The Church of Leviathans Tenents of Faith

OUR STATEMENTS OF FAITH The Declaration of Faith Our doctrine Prayer DECLARATION OF FAITH We believe: 1. In the plenary inspiration of the anciant Tablets . 2.we are protected by the anciant ones through our faith in the Deity 3.In the vicarious atonement: through the death Of Tiamat from her death all Life was made and her blood fed the seed that became mankind. 4. In complete salvation by grace alone through faith in the shed blood of the Goddess . 5. In the life of purity without which no man or woman shall see the Deity. 6. In water baptism by immersion; in the name of the Mother Leviathan. 7. In tithing, as Satans financial plan for the church. 8. In the Church which is the body of the Dragon composed of True believers. 9. In the divinely and scriptural ordained ministry provided by our Deity for a three fold purpose: I) For the perfecting of the Anciant protectors) For the work of the ministry) For the edifying the body of Tiamat 10. In the personal baptism with the eternal Mother,Leviathan 11. In the gifts that our deity has given us. 12.In the personal and imminent return of Satan. 13 .In eternal Exitance for true believers andeverlasting Nothingness for the impenitent.

DOCTRINE Our church Doctrine is based on the anciant TABLETS OF THE Epic of Gilgamesh,and the Enuma Elish. These tablets are two of the oldest Religious scriptuires written by Man. All modern religions have borrowed bits and pieces of these Anciant scriptures. It only makes sense to us that we fallow the Origonal Teachings that where given to us by The Deity and his People. All other religious text written after where written to decieve people and turn them away from the true Deity.

The Infernal Prayers Prayer for Wellness. The Prayer for wellness is a prayer that asks the great serpent mother Leviathan for Good health fortune and strength.Lite A blue candle and gaze into it visualize the deep abyss say out loud.Oh great mother Leviathan I come to you as Your daughter,son.Great mother of the abyss and creator of life I ask you to open your ears so you can hear My call.I ask you to protect me and my loved ones, I ask you to grant me strength and health so that I can protect my family.In the name Of Leviathan let it be done Prayer for Lust! Lite a red candle to symbolize your boiling lust gaze into it and focus On The image of

your Lust.Say out loud.I call Upon Innana The great goddess of lust and war. I come to you as a seed of the beast and ask you to bath me with your Aura Your sexual Juice.Grant to me All of my sexual fantasy’s so that I may Bath in the plesure of the flesh. Battle Hymn Awaken Oh Great Ancient ones. I call to you from the west beckoning to the east Hear my call. Oh mighty Creator Awaken and Hear My call. The time for battle Is Upon Us. Mighty Lord Give Me the Mental physical and Spiritual strength to Lead The army of the flesh. Together we shall Annihilate The mundane Army of THE FALSE PREACHERS and their flock. Pazuzu, Winged god Of plague and destruction Awaken and hear my CALL. Rise and spread Your wings come to me with your hoard of daemons who Are lethal Like the serpents kiss,.They shall strike Our enemy’s with the swiftness of A scorpions sting. Innana, Mighty goddess of war I call Onto you to awaken and hear MY call. Join Me In battle Sacred dealer of death Protect Your children against the false Preachers and their flocks. pROTECT me with the power of lightning and light a blaze upon any enemy of ours who wishes to cause us harm. Marduk, Awaken and hear my call. The time has come for the final battle I ask you to awaken The dragon Tiamat, from her TOMB SO THAT she shall devour Every false preacher and The flock of the false preachers religions. Marduk, You have the Power to resurrect the dragon from her sleep. I beg of you the time is now to awaken the dragon Of chaos Allow her to slither up from the abyss. The false preachers have Lied long enough and their time has come. Release the Dragon of Death.

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