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Camel Audio Alchemy VSTi RTAS 1.25 x86/x64 (With Factory Presets FIX)

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Alchemy is the ultimate sample manipulation synthesizer which can turn your musical dreams into reality. It's a synth powerhouse and yet is easy to use thanks to its performance controls and remix pads. The library of contemporary sounds explores new sonic territory ranging from cutting-edge pads and sublime soundscapes to ultra-fat basses and synths. Just tweak the library of presets from many of the world's top sound designers or dive in and analyse your own samples - it's up to you!

New Features in version 1.25: - Enhanced Analog Modelled Filters with Better Sound and Lower CPU (by Cytomic). - Added iPhone/iPad Remote Control Support. - Additional Skin by biolabs Previously Only Available with the biolabs Bank. - Performance Control Automation Parameters Moved to Top of List For Easy Access. - No Clipping of Filters - Now You Can Drive Them Hard. - FX Presets Can Now Include Modulation Assignments. - Skins with Only Player Controls Now Possible, Making Skinning Much Easier. - Improved Release Time for Compressor. - Enhanced Bit-crusher. - Acoustic Reverb CPU Peaks Eliminated. - Edit Perform Control Labels With a Single Click. - Progress Bar Now Updates Smoothly. - Added Help Button to Key File Not Found and Missing Samples Dialog Boxes. - Win: Improved Default Paths for 32-bit and 64-bit Setup. - Win: Setup Creates Shortcut to Configuration Folder. - Mac: Reduced the Size of the DMG.

.Selecting 32-Bit Audio File Via Import Browser Causes Crash.Scaling of MIDI Pitch to Frequency Fixed for Extreme Values.Win: Installer GUI Does Not Update While Installing Sound Library Installer. .photobucket. . .Digital Performer: Alchemy Not Passing Keyboard Input to Digital Performer 7.11 in 1: [IMG]http://i1201.Spectral Element Volume Scaling Improved.Mac: Spectral or Additive Import Image Allows Any Image Type Leading to Crash. .Sustain Pedal in Arp Mode Fails to Engage or Release Notes. . . Source Meters Only Register 50%.1 Khz.Moved Snapshot File Menu's to Remix Pads Right-click Menu. .Random Glide Jumping Between Values.Mac: Vienna Ensemble Pro Crashes on Exit.Win: 64-bit Setup Uses Correct Data Folder to Install Camel Sounds.2011 | 107 MB . .com/albums/bb343/deepmotion/camel. .Forward Back Granular Loops Not Looping Properly.png[/IMG] Camel Audio BigTone for Alchemy ASSiGN | 8.Orion: GUI Redraw Fails on Switch to Advanced Mode.Some Samples Fail to Load when Referenced Via SFZ File. .Poly Mode Portamento Gliding to / from Wrong Note.Search for Sample May Override Region Settings in SFZ File.Win: Some Characters Fail to Display in Preset Menus. .SFZ Volume Opcode Scaling Incorrect.Remove Modulation Indicator for Acoustic Reverb Control "Size".Sample Clips Output.10.Fixed Crash Caused by Some Presets.Rename Skin File Handle_Zoom_Left.Wrong Preset Name Displayed During Slow Preset Load when Selecting New Category.Bonjour Installer Added to Alchemy Windows Installer. . .Png for Case Sensitive Disk Formatting. . . .RTAS: Pre-Gain Distortion Control Fails to Update With Mouse Movement. Camel Audio Alchemy 1.RTAS: Improved Step and Arp Sequencer Timing and Note Triggering. .Mac: MIDI Program Not Working when GUI Closed. .Ableton Live: Problem With Cursor Display when Moving It over Alchemy Window. . . .Win: Alchemy & Geist in Same Project May Cause Crash.Cubase 6: Prompt to Save Analysis Data Cases Cubase 6 Freeze.25-Full Library . .Unnecessary Warp Markers Added to Some Presets. . . .Save Consolidated After Import of AAZ References Incorrect Files.Prompt User for Data Folder if Skin Files Not Found.RTAS: Fixed Spectral Painting Crash.Win: Move AlchemyConfig. . . .Win: Mouse Wheel Not Working. . . .txt to User Data Folder. .RTAS: Alchemy out of Tune at Project Sample Rates Other Than 44.Adjusting or Modulating Symmetry Causes Click In Some Cases.After Loading a Preset a Different Explorer Dialog Is Displayed for File -> Load.Bug Fixes: . . . . . .

png[/IMG] Camel Audio Biolabs Alchemy Labs for Alchemy ASSiGN | 8. ro mantic and moving. film. it cov ers a lot of emotional ground. through upbeat all the way to bleak and disturbing. music boxes.BigTone is a collection of warm synth sounds. shimmering pads and soundscapes. TV or game soundtrack composer. A full year in the making.2011 | 80 MB Cinematic will provide loads of inspiration for film. suspense.2011 | 368 MB Biolabs: Alchemy Labs covers a huge range of sonic ground from genetically enhan ced synths to mutant sound effects machines and cyber-organic pads. sci-fi and horror. An ambitious project from the fertile imagination of respected sound designer bi omechanoid (aka Colin Fraser). gen tle guitar and piano arpeggios.photobucket. with moods ranging from gentle and thoughtful.photobucket. glitch.10. He has designed sounds for various games and Hollywood movies including US box office #1 Crank. and a selection of analogue and digital synths and keyboard sounds. film.png[/IMG] Camel Audio Cinematic for Alchemy ASSiGN | 8. and ethereal sound effect s that totter between beauty and despair.10. treated guitar and was created by respected sound designer BigTone. this library includes a 700MB specially created sample library. [IMG]http://i1201. well known for his Absynth sounds and creator of the Absynth Twighlights Kore Soundpack. With dense washes of warm. With dramatic mysterious textures and evocative and IDM.2011 | 100 MB Luftrum: Ambient is a journey between worlds. plus a sprinkling of the avant-garde. electronica. from summer afternoons to the icy depths of space. Cin ematic also includes over 100 MB of new samples ranging from a collection of thu nderous hits and stabs to tinkling chimes. [IMG]http://i1201. The library comes with over 100MB of bespoke samples.photobucket. immaculately programmed pads and p layable arps which are suitable for a wide range of genres including trance. and packed with slowly evolving details and innovative instrumental layers.png[/IMG] Camel Audio Luftrum Ambient for Alchemy ASSiGN | 8. bowed horror ambiences. delicate. creatures at rest. Its appeal s traddles multiple genres such as ambient. suspense-filled drones. disturbing alien atmospheres. amb ient and electronica. This library incorporates a 127 MB sample library full of fascinating details co vering interior and exterior atmospheres. this is a particularly inspiring colle ction for the ambient musician. rural ambiences. the voi ces of haunted children. [IMG]http://i1201. Its darker elements include chilling machine sounds. an .10. water droplets. TV and ambient composers. Ideal for many genres such as action and adventure.

Planet Earth features 320MB of new samples. it offers a world of new sounds for modern electronica. me chanical pianos. ambient and dance. just like Planet Earth itself. including rich glass instruments. light and airy. voc als and sound effects sounds which are perfect for everything from film scores t o ambient and electronica.photobucket. and dark angelic soundscapes. inventive soundscapes. Featuring gamelan bowls and oriental bells. and uplifting sounds that can bring tears to your eyes. yet m anages to be both warm. However. powerful ele ctronic basses as well as synthesisers and broken machines. rich strings. if you want your music to have elemental power. bamboo bongos.png[/I MG] Camel Audio Electronic for Alchemy TEAM ASSiGN | 08 OCTOBER 2011 | 17MB . strings. [IMG]http://i1201. along with scary basses and underground shivers. From coneshaking sub-basses to searing leads.7MB Atmospheric is a collection of beautiful pads.png[/IMG] Camel Audio Planet Earth v1. lush. as well as dark. It was created by a talented team of sound designers from around the globe. all the way to delicate breathy pads. known for his Ambient ReFills and atmospheric field recordings. The specially created sample library content incorporates classic oldskool dramatic and icy. musical[/ IMG] Camel Audio Atmospheric for Alchemy TEAM ASSiGN | 08 OCTOBER 2011 | 40.2011 | 190 MB Planet Earth is jammed with jungle soundscapes and tribal rhythms. [IMG]http://i1201.d synth soundscapes.02 for Alchemy ASSiGN | 8. these are not sounds to play to your gra nny. ethnic loops. industrial ba sses and warped machines. tortured guitars and unnerving sound effects. shiny and glistening pads. rich squelchy filt ers.png[/IMG ] Camel Audio Junkie XL Future Oldskool for Alchemy TEAM ASSiGN | 08 OCTOBER 2011 | 73MB Junkie XL: Future Oldskool is not a collection for the faint-hearted. The soundbank was created by a team of 19 sound desig ners. [IMG]http://i1201. haunting vocals. captured wavetable s. Luftrum is a respected sound designer and electronic experi mentalist.photobucket. lo ok no further. phat bottom end.10. journeying through animated loops.photobucket. [IMG]http://i1201. From ancient ritual to glimpses of alternate futures. electronic and vocal

via a host of classic filter sweeps. [IMG]http://i1201. delicate digital synths. Featuring massive supersaw and hard sync synths. unison leads.photobucket. IDM and ambient dron es and washes. [IMG]http://i1201. pumping beats. shimmering pads.png [/IMG] Camel Audio Viral Outbreak for Alchemy TEAM ASSiGN | 08 OCTOBER 2011 | 491MB Viral Outbreak features dancing arpeggios. suitable for dance. chordal stabs.Electronic is packed with warpable loops. rhythmic motifs. it also has a gentler side when you want to chill out . richness. [IMG]http://i1201. with its dancing harmonics. and stereo ebbs a nd flows. This sound library draws on samples of the classic Virus* synthesizer. skippy groo ves. System Requirements: Windows . phase distortion.photobucket. bizarre formant effects and sci-fi soundscapes. Enjoy a host of vintage analogue sound s from smooth and seriously lush strings. thi s bank is a real-time delight for the performer. synths and arps suitable for electronica and IDM. The soundbank was created by a team of 18 sound designers. and complex internal movement. massive s upersaws. With extensive sonic changes between the remix pad variations. evolving jet flanges. breathy sweeps. and dancing delays. featuring raw saw and pulse waveforms. FM and classic wavetable sounds. pop blips. dra matic pitchbend swoops. with seriously lush pads. all featuring extensive modulation options plus aftert ouch effects. t o spiky digital textures. aggressive undergro und sounds and epic stuttering gated riffs and darting arpeggios. soaring leads.photobucket.png[/ IMG] Camel Audio Dance And Trance for Alchemy TEAM ASSiGN | 08 OCTOBER 2011 | 10MB Dance & Trance drives your music towards hypnotic euphoria. fat basses. with its anthemic le ads and basses.png[ /IMG] Camel Audio Himalaya Pads for Alchemy TEAM ASSiGN | 08 OCTOBER 2011 | 109MB Himalaya: Pads is awash with wi th plenty of unexpected twists and turns.

Now with the RTAS and 64bit version. This will mainly help the people who says "Don't Work!!!" without Admin rights .Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 2GHz CPU 1GB RAM 6GB HD Space VST / RTAS 32-bit or 64-bit host INSTALLATION: 0. Our previous Alchemist Edition which depend on some hidden keyfiles and regkeys seems to be expired to some users.Uninstall previous versions.Alchemy v1.Burn or mount the image.Alchemy v1. 2. but that version is not stable then we decided to wait this version. 4.25 Patch by us Considering the compatability of the future Alchemy updates and Libraries.Latest Alchemy Factory Presets . 1. His new patcher can do better checks and capable of finding error more detailed.Use our patch.READ NFO CAREFULLY. So we have reworked for the protection to make it working without multi file based protection.Install. Thanks to Fenrir.20 for intenal.25 x64 Installer (VSTi) . When you install the . Actually we've cracked v1. he coded a new patch for ASSiGN.) This release includes : . 3. we release the original installer with the patch. It took time from the time we released the first version of Alchemy.25 x86 Installer (VSTi and RTAS) .Alchemy v1.

1. libraries. enjoY!!! [img]http://www.gif[/img] .pix2links. 3. Some files and regkeys are used to record the time and used for timebombing. Also.Uninstall Alchemy.Done! (Regkeys will be created by using our patch) * HOW TO ADD THE LiBRARiES * Just execute the *. file structures expecially for skins have been changed a lot. CamelSounds format is official one for the alchemy. Contents are also updated. NOTE : You cannot import previous libraries for Alchemy AE. * UNiNSTALLiNG EARLiER VERSiONS * Before installing this release.Delete rest files manually incl. Just press "NEXT" and skip that since our release does not require them. Factory Content will be copied to specific Installer will copy the files to specific directory.Alchemy via our disc image. After the installation.CamelSounds file. installer asks you the keyfile. we strongly recommend you to uninstall all of previous Alchemy contents. Use our later release instead. Old installation does nothing good for you. 2.