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Welcome to Macaulay Honors College at The City University of New York!

Rooted in the vitality of our home city, and the intellectual energy, academic tradition, and individuality of CUNY's senior colleges, Macaulay provides outstanding educational opportunities, advising and financial support, the tools our most talented students need to excel in New York City and the world, in college and in life. Selected for their top high school records and leadership potential, each Macaulay student is awarded a full-tuition merit scholarship, giving them the freedom to pursue their academic goals without financial burdens.

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Statement from Interim Chancellor William P. Kelly:

September 20, 2013 During the first two weeks of the semester, demonstrators from within and outside the University have gathered near the Macaulay Honors College to protest the presence of Visiting Professor David Petraeus. By nature, universities nurture the reasoned expression of dissent, including the right of peaceful protest. CUNY has long embraced the responsibility to encourage debate and dialogue. Foreclosing the right of a faculty member to teach and the opportunity of students to learn is antithetical to that tradition, corrosive of the values at the heart of the academic enterprise. We defend free speech and we reject the disruption of the free exchange of ideas. Accordingly, CUNY will continue to ensure that Dr. Petraeus is able to teach without harassment or obstruction. In so doing, we join with the University Faculty Senate in defending the right of CUNY faculty members to teach without interference.

Statement from Dean Ann Kirschner:

Macaulay Honors College The City University of New York September 12, 2013 Monday, Sept 9 2013 was a great day for learning. Millions of NYC school children returned to their classrooms. New Yorkers were preparing to exercise their right to vote. And in one classroom at Macaulay Honors College, Dr. David Petraeus, visiting professor of public policy at Macaulay Honors College for the 2013-14 academic year, taught the first session of his honors seminar: "Are We on the Threshold of the (North) American



Macaulay Honors College -

Before and during Dr. Petraeus' class, however, a group of protesters demonstrated in front of the college. That demonstration ended before the conclusion of the class. Sometime later, while walking off campus, Dr. Petraeus was confronted by a group of protesters, who surrounded him and persisted in following him, chanting as a group, shouting at him, and pounding on a car that he entered. Harassment and abusive behavior toward a faculty member are antithetical to the university's mission of free and open dialogue. Although this may be obvious, this kind of behavior strikes more deeply at the heart of our cherished American right to express our beliefs without threats or fear of retribution. As a result of this incident, I released the following statement on September 11, 2013: "Our university is a place where complex issues and points of view across the political and cultural spectrum are considered and debated in the hope that we might offer solutions to the problems in our world. In order to advance reasoned debate on such issues, it is important that multiple points of view be heard. "Great universities strive to connect their students with remarkable leaders and thinkers so students can examine a variety of ideas, debate them, and form their own opinions. Those perspectives find expression through discussion in and out of the classroom. "We may disagree, but we must always do so in a spirit of mutual respect and understanding. While the college supports the articulation of all points of view on critical issues, it is essential that dialogue within the academic setting always be conducted civilly."

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