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By Adam Khoo

Discover Secrets That Will Supercharge Your Career, Create Breakthrough Results, And Massively Increase Your Income In Less Than 5 Months Flat!

Adam Khoo’s “Supercharge Your Success!”
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Adam Khoo’s “Supercharge Your Success!”

WARNING! If you read this, you will most likely end up becoming more
successful. At the same time, the successes we have experienced are our own. We do not claim you will be able to achieve them without proper guidance, tutelage and strong personal investment in your own time and effort. While we offer mentorship to selected and dedicated people, not everyone will succeed because different people are made differently. We know people can succeed, and their skills, drive and determination will see them through – if they know how to develop using the Patterns of Excellence. © 2008 Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group. All Rights Reserved


Adam Khoo’s “Supercharge Your Success!”

Living A Life Of Your Dreams Is Impossible… Unless You Complete This Reading!
The fact that you are taking the time to read this report means that no matter where you are in your career, you have the strong desire to create breakthroughs in your performance and massively increase your income! I don’t mean to sound as though money was everything in the world, BUT you know that you owe it to yourself to maximize your potential and give yourself and your family the very best in life. Imagine being able to become the very best in your career, to command the highest premium for your services, to be the envy of your peers and colleagues. Like Michael Jordan is to basketball, Tiger Woods is to golf, Bill Gates is to software and Donald Trump is to real estate. Imagine yourself being able to command an income 20 times that of anyone in your industry. It’s not just about your financial abilities – it is also your personal satisfaction, the sense that you have succeeded in life, and the other things that you can do with wealth and money. In any industry, there is always someone who is far ahead in front of everyone else. What makes the difference? Time again it has been proven that it is NOT AGE (Tiger Woods is the youngest golfing champion in history), NOT TALENT (Michael Jordan was kicked out of his high school basketball team because he was not good enough), NOT EDUCATION (Bill Gates dropped out of school.) Then what makes the difference? The difference is that these individuals exhibit certain PATTERNS OF EXCELLENCE that allow them to get exceptional results in their careers, income and lives. These Patterns of Excellence are THE definitive source and most complete profile of the mindset, blueprint and strategies of successful people that anyone who desires success, CAN LEARN and MASTER! We all share the same neurology (mental potential). So if it is possible for others to excel, it is possible for you. It is only a matter of identifying the strategies they use, modeling them and adopting them for yourself. © 2008 Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group. All Rights Reserved 4

Adam Khoo’s “Supercharge Your Success!”

A Lazy, Unmotivated Kid Transforms Into A Millionaire – You Can Achieve Exceptional Results If You Make The Choice For Success
What makes me such an expert? What makes me say that ANYONE can discover the strategies to become the top of their professions and earn an income far ahead of their peers? What makes me proclaim that by using the Patterns of Excellence, it is possible to do so? Why should you listen to me? Well, the reason is that I have done it myself. I am living proof. Like many others, I used to be a total failure in life. I was lazy, unmotivated and got myself kicked out of school at the age of 8! I was a slow learner and did so badly for my Primary School Leaving Examinations that I got rejected from all 6 schools that I chose. It was at the lowest point of my life that I learnt about the power of NeuroLinguistic programming (NLP) and began to develop the methodology of the Patterns of Excellence. I set my goal to become the absolute TOP in everything. To be light years ahead of my peers and to earn an income that only the TOP 1% enjoy. My goals were to become a top student in Singapore, to become Asia’s Number One Personal Development Speaker and a Millionaire by the age of 26. By using the power of the Patterns of Excellence to re-program by thoughts, behaviors and actions, this is what I managed to achieve in a short period of time: 1) I was ranked among the top 1% in the National University of Singapore and was a pioneer in the NUS Talent Development Program 2) Starting with just $8,000, I built Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group into Singapore’s largest public training company, training more people than any other public training group in the region. © 2008 Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group. All Rights Reserved


Adam Khoo’s “Supercharge Your Success!” 3) Made over $1 million by the time I was 26 and continue to earn an income among the top 1 percent in the country at the age of 31. For those who are skeptical about what I am saying, here’s the proof. I have attached a copy of my 2006 income tax statement, which just shows my personal salary, EXCLUDING the hundreds of thousands of profits I make through my investments and my businesses.

I know I risk being called arrogant. Even my business partners didn’t approve of me showing this for the sake of privacy. But I decided to do it anyway. Honestly, the last thing I want to do is to impress you. My point is that it is absolutely possible for you to achieve breakthrough success once you discover how to program yourself with the Patterns of Excellence. In fact, I am proud to say that many graduates from the Patterns of Excellence training have achieved career excellence and personal incomes FAR AHEAD OF MINE, just within a span of 12-24 months. One of them is Dr. Clemen Chiang, an options trader who makes millions a year. He was featured as one of the TOP traders in Asia by the Business Times, the Straits Times, Channel News Asia and the Sunday Times. © 2008 Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group. All Rights Reserved


Adam Khoo’s “Supercharge Your Success!” And in this special report, I will tell you specifically what the Patterns of Excellence is and how to adopt it, and why the hundreds of people who have discovered the Patterns Of Excellence have learnt how to succeed in their own special way.

An Awesome Journey Into Human Potential – Unlock The Power And Passion For Life So You Can Accelerate Your Growth!
So what are the Patterns of Excellence that all successful individuals exhibit and how can you learn it? The Patterns of Excellence is made up of two main components of Personal Mastery & People Mastery.

Personal Mastery
People who are able to achieve excellence in their field do so because they possess Personal Mastery. Personal Mastery is the ability to get the best out of yourself and to consistently perform at your peak. People with Personal Mastery possess the following qualities, which you too can discover through the Patterns of Excellence: 1) Create an Empowering Belief System People who succeed have very strong beliefs in themselves and the possibility of success. It is these beliefs that allow them to set high goals and to never give up. Many people never achieve their full potential because of limiting beliefs that hold them back like ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I am not creative’ or ‘it is too difficult’. You must identify and eliminate your limiting beliefs and adopt new winning beliefs instead! Why? So your beliefs can carry you through to success! 2) Have a Clear Purpose and Specific and Meaningful Goals People who succeed know that success does not happen by chance but because they have set very clear goals in their lives and have the ability to stay focused on them. © 2008 Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group. All Rights Reserved 7

Adam Khoo’s “Supercharge Your Success!”

Highly successful individuals have found their purpose and passion that propels them to success! You too, must find your passion and driving force to design the life you want. We all know you have to set clear and meaningful goals, but it is even more essential that you cultivate the inner passion for achieving success. Here’s the secret formula to designing powerful goals that will motivate you and guarantee they remain achievable: Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time bound However, this would be self-defeating if you didn’t already know how to create change and understand the reason why you are striving for such goals. There is a structured way of eliciting a direction in your life – you too, can fuel your life with energy and drive yourself to success. 3) Be Able to Model the Strategies of Excellence People are able to achieve phenomenal success within a short period of time because they have learnt the art of modeling the winning strategies of top role models. You must learn how to model the success blueprints of those currently at the top in your profession like the way I modeled top students and young millionaires to get to where I am. Of course, I’m telling you about people who have done whatever it took to succeed (within the boundaries of their ethics, the law and morality, of course). They put themselves on the line, and they went all out to DO it. © 2008 Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group. All Rights Reserved


Adam Khoo’s “Supercharge Your Success!” My business partner, Stuart Tan, was able to model hundreds of public speakers to achieve the kind of public speaking quality that he has and to attain championship status as a Regional Public Speaker. Not only is he a much more polished speaker than he was previously, he continues to model the best and this shows that the skill of modeling is not just limited to one skill. It is a lifetime skill that you cannot afford not to know! More recently, we used the same modeling methodologies to create Asia’s Number One Wealth Creation Program. Through the thinking approaches that NLP has afforded, we multiplied our ability to learn and to create proven methods for wealth creation even while people were holding on to their current jobs! Imagine that you had the ability to model others. What skill would you want? Here are some simple steps to modeling: a. Choose your role model. When you think about what you need to learn, you are clear as to what skill to develop. Choose your role models wisely. Don’t just think about your role model as the only person you should learn from. You should find multiple role models, and different role models can give you insight into a mode perfect model, especially when you combine the patterns of many good models together! b. Adopt the same body language as your role model. Adopting the same physiological cues as your role model allows you to tap into the same kind of potential. All you need to do is to enhance your ability to observe physiological cues effectively. You will be able to model someone else’s capabilities if you had the tools to: Observe the differences that allow you to tap into their emotional states Ask questions that will elicit their mental patterns and strategies © 2008 Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group. All Rights Reserved 9

Adam Khoo’s “Supercharge Your Success!” Assess the level of modeling you need to do Understand the structure of experience based on intended outcomes and modify the mental strategies accordingly Install it into yourself c. Ask questions that will give you some insight into the way your model thinks. In the Patterns Of Excellence, you will discover how to use the Meta Model effectively. In a short span of time, it is possible for you to develop these questioning skills. In general, the Meta Model is a way to ask questions so that you can get really specific about the processes that are happening in your role model’s mind. When someone says ‘I play tennis well’, you need to understand the processes that go through a person’s mind in order to create the talent. You need to know how the person moves, how the person breathes, thinks and what the person does in sequence. Essentially, modeling can be done at three levels: Behaviors Language Mental Processes In reality, every skill requires us to have a combination of all three. For instance, one might think that being able to enhance one’s moneymaking abilities is only about mental processes. In reality, you need to know how that great entrepreneur does certain behaviors. You need to know the kinds of words he uses. You probably also need to know the decision-making processes he makes. This involves modeling of different strategies. © 2008 Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group. All Rights Reserved


Adam Khoo’s “Supercharge Your Success!” d. Be insightful enough to detect patterns of language use and behavior Did you know that your language can be used to affect and influence people? If you knew the kinds of words and the language patterns that your role models use, you can use them to create a similar effect. In the real world, this is happening all the time with advertising. The best advertisements have been modeled after by people who are great copywriters. So there you have the four simple steps of modeling that will enable you to literally copycat your way to breakthrough success. That’s the power of modeling! 4) Overcome Limiting Patterns Like Procrastination The thing that holds most people back from achieving their fullest potential are limiting habits like procrastination, self-doubt and fear. Through learning NLP techniques, you can learn how to eliminate any negative pattern that may hold you back. Here’s how you can use this “anti-procrastination” strategy: Step #1 – Revisit the emotional state of procrastination and be in that emotion. Notice your breathing, your posture, gestures and your facial expression, including what you might be saying to yourself. Step #2 – Clear your mind and revisit the emotional state of excitement and motivation. Notice the difference in your emotional state, posture, gestures, breathing and what you are saying to yourself. Step #3 – Observe the moment that you are about to start procrastinating. Catch yourself and then switch your physical posture quickly and rapidly. While this strategy may be very simple, rehearsing this strategy will give you a new and sustainable habit, thereby turning yourself into a more motivated person. There are many other ways to kill procrastination – in fact, NLP has turned state management into an art form. © 2008 Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group. All Rights Reserved 11

Adam Khoo’s “Supercharge Your Success!” You’ll not only have access to dozens of methods to crush procrastination, you’ll also be able to manage other kinds of emotional states if you so choose. Imagine what this will do to help you transform your money-earning capabilities! 5) Turn Failure Into Opportunities Everyone goes through setbacks, failure, rejection and obstacles every single day. Why is it that one person might be crushed by these external events forever, while another uses these experiences of failure as stepping stones to success? You must learn the strategy of how to turn any failure into a learning opportunity and make yourself even stronger to move one step closer to success. It is a mindset shift that is not always as easy as you think. To be able to make such a change, you’ll need to develop a deep and enduring desire for change. The change, as we know, needs to begin within ourselves. There are three ingredients that will ensure that you will have the appropriate changes that will last for a lifetime: You believe that the change is beneficial for you You have the skill to change You have the desire and passion to change With these three ingredients for change, you not only have the skills to change, you will have the reason to change and give yourself the opportunity to change. By discovering the Patterns of Excellence, you not only give yourself that opportunity to change, you’ll also discover breakthrough secrets that will shift your mindset that will enable your dreams to come true. © 2008 Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group. All Rights Reserved


Adam Khoo’s “Supercharge Your Success!”

People Mastery
Your ability to achieve ANYTHING in life depends on your ability to influence people to your way of thinking! People who are highly successful in their careers have the ability to make people like them, trust them and listen to them. Great teachers are able to empower their students to listen and succeed, great salespeople are able to influence people to buy and great entrepreneurs have the ability to align others to their vision, lead people with their ideas and influence people to invest in their companies! I have known so many people who are really intelligent and hardworking but because they lack People Mastery, they are not able to sell themselves or their ideas effectively and they end up crashing and burning in any venture they were excited about from the start! When the disappointment creeps in, they lose hold of their dreams and end up dejected – without having learnt the tools to manage their disappointment and bounce back to success. Successful individuals who possess People Mastery have the following qualities that YOU can master with the Patterns of Excellence. 1) Have the Sensory Acuity to Read Other People’s Mind, Thoughts and Emotions Well Sensory acuity is the ability for you to observe even the smallest changes in a person’s demeanor. By being able to read your prospects better, you will have a better chance of understanding them faster, and thus be able to give them what they want more effectively. The core skill here is to be able to notice subtle changes in a person’s physical being, including tone of voice and facial expressions. You can train your ability to notice subtle differences by watching different people and observing what makes them different. Lock in the knowledge of the differences so as to attune yourself more acutely to other people. © 2008 Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group. All Rights Reserved


Adam Khoo’s “Supercharge Your Success!” 2) Be Able to Build Rapport with Anyone Easily Once you are able to read others, you will build rapport more effectively by making others trust you more easily. Rapport is about establishing similarity, so you will need tools and devices to do this. If you can, test yourself by creating similarity in body posture, breathing rate and even in word phrases that are used by your client. You’ll discover that this can create even more similarity and thus define trust better. 3) Learn How to Influence and Persuade Anyone to Your Way of Thinking Influential language patterns are often being used nowadays by negative people, because they do not know how to structure their language to benefit others around them. Whether you realize or not, persuasion creates reality in your mind. When an influential person sells an idea, he can persuade you using effective words, assess your values and structure responses that can appeal to you. Why? Because this person has stumbled upon the strategy of being able to enter your world of reality and to persuade you in a way that benefits both parties. What would you do if you had all the strategies of effective influence, and how much more money would you make? 4) Become a Charismatic Communicator so People Stand Up and Listen You probably didn’t know that charismatic communication can be learnt and modeled. Much of this comes from practice, modeling and from language structure, tone and gestures. While I don’t promise you will instantly be a million-dollar speaker, what I can guarantee is that you’ll discover how powerful knowing this skill can be! 5) Communicate with Precision so Your Ideas Get Across Without any Misunderstanding Most problems in life come from the problems in communication. © 2008 Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group. All Rights Reserved 14

Adam Khoo’s “Supercharge Your Success!” If we only knew how to help one another create understanding, then we could see the same ideas in our minds and resolve misunderstanding. The process is simple – it requires knowledge of the Meta Model, a structured way of communicating precisely so you don’t leave out the information through your own assumptions. If a client were to say he is ‘not satisfied with service’, you can’t just leave it at that. You need to have a structured manner to understand the client better, and to ensure that you can be clear what your communication means – lest you offend your client! You see, our mind already automatically… • Deletes - we miss information out that is not relevant or too familiar because we need to stay sane Generalizes - we tend to take one experience and feel it is the same across the board Distorts - sometimes, we assume too much without realizing it

The Meta Model helps you to uncover these things so that you have a clear idea of what another person means. 6) Help Others in Need and Increase Your Ability to be a Change Agent It is tough to change people if they are the people closest to you. But they are the ones you would like to be able to affect, if you had the chance. If you had the strategies, you could liberate your loved ones from fears, depression, anger, frustration and other unproductive emotions, and enhance the feelings of happiness, achievement, motivation and love in your life. Many people think that these are in-born talent. I won’t deny that there are people who are born with such talent. Yet it is something that anyone has the potential to learn, and you can and must learn them if you want to achieve massive success. I was never born with the characteristics of motivation and confidence. Neither was I a naturally good communicator. It was through intensive training that I built these qualities within myself and went on to become a success! © 2008 Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group. All Rights Reserved 15

Adam Khoo’s “Supercharge Your Success!” Isn’t it time you gave the same gift to yourself?

The Secret To Massively Increasing Your Income In Less Than 5 Months Flat!
Everyone dreams of getting a promotion or increasing their income. However, most people only take a passive approach of just working hard, staying loyal, doing only as they are told and hoping that one day, their salaries will automatically increase. The next thing they know, someone else half their age, half their experience gets promoted over them with 3-5 times their salary. In the new economy, you must PROACTIVELY take action to decide how much income you want and develop a STRATEGY to create it. So, how can the Patterns of Excellence help you to massively increase your income? Well, first let me ask you a question, ‘what determines a person’s income?’ Why is one person paid $20,000 a month, while another in the same industry is paid $3000 a month? In the new economy, you know that it has NOTHING to do with age, qualifications, experience or seniority (not any more!). So what determines a person’s income? To answer this question, let me give you a simple metaphor. When you go to the mobile phone shop, you see many phones on sale at very different prices. For example, the Sony Ericsson 910i is priced at $1,400 while the Nokia 2660 priced at $180. Why is one phone almost 10 times the price of another? The answer is simple. The Sony Ericsson is not just a phone. It is a mini computer that ADDS a lot more VALUE to the buyer. © 2008 Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group. All Rights Reserved


Adam Khoo’s “Supercharge Your Success!”

Ericsson 910i • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Make calls Video streaming and record Send and receive SMS Record and play music Take high quality pictures Send and receive MMS Entertainment games Personal digital assistant Phone book Word processing Spreadsheet functions Internet access Electronic calendar Bluetooth wireless technology Internet WAP technology Conference calls Voice recognition dialing Handwriting recognition • • • • • • •

Nokia 2660 Make calls Send and receive SMS Entertainment Games Calculator Phonebook Calendar Spreadsheet functions

So, you must ask yourself these questions - Which mobile phone are YOU in your industry? Are you the one worth $1400 or the one worth a mere $180? Are you just an average model or a model that is the best? All of us have a price tag on our heads, and YOUR PRICE (YOUR INCOME) depends on how much VALUE you add and create for your clients and our company. So from here, you know that your INCOME is determined by HOW MUCH VALUE YOU CREATE for your company and your clients. INCOME = VALUE CREATED If you want to massively increase your income, you must massively increase your value creation. How? Let me give you a few real live examples of how people from different industries have increased their income by increasing their value (after mastering the skills taught in the Patterns of Excellence). © 2008 Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group. All Rights Reserved 17

Adam Khoo’s “Supercharge Your Success!”

How an account manager in an advertising agency massively increased his value and income…
Previous Income - $4,000/month • • • • • Takes advertising brief Coordinates with creative team Executes ads within deadline Manages assigned client well Creates gross profits of $20,000/mth Present Income - $12,000/month • • Takes creative brief Develops more marketing ideas that helps client increase sales and hence marketing budget Brainstorms and develop a powerful campaign by leading the creative team Executes ads and other marketing tactics within deadline Tracks the success of campaigns and start developing follow up strategy Uses successful testimonial to secure even more clients Creates gross profits of $150,000/mth

• •

• •

Here is an example of how a teacher got promoted to a head of department and got a huge income increase at the age of just 28!
Previous Income - $2,900/month • • • • Teaches the curriculum Gives and marks homework Gives tests and marks papers Fulfills minimum CCA duties Present Income - $6,700/month • • Teaches the curriculum Able to motivate and inspire even the weakest and most unmotivated students Innovates and develops new curriculum/teaching methods Writes system of best practices and trains new teachers Innovative marketing ideas to enroll more students Develops strong rapport with parents and provides additional 18

• • • • © 2008 Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group. All Rights Reserved

Adam Khoo’s “Supercharge Your Success!” family counseling Innovate ideas to increase department productivity and reduce expenses Uses accelerated teaching methods to boost grades Conducts seminars and workshops on weekends for parents on ‘how to motivate their children’ Conducts seminars for students on exam skills Consultant to private tuition centers

• •

• •

Here is an example of a financial planner increased his income by 7 times within 5 months!
Previous Income - $3,000/month • • • • Waits for leads Follows up on leads Gives adequate presentation on product/service features Closes the sale Present Income - $20,000/month • • • • Sets specific monthly sales target Actively generates leads from all sources Creates partnership with other companies Ensures a minimum of 2 appointments for consultations/day Gives seminars on financial planning to build database Writes and publishes a book on financial planning to establish credibility and add income streams Does a detailed needs and outcome analysis of potential clients Presents a highly beneficial and value added plan for the client. Helps the client save money and identify important needs client may have overlooked (i.e. 19

• •

• • © 2008 Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group. All Rights Reserved

Adam Khoo’s “Supercharge Your Success!” corporate insurance, estate planning, asset protection) Follows up every three months to ensure client’s emotional and financial needs are met Ability to generate even more referrals from powerful services Helps recruit and train more salespeople for the company

• •

As you can see, those who add more and more value to their clients or their companies get well rewarded for it. If you’re not happy with your current level of income now, ask yourself bluntly – ‘Do you honestly deserve the level of income that you want?’ ‘Are you creating enough value for your clients or your company to justify the amount of income you want?’ If the honest is NO, then you now know exactly what you need to do to achieve the high level of income you dream about. Add VALUE!

Personal Mastery and People Mastery Is A MUST For Success!
Don’t you now realize what stops most people from doing what the best do and getting the best results themselves? It is because most people lack personal mastery. They lack the mindset and strategies to motivate themselves, model the strategies of excellence, believe in themselves, stay focused on their goals and dare to overcome challenges. Many also lack the people mastery skills to sell themselves, their ideas and their services. This is why failure abounds. Don’t fall into this trap. Don’t prevent yourself from claiming the success you deserve. Don’t end up being satisfied with mediocrity. Even if you are already performing well, there are always changes to be made in your life as long as you find out how to do things more easily, with less effort, with more passion, and possibly, with more satisfaction. © 2008 Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group. All Rights Reserved


Adam Khoo’s “Supercharge Your Success!” The Patterns of Excellence will help you install the most powerful success software for your mind in order to massively increase your value, your income and allow you to design your life exactly the way you want it! I wish you all the best! To Your Success, Adam Khoo

“Discover Secrets That Will Empower You To Achieve Anything You Want In Life!”
Master Your Mind, Design Your Destiny

>>> Click Here To Unlock Your Secrets Now! <<< © 2008 Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group. All Rights Reserved


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