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To bring to you safe, 98% natural, and cheap options opposed to many drug store, or over-the-counter products which can be dangerous in the long term, versus many organic/natural companies that charge an arm and a leg for better quality items than their hazardous brothers. We promise to keep it clean, keep it natural (dyes are always OPTIONAL in our products) and keep it cute. J


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Have a Feel!
A bomb that makes your skin so smooth that you'll be itching for anyone to have a feel- and with a warm vanilla and chocolatey scent, youll smell just as great!
USD $5.00 ea.

For those unaware, a bath bomb is a 3.5 ball of chemistry! The ingredients have a chemical reaction when the bomb hits the warm bath water, and it fizzes and spits out good smelling oils and fabulous colors! Some of them even have fun stuff inside to heighten the experience for you. All of them your ailmentsor just for wanting a good bath! have been heavily researched and self-tested, bringing you the best oils for

The Bath Bomb Collection

Sleep Tight Zzz..z

A bath bomb infused with agents that provoke sleep, and fight insomnia. Also relaxes skin, making it soft and supple. Youll be snorin before you know it.
USD: $5.50

The Look of Love

for men AND women- and soften the skin to make it easier to play around with, with Cocoa Butter, real rose petals, and Sandalwood.

A bomb that stirs up the sex drive-

USD $6.00 ea.

So, Ya Had a Bad Day?

boy can instantly brighten a mood for some, and forces others to relax. Forget what your boss said-- sit back and enjoy that new smile on your face. You won't have
USD $5.50 ea.

Winters Itch
Raw skin from the wind and cold of
winter? No problem! Take a nice warm bath with this little guy, with whole milk and oatmeal inside, and your itchy, red skin will be soothed and smooth as silk! And with a light cocoa aroma, youll smell great too.
USD $6.00 ea.

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The Morning After Bomb

Ever party too hard on a Friday night? Wont matter, now! With scents to calm the stomach and soothe away headaches, as well as being chalk full of detoxifying agents, kiss those hangovers goodbye forever.
USD $5.00 ea.

A Bit of Pumpkin Spice

Theres no better time than Fall for the wonders of spice!! Cinnamon, nutmeg and Jamaican ground Allspice combine with fresh apple and pumpkin smells to entice your senses and deliver some warm comfort in the cold autumn night. Let the sea and Epsom salts soothe away the hustle and bustle.
USD $6.00 ea.

So, she ate the fruit. Doesnt mean that WE have to suffer, ladies. This bombs good for cramps, nausea, headaches, and other ailments with geranium, peppermint, green tea, and other agents. Antibacterial to kill unwanted odors.
USD $5.00 ea.

Eves Mistake

California Sunrise
Missing the sun? This tie-dye, saltwater bomb will restore your sense of peace and inner warmth with its tropical, fruity edges and blissful body relaxing abilities.

Bourbon St.

All dressed up and nowhere to go? Try something truly decadent with the scents of the Garden District in New Orleans- Jasmine, Rosemary, Rose, and Spicy Cinnamon, with a surprise inside. Back in time in no

USD $6.00ea.


USD $6.00ea.

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Hippy Dippy

Be a flower child again with a lovely little friend. Melt into a floral bath and relax with some Grateful Dead, or The Beach Boys. Every little thing is gonna be all right.
USD $7.50ea.

Its true. Fantastic Faces supporters are constantly spoiled by us! But since WHEN is that a bad thing?! For the months in Autumn, purchase a mason jar full of bath saltsEpsom and Sea Salt Blendswith the Bath Bomb or shoppin! Shower Shaker scents of your choosing, all at the same easy price! Yep. Get

So Spoiled


This salty bomb lurks at the bottom of the sea, where barnacles have attached and begun to grow! Savory sea smells of Frankincense and wood, with Tropical airy scents pair to peak your sense of adventure.
USD $8.00ea.

Day Dreamin

Youll fall asleep under the clouds after just a few moments basking in this warm vanilla, and honey smell. Have yourself a good old fashioned fantasy.
USD $7.00ea.
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Cinnamon Skin

Roll with the punches, and spice up your life! Cinnamon essential oils and fresh spicy herbs rejuvenate and stimulate groggy skin cells. Also helps grow healthy, thicker hair!
USD $6.50ea.

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All Cleared Out!

Weve all been there. When our vs sound like bs, and the nose becomes a cherry of sorts; theres no better cure than a healthy mixture of Eucalyptus, and Peppermint, to promote better breathing in the steam!
USD $7.00 ea.

Shower Shakers: Standing Room Only!

Not a big bather? Dont fret just yet!!! It has come to my attention that many of us just dont have the time for a lazy splash in the tub so lets kick it up a notch! These monsters are thick1.5 times the size of an ordinary bath bomb, and will knock you on your butt as far as strength of aroma goes. NOT to be used in the tub, these puppies have 3 x the amount of essential oils to help weave their way up to your nose holes in the steam of the shower. * TIP: While showering, pick the shaker up and use it softly as a body exfoliant while you shower to nourish and soften the skin to complacency.

Your muscles will gladly climb into bed after you spend 15 minutes inhaling this heavenly fragrance. Lavender, Chamomile, Apple Blossom, and Ylang Ylang Oils help stimulate visions of a warm field on a Spring Day. Your eyelids are getting heavy so heavy.
USD $7.00 ea.

Everyday When I Wake UP

Start your day with a blast of energy! Citrus melts into the air as Lemon, Orange, and Epsom Salts-for the bottom of those sleepy feetcombine to create a great beginning for your day! *TIP: Also a great pick me up for the after-office-slump, so you can choose your attitude before dashing out to meet friends!
USD $7.00 ea.

Bedroom Eyes
Stressed at work? No problem. Pull this boy into the shower for about fifteen minutes and enjoy Ylang Ylang, Rose, Frankincense, Sandalwood, and others as you feel yourself climbing into your bedroom eyes. Slipping into something more comfortable? Oh, yes.

USD $7.00 ea.

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Satin Sophies
A. B.

Sugar Scrubs
Natural, gentle sugar scrubs combine organic sugars (brown, C. white, and raw) with fresh herbs, famous oils, and wonderful scents. All scrubs come in 16oz Mason Jars. J

*TIP: Prone to oily skin? Pair this guy with a baking soda scrub you can make in your kitchen! The baking soda will exfoliate, and the Sugar Scrub will keep skin healthy, nourished, and smelling great!

My natural body powders promise to leave your skin feeling soft, silky, freshly washed, and free of any body odors! All scents come in 6oz metal tins for your preferred usage. J

Laid Back Loui

Lavender and Peppermint scented, Olive-Oil Blend on Organic Sugar
USD $10.00 ea.

A. Relaxi Taxi
A mix of lavender and chamomile herbs with a dash of vanilla.
USD $6.00 ea.

B. Minty Fresh
A powder spiced with real ground peppermint leaves to cool down.
USD $6.00 ea.

C. Spicy Wifey
Cinnamon and Sage combine to warm the skin naturallydoes not color skin.
USD $6.00 ea.

Gentle Gary
Sweet Orange and Tea Tree Oils blended in Grapeseed Oil meet soft, White Sugar and baking soda to keep from irritating sensitive skin, but still nourish and exfoliate equally.
USD $10.00 ea.

Tall, Dark and Handsome

Sandalwood and Frankincense boggle the girlish senses Like what you see? Like us on Facebook! blended in Coconut and Olive Oil blend with a pinch of baking soda. Brown Sugar.
USD $12.00 ea.

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Our Lip Balms

Foot Fizzers

Luscious Lemon
Lemon and Coconut
Balm. Great for people sensitive to smells! Very gentle.
USD $3.50 ea.

Peppermint Patty
Peppermint Oil and Cocoa Buttera harder balm with a cool senstation.
USD $3.50 ea.

Cinnamon Swirl
Naturally plumps lips with spicy edge! Warming cinnamon and vanilla with Olive Oil.
USD $3.50 ea.

Foot Fizzers are small versions of the Bath Bombs and

Scrub a Dub Lip Smoother

Coat your lips in this FULLY EDDIBLE lip scrub and squish it about with the tip of your finger to remove rough, dry skin. When youre done, eat it off! Nom nom.

Shower Shakers weve grown to love! Offered in all the same scents with all of the same benefits, they are the perfect size to add to your foot bath for added comfort and luxury! When placing an order, simply inquire about the scent you prefer (see pages 1-3).
USD $2.50 ea.

Dirty Harry Chocolate Peppermint Zesty Girl Orange Oil with Cinnamon Twist
USD $5.00 ea.
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Breathe Deep
Clogged noses from seasonal flus or allergies got you down? Breathe Deep pairs Eucalyptus with Peppermint oil, diluted in Olive and Coconut Oils, to open up those stubborn sinuses. Apply under nose in the shower and let the steam do the rest.
USD $3.00 ea.

Oils for Hair, Skin and Nails

H2O For Head to TOE

For Dry Skin
Baby So Soft

For Oily Skin

Tea Tree Time!

For Normal Skin

Keeping It Up
USD $20.00 ea.

H2O For Head to TOE

For Dry Cuticles
Baby So Soft

Hair Farmer Helper!

Dry Locks or Scalp
Nourishing Nelly

For Dry Nails

Tea Tree Time!

Oily Scalp
Forever Fresh

Anti-Fungal Strengthener
Strong and Long USD $10.00 ea.

For Dandruff
Itch Away Oil
USD $20.00 ea.

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Everything Facial <3

Acne SPOT Treatment in GO AWAY

Sick of spending oodles of money on harsh chemicals that only dry the skin or God-forbid make the problem worse? The secret is in a natural ingredient you may have in your kitchen Apple Cider Vinegar. When properly diluted, it can be the magic ingredient missing from your beauty regiment.

Full Face Acne Toner

With revolutionary yet age-old Tea Tree Oil, this guy wants to be your very best friend. Agents of Lemon Oil help to dry unwanted oils and brighten overall skin tone. Vitamin E and Aloe Vera condition and ease pain caused by blemishes or any burns. A water-based product, simply apply a light layer with cotton after thoroughly washing and drying face. Leave on for ten minutes on FIRST USE ONLY, and then rinse off! Like the effects? No allergies? Next time, leave on and let dry! Follow with GO AWAY! for best results.
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Coconut Godsends
Coconut Oil is sweeping the industry as the go-to natural moisturizing agent. I use only 100% Organic, Virgin Coconut Oil on myself or in my products. Melted down and shaped, they are the answer to your dry skin, acne problems, and even OILY skin.
Frosty the Skin Beverage $4.50 S(NO)Flake $4.50 Casablanca $5.00

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Fantastic Faces

DIY Yourself Skin Care and Luxury!

dollar. So some beauty products I make for my own use, or for friends and family, are not represented here. This is because I feel that theyre too easy to make on your ownand it wouldnt feel right to make you pay. Expect to find a couple fun recipes you can make yourself in every issue of the Fantastic Faces Digital Catalogue. J Self-researched, self-tested, and always nut free! Trademarked Fantastic Faces If you know anything about me, I dont believe in screwing my customers out of a

Essentially Ecstatic!
Rosemary, Lavender, and Tea Tree Essential Oils People have been studying the therapeutic and physical effects of essential oils on hair, skin and nails for years. Studies show that adding just a few drops of Rosemary- for health and length of hairLavender- for softer, silkier hair- or Tea Tree Oil- for anti dandruff or antifungal effects into your normal shampoo regimen will show dramatic improvements on your scalp and in your hair! Just add three to five drops of your favorite of the three oils to a tablespoon of shampoo and wash your troubles away. Curly locks just DONT love the texture of terrycloth towels. It makes them downright angry! With frizzy, hopeless curls, its easy to run straight for the relaxers. But, did you ever wonder if maybe culture was against you? No, not genetics culture! Next time you step dripping from the shower, reach instead for a disposable even textured roll of paper towels. Squeeze excess moisture from your hair, and then squeeze locks individually as they air dry! Dont rub or scrub just squeeze and see yourself pleased with even tempered, shiny, no-more-tangle curls for the rest of your good hair day.

It Puts the Pay in Paper Towels!

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