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Brother Mohammed Zama Khan asked, In our country India, people have made it a business to beg, we cannot distinguished

who is a Liar and who is saying Truth, they lie so professionally that it even a professional to catch their lies... so is it sin if a person gives money to a Begger who lied? or will he be forgiven because he gave money from what appeared to him as truth?? ______________________________ It is mentioned in Fatawa Noor alad-Darb, Beggars are of three situations; • • • sometimes you know that he is WEALTHY sometimes, you know that he is POOR, but at other times, you DON'T KNOW his situation

___________ So, if you know his situation, or you KNOW that he is POOR - then the Sunnah is that you give him what is easy for you - even if little, for, the Messenger of Allah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) said, "Save yourselves from the Fire even if it is with half a date." [Saheeh alBukharee (5564), Saheeh Muslim (1689)] ___________ But if you know that he is WEALTHY, then it is required that you ADVISE him and forbid him from this, and reproach him - because Allah has forbidden that for him. It is NOT permissible for him to beg to accumulate riches, the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) said, "Whoever asks of people to accumulate wealth is asking for a live coal, so let him ask for a lot or little." So, it is obligatory upon someone, who has enough - to REFRAIN from begging, and be WARNED against begging. _________ As for YOU, who is passing by the beggar - if you DO NOT KNOW his situation, or you know that he is poor, then it is MUSTAHABB for you to give him what is easy for you, for Allah says, "Those in whose wealth there is a recognized right. For the one who asks, and for the deprived." [Soorah Adh-Dhariyat (51): 19] and you should not repulse him, due to the Saying of Allah, "Repulse not the beggar." [Soorah ad-Duha (93): 10] ___________ and if he was a YOUNG man, you should advice him to work so that he will work and will be in no need to beg and if he is NOT young but he is STRONG, you should advice him (too,) to find work, to work hard and seek provision - so that Allah makes him independent, and in no need of begging. A Mu'min advices his brother, and guides him to good, and helps him in good, and helps him if he needs help." [Fatawa Noor-alad-Darb, vol.15, Book of Zakaat, p. 375 -] ___________________ as for the REWARD, Shaikh Ibn al-Uthaimeen said in al-Liqaa ash-Shahri (71, question no 9), "If one THINKS that the one, whom he has given the Zakaat DESERVES it, then he will be REWARDED - whether the one, whom he gave was asking or his condition was that of a poor person - he will still be rewarded - even if it is known later on that the one, whom he gave

com] Compiled and translated by by Shawana A Aziz Friday 18 Dhul-Qa'dha 1433/ 5 Oct 2012 abpl@greenfield-hydroponics.the zakaat was wealthy .he will be rewarded. quoted from islamqa. " [end quote of Ibn .