Teacher: Matresu-Binjung Mihaela School : Colegiul Tehnic “G-ral David Praporgescu” Date : October, 29th Grade : IX th .

Description of the class: 20 pupils (boys and girls) Title of the lesson : Meals- Pizza delivery Type of the lesson: communicative teaching Aim of lesson: By the end of the class the students will be able to ask and talk about the meals of a day. Objectives : O1: to read the text from the textbook; O2: to listen to the cassette in order to extract specific information; O3: to speak about their favourite food; O4: to remember what are the most important meals of a day; O5: to observe the differences between the traditional meals from Great Britain and Romania; O6: to answer the questions from the listening text; O7: to develop the students’ listening and reading skills, correct intonation and pronunciation; Skills : reading, speaking, listening and writing. Methods : conversation, explanation, observation, analyses and exercise. Teaching aids : blackboard, notebook, textbook, pictures, cassette. Time .: 50 minute

T: Have you ever eat in a restaurant? T: What did you eat? S: Answer the questions T: What time of the day was it when you ate in a restaurant? Was it in the morning. T: Let’s write the title” Meals.pizza delivery” . what are the most important meals of the day comparing Romanians and the Englishmen and we will listen to a telephone conversation about how to order food at home.) a) Lead-in(5-7 min. in the afternoon or in the evening? S: Choose a situation T: What do you eat if it is morning or afternoon or evening? T: Today we will learn about meals. c) Brainstorm T: Have you ever been in a restaurant? 2.Stages and techniques 1. T: Let’s speak about restaurants. Presentation(44 min.) T: The exercise that you had as your homework is about some short dialogues between a customer and a waiter. T: Why do people go to a restaurant? S: They go there to eat.) a) Informal conversation Teacher tries to create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere by means of routine conversation: T: Hello children! How are you today? T: Who is on duty today? T: Who is absent? b b) ) Checking homework T: What was your homework for today? S: We had the exercise “In a restaurant” from page 17 T: I ask the students to read the exercise. Warm-up(1-3 min.

beer or teas are drunk. The Englishmen consider that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and they eat ham and eggs or fried fish or a mutton chop or buttered toast and they drink coffee or tea. fruit and a cup of black coffee. In the evening. Romanians eat baked meat. meat. Romanians eat for breakfast: bread and cheese or jam and butter on bread. At dinner. tea or coffee Lunch : a ham / salami / cheese sandwich.I will write the title on the blackboard and I’ll ask the students to write it in their notebooks. fried eggs and others. fish and chips. the English don’t come home for lunch. pancakes . The most important meals of the day are: • Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner/ supper I’ll ask the students to read the text from the textbook and we will speak about it afterwards.the main meal of the day soup. They go to a bar or a restaurant where they take a quick meal/snack. As a rule. one or two rolls. Their lunch is quite simple: a ham/ salami/ cheese sandwich. a piece of Lunch: . b) b)Explanation(10-15 Explanation(10-15 min. Dinner usually consists of three courses: a thick or clear soup. I’ll explain this to the students through a permanent dialogue and I write on the blackboard only the main ideas: Romanian Meals Breakfast: bread and cheese or jam and butter on bread. stew or roast. a couple of eggs. a piece pf cold meat. fish or poultry and vegetables. fish and chips. meat rolls. They end with home made cakes and drink wine mixed with sparkling mineral water. served with tea or coffee. tea or coffee English meals Breakfast: the main meal of the day ham and eggs or fried fish or a mutton chop or buttered toast. wine.) I’ll explain the similarities and the differences between Romanian and English meals. Lunch is the most important meal of the day. People start with soup and follow with roast with French fries.

vegetables.Ordering pizza for the party was a hit. I’ll give you the written script and you can follow it while you listen.) T: What is your favourite food? T: Do you like to eat pizza? (I’ll show them pictures with pizza) T: Do you eat pizza at home or at the restaurant? T: If you don’t have time to go to a restaurant and you don’t know how to cook it. sliced thinly for pizza .My students ordered a pepperoni pizza for lunch. d)Checking comprehension (speaking practice)(5-10 min. meat. beverage (noun): drink .wine mixed with sparkling mineral water. be a hit (verb): be popular .) T: I’ll explain all the unknown words from vocabulary : • • • • • • • pepperoni (noun): a pork and beef sausage. eggs. . one or two rolls Dinner : a thick or clear soup. care for (verb): have a preference or liking for something .That pizza shop always throws in a free drink with every order. coffee Dinner: baked meat. T: Now. meat rolls. pies. you can order pizza at home. a cup of black coffee c)Checking comprehension (listening practice)(5 min.Some people say that learning to like sushi is an acquired taste. fish or poultry.Let's use the pizza coupon that came in the mail. we will listen to a short telephone conversation about a pizza delivery. coupon (noun): a certificate used to receive money off on purchases .Would you care for anything else today? acquired taste (expression): a taste that takes time to get used to . cold meat. S: They will listen to the conversation and they will follow it from their sheets of paper. fried eggs and home made yoghurt. fruit.What kinds of beverages do you want to serve at the party? throw in (verb): add .

.) T: I’ll ask the students to write about their favourite meal. Which topping is NOT mentioned as one available from this pizza shop? A. T : I’ll check the correct answers after the test through a short dialogue.How much does he pay? . T: I’ll ask questions from the listening text: . mushrooms C.He lives at 1340 South 16 East. .1817.• make something out (idiom): understand or figure out . What pizza does the man finally order? A.Students will read their ingredients and explain their choices. e)Evaluation(5-7 min. I’ll ask students to work in groups and decide which ingredients should their favourite pizza contain. Italian chicken 2. pepperoni and green peppers on one half and Italian sausage and black olives on the other . . Test Pizza delivery 1. bacon B.I couldn't make out what the customer ordered because of the poor telephone connection. .Now.The man wants to order a pizza.He also orders bread sticks and an orange juice. .) T: I’ll give the students a short test.What else does he order with his pizza? . 3) Homework(2 min.What does the man want to order? .What is the man’s telephone number and address? .He pays 15 $ and 19 cents. 340.

90 C. Uh. 1314 South 16 East at 340-1870 C. Can I take your order? Customer: Yes. bread sticks and a beverage C. 3040 South 60 East at 340-1870 B. what toppings do you have? . What is the man's telephone number and address? A. pepperoni and mushrooms on one half and green peppers and Italian sausage on the other 3.B.19 B. Employee: Would you like anything else? Customer: Well. $15.99 5. $15. wait. What would you like on each half? Customer: Uh. a salad and orange juice B. pepperoni and Italian sausage on one half and green peppers and bacon on the other C. What was the total of his order? A. $15. 1340 South 16 East at 340-1870 Employee: Hello. a drink and chicken sticks 4. I'd like a large pepperoni pizza with mushrooms and green peppers. What else does the man order with his pizza? A. can I make that a half-and-half pizza? Employee: Sure.

. yeah. clams. black olives. Would you care for any bread sticks or beverage with your order? [Well .] And could I have your name? Customer: Uh.] One half with pepperoni [Yeah. and could I get extra cheese on that pizza? Employee: Alright. clams. mushrooms. it's a Korean name. we have Italian sausage. Let me repeat your order. we'll throw in a free order of bread sticks. and squid!? What kind of pizza is that? Employee: Uh. but I'll have pepperoni and mushrooms on one half and green peppers and Italian sausage on the other. but many people have difficulty making it out. pineapple. Employee: Okay. Customer: I'll take orange juice.] and mushrooms and the other ." as he calls it. sure.Employee: Well. maybe I SHOULD change my name to "Hand. Employee: Okay. bacon. tomatoes. [Okay. Your total comes to fifteen nineteen. the manager spent some time overseas [ Oh. it's "Han. Customer: Huh. Jay Han. And what drink comes with the pizza? Employee: Either apple or orange juice. Customer: Uh. plus a three dollar coupon for use with your next pizza order. ham. and squid.] Actually. I'll pass on the "Sink or Swim" special. is an acquired taste. [Okay.] Oh. . shrimp. and your address and telephone number? Customer: It's 1340 South 16 East. [ Okay. the "Swimmer's Special." Actually. why not. we have a Friday night family special going on right now [Oh!]. Employee: Huh? Did you say "Jay Hand"? Customer: No. seventy). and if you order any large pizza and drink. and the phone number is 340-1870 (three-four-zero-eighteen. don't change it.]. A large half-and-half pizza. I don't know. names are important." Employee: Ah. Hey. which includes tax. and thinks his new seafood pizza will be a hit with customers. onions. Customer: Shrimp. Oh. but to be honest. green peppers.

[Yeah.] Orange juice and your free order of bread sticks." [ Yeah. Thanks for your order. or you'll receive a free small pizza with your next order. Employee: Alright. It's 18 70.] at 1340 South 16 East. It should arrive at your doorstep in 30 minutes or less. Thanks. . Is that correct? Customer: Everything except for the phone number.with Italian sausage and green peppers. 340-1817. that's right." not "Hand. Customer: Great. not 1817. Jan "Han.

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