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Study Committee B5 Annual Meeting and Colloquium

Belo Horizonte Brazil
25. – 31. August 2013

documentation and acceptance procedures for the different test types 2 . Brazil. Belo please visit the website: http://www.–31.Protection and Automation (SC B5) and SIMPASE 2013.Acceptance. BeloHorizonte2013.Power System Automation Symposium. For the best city panoramas. 2013 and will be hosted by CEMIG. qualification-. The Preferential Subjects are: PS1 . 25. This event will be jointly held with the SIMPASE . as Inhotim Botanical Garden & Contemporary Art Museum. is known for its vibrant tourism scene. For further information. one of the most solid and important groups in the Brazilian electric energy segment. tourists often choose to climb the hills on the southern side of Belo Horizonte.The Brazilian National Committee of CIGRE welcomes Study Committee B5 (Protection and Automation) to hold the Study Committee B5 Colloquium in Belo Horizonte. FAT and SAT of IED and DSAS functions  Increasing test performance using predefined test scenarios and batch testing  Testing of distributed functions and multi-functional IEDs  Coordination.cigre-scb5- The Colloquium The Colloquium will be held on Wednesday and Thursday 25 – 31 August 2011. A number of hotels of all classes are available.and SAT functional tests of digital protection relays  Type-. where aerial views reveal the organised layout of the cityscape below. FAT. fine dining around the Lourdes area and its wealth of possible day trips. Minas Gerais State. FAT. friendly residents. August 2013. Commissioning and Field Testing for Protection and Automation Systems  Type-.and SAT functional testing of Digital Substation Automation Systems  Test systems used for qualification. Belo Horizonte. The weather in August is normally very pleasant with temperatures around 20 – 25 C. The Venue The Ouro Minas Palace Hotel. has been chosen as the venue for the meetings of the CIGRE Study Committee B5 . the capital city of Minas Gerais State.

Submission of papers The deadline for the receipt of papers is May 15th. complete or partial backup etc. must be clearly mentioned. 2013. detection of turn-to-turn faults and faults close to the neutral. The full contact details of the main author. Monitoring and Control of Shunt Reactors and Special Transformers A. Special Transformers  Characteristics of special transformers for protection scheme design including zero sequence properties of special transformers  Through-fault current distribution for special transformers  Experience with differential protection and complete schemes applied to o railway transformers o converter transformers o phase shifting transformers The Colloquium Papers Call for papers Those wishing to offer a paper as contribution to the Colloquium addressing one of the Preferential Subjects are invited to send the synopsis of the proposed paper to the Secretary of the Study Committee B5. Issues on test results to determine the minimum required transient accuracy of a complete conversion chain for the different protection and measurement applications.Experience & Application of Non-Conventional Instrument Transformers and Merging Units connected to modern Digital Power system protection and Control      Issues related to the response of different types of NCIT (Non-conventional Instrument Current and Voltage Transformers) on different transients.  Acceptance of the synopsis will be notified to the main author until February 28th. PS3 .  Protection sensitivity e. Shunt Reactors  Shunt reactor protection and control philosophy & design. Issues related to study the transient response of different transducers intended for potential used in Merging before January 31st. A synopsis of approximately 500 words is considered adequate.Protection. Issues on possible use of NCIT and MU in emerging protection technologies. the author should observe the following aspects:  The Preferential Subject should be clearly indicated. fault clearance and unwanted operations. protection redundancy. Rannveig Loken (rannveig. including an e-mail address.  The synopsis should clearly reflect the various points developed in the paper. Mrs.. 2013. Authors must be aware that at least one of them has to attend the colloquium and the poster session.PS2 .g. 3 . 2013.loken@statnett.  Experiences of shunt reactor protection. Comparison between NCIT / MU and the well-known transient response of conventional instrument transformers. B. In preparing the Synopsis.

Monday 26 August 2013 Morning: Registration of delegates Whole day: Working Group meetings Exhibition Evening: Welcome Cocktail Tuesday 27 August 2013 Whole day: Advisory Group meetings Exhibition Afternoon: Poster Session Wednesday 28 August 2013 Morning: Tutorial: Challenges in the commissioning of modern substations Afternoon Colloquium PS 1: Acceptance. Monitoring and Control of Shunt Reactors and Special Transformers Evening: Colloquium Dinner (not included in the registration fee) Friday 30 August 2013 Whole day: Study Committee meeting Saturday 31 August 2013 Whole day: Visit to Inhotim Botanical Garden & Contemporary Art Museum (not included in the registration fee) The Tutorial The tutorial will be held at Wednesday morning. Commissioning and Field Testing for Protection and Automation Systems Whole day: Exhibition Evening: Colloquium Banquet Thursday 29 August 2013 Morning Colloquium PS 2: Experience and Prospective of Protections & Automation Connected to Non-Conventional Instrument Transformers Afternoon Colloquium PS3: Protection. Title of the tutorial: Challenges in the commissioning of modern substations Intended audience: from students to experts The Poster Panel The authors are encouraged and given the opportunity to display their work in the poster session in the morning of Tuesday. 27th of August. with Working Group (WG) meetings and the opening of the exhibition.The Program Sunday 25 August 2013 The program will start on Sunday. 28 August. 4 . August 25th.

Authors can present some details of their papers. 5 Accompanying Person’s Tours Guided visits will be organized for accompanying persons. while visitors can discuss directly with the authors. A very interesting program will be provided with a guided tour to different exhibition spaces of the museum. as Ouro following the two-day SC B5 Colloquium. Sponsoring Companies and organisations are encouraged to sponsor the event. Post Event Visit The Post Event Visit will take the participants to the Inhotim Botanical Garden & Contemporary Museum (www.The poster session is an interesting opportunity both for authors and visitors. Please contact the Colloquium Secretariat for more details. Observers and Working Group Convenors is scheduled for Friday 30 August. a Technical Exhibition related to power systems technology will take place from Sunday. Dimensions for poster presentation space will be notified later. The tours will be a wonderful opportunity to meet the main tourist points of Belo Horizonte and historical sites around the city. The Technical Exhibition In association with the Colloquium. Companies and organisations which are interested to participate at the Exhibition should contact the Colloquium Secretariat. The Study Committee Meeting The SC B5 Annual Meeting of Regular Members. 25 August to Wednesday. 28 August 2013. a world heritage site by UNESCO because of its baroque architecture.

For accompanying persons the fee includes only the welcome cocktail and the colloquium banquet. the colloquium and the poster session. Lunch and coffee breaks on Wednesday and Thursday are included.Registration Registration will start on April 1st 2013. The fees are as follows: Registration Before 1. For Students the fee includes the participation at the tutorial. Access to the Exhibition is free of charge for all registered participants. Hotel Accommodation The preferred hotel accommodation is the Ouro Minas Palace Hotel. Discounted hotel rates will be available and they will be stated on the registration form. Important Dates Final date for submission of Synopsis Synopsis acceptance Registration starts Final date for receipt of papers Distribution of papers and special reports 31 January 2013 28 February 2013 1 April 2013 15 May 2013 15 July 2013 6 . Belo Horizonte. as well as the welcome cocktail and the colloquium banquet. the colloquium and the poster session. August CIGRE member 350 euro 400 euro 450 euro Non CIGRE member 400 euro 450 euro 550 euro Student 50 euro 60 euro 80 euro Accompanying person 150 euro 170 euro 190 euro For CIGRE members and non CIGRE members the fee includes the participation at the tutorial. July Before 31. Lunch and coffee breaks are included. August After 31.

br 7 . Rannveig Loken Statnett SF Postal address: PO Box 5192 Majorstuen N-0302 Colloquium Secretariat and Information Raul B Sollero Tel: +55 21 2598 6386 Cel: +55 21 9116 2026 E-mail: Tourist Information The following information can provide additional information about Brazil and the city of Belo Horizonte:    www. Norway Tel: +47 2390 3581 Cel: +47 9005 9482 E-mail: Addresses Secretary of Study Committee B5 Mrs.bhcvb.