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The art of hiring the right people.
Trust, But Verify - Ronald Reagan
Here’s why...
15% - 24% of CVs in India are fake and one out of three CVs
misrepresents facts:
• Inflated salaries 23%
• Inflated accomplishments 20%
• Inaccurate dates to cover up job hopping in employment 17%
• Inflated titles 12%
–– KPMG India Fraud Survey ‘06

75% of IT security incidents are caused from within the company,

not by hackers
–– Gartner Group

Occupational fraud and abuse cause organizations about $600

billion a year, or roughly 6% of gross revenues
–– The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

The art of hiring the right people.
Our industry leading solutions can help with
“Right Boarding” & “Fraud Prevention”.

Make sure you hire the right people. By selecting Crederity to

power your pre-employment screening strategy, you are protecting
your organization. Crederity provides cost-saving, decision-making
information earlier in the HR cycle than conventionally possible,
allowing them to bypass unhirable candidates and to only fully
review hirable candidates.
•• Mitigate risk - You avoid bad hires before they hurt your
reputation and budget
•• Free up valuable resources - You get to evaluate candidates that
are truly hirable
•• Build candidate loyalty - Crederity’s unique technology helps you
accurately screen potential and current employees while also
helping them advance their own careers.

You have to be a big company to use our pre-employment screening solutions.

What is Employee Screening?
Most employers conduct employee screening, background checks
and reference checks to verify the integrity of job applicants and
employees for hiring, promotion, reassignment and retention
decisions. They are also done to avoid negligent-hiring lawsuits.

In today’s market, time is of the essence in hiring applicants that

meet or surpass all requirements. Crederity presents an opportunity
to minimize the expensive threat of fraud and misconduct. We
verify whether the information provided by candidates is genuine.

Visit us at for more information.

“ We have really enjoyed our business relationship with Crederity.

They have always been extremely responsive to our needs and requests.
I expect that Crederity will continue to provide the same sterling service
in the future as they have over the past.

- Zenith Software

Safeguarding your business.
Crederity provides a comprehensive suite of pre-employment and
employment screening solutions specially designed to reduce the
time and cost associated with hiring processes. Our services include
verification of:
• Identity
• Address
• Employment
• Education
• Professional memberships, licences and certifications
• References
• Documents
• Criminal records
• Workplace Incidents
• Financial background
• Drug abuse
• Media, Internet, and Database search
• Vendors/Business Partners
... and more

In addition, Crederity offers due diligence reports for mitigating

risks, all delivered through its state of the art technology
platform - the Crederity ELM SuiteTM.
Online Screening
Crederity provides an easy to use, real time, customizable web
interface to streamline the screening process.

“ Crederity being niche and US based, they follow the global norms
and conform to our requirements, which is most important for any
multinational company such as Nuware. We are happy to have Crederity

associated with us in this process of ensuring credibility of those being
brought to our organization.

- NuWare Systems Pvt Ltd. 6
Employee Lifecycle Management
We understand that employee lifecycle management is a
mobius curve.

Unique to the industry, Crederity offers feature-rich & highly

customizable Employee Life Cycle Management Solutions through
its Crederity ELM SuiteTM platform. It is designed to add control and
simplicity to your recruitment process from hiring to
workforce management.

Through the implementation of best practices and innovative

solutions, we’ll help your organization deploy and manage a
successful employee screening program that you can easily operate
through one of our hosted, SaaS solutions: ELM SelectTM, ELM ProTM,
ELM RecruitProTM.

Plug & play on demand features include:

• Pre-screening/verifications
• Pre hire/references
• Pre-assessment
• 3600 reviews/surveys
• Incident reporting/tracking
• Satisfaction and exit surveys

Contact us for a demo or a free trial

Survey Findings
To address the growing need of employment screening, Crederity
conducted a survey of the 500+ HR professionals across US & India.

Notable findings:
•• 75% of organizations have some form of employee screening
•• 86% of HR professionals said they would prefer to review
pre-verified resume credentials
•• 80% of individual respondents would like to put the Crederity
Trust Seal on their online credentials
•• 67% of individual respondents find Crederity’s services
“valuable” or “very valuable”
Contact us to get a complimentary copy of survey reports

Select comments

This is a really good survey and if this is published in the market “
this will be useful for most of the HR professionals and also this will help
us to strengthen our background checking process across the industries

- i-flex Solutions Limited

Technology and Security
Crederity increases the availability and usefulness of decision-
making information through its unique processes, technology, and
data sources.

Crederity is constantly improving the way we collect and safeguard

information. We are an FCRA compliant service utilizing industry
leading security protocols to protect your information and your
candidate’s interests. We undergo periodic internal and external
audits ensuring that we are at the cutting edge of technology and
security excellence. Our servers are McAfee SECURE certified.

Crederity is a member of and conforms to the security protocol of

NAPBS (National Association of Professional Background Screeners),
ASIS International, and is TUV ISO 9001:2000 certified. Crederity
is also an authorized Designated Agent of the Homeland Security
Department’s employment eligibility program.

Our experience
Crederity serves thousands of individuals through its partnerships
with dozens of SMBs, large multinational corporations,
and web portals.

Why Crederity?
Crederity provides a comprehensive, customizable package for
the HR professional

•• Effective, efficient, reliable background checking.

•• Next generation technology - Our fully automated, hosted

service has only one priority in mind - to help you do your job
faster and better.

•• Cost efficient results - we understand your need to reduce

costs in today’s market.

•• Professionally managed service - Crederity’s experienced, agile,

and responsive team has your priorities in mind.

•• High quality reporting - understandable, comprehensive, and

accurate reports.

•• Global presence - Our nationwide and international resources

are ready to help you.

Designated Agent, DHS An ISO 9000:2000 Certified company

India Office:
Crederity Info Services Pvt. Ltd.
22, 12B Main, HAL II
Bangalore 560038

US Headquarters:
Crederity Inc.
234 5th Avenue, Suite 4319
New York, NY 10001