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July/August 2013

“To the work!”
A new church is born.
Even the best laid plans are just that: plans. We pray and we plan, but in the end, it’s God’s work, and He is in full control. We had made plans for the new work, but the Lord had different plans! Our last full-time deputation meeting was at the end of June, and in July, we began the work of evangelism and outreach in Montreal. Well, God started doing this independently of our efforts, and this is the real story. We had hardly passed out a single tract before the Lord put us in touch with two families. Both of these families were new to Canada, having immigrated in the previous 2 weeks. One family is from Togo, and one is from Mauritius. Both families come from solid independent Baptist churches in their home countries, and they were praying for a similar church in their new home city: Montreal. We met the second family on a Thursday, and it was immediately clear that we needed to start holding services with these two families. So, with 72 hours notice, l’Église baptiste de la Cité Lumière (City of Light Baptist Church) began! We had 19 in attendance on our first Sunday. We held services in our living room for the first few weeks...with one of our upstairs bedrooms serving as a Sunday School room for the kids. These two families have been faithful through our first 7 weeks, and it appears that we have a core of 12 people (including ourselves) in the church. One family in particular has been very involved and active in the new ministry. We praise the Lord for both of these families! After 4 weeks, the Lord led us to a rented meeting facility. House churches in Montreal are illegal, and some Jewish groups have recently made headlines for having “house synagogues”, bringing heavy fines on themselves. So, we were glad to



start meeting at Brébeuf College, right in the heart of the city. Finding a meeting place was an emergency. After visiting Brébeuf College, Eric was praying about a particular room there, asking God to let us have it for $125 per week. We expected the price to be $180 weekly. The Lord let us have it for $60 per Sunday! Again, He has done above what we were asking or thinking. Please pray for the salvation of Christian, who is a security guard at the college, and is open to talking about the Gospel. We have several other contacts displaying various levels of interest, and we are actively reaching out into the community with the Gospel. On the family front, Melissa worked really hard in her French class at the university, and she finished the third level of the French program. She got the highest possible mark in the class! Her mastery of French is growing rapidly, and we praise the Lord for that. Please continue to pray for her French studies. Daniel’s French is also progressing, albeit at a slower pace for now. However, we know that in a few months, he will be speaking it a mile a minute! Or, knowing Daniel, it may be 5 miles a minute. He never does anything half-way! At the writing of this letter, our two church families have secured employment, but they are still in a period of transition, and they need prayer as they adapt to a new country.

On a hot July Sunday, we held our first service in our living room. We have since moved to a central location in the heart of the city of Montreal.

Prayer Requests: 1. For the salvation and discipleship of our contacts 2. For wisdom in the many decisions involved with starting a new church. 3. For our support to reach 100% 4. For Melissa and Daniel, as they learn French

We also covet your prayers as we seek to do much evangelism and outreach in the autumn months. Please pray for hearts to be softened and for souls to be saved! Finally, we are still at approximately 93% of our needed support. We do have a few meetings scattered throughout the fall, and we are praying that the Lord will supply that which is lacking. Our trust is in Him, and we know that He will provide for all of our needs. We appreciate your prayers in this matter also. Sent by: FaithWay Baptist Church 1964 Salem Road Ajax, ON L1T 4V2 (Canada) Pastor Robert Wall Missions Agency: Baptist International Missions P.O. Box 9215 Chattanooga, TN 37412

A unique challenge... ...and a unique opportunity.
Living in a large metropolitan city puts us in touch with many different cultures and religions every day. There are a few mosques near our house, a Hindu temple, a JW Kingdom Hall, and scores of Catholic churches, to name a few. We see this as an opportunity. French-Canadian Quebecers can tend to be very closed to the Gospel, and they can often be abrasive about it. Immigrants tend to be more willing to

This is the room that the Lord has allowed us to rent for services. It will seat 60 or more, and we can have the kids’ classes behind the glass wall. It is everything that we could ask for: size, price, location, parking, public transit, etc.

listen, as they are not in their home culture. We pray for wisdom and creativity, as we seek to reach people who are often new to Canada, who may or may not speak French, and who are often at an uncertain juncture in their life. Our primary goal is to reach French-speaking Montrealers, but the need is very real for us to reach out to others also. Please pray that God will give us wisdom in our outreach. Romans 10:14-15 rings very true, as always: “How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?”