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:On The Cover:
MetaCreative Magazine's Summer cover features the incomparable drag superstar Jackie Beat, photographed by Peter Palladino. In addition to being a world renowned drag queen, Jackie Beat is a supremely talented and accomplished actor / actress, comedian, writer and singer who infuses her own distinctive flair into all of her projects. Check out our exclusive interview with Jackie on pages 23-27, where she shares some of her insight into the dynamics of creativity! To visit Jackie Beat online, go to: Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

About the Photographer: Peter Palladino is a Los Angeles based photographer, who specializes in portraits, the printing of silver gelatin prints, and digital photo illustration. He has exhibited San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego and Los Angeles, including works collected in the L.A. County Museum Of Art, the Los Angeles Center for Photographic Studies and the Quentin Crisp Archival Collection in New York City. To learn more about Peter Palladino visit:


Hoist The Colors

Multimedia Design By: Madeleine Juda



Madeleine Juda (cont'd)

You Broke Me


Madeleine Juda (cont'd)

Despues De Ti My name is Madeleine Juda and I'm a 21 year old multimedia designer with a passion for digital art and photography. I want to make people think or remember things when they look at my artwork or photos. As long as somebody "feels" something I am happy with my work. View my portfolio:


Introduction To Creative Flowdreaming
By: Summer McStravick ............................................................. The following excerpt is taken from Creative Flowdreaming: Manifesting Your Dreams in the Life You’ve Already Got, (Hay House 2009) by Summer McStravick. It is published by Hay House and available online at or at your favorite bookstore. ............................................................. Lately, I’ve come to see myself as something of a manifesting practitioner. I suppose this is how many disciplines evolve: with someone waking up one day to discover that they’ve created something wholly different—or at least a unique variation on an old theme—then realizing that others are fascinated by their findings, so they begin to teach. I’ve found a set of tools that works for me, and a cohesive perspective about living that seems to answer many of my questions, but which is still incomplete. Within this perspective lies a very spectacular truth: that you can learn to shape the subtle energies of your life, and thereby become a person with the ability to perform the magic of manifesting, or of guiding the woof and weave of the subtle energies that develop your future. But the ability to direct these energies is almost a side effect—a lesser truth—that pales against a larger understanding of life that this book is largely about. When I began writing, I had a completely different book in mind. I tried to write that book, but ended up writing instead about what is interesting to me today—not what interested me two years ago when this book proposal was accepted. I found that there was more power in the current unknown depths where I’m exploring, instead of in the known shallows of last year and the years before those. I was also surprised that I had to write so intimately, meaning from me to you. I had expected to write something with a much more obvious scientific grounding, and offer everything in authoritative phrases based on other people’s research as a crutch to support my own. And then one day early on in the writing process, the thought, It’s just like Bird by Bird, popped into my head. While it’s been years since I read Anne Lamott’s book about the art of writing, what I distinctly remember is that it’s her very personal account of what it feels like to write. She’s less concerned with giving people a technical how-to, involving plots and grammar, than simply sharing her experience of what it means to have this creative art in her life. You don’t learn to write from her; you learn to become a writer.


Introduction To Creative Flowdreaming By: Summer McStravick (cont'd) In Lamott’s method, I saw the parallel to what I teach: the art of creative Flowdreaming, or manifesting. Over the past four years, I’ve laid out the fundamentals of Flowdreaming and Flowthinking in another book, eight CDs, and almost 250 hours of radio shows. Here, I won’t be teaching you how to manifest; I’ll be teaching you how to become a manifester. (For some of you, this may lead you to becoming a manifesting practitioner, too. Others may simply dabble in the art as needed.) I have an intense interest in laying out a picture of what it’s like to live and work within what I call the Flow—of which Flowdreaming is an important aspect. Like Lamott, I find myself sharing my thoughts and speculations with you. And almost every time I sit at my keyboard, musing over one nuance or another of this practice, I try not to feel afraid that revealing to you honestly and candidly what I don’t know will usurp the credibility of what I do know. I want to share my own doubts as well as the shimmering breakthroughs that often came on the heels of those doubts. The truth is that there’s still so much to discover; in fact, we’re still just learning how to ask the right questions. So I’ll push you toward thinking about the things I’m thinking about. I’ll relate stories and examples. I’ll tell you about lines of thinking that have opened new doors for me and taken me beyond many of our traditional ways of understanding our world. And I’ll let you know why I think these ideas may be true, as well as about cherished beliefs that no longer seem valid at all. I was shocked several years ago when I realized that this idea of Flow, which so much in our lives centers on, has made me completely overthrow the majority of my past spiritual beliefs. It’s as if the basis of my spirituality has been ripped apart so that a new understanding can take hold. I’m now going against the grain of most popular alternative religious practices and thought. What I’ve been led to believe clashes with the popular interpretations of reincarnation; ghosts; karma; evil; out-of-body and psychic experiences; and other Eastern, Western, and New Age beliefs. I didn’t try to do this. It was the fallout from probing a very specific process—Flowdreaming. Flowdreaming was the door that led to another universe. There are many books today that use cutting-edge scientific research to discuss the idea that you can shape your reality with your mind. Everything is “quantum” this and “quantum” that. However, once it’s been scientifically established and brought out into the mainstream that you can change things— manifest—through the power of your consciousness, then what? I hope to open your mind to the possibilities that lay ahead. I want you to consider things that are brand new and possibly shocking. I want you to learn how to work with and shape the energies we are all made from. I want you to have hope and even enthusiasm for what this means for your life. At the very least, you’re going to read the innermost musing of one woman’s mind as she’s undergone certain strange experiences and reached conclusions based on her observations. You will be introduced to new ideas, or at least new interpretations of very old ideas. Ultimately, you’ll come away with an intimate portrait of how one person on this planet is living her life. The book is organized in three parts. In the first, I’ve explained and defined such concepts as the Flow, Flowdreaming, and manifesting. The second part presents Flowdreaming in a larger context and shows where it’s taken me through the years—the real-world effect I’ve experienced from living so intimately in the Flow. Part III, “Musings,” is a collection of essays that gives examples of where Flow energy has been especially stimulating for me.


Introduction To Creative Flowdreaming By: Summer McStravick (cont'd) I’ve curbed the scientific jargon in Creative Flowdreaming because I want you to think from the gut. I wanted to write as if you and I were having dinner with friends. During this type of conversation, we’d feel comfortable exploring the boundaries of our beliefs; we’d be stimulated by thinking about our friends’ views and how they differ from our own. We’d be open with each other because we’d feel safe —no one would be trying to convert us or make us defensive. I hope you’ll identify with some of what I’ve written here. I really do believe that everything I’ve seen and felt, others have seen and felt, too. I draw many parallels to the natural world, and it’s possible that some natural scientists may not completely agree with arguments I’ve made . . . or they may find further overlooked similarities. My analogies are meant to point out tendencies and natural parallels, to show how systems reflect each other, and how all life is part of the same interconnected system. What I’m doing is trying to draw you in to look at life from a particular perspective that offers great power as opposed to struggle or victimization. How we live our lives is ultimately a choice. May the art of creative Flowdreaming become yours.

As both developer and director of the online radio network, Summer knows how to speak to women without giving in to cheap stereotyping. Her years developing dozens of all-talk programs and cuttingedge Internet and on-demand delivery methods, backed by her ten years in the self-help media industry and as an author herself of two self-help books, Flowdreaming and Creative Flowdreaming, has given her a keen eye for the demands on modern women everywhere. On her radio network, Summer delves into what makes us tick, focuses in on our lives and relationships in today’s uncertain times, and brings in amazing guests from her huge network of self-help celebs to help us sort it all out. Listeners will enjoy Summer’s real, useful advice and her broad, insightful knowledge of today’s topics. Summer McStravick on Hay House Radio:


Mixed Media On Cardboard By: Claudio Parentela

Claudio Parentela is an illustrator, painter, photographer, mail artist, cartoonist, collagist, and freelance journalist who was born in Catanzaro, Italy where he currently works and resides. Claudio contributes to a number of art, literary and comic magazines in Italy and around the world. His 'obscure, crazy' artworks are presented in many art galleries and have also been featured in various music and literary projects. The featured artwork displayed in this issue of MetaCreative Magazine are created with mixed media on cardboard. The actual size of each piece is 50 cm x 70 cm and all were created in 2009. Learn more about Claudio Parentela and his art on his official website:


Disclaimer: Not for the Faint of the Meta-Fizzly Heart
By: Danielle Egnew
I find myself wanting to begin this article with a disclaimer. When I find myself in this predicament, I suddenly realize that perhaps I should try and approach another topic, one that does not require me to back-peddle before I have, well, peddled any distance forward at all. However – that’s simply not my style, so onward we press. I work in what can only be termed as The Spiritual Industry. Yet curiously, and sadly, because I am at the behest of those who hire me, very little of what I do involves edifying the spirit. In my understanding, my job as a Clairvoyant Channel (or Medium, as I’ve been termed as of late), is to assist people with their highest path. However, I find that most people are not interested in their highest path, but the easiest path. And nary shall these two ever meet, until the compunction to substitute “easy” for “highest” is worked out within the client. As long as a client goes on about their business, deluding themselves that it is in their highest interest to employ me, or Joe Psychic, or Madame LaZonka to “Psychicly Spy” on their ex, or try and guess the Lottery numbers, or figure out why that one person they met on a dating site isn’t calling, although they themselves have never called, written, or spoken to said person outside of a singular IM that read “lol, I like hotdogs 2” – the client will continue to reap what we in the industry like to call “their own Karma”, and we from Montana like to call “Buying their own horse-pucky.” In other words, if you buy a pair of high heeled Versace shoes, and your justification on the $5000.00 price tag is that you’ve convinced yourself to wear them to the gym so you can feel good about your work-out and less guilty about the car payment you’re now making on the shoes, then don’t go crying into the locker room when you pop a heel at the first rotation of the Elliptical Hell Machine. And mostly – don’t go crying to The Universe about how unfair it all is. Because any self-respecting Angel over your shoulder would be forced, by Universal Law, to utter, “Well? What were you expecting from shoes made NOT to work out with?” Angels are notorious for ending nearly Yoda-like sentences with prepositions -- an unfortunate side effect of English as a second, or third, of fiftieth language, no doubt. But I digress. Humanity is constantly puzzled by the fact that our most piddly effort brings forth the most piddly results. And we will literally pour thousands of dollars into the pockets of Spiritual Workers, wanting to be told otherwise. Considering I was teaching workshops and classes on the “Like-Attracts-Like” Universal Law when “The Secret” was still in diapers, this human need to deny the obvious, to buck the system, to execute the out-and-out denial of the same Spiritual Physics that dictate Piddly-Breeds-Piddly is, well – a rather sad human trait. In our infinitely stubborn human need to bash a square peg through a round spiritual hole, we really believe that we can change the Spiritual Physics of Like-Attracts-Like if we just call enough 1-900-Psi-Grrl lines until we get that ONE lady who is just there to make her son’s house payment, and will tell the client anything they want to hear as long as the meter keeps running, thus, fostering a wrong belief that “Destiny” is behind every inane decision the client ever wished to make. The truth could not be farther from Madame LaZonka’s nail-filing, ramen-eating $3.99 a minute reading. You see, for those of us who work in this field because we have a deep calling to assist in connecting the client with their real-world ability to implement their most dynamic, powerful, inspired gifts, for no other purpose than to help that soul shine as brightly as possible so that they may not only illuminate their own path, but the path of others – this “fast-food-psychic advice” is not only disingenuous to the people paying for good guidance, but it’s dangerous, as it’s one of the most predominant cornerstones in the building of what I like to call the MetaFizzler Culture – the Zealous-Outside-The-Spiritual-Box equivalent of The Religious Right.


Disclaimer: Not for the Faint of the Meta-Fizzly Heart By: Danielle Egnew
(cont'd) MetaFizzlers are the bi-product of too many self-help books and too many 1-900-Psi-Grrl gift cards, who are often seeking another reason for their good ol’ dose of American emotional laziness being the cause of their lack of personal identity. MetaFizzlers refuse to accept that any intrinsic spiritual law, especially Piddly-Breeds-Piddly, is a rule of thumb, because somewhere they read that if they click their heels together three times, they’ll end up in Oz where Jim Morrison will have Tantric Sex with them until some Arc Angel gives them Harry Potter’s Wand. MetaFizzlers are the denial-laden culture that have bastardized the world-changing dynamics of Like-Attracts-Like until the power of The Law of Attraction first was reduced to watered-down fodder for corporate motivational speakers, then a social club, and finally nothing more than a self-indulgent cult. Conversely, that same personality type has committed Spiritual Identity Theft many times before throughout the ages, most recently with the name and likeness of Jesus Christ -- for the very same purpose. Denial in the name of something larger than ourselves in an attempt to justify our lousy choices has been big religious business for literally thousands of years. The truth is, Destiny does not support ignorance. However, if a client’s path is to learn enlightenment through living out the consequences of their own ignorance, then Destiny will smile upon ignorance as a tool. But that’s a different story than Destiny smiling upon a client who chooses ignorance to BE a Tool. In fact, considering that we are responsible for weaving our own Destiny, then one could responsibly argue that our very design intrinsically prohibits us from choosing ignorance. Yet -- we’re too busy calling Madame LaZonka to pay attention to the obvious, which is that we ARE our own Destiny, and our OUTWARD ACTIONS TODAY are the mortar for which our future kingdoms are built. Yes, our thoughts are important in calling to us the right combination of intentions, but the truth, the real spiritual truth, not the $3.99 a minute truth, is that in this three-dimensional free-will experiment, the Spiritual Physics of ACTION is, as they say -- where the money is. You are the most dynamic ingredient for Miracles that was ever created – don’t squander the wonder. After all, would you burn a bundle of one million dollar bills just to see fire for the first time?

Danielle Egnew is a Clairvoyant Medium whose background in bringing paranormal and spiritual topics to the mainstream media encompasses work in film, television, radio, and print as producer, director, writer, creative consultant, and actor. In addition, she is an accomplished recording artist, with over 14 pop, rock, and instrumental albums to her credit. Danielle currently resides in Los Angeles where in between her production schedule, her private metaphysical practice assists Fortune 500 Executives, Hollywood studio heads, Law enforcement, as well as celebrity and private clientele. Danielle Egnew Online:


Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting A Film By Danielle Egnew
Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting
is a riveting featurelength paranormal documentary written, directed and hosted by Psychic / Medium Danielle Egnew, whose name you may also recognize as award-winning recording artist / music producer (Pope Jane, Danielle Egnew and her Whiskey Roadshow Band), and produced by both Egnew and music / radio star Jenny Sherwin (aka Sheena Metal, The Sheena Metal Experience / LA Talk Radio). The film uncovers the origins of the terrifying and unpredictable haunted history of the previously undocumented Montgomery House Bed and Breakfast in Kalama, WA. With the aid of local Native American tribal leaders, historians, a psychologist, reputable paranormal investigation groups, as well as first-hand paranormal accounts from Bed and Breakfast guests, owners, local townsfolk, and a plethora of spiritual healers and leaders of many sects, the dark secrets and complicated identity of Montgomery House are brought into the light. Unlike many paranormal documentaries, which often focus on the sensational, Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting not only presents compelling evidence of the existence of other-worldy beings living among us, but reveals and examines the individual ingredients that come together to birth a haunting of this magnitude. Psychic Danielle Egnew works closely with skeptics, investigators, and unearthly beings alike to apply science and spirituality in order to bring into focus some of the most frightening cornerstones of the unknown, for the purpose of educating the mainstream public on the physics of the unseen reality that exists around us, everyday. Filmed on location in three different states and packed with edgy music, from Danielle Egnew’s own original score to many other fresh artists, Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting is an unnerving but fascinating twenty-first century expose on what lurks in the space between what we recognize as truth, and what we choose to understand. Visit the website to view the trailer, search for screenings, news, and cast / director appearances, and more! On Myspace:


By: Chris Kapono (Mandarin Moon)

Polymer Clay Journals

Deep Blue Sea Journal


Rainforest Journal


My name is Chris Kapono and art and nature have been a part of my life since I was a young girl. I was a tomboy and a bookworm with a love for animals and nature. On a summer day you’d find me high in a tree reading a good book as I swayed in the breeze or exploring a nearby creek. My room was and still is filled with rocks, feathers, mosses, plants, seed pods, insects and other interesting creatures. I’d spend hours at the library researching my findings and would create journals full of drawings along with all that I’d learned. Still today I love to walk in the woods, off the beaten path. My favorite treasures are those that I’ve found not bought in a store. Recently someone gave me a cluster of pink crystals and I was so delighted. To me that is much more precious that a bouquet of flowers or a pretty necklace. This love of nature is reflected in my drawings, paintings and now in the blank journals I hand paint and decorate with polymer clay. Roots and Leaves Journal Often, I start with a blank book and a vague idea of what I want to create. Sometimes I just pick up the clay and let my imagination guide me watching as one idea leads to another until the finished piece lies before me. “So there you are” I think to myself. I am absorbed in my work; stories and conversations playing in my mind as the piece develops. Hours fly by and I’m often startled when I look up and the sun has set long ago…or it is dawn the next day! I’ve always given my art away to family and friends but a few years ago I decided to try selling my work. I was so thrilled with my first sale and now my art is sprinkled all over the globe. I’ve never traveled outside the U.S. but little pieces of me live in far off places that I hope to visit someday! Mandarin Moon Online:

Butterfly Book Decal


Catching Up with Bibi McGill
An Interview By: Mystikka Jade
I first interviewed Bibi McGill on MetaCreative Radio back in 2007 as she was wrapping up the 'Experience' Tour with Beyonce. Bibi is once again on the road sharing her soulful musical talent as the lead guitarist and musical director / band leader on Beyonce's “I AM” tour. Bibi's dynamic energy radiates from the stage when she rocks out on her guitar. Her creative, earthy presence is also reflected in her unique personal style. In this interview, Bibi reveals what she has been up to in her musical, personal and spiritual life. Read on to learn more about her green lifestyle and values, and find out how to keep up with her online!


Bibi McGill (cont'd) In October 2007, I interviewed you on MetaCreative Radio. Since we last heard from you, what new developments have occurred in your music career? I can't say there are any major developments in my music career. After my first tour with Beyonce, which lasted about a year and a half, we had about a 10 month break. During that time I moved from Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon and spent most of that time deflating and relaxing. I intentionally chose to spend my time doing things that were not musical. I didn't go see live music, I rarely picked up the guitar and I didn't perform with any local bands. When the band came together again to prepare for the Beyonce "I AM" tour, I've realized how much I've grown as a Musical Director and band leader. I'm much more comfortable and confident in the position. When you are on tour, what do you do to stay centered? It's what I do when I'm not touring that helps keep me grounded when I am touring. The touring life is not glamorous. It's extremely hard work. We have a lot of late nights and early mornings. I try to work out or do some yoga when I can, but whenever there is a little free time on the road I usually want to sleep. So, whenever we have breaks in the tour, I usually do as much yoga as I can and will also do a cleanse or a fast to get my body and mind balanced again.

What has been happening in your life personally? Personally I'm the happiest I've ever been. A lot of it has to do with the fact that I live in a very peaceful city (Portland, OR). People are very down to earth here and life moves at a slower pace. Also, being financially secure relieves a lot of the stress that us struggling artists go through, so I'm very grateful to have a job doing what I love and not having to count pennies.


Bibi McGill (cont'd)

Bibi's Garden

What motivates you to put so much time and energy into your garden, and what foods have you grown? I'm drawn to gardening for many reasons. One is knowing that if necessary, I could live a completely sustainable life off the grid. There's nothing better than putting your time, energy and love into growing and caring for your food and then having the pleasure of eating it straight out of the garden. Not to mention it's very rewarding to be able to share your food with others. It's also very therapeutic to get your hands and feet into the earth, learning the cycles of the sun, moon and seasons as well as discovering which plants need what and when. I'd be very happy to have my own farm one day. In fact it's in the plan. Last Spring and Summer I grew green and purple kale, bok choi, broccoli, collard, mustard and turnip greens, lemon cucumbers, beets, carrots, lettuce, strawberries and several blueberry trees. I also grew a number of herbs such as basil, dill, lemon thyme, chili peppers, rosemary and 4 different varieties of mint. I also have fragrant plants such as gardenia lavender. My garden was very abundant and 70% of the time I ate from it. I did have some problems in the process of growing my tomato, bell peppers and eggplant. For my Fall and Winter gardens I had more collards, radish and brussel sprouts which are my favorite. This season I'm planning on mainly sticking to kale, broccoli, various greens, cucumbers and a few herbs while adding squash, artichoke and perfecting the growing of the tomatoes. I'll be on tour a lot of the time, but I'll have great harvests to come home to during my breaks.


Bibi McGill (cont'd) I noticed on your facebook update you mentioned that you are also working on a moss garden and a sustainable cedar hot tub. What's your purpose for those projects? I love going on nature walks here in Oregon and I wanted to try to recreate some of my favorite places to hike and bring it to my backyard. I love the green lushness of the forest with moss, ferns and other native plants. I also love natural hot springs and a cedar hot tub is the closest thing I can get to that for my backyard. As someone who places a high priority on living off the grid, in addition to having a garden, what would you suggest for people who want to lower their carbon footprint? I would suggest an electric car, a hybrid or bio diesel car. Ride your bike and walk whenever possible. Always recycle. Buy cloth bags for your groceries rather than paper of plastic bags. Take shorter showers. How can our readers support you and your work? They best thing readers can do to support me and my work is to just send me good energy by keeping me in your thoughts and prayers.

To connect with Bibi McGill online, visit her on myspace: For posters, beanies and more, visit Bibi's online store at: Catch Bibi LIVE on tour with Beyonce:

About the interviewer: Mystikka Jade has been a professional empathic psychic for over 15 years. She has taught classes on subjects ranging from meditation to psychic development. She continues to provide her services to an international clientele while maintaining a 5 star feedback rating. Mystikka is also a freelance writer and artist, and the founder / publisher of MetaCreative Magazine. She has interviewed a number of revolutionaries including but not limited to: Sylvia Browne, James Ray, Derek Humphry and Jack Herer. For more information about Mystikka, visit:


World Of Lucky Lulu

Mr. Owl 21

World Of Lucky Lulu (cont'd)
Lucky Lulu is a
psychedelic digital artist whose otherwoldly designs have been featured in several issues of MetaCreative Magazine, including on the Fall 2007 cover. Lucky Lulu creates colorful, 'pulsating' animated images in addition to the nonanimated type of images that are featured here. She has a wide gallery of work and a variety of prints for sale. Visit Lucky Lulu on her official website:

...And view her deviantart gallery here:

Obsessive Thoughts


An Interview With Jackie Beat
By: Mystikka Jade

Photo by: Peter Palladino


An Interview With Jackie



Photo: A still from the Dirty Sanchez music video for "Youth In Asia.”

Drag Superstar Jackie Beat is a multifaceted entertainer with an impeccable, one-of-a-kind style. She is especially known for her razor sharp stand-up comedy and powerful singing voice. You may recognize Jackie from one of her appearances in a variety of film and television projects or from her popular YouTube videos which have been featured on Perez Hilton and countless other web sites. Jackie regularly performs her hilariously outrageous song parodies in live shows across the U.S. and has a number of CDs available (see to shop). Jackie is also the lead singer of the electroclash sensation, Dirty Sanchez, and is a professional writer with a wide range of media experience. It is a rare treat to encounter someone as colorful and thought-provoking as Jackie Beat. Her candid, expertly-written blogs are loaded with funny, sometimes shocking metaphors and remain as insightful as they are entertaining. The more I discover Jackie's creative range the more intrigued I become and I simply *had* to pick her brain about it and share what I learned with you!


An Interview With Jackie



What strikes me the most about you is your immense creativity, and how it comes through you in such diverse ways. I understand you were born with natural artistic abilities, yet how did you further develop each of the following particular skills? a) Writing

Years and years ago, when I was mostly just performing and doing photography and art, a numerologist did a reading for me. She asked whether I wanted her to look at my birth name or my stage name, Jackie Beat. I chose my stage name and she said, “You are all about the written word!” I was like, “Huh?” But it really is true. I am a word freak, and I love nothing more than writing. The most important thing you must do to be a good writer is READ! And if you want to write movies, then watch tons of movies! I think most people learn from osmosis -- it’s like learning another language and being immersed in it really helps.
Photo by: Peter Palladino

b) Acting

Acting is about a very specific zone. You have to be aware of the camera -- or the audience -- and then forget it. It’s a weird Catch 22 regarding control and letting go, concentration and not thinking. You can also learn to act by watching others and picking up speech patterns and mannerisms. To me, acting is ACTING -- it is not reality. There is nothing less real than reality and if you don’t know what I mean, then watch an awful reality show. You can always tell when something is contrived or choreographed. There is nothing sadder than some of these reality “stars” who cannot even play themselves! This is the reason that there is nothing creepier -- and more realistic -- than a very innocuous almost-boring dream in which nothing really happens!
c) Singing

Singing, to me, is like being nude. You need to give 100% and just let go or it doesn’t work -- your throat will betray you (No jokes about that one time I was with a particularly healthy Puerto Rican gentleman, please!). I love people with unique voices like Sandra Bernhard. I know a lot of people who hate her voice, but I adore it. I love Morrissey and Robert Smith -- not by any means perfect voices, but honest and expressive. Of course I adore Janis Joplin. If she was on American Idol she would be told that she’s pitchy and should lose weight. It’s so sad! By the way, people ask all the time, and I have NEVER had a single voice lesson.
d) Comedy

Again, it’s a zone. You need to prepare and rehearse and write and then just let go of all of it and perform without a net! Comedy is a language and it’s all about timing. I honestly don’t know if you can really learn it. I feel like I was born funny.


An Interview With Jackie
e) Female impersonation



I don’t really consider what I do to be “female impersonation” simply because I do not really accept the cubby holes of “male” and “female”. It’s all merely artifice. No woman comes out of the womb with three inches of makeup on and double false eyelashes! I consider Jackie Beat to be a high-concept character like Elvira or Pee Wee Herman. It just so happens that the person beneath the “female” character is “male.” Women in this world can express a much wider spectrum of emotions, not to mention sartorial and tonsorial creativity. I would much rather play a complicated woman than an uptight man of few words. This is why I kind of don’t get drag kings. Why would you want to feel and/or express LESS? And in our society, men are very limited to what they can and cannot express. But a character that is ultimately both -- or neither, depending on how you look at it -- can say and do anything IT damn well pleases!
If you could accomplish any three random things in this lifetime, without limitation, what would you choose to do?

Fly, eat whatever I want and never gain weight, and having the wildest unprotected sex with Jake Gyllenhaal.


An Interview With Jackie



Your house is completely unique and full of color, just like you! If an additional room were to be added on to your house, what would you do with the space? What theme and / or color combination would you choose to decorate it with?

I would like a small room that was nothing but clocks. I love the idea of overkill and a clock is something you really only need one of in a room. So the idea of having HUNDREDS -- all over every wall and on every surface -- sounds great to me. It would essentially just be a very elaborate art installation, but just imagine the looks on people’s faces when they walked in!
What does spirituality mean to you?

Being myself, noticing the beauty of everything around me like trees and the moon and fruits and vegetables and the sky and animals. Not being afraid to smile at people and be friendly. I will never understand people who can walk down the street and pass a dog or a baby and not smile. As far as I’m concerned, making people laugh and forget their troubles is a very spiritual and noble profession!

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About the interviewer: Mystikka Jade has been a professional empathic psychic for over 15 years. She has taught classes on subjects ranging from meditation to psychic development. She continues to provide her services to an international clientele while maintaining a 5 star feedback rating. Mystikka is also a freelance writer and artist, and the founder / publisher of MetaCreative Magazine. She has interviewed a number of revolutionaries including but not limited to: Sylvia Browne, James Ray, Derek Humphry and Jack Herer. For more information about Mystikka, visit:
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Pixel Mandalas By: Michael Arnold Mages

New Mandala


Pixel Mandalas By: Michael Arnold Mages (cont'd)

The Song Within


Pixel Mandalas By: Michael Arnold Mages (cont'd)

From The Earth
Since the late 1990’s I have been interested in the ways that the computer intersects with the body. In a limited way, the computer lets our thoughts and visions intersect with the visions of others. With this series of pieces, I became interested in the possibility of computing as a meditative practice. In this series of mandalas, I created a program to slowly scan through and sort the pixels of photographs. Depending upon the photo, the process can take from a few minutes to several hours. The process of creation then involves attempting to maintain a mentally detached attitude while watching the program’s output, and waiting for the moment that seems appropriate to stop the program and produce the image. A lowerresolution version of this program can be viewed here: In my mind, these mandalas fold into one another the meditative practice of creating a mandala, the programmatic nature of traditional mandala creation, and contemporary technologies. While it may seem that the computer might produce a perfect mandala, when reproduced at large size a viewer can see the tiny errors introduced by imperfect computation. Through these errors, the pixels liken to grains of sand, where irregularities and chaos are to be found throughout the entire work, yet the fusion of these irregularities produces a kind of wholeness. Michael Arnold Mages To order prints, contact:


Variations of Shadow: An Excerpt from Shadow Magick Compendium
By: Raven Digitalis


Variations of Shadow: An Excerpt from Shadow Magick Compendium By: Raven Digitalis (cont'd) The following are some of my own interpretations of the various aspects of “the shadow,” and is an overview of the chapter construction of this book. Working magick with these elements of darkness can be invaluable, as taking the initiative to face the shadow—in whatever form—allows a fuller view of self to emerge. When performing magick concerned with darker aspects of oneself and the world, remember that a securely structured energetic circle is a must. This can protect a practitioner from external astral vibrations and entities, giving a space of clarity and discretion regarding which aspects of the shadow should be worked with and how. Please note that this list does not include “physical” shadow, which is the darkness we perceive on the physical plane, such as shadows cast by light, the darkness of the night sky, the color black, and so on. The Internal Shadow (ch. 1): In Jungian psychology, this is the darker side of human nature. Portions of the self that have been repressed exist here, as does the “Dweller on the Threshold.” Also called the Watcher on the Threshold, the Dweller on the Threshold represents the sum of the magician’s delusions, fears, accumulated negative Karma, misunderstandings, limiting beliefs, and anything else that can possibly interfere with the magician’s path to enlightenment and spiritual attainment. Many psychologists recognize “the critic” as part of everyone’s unconscious mind; it is viewed as the portion of the psyche that concludes perceptions in favor of failure, acting as the absolute protagonist.” Choronzon The “Dweller in the Abyss” and the ultimate embodiment of antispiritual ego, Choronzon was originally recognized as a demonic figure by Edward Kelley and John Dee (Enochian magick), and later expounded on by Aleister Crowley. He (or ‘it’) is said to be the last thing the magician faces in his or her path towards enlightenment, and is quite often recognized as being an aspect of the magician’s own mind, much like “the critic,” rather than being an entirely external force. When denial occurs, thoughts are pushed to the back of the mind, and into the unrecognized internal shadow. When darker emotions arise, such as sadness, anger, and apathy, it may be considered a conscious surfacing of the internal shadow. Just the same, a person may be aware (or somewhat aware) of their darker characteristics, which is the first step in working with one’s inner shadow. The External Shadow (ch. 2): One’s external shadow is simply a projection of the internal shadow. Gone unrecognized, the external shadow can manifest through projection. For example, a person may believe that no one finds them attractive, when the truth of the matter is that they do not accept their own attractiveness themselves. External projection can happen in limitless ways, and can arise from any repressed beliefs. Also included in this definition of the external shadow are the shadows of others. In other words, any aspect of “shadow” that is not your own can be considered external. For the purposes of this book, the chapter entitled as such will explore types of magick that rely on external forces, yet connect with and have an effect on one’s internal reality. The Astral Shadow (ch. 3): The astral plane is a reflection of the physical world, and carries energies that are generally invisible to the untrained eye. The astral is the realm of guides, guardians, and ancestors. Thoughtforms, deities, dreams, and “Everything possible to be believed… “Everything possible to be believed is an image of truth” comes from William Blake’s The Marriage of Heaven and Hell.” exist on the astral. Naturally, the astral plane carries currents of darkness that are directly linked to the shadow of the human psyche and the natural world. The Shadow of Nature (ch. 4): As a prime example, the food chain may be considered part of nature’s shadow, as one life form must feed on another to survive. Destructive acts that we call murder, rape, and theft are “natural” crimes of the animal kingdom, existing in the primitive aspect of the animal psyche. While animals cannot control these survivalist instincts, humans have the unique gifts of morality and ethical discretion, allowing us to choose against these behaviors. Additionally, the destructive aspect of nature herself may be included here, such as natural disasters and even poisonous plants. Additionally, shadowed aspects of nature like eclipses, the dark seasons, and the dark moon may be considered the shadow of nature, and these types of mysterious aspects of nature’s shadow will be explored in that chapter.


Variations of Shadow: An Excerpt from Shadow Magick Compendium By: Raven Digitalis (cont'd) The Shadow of Society (ch. 5): The unseen, hidden, suppressed, or overlooked aspects of our culture and society can fall under this category. Insofar as my own definition, the shadow of society is predominantly not a positive one. Skewed cultural worldviews, underhanded corporate crime, religious fanaticism, and self-serving politics can be considered a part of society’s shadow. The social shadow is greatly shaped by the internal shadow, that is, devastating socio-political crime is often no more than horrid projections of certain peoples’ inner fears and psychoses. The chapter of this title explores the social shadow in connection to magickal spirituality.

Raven Digitalis (Missoula, MT) is the author of “Shadow Magick Compendium” and “Goth Craft”, both on Llewellyn. He is a Neopagan Priest and cofounder of the “disciplined eclectic” shadow magick tradition and training coven Opus Aima Obscuræ, and is a radio and club DJ of Gothic and industrial music. Also trained in Georgian Witchcraft and Buddhist philosophy, Raven has been a Witch since 1999 and a Priest since 2003, and has been an Empath all of his life. Raven holds a degree in anthropology from the University of Montana and is also an animal rights activist, black-and-white photographic artist, Tarot reader, and is the co-owner of Twigs & Brews Herbs, specializing in bath salts, herbal blends, essential oils, and incenses. He has appeared on the cover of MetaCreative, newWitch and Spellcraft magazines, is a regular contributor to The Ninth Gate magazine, and has been featured on MTV News and the ‘X’ Zone Radio show.

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Metaphysical Book Reviews
By: G.L. Giles My Review of Raven Digitalis’s Shadow Magick Compendium: Exploring Darker Aspects of Magickal Spirituality (Llewellyn Publications © 2008)
Having read and thoroughly enjoyed Digitalis’s first release, Goth Craft: The Magickal Side of Dark Culture, in 2007, I eagerly awaited the publication of his Shadow Magick Compendium in 2008. However, I seriously doubted that I could possibly get as much out of it as I did Goth Craft. Happily, I was mistaken, for the Shadow Magick Compendium has taught me just as much, if not more, than Goth Craft did. As Digitalis states in the “Introduction” on page 11 of the Shadow Magick Compendium, “This is not a beginners’ book…it is perhaps best called an intermediatelevel book.” Furthermore, it’s a “non-Goth-specific book” (p. 10). And, personally I enjoyed that it wasn’t too Left Hand Path or Right Hand Path; rather, both were presented in various ways throughout. Yet, though the material presented is marvelously well-balanced, it does focus “mainly on one’s personal connection to the divine darkness” (p.11). Digitalis does a great job of offering suggestions for interpreting shadow magick versus restrictively labeling it. Plus, the book is divided into the different guises of shadow: Chapter 1 is The Internal Shadow, Chapter 2 is The External Shadow, Chapter 3 is The Astral Shadow, Chapter 4 is The Shadow of Nature, and Chapter 5 is The Shadow of Society. One of Digitalis’ primary talents is to make the old relevant to the new; one of the best examples of this is seen in the section entitled “Scrying the Jelly: A Ritual Meditation” where you’re taught how to perform “a meditation in front of the TV” (p. 173). Digitalis goes on to explain that, “Like any other medium, TV can convey supremely spiritual messages” (p.173). I love that he oftentimes merges the 21st century with what I call the Old Ways, for that to me achieves the very elusive balance of respecting the past while acknowledging that we all are, indeed, living in the present. G.L. Giles ©2009


Metaphysical Book Reviews

By: G.L. Giles (cont'd)
My Review of Living the Law of Attraction: Real Stories of People Manifesting Health, Wealth, and Happiness by Rich German and Robin Hoch (iUniverse, Inc.©2008)
I’ve read many books on the Law of Attraction at this point, and many of them were very good. I’d say that this one is great, however, because it takes the L.O.A. further by actually presenting true stories of how it’s impacted some people’s lives in the various stories presented. I couldn’t help thinking, throughout my reading of these heartfelt real life stories, of the adage: Facts tell, stories sell… There’s nothing like proof positive, of what’s known to be abstractly true, by reading about real life occurrences. So, it’s wonderful to read the stories of triumph, by those who’ve actually put the Law of Attraction to the test, in various areas; the stories are divided into “Health and Wellness,” “Stories of Triumph over Pain and Depression,” “Stories of WeightLoss Success,” “Stories of Success in Sports and Fitness,” “Stories of Career Success,” etc. Hence, it’s easy to read motivational stories, divided into specific parts within the book, in areas that you might be desiring to see more success in yourself.

Some of my personal favorites are: “The Sky’s the Limit,” “Hear What They Aren’t Saying,” “The Wonderful Spirit in that Guy Giving You the Finger,” and “The Quarter.” All are inspiring, but many are quite humorous as well. Furthermore, for those not familiar with the Law of Attraction, Bob Doyle’s Foreword will help clue you in. He was one of the people featured in the hit movie The Secret. The fact that he endorses this anthology sets it apart from many L.O.A. books in and of itself as well!
G.L. Giles ©2009 35

About G.L. Giles

G.L. Giles is thrilled to announce that her first traditionally published work, the Special Edition Compendium, will be released sometime in June 2009. It includes a reworked version of V3: The Vampire Vignettes ReVamped along with graphic novel-like adaptations of V2:B4 and The Vampire Vignettes. It will be available through Alexandrian Archives at Giles is also happy to be a regular contributor here at MetaCreative Magazine, Psychic Times International, AEA and Infernal Dreams. To read more about her previously published books, go to:



Faux Cupcake
By: Jara of Creative Abubot
This past year, I've gone gaga over cupcakes. I've spent countless of hours surfing the net for recipes and tricks on baking that perfect cup. I've cried over my over baked cupcakes and frostings that have gone bad. It's been quite a while since I started my quest on making perfect cupcakes. And now, my cupcakes, though not perfect (yet), are "o.k."...and my son loves them. But due to the non-stop increasing prices of almost everything, including gas (and LPG which I use on my oven), I have taken my cupcake baking addiction to a halt. I've since then diverted my attention to faux cupcakes, after stumbling upon few websites which teach one how to create these fake treats. They looked like such eye candy! And since I'm a crafty person, I wanted to get my hands busy creating some. I think it's a great project idea to make them and give them out as gifts to family and friends. And as a single mom trying to make ends meet, I thought I could sell these (if I even succeeded in making one), and create extra income.



My Faux Cupcake Story - By: Jara (cont'd)
I searched all over the internet for instructions and tips. I only found a few suggestions to use "this" and "that" materials. What the heck? I might as well give it a try! So, I rummaged my dad's garage for some left-over materials that I could use. I was really excited to create my first faux cupcake. Alas, I ended up with a very heavy, uninviting, sad looking cupcake. It's so heavy that I don't think it would be a great idea to try to sell it. And darn, the fake frosting ran down like a mud slide after piping, and cracked after drying. I still have it, my first awful faux cupcake. Out of sheer frustration, I poked it with pens while it was still drying! Now, it's sitting on my desk, posing as a pen holder.... an ugly one, that is! Yeah, I know, it's not just a fake's also a fake pen holder! LOL! After my first attempt at making a faux cupcake, I still tried... and tried... and tried!. But I still ended with a sad looking cup. I never thought that it would be this hard to create one that looks like the real thing. I couldn't sleep for weeks, trying to figure out how to do this. And the hardware store had become my favorite hangout after work. I would stand in the aisles and stare at different products. Would this one work? Or maybe, that one? After trying out a handful of different products and materials, I have finally come up with my own formula (and it's a secret! Sorry!). My first faux cupcakes with this formula are much, much better looking than my sad cupcake pen holder. And my own formula is a lot lighter, too! Each faux cupcake is approximately 43 grams to 45 grams, while my sad looking faux cupcake weighs 135 grams (or even more!). And yes, they now look yummy! And no longer are they pen holders, they're now photo holders! I have kept on polishing and perfecting my faux cupcake formula. I want my faux cupcakes to look as real as possible. I don't want my fake frosting to look dry, like those cake displays at cheap bakeries. I'm still experimenting with different materials. But for now, I'm very happy with my secret formula and I really enjoyed creating these fake sweet treats. I have already created different designs...or flavors...uh...whatever you call them!

My faux cupcakes are sold in my Etsy shop on: For those who wanted to try making these faux cupcakes themselves, please visit my blog at: for some tutorial links. I have found some links of tutorials that are a lot simpler than my process and uses almost the same materials. The end result is still yummy looking! You may just want to add your own creativity and imagination!


Grace, Gaia and the End Of Days - A Discussion With Stuart Wilde
By: Mystikka Jade

After reading Stuart Wilde's latest book, 'Grace Gaia and the End Of Days,' I was thrilled to have the opportunity {Thanks to Richelle at Hay House} to interview him about some of the ideas that he writes about in the book. I was also able to ask Stuart about his experiences with Ayahuasca (a shamanic brew containing DMT), and explore his perspective on psychedelics and how DMT and psilocybin impact spirituality. I left the conversation with Stuart feeling inspired by the depth, intensity and directness of his words, as well as by the eloquence he uses when articulating his ideas. In addition to being enlightening, our chat was great fun and I look forward to presenting it to you on the following pages! To purchase Stuart Wilde's latest book, 'Grace, Gaia and the End Of Days,' please visit:


Grace, Gaia and the End Of Days - A Discussion With Stuart Wilde (cont'd)
Mystikka: Stuart, in your book, 'Grace Gaia and the End of Days,' you say that we are in the age of destruction.  Stuart Wilde: Yes, I do.  Mystikka: I would like to know, what is the age of destruction and how do we survive it?  Stuart: Well, I'm not sure that we can really survive it, but it’s the destruction of the planet, and essentially the destruction of the human soul. We are in a descending evolution. Humanity has gone lower and lower and become more and more degraded as time has gone on. We've seen visions of beings that were twelve feet tall that walked the earth, the remnants of which are the Maasai people in Africa. Those beings could run 40 miles an hour! We're sort of runts compared to them. Our soul has been endarkended, it's been made worse with the degradation of the feminine spirit. The world is full of extraordinary states of violence. There is pornography on the internet, child labor, pedophilia in the Catholic Church, pedophilia in Belgium... massive darkness against children and women. We see Gaia as the feminine spirit, as the Goddess that has returned to the planet, to reclaim it. Part of the destruction is what humans have forced upon nature, such as the mass slaughtering of a billion animals a day and the destruction of the water and the air. But also, it's the destruction of Gaia upon us, as she takes the planet back. I used to think of it in terms of being a vengeance, but I was in error there. That was just in the very early days when I saw the visions and I didn't really completely understand them. She has no vengeance against us; she just wants her planet back.  Mystikka: I noticed that in your book, you say that only about six percent of people in the Western World have a soul.  Stuart: Yes.  Mystikka: I want to know, how did you come up with that percentage, and why is it so low?  Stuart: Well, to say that it's 'so low' would have to give it a point of reference. It's not really necessarily low or high. It has to do with the real warmth inside people. *Gurdjieff said that humans don't really have a soul, they have to fight to earn one. And what he meant by that is, we live in a kind of collective group soul.   So let’s say you are a fundamentalist Methodist and you live in Fort Worth. You have an identity, a soul, a mind, a feeling that is akin to, lets say three quarters of a million people that live in the greater Forth Worth area that are the same as you. You don’t have an originality, you don’t have a vibrancy outside the group soul of Methodists that live within that particular town. So that is what Gurdjieff was talking about. He was saying that because humans are lulled through the matrix into this sort of drone like state, they exist in vast clusters. Whether they're Hindu, Buddhist, stock exchange, high fliers, whatever. They live in the cluster to define themselves.   Gurdjieff said that you have to fight for a soul, through meditation, introspection, quietness and through spiritual disciplines, in order to develop originality. He felt that linking into those inner worlds 41

Grace, Gaia and the End Of Days - A Discussion With Stuart Wilde (cont'd)
through these techniques took you into the creative pulses of divinity, or God, or what we would say was the 'feminine spirit.' Of course once you are in that creative pulse, you develop an automatic originality and can produce creativity very fast. You come up with ideas that no human has ever thought of and you do things that no human has ever done. Or, you lean in that direction. Gurdjieff set everybody in this group soul idea. He was the original writer that came up with that, and then we saw it by watching the Aluna, which is a mirror world we believe is akin to an anti-particle world. It’s not “anti” in the sense of dark or evil, it just an electrical polarity that is opposite to our polarity. We live in a universe of only positive particles. All the negative particles were rubbed out because at the big bang or shortly there after, when the universe began. The positive particles and the negative particles wiped each other out. However, there was a slight excess of positive particles, so a tree, a giraffe, a person, an apple, or an orange could come into existence. These mirror worlds that we watch in trance are what we believe, anti-particle worlds. So you have a doppelganger in the mirror world. There is another you that is the minus electrical bracket or the minus electrical equation. The plus electrical equation is in say Minnesota, or wherever you happen to be today. So that mirror version of you is actually your spirit, or what new-agers would call your soul in the spirit world.    We watch inside the Aluna, sometimes hundreds or thousands of different people. We can watch people hurting each other in the back streets of LA, we can watch darkness going on in the golden triangle, shipping heroin from the north to the south, and we can watch whatever we want to watch.   Most people are represented in the world by their social self. So they have their niceties, and their Mr. Nice Guy routine, and they have all their pretenses. But deep down they don’t care about killing people, or killing animals. They don’t care about the pain of the animals and they don’t’ care about other humans. So they may pretend to be all girly-girly, lovey-lovey, 'here’s a chocolate, 'lets party.' But in fact, there is a deep seeded resentment and hatred that’s inside of them. So watching the hatred and assessing the numbers, we came to see that about 94% of all the people are deeply dark. They are invested in a massive amount of hatred and disdain for humanity, the animals, and nature. They don’t have any genuine celestial warmth and so they don’t really have a soul, they have a group soul and then they have this darkness that’s inside of themselves that they don’t admit to.   So Mr. Nice Guy fries the hamburgers, sausages and bacon. He’s jovial while handing out the beer, but generally speaking, he has an enormous disdain for women, he’s a womanizer, he’s got these really dodgy businesses that he runs. He’s ripping people off or being a predator. The nice guy routine hides the devilish person that is actually there. Now in reality or normal society, we can’t see the devil, unless you have very acute perception.     Mystikka: So you’re talking about watching all of this from the Aluna. His mirror version, or doppelganger, is not a bright soul. He does not have a projection of himself in the spirit world that actually is of light. Is that what you’re saying? Stuart: Yes, you see the social self will pretend to be OK. Hitler didn’t go around saying, “I murder people and I’m absolutely ghastly, and I take morphine, and I break the legs off spiders.” He pretended to be a nice person. He felt he was solving Germany’s problems and getting the trains to run on time. But you would see the devilish person in the Aluna. So that is how we know there are very few celestial people.


Grace, Gaia and the End Of Days - A Discussion With Stuart Wilde (cont'd)
This world is just about to enter a colossal crisis, like a holocaust of pain. All of these massive upheavals are all organized and mathematically designed to happen on particular days and particular times. When these things happen to the planet, there will be tens of millions, maybe even a billion people that will return back to God and they will begin to question and look within. We are going to have a kind of enforced redemption and then there will be about four or five million people that just don’t care about redemption. They are going to take a gun, and go try to find a can of beans.  Mystikka: Okay, that’s very intense.  A lot of the readers of MetaCreative Magazine are not just metaphysically inclined, but also psychedelically inclined. I wanted to ask you about your Ayahuasca experiences and how they influenced the book?  Stuart: It was only marginally influential, but on an Ayahuasca journey, and I’ve done 90, you do see the digital fractal worlds that the alternate dimensions are made of. Sometimes you’ll see the Aluna and you’ll see humans interacting. Beings come and talk to you. Other times, you’ll have a being come along and perform an operation on your kneecap or something that you injured playing tennis ten years ago. We see those beings all the time on the Ayahuasca. I’m very keen on Ayahuasca because our DMT is being depleted as you probably know. The depletion is created a lot by fat in the diet. And a lot of the depletion is because of stress.   Because DMT is depleted in the brain, hundreds of millions, or billions of people don’t really dream, and they don’t vision without that 'spirit molecule.' Without the DMT you can’t vision. So essentially you can’t really communicate with the spirit without it. So I was a great believer in Ayahuasca. In the west in certain countries, for example in America, it is illegal and considered a class A drug. But in South America it is considered a medicine. I spent an awful lot of money and effort into pushing and promoting all the various shamans that weren’t totally evil, and getting people to go to the Ayahuasca. Then I started my own Ayahuasca temple in Ecuador, because most of the places where Ayahuasca is done, with a couple of exceptions, are usually very grungy. Or you have to go to the jungle, which of course is the true ethnic experience. But sometimes westerners are not really ready for all the mosquitoes and lack of latrines and so forth. So I put my Ayahuasca gigs in a very beautiful resort in Ecuador, where each person gets their own cabin and fireplace and service just like any regular hotel. I ran that for several years.  You take the Ayahuasca and 40 minutes later you are looking at the fractal reality of the Aluna world and the multi-dimensional worlds, because it’s replacing the DMT in your brain. Yes, people are very judgmental and laws have been passed to stop it, but it does really help people and I do believe in it. There are certain people that shouldn’t take it, such as those people that are psychiatrically disturbed or that are liable to go a bit skitzo on it. Holland just passed a law against mushrooms. It was completely 100% legal to take mushrooms in England, and then they passed a law against mushrooms. I can’t quote you the legislation, but it was like two years ago. And Ireland had a completely free law for mushrooms, and then they passed a law against them. So, essentially, all of these various forms of psilocybin or DMT are being sort of closed off to legitimate buys or sellers like the Amsterdam shops. It’s like the matrix making sure that no one escapes, you know?  


Grace, Gaia and the End Of Days - A Discussion With Stuart Wilde (cont'd)
I’m a great believer in those things, but I think you have to be careful. I know people that take mushrooms as a recreation, and as a recreational drug it really doesn’t work. Then there are kids that take too many. Mushrooms are a serious medicine and you have to take them in exactly the right quantity. You can’t tell by looking at a mushroom how strong it is. It depends on the day, and how you feel, the circumstances, what you ate, how dry the mushroom is, or how wet it is, and so forth. So some people really, really spook out on mushrooms. You need a shaman who really knows what he’s talking about (to guide you). I trained with a Celtic shaman in the forest, he showed me what he knew. He was very kind and I was very moved. Mushrooms are a difficult business because nowadays it’s illegal.   You know the other thing that people are taking a lot of now, but it’s extremely illegal, are DMT crystals, which (Terence) McKenna wrote about. McKenna said that DMT crystals are like the most powerful drug in the world. And it’s true because you can take like a 20th of a gram, inhale it and within 15 seconds you’re out, you can’t feel your body. The actual journey is through these fractal digital worlds or though the hell worlds, but you see this multi-dimensional reality. We call it the hyper state. You see the hyper state, and it only last for about 15 minutes, but it is the most extraordinary 15 minutes of your life. McKenna said it like it is, it is the most difficult drug. You have got to be brave to take DMT crystals.   Mystikka: Right, and I believe you are referring to the N,N-DMT, not the 5-MeO-DMT, correct?  Stuart: Yes, I believe there is a different molecule in it because it’s synthesized. It is really, really powerful. I’ve only ever done it once.  Mystikka: I’ve heard stories of people taking too much of it.   Stuart: The thing is if you put it in a glass pipe or water filled bong and smoke it, the first puff you’re already on your way. By the second toke you’re defiantly on your way, and usually you’re out before the end of the third toke. So that is how strong it is. So you may think you smoked a twentieth of a gram, but most of it is still in the bowl because you never got around to toking it. It is very strong, but it is very trans-dimensional and very beautiful. But I don’t recommend the use of DMT crystals, because it is so powerful. Unless you’re with people that really know what they are doing. I don’t know what the dangers are. I would never recommend it. I don’t know of anyone ever dying on Ayahuasca. I’ve never heard of anybody. But I don’t know whether on DMT you could get into serious grief.   Mystikka: I can imagine that one might leave their body and not want to come back.  Stuart: Yes, I’ve heard of that experience as well. Many people have told me that, many.  And of course mushrooms, there are deaths on mushrooms. Sometimes because the electrical impulses from the brain to the heart become disrupted, but also people become psychotic and jump of a bridges and stuff like that. So mushrooms can be dangerous if they’re over used.   I wish that we were allowed to have mushrooms, but let’s say only in the hands of certified practitioners.   Mystikka: Yes, approached in a sacred manner.


Grace, Gaia and the End Of Days - A Discussion With Stuart Wilde (cont'd)
Stuart:  Yes. In the forms of legalized shamans and doctors that believed in it. But I don’t think that world will ever happen.  With Ayahuasca, you either do it illegally, or you spend three of four grand flying to South America. You have to take a week off work, etc.  What we do, we take homeopathic doses of it. We take a small amount each day for 90 days. Say 15 mls. And we take it at night, before we go to bed as an ongoing everyday dose of it. Once I went on a 30 day mushroom kick. I took Mushrooms every day for 30 days with a Shaman.  Mystikka: That is hard core!   Stuart: Yes, that was very hard core. It was a sort of training, but then I pulled away from the mushroom business because it became illegal. I just got out of the whole thing. This was years ago.
*George Ivanovich Gurdjieff (20th century mystic)

About Stuart Wilde (from: ) Known as an urban mystic and modern visionary, author and lecturer Stuart Wilde has written 18 books on consciousness and awareness. He has a humorous and simple way of explaining things that are controversial, self-empowering, mystical and transformational. His writings include the very successful Tao's Quintet, which are considered classics in their genre. They consist of: Miracles, Affirmations, The Force, The Quickening, and The Trick to Money is Having Some! Stuart Wilde's way of writing is often very moving and his information is highly original and detailed, many of the great writers and teachers in the self-empowerment genre have studied with him over the years. Stuart's perceptive and quirky way of writing has won him a loyal readership. His books have sold in the millions, and they have been translated into 15 languages. To purchase Stuart Wilde's latest book, 'Grace, Gaia and the End Of Days,' please visit:

About the interviewer: Mystikka Jade has been a professional empathic psychic for over 15 years. She has taught classes on subjects ranging from meditation to psychic development. She continues to provide her services to an international clientele while maintaining a 5 star feedback rating. Mystikka is also a freelance writer and artist, and the founder / publisher of MetaCreative Magazine. She has interviewed a number of revolutionaries including but not limited to: Sylvia Browne, James Ray, Derek Humphry and Jack Herer. For more information about Mystikka, visit:


Divine Awakenings By: Chris N. Varthalamis

Divine Awakenings 1


Divine Awakenings 5

Divine Awakenings 2

Divine Awakenings 3

Molecular Synaptic Guru
Chris N. Varthalamis Entered into this realm: 08-08-75 From unknown dimensional star galaxies Purpose: to live, learn, love, lucidate in this dream time essence, through art, music, and noospheric connection to oneness. Sometimes I hear a tone, an underlying molecular structure, forming itself from consciousness, learning from itself. I attempt to act on the tone and ride it's essence. Sometimes I am successful, sometimes I am not. The unexpected manifesting and learning experiences are the excitement of living here. We all have a tone that we ride in our lives, each one is different to the individual, yet we travel on the same path. My hope is that my path, will harmonically resonate and attract positive love, light, and harmony with all that is, thru art and music. No matter what the internal or external struggle at any given moment of time, the knowing that there is forever peace if you so choose it, is the drive to unite as one. Love and light to all.


Astrological Happenings Quarterly
By: Suzi Dronzek
July's hot temperatures begin to heat up our relationships with others. Shifts in our behavior and needs introduces new individuals into our lives, while loved ones could feel left out in the cold. Express what is internalizing to avoid miscommunications. When Uranus retrogrades on 07/01, we crave freedom from our existent relationships to do serious soul searching. Mercury is in Cancer 07/03, and subconsciously we're sending out mixed signals to loved ones. We want closeness, but as we attract it, we withdraw. Venus is in Gemini 07/05, and we're reconnecting with our creativity, in search of new personalities for fresh partnerships and inspirations. Relationships begin merging once again. Mars is in Gemini on 07/11, and we're extending ourselves outside of the circle, careless to what others might think. Mercury in Leo 07/17 means confidence rises and we enjoy all the new attention. Sun in Leo 07/22, and Venus in Cancer 07/31 encourages us to be compassionate of others feelings, and to nurture our own soul and inner child! Playfulness is required! August continues to get steamy as our cheerful side is leading us into new directions! We're more bold and courageous about exhibiting what our heart wants. We're taking better care of ourselves, and it shows! Mercury in Virgo 08/02 causes thoughts to transpire as to what we have been doing for the past few months with our lives, and what we hope to develop from the choices that we have been making. We spend more time than necessary analyzing our life, while becoming consciously aware and concerned of where our life is headed. We're looking for something solid, so we temporarily retreat from the world to reorganize our priorities. Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius 08/05 results in an inner awakening that encourages us to ignore the world, and to follow the beat of our own drum. That has a beautiful ring to it. Sun in Virgo 08/22 brings our work and personal development into focus. Our reputation and how others view us becomes of importance. We attract a shift in our relationships as well as in our work. What we have been reconstructing, is manifesting - and we're satisfied. Mars in Cancer and Mercury in Libra 08/25 creates a balance in romantic and professional partnerships, allowing us to push even harder towards our personal achievements. With Venus in Leo 08/26, hard work is recognized and awarded! Somebody's watching be sure to dress for success the rest of this month! September cools down and begins to create a mold of what we've been firing up in our lives and relationship with others. A Full Moon in Pisces 09/04 is a powerful time to add last minute touches to complete this template. Desires are too irresistible to not be granted! Mercury retrogrades 09/07 and technological machinery and communication skills become stuck in a time warp. Breakdowns happen where problems exist. We get a chance to repair weak spots. Pluto turns direct 09/11, and transformative motions will start to take place in our lives. With Mercury in Virgo 09/17, nervous energy may consume us if we are letting it eat away at us. Be extra productive now. With Venus in Virgo on 09/20, we realize work is almost therapeutic as our stress is leveled. We're inclined to throw ourselves in our jobs for the next few weeks. Sun moves into in Libra 09/22, and balance is restored and we're at peace with ourselves, as well as with those around us. Mercury goes direct on 09/29, and it's time to focus on friends and family again, and reap what we've sown for the last few months! Root beers for everyone! Starcana, aka Suzi Dronzek, is an Intuitive Consultant with over 20 years of experience in spiritual astrology, mystical tarot, and the metaphysical arts. Private, professional tele-sessions are available for inner guidance, self help, and relationship compatibility. For information and rates, call 724-832-9283, or visit:


The Art Of Oh


Fallen Angel


The Art Of Oh


I tell stories with my pastel paintings. They are narratives layered with color and emotion, symbolic expressions of my travels and observations, and sometimes insightful studies of humanity and our body language. My art has evolved from the belief that any form of creativity cleanses our emotional bodies, and this led to further studies and explorations in metaphysical practices, allowing me to journey through expanded visions of consciousness to a world infused with light, color, great beauty and


etheric forms. Sometimes the paintings are channeled, but often, form emerges on a blank “canvas” through the layering of color (in the more traditional methods of Abstract Expressionism). The techniques of my working process remain visible as they render a translucent, metamorphic quality to the pastels. This gives a vibrancy and rhythm that is wholly sensual… a timeless and contemporary feeling of movement in each painting, reflecting and celebrating the constant transformation of our soul journeys. More about me can be seen on my site:


MetaCreative Magazine
Publisher's Notes
Summer – 2009
If you are interested in what goes on behind the scenes of MetaCreative, how I came up with its concept, etc. check out Jeanine Austin's Simply Divine Solutions June/July newsletter. It features an interview with me about my work with MetaCreative Magazine. Dr. Jeanine is a life coach and has contributed her articles to a number of MetaCreative Magazine issues. MetaCreative Magazine is currently available in three digital formats (PDF, flash and iPaper) and can be found all over the internet. If you like a tangible newsstand feel, download the PDF version for free and print it out! There are several options available for passing MetaCreative on to your friends and networks. You can even display the mini viewer on your blog / myspace page / etc. which can allow readers to flip through the magazine without leaving your site or page. Just visit the official website for details: To be alerted of the release of the next issue of MetaCreative Magazine, please subscribe to MetaCreative Magazine (free) on I am currently seeking volunteers for the following activities: editing, marketing, transcriptions and business management. If you are serious about volunteering, please email me a note about your strengths and experience in your requested area of volunteering. Before you submit your art or articles, please thoroughly read the FAQ on the website. I am often sent great content that I cannot use due to the fact that the submission guidelines are not followed. I also created the FAQ because I simply do not have the time to personally answer the same questions over and over, such as “What size / resolution images of my artwork should I send you?'' Thanks to Andrea Luidahl for her assistance in transcribing and editing the Stuart Wilde interview! Wishing all of you a blessed Summer season!

Mystikka Jade
Founder/Publisher of MetaCreative Magazine


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