chastening has not changed since the days of the Inquisition. it can strike.Many present day Evangelicals seem totally ignorant of the laws still standing in the Roman Catholic dogma. then. for the Pope carries. wherever sin is. He does this when he teaches heresy by his own judgment or decretal." Not for nothing. jurisprudence. claiming infallibility and international recognition. The power structure behind globalization The structure of the Roman Catholic Church is a totalitarian hierarchy. as Innocent III says. "orbi. is the interest with which the Church of Rome involves herself in promoting the International Criminal Court and like measures. the Roman Catholic Church is also very different from other secular powers. concordats. In truth. a leading Roman Catholic historian in Germany. ambassadors. It has its territorial dominions. As he has now become infallible. detective force. No right can stand against him. all rights in the Shrine of his breast." was condemned as an error by "His Holiness. every doctrine. every demand. according to the expression of Boniface VIII. advocates. In present day canon law she states. secular government. Ignaz von Dollinger. incalculable." ABITOFCATHOLICHISTORYINFALLIBLE HERETICS? "It is beyond question that he [the pope] can err even in matters touching the faith. taxes.. unlimited. ambitious plans and policy. it allows no appeal and is itself Sovereign Caprice. a worldly. Her spiritual commerce goes hand in hand with her civil power. it had its court." --Pope Adrian VI. no personal or corporate liberty. and the state from the Church. Canon 1405 (Sect. "The Church is to be separated from the state. bank. those who hold the highest civil office in a state. he can by the use of the little word. Nonetheless. it can punish every one. or as the [Roman Catholic] Canonists put it— "The tribunal of God and of the pope is one and the same. warned the world in his own day regarding the tremendous power of the Roman Pontiff. tyrannical monarchy.. 1523 . It must never be forgotten that the Roman Papacy is an absolute. many Roman Pontiffs were heretics. For example the statement.1) "It is the right of the Roman Pontiff himself alone to judge in cases mentioned in Can.



Coriden. Consequently.. What was needed was an infallible representation of deity on earth to whom the civil rulers could look to settle their disputes. intellectual. though pope. Donald E. Paulist Press. A heretic has denied the faith and placed himself outside the Church. espousing heresy is a mortal sin in Roman Catholic theology. that they needed to justify their arrogant and oppressive imperialism. Why not believe them? Pope Adrian VI's declaration goes even further. then we have another reason why there cannot be an unbroken line of "apostolic succession back to Peter. Already they claimed to be "God on earth" and the vicars of Christ. so says the official Roman Catholic Code of Canon Law (a codification of the canons and decrees of the Church is instant and automatic excommunication (James A. eds. 920). Yet popes themselves (Adrian VI quoted above and others) have denied that they or any other popes were infallible. but their luster faded as they fought among themselves and their subjects began to chafe for more freedom. Its immediate consequence.the Catholic Church [developed] an hostile and suspicious attitude towards the principles of political.. If many popes have been heretics. The Code of Canon Law." Besides proving that a person is not infallible. Heintschel. the Roman Catholic Church has lost its unique leadership and apostolic authority. Thomas J.. They necessarily began to assert infallibility as well. Vital is the claim that the popes are infallible when they speak on morals and dogma to the entire Church. and began to command monarchs and entire nations. Yet the list of popes contains numerous heretics who were denounced as such by councils and by other popes. but that was not enough. If they are not infallible. a heretic. . and religious freedom and indenendence of judgment. Green. No wonder the theories of apostolic succession and papal infallibility were not proposed until many centuries after Peter's death! It was as the popes grasped after more power. A heretical pope is therefore no longer even a member of the Church.. A leading nineteenth-century Catholic historian wrote that this authoritarianism encouraged despotism:". THE ROOTS OF INFALLIBILITY Kings and emperors had once claimed to be gods. Canon 1364. could not possibly provide a channel of apostolic authority to a successor. and by the thirteenth century they had established themselves as the supreme authorities all across Europe. 1985. The popes began to fill that need.The great importance of the papacy warrants yet further investigation as to its legitimacy.. much less its head. p.

and blindly to obey it... "did allege the Pope's infallibility. Of course. London. After all. His motive was primarily selfish.] .". a view which did away with the individual moral accountability to God so clearly taught in Scripture and recognized in every conscience. pp. in 1591. Charles went to war with Philip to claim the crown which the pope seemingly had given him. p. the pagan gods stole one another's wives and lived riotously. had declared that whatever the Roman Pontiff commanded must be believed and obeyed no matter how evil or ludicrous.. both with the same titles and privileges. Such is the illogical and unbiblical but absolute and infallible papal authority which has long been claimed by the popes and which became official Roman Catholic dogma at Vatican I. 1773. Yet that fraud was maintained. nc. xv. let him be anathema [excommunicated and thus be damned]! Nearly 300 years earlier. Doubleday & Co. Antonio Gavin. How the Pope Became Infallible. Such was the case. 3rd ed. the Jesuit Cardinal Robert Bellarmine. when Pope Clement XI (1700-21) confirmed King Philip V of Spain and then shortly thereafter King Charles III of Germany. made one of the earliest attempts to establish papal infallibility. 1981. Pope Nicholas III (1277-80) had favored the Franciscans by declaring that "communal renunciation of property was a possible way to salvation" (August Bernhard Hasler. A MasterKey to Popery. for example. [Roman Catholicism had long taught salvation by works. The Pope and the Council. we could not. as it teaches even today. a Franciscan priest. 1869. Clement even confirmed two different candidates. so why not the popes? But the idea that a pope could be thought infallible even while blatantly contradicting himself was remarkable. As a result. That Council was coerced by Pius IX (1846-78) even to make submission to the pope a requirement of salvation: If anyone therefore shall say that blessed Peter the Apostle was not appointed the prince of all the apostles and the visible head of the whole church militant or that the same directly and immediately received from our Lord Jesus Christ a primacy of honor only and not of true and proper jurisdiction [over the whole church]. 113-14).H. xvii). 36).. Yet the bishops arguing the case for Charles III. where the spiritual suppressing every movement it dislikes.. one proposed by each sovereign. logical. pp. therefore. a very dark side of the history of the Papacy" (J. London. and that every Christian is obliged in conscience to follow the last declaration of the Pope. People eagerly embraced the idea in spite of the popes' wickedness.. according to a contemporary observer. for the same bishopric. he could show neither biblical.. Much of the "dark side of the history of the Papacy" involving that "empire of force and oppression" resulted from the popes' claim to infallibility. Kgnaz von Dollinger. including the highly prized Bull of the Crusade..[so that the] ideal of the Church [became] an universal empire . of force and oppression. whose loyalty to the pope was absolute. One would think that such blatant contradictions would be proof enough that the pope was not infallible. Peter Olivi. not traditional support for such an extreme view. without inquiring into the reasons that did move the Pope to it" (D. avoid bringing forward ..

p.Desiring to make the pope's decision in favor of himself and his fellow Franciscans unassailable. John produced his Bull Qui quorundam (1324). p. The medieval canonists . 9). 212). 180). by selling livings.. repeatedly accused of heresy. including absolution from sin and eternal . John XXII continued in the "holy office" for 18 wicked years. John might have accepted the idea as useful for his own purposes.. Yet if and when he made a pronouncement to the Church on faith and morals he would be under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to such an extent that whatever he said would be infallible." Though often offered as an example of the consummate heretic. To justify contradicting another pope. who would take awful vengeance upon the Franciscans. had given away all of the Church's wealth to his relatives. PAPAL HERETICS'S HERETIC John XXII's predecessor. indulgences and dispensations" (De Rosa.. He sold everything for a price. A pope could live the most wicked life. and denying Christ daily in abominable deeds. In it John XXII reviled the doctrine of papal infallibility as "the work of the devil.' but rather was created in one stroke in the late 1200s [by] an eccentric Franciscan. and with a laugh that crackled with unimprovable malice" (Ibid. Pope John XXII (1316-34) had his own selfish reasons for denying papal infallibility. massacring their inhabitants (as many popes did)... he hated the Franciscans for taking vows of poverty that condemned his own lavish lifestyle. [And] the modern critical attack on the principles of infallibility has the backing of Scripture and the body of Catholic tradition" (Hasler. plundering cities. How the Pope Became Infallible. had never claimed that the Church needed an infallible head to preserve its faith. Had the Franciscans not been the champions of it. Peter Olivi (d. Olivi proposed that such papal pronouncements were infallible. "A WORK OF THE DEVIL" Olivi's theory was soon denounced by a pontiff. This pope is described by one Catholic historian as "full of avarice. Catholic theologian Hans Kung writes: "With regards to the origin of the Roman Doctrine of infallibility: . [it] did not slowly 'develop' or 'unfold. though the temptation to the human ego to embrace such folly is especially great for those who are so highly revered and venerated. Angrily. and his name remains today unashamedly displayed on the Vatican's official list of the vicars of Christ. John XXII condemned as heresy both the Franciscan way of life and Nicholas Ill's commendation thereof. op. from the introduction by Hans Kung. At first no one took Olivi's notion seriously. Until then fewpopes had dared to look upon themselves as infallible..1298). Clement V.. That condition the new pope went about to cure with a vengeance. more worldly than a pimp.. p. cit. a dogmatic assertion of doctrine made to the entire Church and thus infallible by today's rules.. He had amassed a huge fortune "by duping the poor.. murdering rivals. leaving a bare treasury. Olivi's astonishing proposal was a radical departure from Church tradition... Yet he is an essential link in the alleged apostolic succession back to Peter upon which John Paul II's legitimacy depends today. However.

During his pontificate he handed over 114 Franciscans to the Inquisition to be consumed by the flames for the heresy of purposely living in poverty as Christ had. So he declared in a papal bull. Those who refused to do so were excommunicated. the more Catholics sinned. Thus the golden chalice held by the woman riding the beast was refilled with filthy lucre gained by abominable means exactly as the apostle John foresaw in his remarkable vision. adultery. One of his contemporaries wrote: "The blood he shed would have incarnadined [reddened] the waters of Lake Constance [an extremely large lake]. the richer the Church became. head of the one true Church. having met certain other conditions. and sodomy. and that all Christians ought to be so—a dogma repudiated by other popes. his wife appeared on the scene. died wearing her brown scapular. And Protestants as well. a history which Catholics must honestly face. and the bodies of the slain would have bridged it from shore to shore (Ibid. In reliance upon this special Sabbatine [Saturday] Privilege. Much of the wealth thus acquired was spent to further John XXII's passion for wars. the more one could sin. together with the individual price for which he. Such papal heretics and their condemnation of one another are part of the history of the popes. The wealthiest one was. John XXII published a list of crimes and gross sins. as vicar of Christ. THE HOLY HERETIC Millions of Catholics from whom the historical truth has been hidden have looked upon John XXII as an exceptionally holy man. John XXII was eventually denounced as a heretic by Emperor Louis of Bavaria.). Cum inter nonnullos (1323). . To deny this dogma was heresy punishable by death. John demanded that secular rulers burn at the stake Franciscans who had taken vows of poverty. The list left nothing out. must realize that the position he holds and the special authority he claims come to him through a long line of criminals and heretics whom he and his Church still honor as past vicars of Christ. Was he not favored above all popes by "Our Lady of Mount Carmel" with one of her rare personal appearances? John swore that the "Virgin Mary" appeared to him to present the Great Promise: that she would personally go into purgatory the Saturday after their death and take to heaven all those who. But the emperor's purging of the papacy turned embarrassing when. John XXII's pet doctrine was like that of many who are popular on Christian radio and TV today: that Christ and His apostles had been men of great wealth.salvation. Thus it became official Roman Catholic dogma that Christ and His disciples were men of considerable wealth. those who admire John Paul II. which was confirmed by others. shortly after the new pope took office. would absolve transgressors from each of them. untold millions of Roman Catholics have since worn (and still wear today) the brown scapular of "Our Lady of Mount Carmel" as their ticket to heaven. from murder and piracy to incest. who deposed him and appointed another pope in his place.

homosexuality. may seem unfair at first but is in fact fully warranted. the cadaver was "tried" and found guilty of having crowned as emperor one of Charlemagne's many illegitimate descendants.) Exiled by the emperor. keeping a mistress. who also did the same. Dressed in its former papal vestments and propped on a throne in the council chamber. Today's Code of Canon Law 1394. etc. COUNCILS ABOVE POPES A former unscrupulous Roman official. He changed his mind on doctrine each time the emperor demanded it. as pope (537-55). though it comes from a Catholic historian. Vigilius was finally declared a heretic and excommunicated by the Fifth General Council (553). Thus an open and insoluble question remains concerning which priests. of course. who in turned ordained multitudes of others. at least he "had never committed the sin of matrimony. the former Pope Formosa's corpse was stripped. remains on the official Vatican list of vicars of Christ. although John. like most of the other popes. In 896 Stephen VII (896-7) had the corpse of the previous Pope Formosus (891-6) exhumed eight months after burial. Formosus had ordained many priests and bishops. Vigilius." Such sarcasm. whereas it has no such harsh words for sins of which priests are frequently guilty even today. the three fingers of benediction on the right hand were hacked off. had illegitimate children. creating a most serious problem which haunts the Roman Catholic Church to this day. et al. Pope Paul VI declared "by the plenitude of papal power" that all of the acts of heretical popes were null and void. John XXII's heretical pronouncements became so outrageous that only his death saved him from removal again from the papacy. And what of those who were ordained by the many other heretical popes? And what of the fact that Formosus. who dragged it through the streets and threw it into the Tiber. down to the present time may be in the line of those ordained by Formosus and are therefore without genuine apostolic authority. (No one doubted that a council's authority was above that of a none. as docs the pope who exhumed his body and denounced him posthumously? Pope Sergius III agreed with Stephen VII in pronouncing all ordinations by heretical popes invalid—which. For. bishops. as de Rosa sarcastically remarks.The emperor quickly decided that John XXII wasn't so bad after all. Having been condemned by Pope Stephen VII. and the remains thrown to the mob outside. refers to marriage as a "scandal" for a priest. called at Constantinople by the Emperor Justinian. Fishermen gave it a descent burial. such as child molestation. is only logical in view of the automatic excommunication which we have already noted accompanies heresy. Yet he remains on that long list of alleged successors of Peter through whom Pope John Paul II received his authority. Reinstated as pope. Pope Stephen VII then declared all of Formosus's ordinations invalid. Vigilius confessed his errors and . That infallible declaration leaves "apostolic succession" in ruins. became an even more tragic figure. In fact. In Cum ex Apostolatus officio. there have been a number of popes who were thus illicit claimants to the alleged throne of Peter and therefore hardly capable of passing on to their successions apostolic authority. too.

Adrian II (867-72) said civil marriages were valid. decrees. CONTRADICTIONS.pleaded that he had been deceived by the devil. The Council of Constance (1414-18) deposed three popes who each claimed to be the one true vicar of Christ and had each "excommunicated" the other two. Pope Honorius (625-38) was condemned as a heretic by the Sixth Ecumenical council 678-87). To establish that dogma once for all. Yet popes have almost made a business of contradicting one another on key issues. issued by Pope Pius VII on August 7. he convened the First Vatican Council December 8. is shown as a true pope. Pope Pius IX. one of the most popular images is that of Saint Joan of Arc. Yet a strong-willed despot. On July 21. And in fact many popes denied the latter also." with a profusion of candles always burning before it. How could an "infallible pope" condemn a saint to death as a witch? Yet Eugene IV remains on the list of allegedly infallible "successors of Peter. Clement IV (1265-8). Then why was Pope Pius IX so determined to immortalize this obvious fraud as official dogma? There was a very special reason: Infallibility was the final desperate prop which Pius IX hoped would support the collapsing structure of Roman Catholic domination over the government of the worlds and their citizens. More than one pope was condemned as a heretic by a Church council. Yet he too remained on the official list of Peter's successors! The action of the Sixth Ecumenical Council. processes. and censures against the Council [of Basle]. Eugenius IV condemned Joan of Arch (1412-31) to be burned as a witch and heretic." History conclusively denies both apostolic succession and papal infallibility. Today inside Paris's Cathedral of Notre Dame. affirmed by subsequent popes. France's "natural heroine. who sided with him.. . Paul IV (1555-9) and even Innocent III (11981216). Both men are shown as legitimate popes.. 1773. was considered proof for centuries that popes were not infallible. Adrian VI (1522-3).. cit. CONTRADICTIONS Two persons holding opposite opinions can't both be right. The later is shown as an antipope. but she was beatified by Pius X (1903-14) in 1909 and canonized by Benedict XV (1914-22) in 1920. would engineer an affirmation of papal infallibility by the First Vatican Council in 1870. Nicholas V (1447-55) voided all of Eugenius IV's (1431-47) "documents. yet both remain on the official list of popes today. Pius VII (1800-23) declared them invalid. Pope Clement XIV issued a decree suppressing the Jesuits. 1869. through threats and manipulation. who ruled Europe with an iron hand. op. among them Vigilius (537-55). Gregory XI (1370-8). p. . to be regarded as having never existed" (Dollinger. 1814. but Agapetus. Yet the reign of this man on Peter's alleged throne was among the longest of any of the popes. 275). Agapetus (535-6) burned the anathema which Bonface II (530-2) had solemnly issued against Dioscorus (530). For centuries each new pope taking office was required to swear by an oath that Honorius had been a heretic and that the council had acted properly in condemning him. only to have it reversed by a decree restoring them.

During a talk given at conferences in March 2001 on the subject of 'The Papacy' one quoted from a book called 'The Papacy'. and to destroy and to throw down to build and to plant' Pope Boniface VIII summed it all up with these words .. so that whatever the Pope does." . and to pull down. J A Wylie wrote . J A Wylie. In the book he gave details of how the Papacy had been responsible for removing many secular rulers from power and set out here with is the relevant extract from my talk Proverbs chapter 21 verse 1 teaches that "The King's heart is in the hand of the Lord. seems to proceed from the mouth of God.he turneth it whithersoever he will" but according to Pope Gregory VII such ALMIGHTY POWER belongs to the Papacy for he declared in 1080 . they are simply claims not asserted.THE POPE IS GOD ON EARTH' History teaches that when expedient to do so the Papacy exercised this God-like Power and in his book 'THE PAPACY' [which was awarded 1st prize in 1851 by the Evangelical Alliance in the UK] Rev. written in the mid 19th century by the Rev. to root out..'We desire to show to the world that WE CAN give or take away at OUR WILL kingdoms.. the possessions of all men' Pope Innocent III articulated the same sentiments by declaring that God ordained the Pope 'To have power over all nations and kingdoms.'The Pope is of so great dignity and power that he constitutes one and the same tribunal with Christ. ."History presents us with a list of not less than 64 emperors and kings deposed by the popes." Some may say that the Papacy has changed and such things could never happen today -again I quote the Rev. we are not warranted to take that silence for surrender. They are not claims renounced. Wylie who with great wisdom cautioned his readers in these words -"though the Church of Rome is silent on her claims meanwhile.. "Take Heed". earldoms. duchies. in a word.





have but one consistory.I have the authority of the King of Kings. and am able to do almost all that God can do. the Vicar of God. 1303 Pronounced the Papal Bull. I am all in all and above all. What therefore can you make of me but GOD?" (Emphasis added) Pope Boniface v111. so that God Himself and I. Unam sanctum .

revived the order of the Jesuits in all their power. Note: The Jesuit Order was banned by Pope Clement XIV in his Papal 'Bull of Suppression' in 1773. (c) fraternal. Note: Pope Clement XIV]. after exerting their tyranny for upwards of two hundred years. for fifty years.was compelled to dissolve them. and the Pope (Pius VII). Both orders (e) hold Tradition. They live for conquest. or of one religious creed. and the absolute corruption and degradation of mankind. (d) socially conscientious and politically active. the Jesuits]. the Jesuits] had not been suppressed.." B.e. with superadded features of revolting odiousness.e. false-witness bearing. author) "All these things cause the Father-General [of the Jesuits] to be feared by the Pope and sovereigns. having no outward badge (in this country) by which to be recognized. They are the enemies of [true. The whole human race should unite for its overthrow.. and Experience in equal if not greater esteem than the Bible..... at length became so formidable to the world. the sword to slay. For there is no alternative between its [i. and men of any profession.freedom.. and (h) require absolute . threatening the entire subversion of all social order. The rules of the Jesuit Order justify theft. Note: or pope] who is not their [the Jesuits'] friend will sooner or later experience their vengeance. however... the Society of Jesus'] total extirpation [eradication]. the Jesuits] are (a) humanist religious orders. Reason. American inventor of the telegraph) "Both Freemasonry and the Society of Jesus [i. that even the Pope [Ed...are a secret society. the Jesuits] is the enemy of man. Breckinridge (Pastor. He was assassinated by the Jesuits in 1774.e. The greatest crimes in history committed against individuals and nations have been committed bv Jesuits. Biblical] Christianity.e." Robert J." Samuel Morse (1791-1872." (1852) Luigi Desanctis (JESUITS & MASONRY): "THIS society of men [i. A sovereign [Ed. they are merchants. [The] Jesuits.. and editors. simultaneously with the formation of the Holy Alliance. (b) secretive. (f) employ carefully structured programs of Gnostic visualization to achieve an everincreasing knowledge of the 'divine'. a sort of Masonic order. (g) condone 'the end justifies the means'. and a thousand times more dangerous. the inquisition to torture...Wherever Jesuits are they have the torch to burn. licentiousness.. .e. lying.)) They [i. ((Ed. C. fortune and glory. Oggel (American clergyman) "The Society of Jesus [i.. and lawyers. suicide and the murder of parents and other relatives. they are about in all your society.. before the waning influence of Popery and Despotism required their useful labors to resist the light of Democratic liberty. They are not merely priests.








from the beginning of the war [the American Civil War of 1861-1865]. you will discover that the dread individual and the Chief of the Society of Jesus [i." John Quincy Adams (1767-1848." James Parton (American historian) "Masonry ought forever to be abolished.essentially wrong . till you come to the grand tiptop..records this event in the terse and expressive words: 'The Jesuits had poisoned him'. 6th President of the United States) (ASSASSINATIONS): "During the night preceding the day appointed for the public ceremony of announcing the abolition of the Jesuits." U. to a hierarchy of superiors culminating in the Jesuit General.S.if you trace up Masonry. [Abraham] Lincoln..W.e.. head Mason of the World.e.. [Pope] Clement XIII was suddenly seized with convulsions.. Harris "The favorite policy of the Jesuits [is] that of assassination. secured by blood oath.)) "It would seem that the Jesuits had had it in mind.)) ". Army Brigadier General Thomas M.obedience. the assassination] of Mr. Tupper Saussy (Author) "The involvement of leading members of the Roman Curia in secret societies." F." Michael De Semlyen (Author of the book All Roads Lead to Rome?: The Ecumenical Movement) ((Ed. the Superior General of the Jesuits] are one and the same person. leaving the act unperformed." . and died.a seed of evil. It is wrong . which can never produce any good.. Thompson (Ex-Secretary. Note: Clement XIII was assassinated (poisoned) in 1769 the day before he was to sign a Papal Bull suppressing the Jesuits." R. Cormenin. including P2 and other Masonic Lodges.. was revealed to Pope John Paul I by the Italian news agency 'LOsservatore Politico' shortly before his untimely and mysterious death in September 1978. American Navy) ((Ed. to find an occasion for the taking off [i. through all its Orders.. Comment: A lot of "circumstantial evidence" indicates that Pope John Paul I was assassinated by being poisoned because he was trying to remove a lot of top-level Masons in the Vatican and in the Vatican Bank. and the Jesuits victorious.

.U. In this way money is further concentrated in the hands of a banking elite. and the nations are weakened and brought into submission through debt. 1822 Treaty of eventually having Napoleon throw Pope Pius VII in jail at Avignon until he agreed. before a civil court. and on the trial of John H. as developed on the trial of the conspirators before a military commission. by directing Napoleon's conquest of Catholic Europe. they must borrow large sums of money at usurious interest rates. he brought religious liberty to France with his Edict of Nantes . By instigating the wars and backing both sides. the assassination of President Lincoln] at our nation's life.e. Harris "Known as Henry of Navarre." Eric Jon Phelps (Author of the book Vatican Assassins) "And two key players in the assassination of Pope John Paul I were Cardinal [Jean] Villot. to reestablish the Jesuit Order.." Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865. When the warring factions face the realities of rebuilding their countries.e. Harris "These facts. Note: more specifically.. .. the bankers can't possibly conclusively the hand of Rome [Ed. the Jesuits finally assassinated him at point blank range [in 1610] with one of their fanatical. the Papal Secretary of State and Bishop Marcinkus of the Vatican Bank. remorseless tools. greatly benefits the money brokers.S. as the price for his release. 16th President of the United States) "[Illuminist Adam] Weishaupt and his fellow Jesuits cut off the income to the Vatican by launching and leading the French Revolution. Army Brigadier General Thomas M. Both of these men were Freemasons. thus bringing in great revenues to the international bankers. Josephson (American physician and historian) "Warfare. being the first of the Bourbon kings." Eric Jon Phelps (INSTIGATORS OF WARS & REVOLUTIONS): "The war [i.. Ravaillac. This Jesuit war on the Vatican was terminated by the Congress of Vienna and by the secret. [and] .. the Civil War of 1861-1865] would never have been possible without the sinister influence of the Jesuits." U. Surratt two years later. specifically global world war.. They derive terrific economic advantage by the financing of both the military buildup and the urban renewal projects that come as a result of war's devastation." Emanuel M. After several attempts [on King Henry IV's life]. Army Brigadier General Thomas M. the Jesuits] in this stab [i.S..thus outraging the Jesuit Order.

) condemning the Jesuits." Pope Clement XIV (Pope 1769-1774.. the Jesuits] was expelled from at least 83 countries. city states and cities. Comment: There is excellent "circumstantial evidence" that the Jesuits played an important role in fomenting the American Revolutionary War. from his Papal "Bull of Suppression' banning the Jesuits in 1773) ((Ed. A modern writer justly calls them the 'Black International'. the inventor of the telegraph. In 1774. however.They win from both sides. Pope Clement XIV was assassinated by them. and inciting to political insurrection. a great Russian novelist. the Society of Jesus . We find famous persons (former U. presidents..practically every instance of expulsion was for political intrigue. according to the records of a Jesuit priest of repute. Pope Clement XIV had done a four-year investigation into the workings of the Jesuits. and efficacious. and even abolishing . Parma. a pope. etc." (1987) J. and the False Prophet) ((Ed.e. and they hold considerable property in England. army generals. warning about the Jesuits." (1933) Lady Queenborough "Between 1555 and 1931 the Society of Jesus [i. and is forever extinguished and suppressed.e. political subversion." Ken Klein (Author of the book America.. Comment: The suppression and the subsequent abolition of the Jesuits did not last "to all eternity". Spain.the Jesuits] shall be. an emperor. Note: This quote was included because the Jesuits seem to have been involved in instigating a significant number of wars. still to be found everywhere.that the name of the company [i. Portugal. describing Jesuit assassinations..)) "They [the Jesuits] were abolished by papal bull in 1773 at the demand of France. [This Papal Bull of Suppression shall] forever and to all eternity be valid. Globalism. historians..C. It was also included because it explains one of the main reasons why they do instigate wars!)) ((Ed.. fourteen months after issuing his Papal Bull suppressing the Jesuits.)) (SUPPRESSION/ABOLITION/EXPULSION): ". Shepherd (Canadian historian) INTRODUCTION The above listed quotations tell quite a story. permanent.. for engaging in political intrigue and subversive plots against the welfare of the State. the Jesuits were "reinstated".E. political infiltration. Less than 50 years later..S. He had listed eleven other popes who had tried to curb the excesses of this society. They are. Naples and Austria.

Why did at least 11 other popes try to "curb the excesses" of this Roman Catholic Order called the "Society of Jesus"? In 1769.or paid others to assassinate: (1) 1572 .e. city states.. Rome's Responsibility in the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln) ((Ed. John Paul I was getting ready to "clean out" all of the top-level Masons in the Vatican . and preventing the breakup of the Union. and cities .Tsar Alexander I of Russia (this was the Jesuit "pay-back" for his 1820 expulsion of the Jesuits from all of Russia) (8) 1846 .King Henry IV of France (this was the Jesuit "pay-back" for his 1598 "Edict of Nantes" granting religious liberty to his subjects) (5) 1769 . Pope Clement XIV).King Henry III of France (4) 1610 . Harris' book. Some of Lincoln's "crimes" (in the Jesuit mindset) included "not playing ball with the bankers who wanted to finance the Civil War.")) (10) 1978 .Tsar Alexander II of Russia (9) 1865 .Pope Clement XIII (poisoned the day before he was to sign a Papal Bull officially suppressing the Jesuits) (6) 1774 .William. What could the Jesuits have done to cause them to be expelled from 83 (eighty-three) countries. Army Brigadier General Thomas M.Pope Clement XIV (poisoned 14 months after he had abolished the Jesuit Order) (7) 1825 .S.U. then you need to read U. Prince of Orange (former principality of Western Europe) (3) 1589 . one pope [Clement XIII] was getting ready to sign a Papal Bull suppressing the Jesuits when he was assassinated the day before the official signing was to occur. ASSASSINATIONS Here is a partial listing of just some of the individuals that the Jesuits assassinated .Pope John Paul I (this was accomplished through P2 Masonry. President Abraham Lincoln (if you think the Jesuits didn't play a major role in the assassination of Lincoln. expulsions. and suppressions.expulsions carried out mostly by Roman Catholic monarchs? Let's take a look at some of these important topics raised by the quotations at the beginning of this newsletter: assassinations. leader of the French Huguenots (2) 1584 . Note: Brigadier General Harris was on the commission that investigated the assassination of Lincoln.S.the Jesuits as a Catholic Order (i.Admiral Coligny. The next pope [Clement XIV] did suppress and abolish the Jesuits in 1773.

at the cost of their lives. (20) 1884 .France. (9) 1820 . (7) 1764 .Costa Rica.)) Nearly all of the above men were involved in trying to expel or suppress the Jesuits.Mexico. in temporarily expelling and/or suppressing the Jesuits. 1868 . Now you can see why so many monarchs. (19) 1880. It was then that Pope Pius VII reinstated the Jesuits as a Roman Catholic Order (after being imprisoned for 5 years . (14) 1872 . Queen of England. (15) 1872 .King Louis XV of France.Japan." "Eternity" lasted less than 50 years.Brazil.Guatemala. (11) 1834 Portugal.and listed eleven other popes who had tried to "curb the excesses" of the Jesuits. (13) 1848 . (2) 1614 . Pope Clement XIII was preparing in 1769 to officially suppress the Jesuit Order.Italy.Peter the Great of Russia.Elizabeth I. (8) 1816 .Russian Tsar Alexander I expels Jesuits from Moscow and St. Diplomatic relations were not totally restored until 1984. (18) 1875 . 1835. expelled the Jesuits from their countries) EXPULSIONS Here is a partial listing of some of the kings and countries that expelled the Jesuits from their lands for political intrigues and assassinations: (1) 1570 . 1783 .Ecuador and Columbia.and in the Vatican Bank when he was suddenly poisoned!) ((Ed.King Joseph I of Portugal. (5) 1719 . Note: If you don't think Pope John Paul I was assassinated. including many Roman Catholic kings. (21) 1901 -Portugal Additionally. However. (17) 1874 . (6) 1759 . did a four-year study of the Jesuits . SUPPRESSIONS As mentioned briefly earlier in the doubt in exchange for his freedom)! .German-Prussian Empire. His successor. he was poisoned to death the day before the official signing of his Papal Bull of Suppression was to take place. 1901 .Spain. Petersburg. (12) 1848. then you need to read the book The Murder of John Paul I by Vance Ferrell.Russian Tsar Alexander I expels Jesuits from all of Russia. (4) 1716. 1859 . Pope Clement XIV. permanent. Fourteen months later he paid for this action with his life -poisoned to death by the Jesuits! Pope Clement XIV had stated in his Papal Bull suppressing the Jesuits that the ban would "forever and to all eternity be valid. (16) 1873 . Pope Clement XIV finally did suppress and abolish the Jesuits as a Roman Catholic Order in 1773.China. in 1867 the United States government severed all relations with the sovereign State of Vatican City because of Jesuit intrigues in the Lincoln assassination. (10) 1820. and efficacious.Switzerland.the Kingdom of Bohemia. Some of them succeeded. (3) 1618 . because the ban on the Jesuits lasted only until 1814.

and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). head Mason of the World. Casey. over U.S.BANKING & INTELLIGENCE & UNIVERSITIES The Jesuits seem to have their fingers in just about anything of importance in the world. foreign policy. I suspect that they also have a tremendous amount of control over the Pentagon too. Knight of Malta Clay L. Interestingly.if you trace up Masonry.S. and eroding personal liberties here in the USA while building a massive police state..g. Here is a partial listing of American colleges and universities that are member institutions of the "Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities": Boston College. And if American historian James Parton is correct when he said: ". and whose members hold key positions in the U. etc. intelligence gathering. the U. Justice Department.e. then we can see that a relatively small group of men have a vastly disproportional amount of control over U. the Superior General of the Jesuits] are one and the same person.(and I believe that he is correct). foreign policy. The Jesuits. The point I am getting at is that there are a whole lot of connections between "the Jesuits. Shaw. Many of the CIA chiefs have been either high-level Freemasons or Knights of Malta (such as Knight of Malta "Wild Bill" Donovan.S. (2) the State Department (these people basically implement CFR foreign policy decisions). State Department. I would submit to you that any rational person. Equally interestingly. would come to the conclusion that this small power cabal have never done things for America's national interests." .)) It was at Georgetown University that Bill Clinton was mentored by Professor Carroll Quigley (an "insider" and the author of the book Tragedy and Hope).. gradually weakening America's national sovereignty while creating more and more global and international organizations. the CIA has a "Vatican Desk". Note: I chose some of the more famous colleges and universities with which I was familiar. They control some major banking interests.S. major universities. College of the Holy Cross. and over U. Loyola University in Chicago. was involved in the JFK organization that basically formulates U.S.. (4) the Central Intelligence Agency (again. through all its Orders. till you come to the grand tip-top. and Marquette University. ((Ed. government. formerly manned by Knight of Malta James Jesus Angleton. a contract agent for the CIA.S.. using U. the Knights of Malta. and Knight of Malta John McCone).. Creighton University. and Jesuit institutions of learning (such as Georgetown)" and the following: (1) the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) . John Carroll University.S. when they came to America. etc. Georgetown University. the controlled media. but rather for their own interests . really got into the "education business". and Pope John Paul I's attempt at "banking reform" of the Vatican Bank was one of the reasons he got assassinated. when reviewing the history of American foreign policy over the past century. law enforcement. The Jesuits seem to have a lot of "influence" at the U. Jesuit-trained Knight of Malta William J. many heads of the CIA have been high-level Knights of Malta and top-level Freemasons). Fordham University.e.S. you will discover that the dread individual and the Chief of the Society of Jesus [i. military forces as their own "personal army". (3) the Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. . the Knights of Malta have their headquarters at the same location where the Jesuit Superior General resides near the Vatican.

or for one of his subordinate Provincial Generals. but the mission did NOT! It's the same thing with this "Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith" .Several more points: Jesuit priests are not the only "foot soldiers" for the Superior General. murderous inquisitions. but the mission has NOT been changed. and again. in running vicious.and then conduct their "inquisitions" to steal individuals' wealth and property. The "Temporal Coadjutors" can be mobilized on short notice to carry out important missions for the Superior General. and assorted Christians who had their wealth and property confiscated. 60s. and now the FSB? The name changed. and who were imprisoned. tortured. in . and Communist in positions of power and influence who can implement the wishes of their superiors whenever necessary." Why have I bothered to go to the effort to put forth all of the preceding information? Surely thousands of pages could be written about the history of this Society of Jesus.e. tortured. on short notice. gypsies. subject to the Jesuit Genera/. What? You say there hasn't been an "inquisition" for a long time? You say that "inquisitions" could never happen in these modern times? Tell that to the poor French people who had their wealth and property confiscated. in confiscating individuals' wealth and property during inquisitions. it has undergone several "name changes": the latest is the "Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith". Communist Vietnam. etc. tortured. judges. and Cambodian people who had their wealth and property confiscated. the Jesuit Superior General ran the Opium trade a couple centuries ago out of China. Things today have not changed much at all. the globalist rich elite STILL foment revolutions and wars . The Jesuits ran the Roman Inquisition. Yes. Yes. military officers. And there are other locations too in recent history where "inquisitions" have occurred. As author Eric Jon Phelps has stated: "The whole drug trade is run by high Mafia families out of the country of Columbia. There are many "Temporal Coadjutors" (Jesuits of the "short robe") to be found in those areas of the world where the Jesuits have power and influence. then the KGB. the office of Inquisition is still alive..the name of the Inquisition Office has been changed. Isn't it interesting that the Soviet (now Russian) communist intelligence & security apparatus kept changing its name: first the Cheka. Just one example. and to extirpate (i. eliminate with extreme prejudice) any of those individuals who would dare resist their tyranny and evil! And I do not have time to get into how the Jesuits. and murdered during the Nazi reign of terror in Germany in the late 1930s and early 1940s! Tell that to the Chinese. . The Office of the Inquisition has never been dismantled. Certainly one thing is sure: the Jesuits have been heavily involved in fomenting revolutions and wars. "Temporal Coadjutors" are lawyers. 70s. then the NKVD. and murdered during the Russian Revolution of 1917. the Jesuits. and 80s (and even to this day) in Communist Red China. and murdered during the 1950s. Rather. and during the decades of communist terror that followed! Tell that to Jews. and murdered during the French Revolution of 1789! Tell that to the poor Russian people who had their wealth and property confiscated. the CIA. and who were imprisoned. and who were imprisoned. and the Mafia are all tied in to the "drug business". Vietnamese. and who were imprisoned. tortured.

and this Republic. much like they did when they fomented the American Revolution between the colonies and England in the 1770s. but I don't think so. is a great way to steal individuals' wealth and property). such as the recent Federal 5th Circuit Court of Appeals Ruling that gutted our 4th Amendment Right against unreasonable searches and seizures? (The police can now come into your house or business WITHOUT a search warrant!) Why else would they be pushing the American people so hard right now. of "nominal Catholicism". These schemers who destroyed Czarist Russia and other nations now have the USA clearly in their [gun] sights! Why else have they infiltrated and taken control of every important institution in this country? Why else have they set up a police state with internment camps already prepared for the "dissidents" and "resisters"? Why else are they having their black-robed lackeys (federal judges) making decisions that are destroying the Bill of Rights. **Book The Murder of John Paul I by Vance Ferrell. (provides very strong evidence that Pope John Paul I was murdered by his enemies). . 1999.. And I fear that the horrible things they have done in the past (such as the French and Russian Revolutions) are coming soon to a neighborhood near us all. I hope I'm wrong." The top-level Jesuits are NOT Christians they're NOT really even true Roman Catholics. If we do not quickly reverse this takeover of America. because they have been able to USE the Roman Catholic Church hierarchical system so effectively to stomp out many of the people who have resisted their efforts in the past . again. These top-level Jesuits have a "thin veneer" (exterior surface) of "nominal Christianity". tiny number of folks who will read it will then go into total denial about any possible dangers to themselves. I agree with Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky when he said. The ONLY oath that red-blooded Americans ought to take is to "protect and defend the U. And my guess is that the vast majority of this tiny.. Their eventual goal is the destruction of all Christianity.don't even believe in God perhaps.because don't you know. and in destroying nations and peoples.they really worship a different "god" than the true and living LORD God Almighty worshipped by real Christians. You know what: America does NOT need secret and semi-secret societies with blood oaths. 55 pages. 2. Constitution". then our "inquisition" will soon begin. "The Jesuits.assassinating heads of state and popes. then pfease make many copies of it and give them away free to others.S.. and much like they did when they fomented the Civil War of 1861-65 by sending their "Knights of the Golden Circle" down from Ohio to "stir up" the South to secede? You know what. their loved ones. they are like their high-level Freemason cousins . my guess is that this newsletter will probably get into the hands of a very small number of Americans. however.such as through the "Inquisition" (which. it could never happen HERE in America! WHAT CAN WE DO? If you think that this newsletter contains important information.. with the Roman Catholic Church the last piece to be destroyed. We all need to get better informed. and we can then kiss all of our Rights and our freedom "goodbye"! Finally.

" II P. NC 27622-1688. 64 pages. for prices on copies write to: "The Conversion Center.S. 1897. Publisher: MM Publishing. Army Brigadier General Thomas M. TN 37305 (write for price information). Box 31688// Raleigh. Read below from this magazine in the SIXIES . Inc. **Book Rome's Responsibility for the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln by U. (provides strong evidence of Jesuit involvement in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln'). Box 38A // Beersheba Springs.Publisher: Pilgrim Books // HCR 77. Harris. and.O.