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Yuki Furukawa

【DOB】December 18th , 1987 【Birth Place】Tokyo , Japan 【Languages】Japanese , English (RP) 【Grew up place】Toronto , NY 【Height】5’11 feet 【Special skills】 breakdance , Mahjong , basketball , back flip
【Profile】 Born in 1987 Tokyo, Yuki moved to Canada at the age of 7. After graduating junior high school, he moved to America to enter a high school in New York and return to Japan at the age of 19. Yuki was a student at Keio University, faculty of Science and Technology. March 2010, Yuki received the jury's special award at the “Horipro’s 50 Year Anniversary Actor Audition” as his acting and English skills were highly evaluated. He began his career in August 2012.

【Latest Information】 [Film] 『Kiyoku Yawaku』directed by Takehiko Shinjo, RLS in 2013 『The Eternal Zero』directed by Takashi Yamazaki, RLS in 2013 [Play] 『The Shogun and English Samurai』 directed by Gregory Doran(Artistic Director of the RSC) @Sandler’s wells theatre, London in January 2013 [TV Drama] 「Itazura na Kiss」leading role, in March 2013~

Contact: Kaoru Ikawa - Artist Management Division, Horipro Inc. TEL: +81 3 3490 4611 /FAX: +81 3 3490 4638 Mail:

【THE TIMES】 Yuki Furukawa is a touching Domenico. has an engrossing crisis of identity and faith.Poor woman」in 2012~ [Play] 『Enron』directed by David Grindley. torn between Jesuit zeal and his inherited samurai love of battle. in 2011 『Men’s egg Drummers』directed by Yudai Yamaguchi. 【METRO】 Yuki Furukawa’s jittery Jesuit convert Domenico. however. a conflicted monk who befriends Adams. in 2011 『High school Debut』directed by Tsutomu Hanabusa. RLS in 2012 『ROBO-G』directed by Shinobu Yagushi. in 2012 Play『ENRON』 Play『ANJIN~THE Shogun and The English Samusai』 Theatre Review 『ANJIN』 【EVENING STANDARD】 There’s fine support from Yuki Furukawa as a young monk who befriends Adams.Engrossing. crucifixions are ordered and sliced-off heads roll. in 2012 『Miss Boys』directed by Sakichi Sato.【Filmography】 [Film] 『Torihada』directed by Koichiro Miki. 【THE INDEPENDENT】 Yuki Furukawa also brings subtle depth to Domenico. in 2012 『Tomio』directed by Junji Ito. in 2011 [TV Drama] 「99 days of Me and Star」in 2012 「Asuko March」in 2011 「Rich man . 【TIME OUT】 Yuki Furukawa as the young Jesuit priest who becomes Adams’ closest confidant is both impassioned and heartstoppingly imperilled as the tide turns against Christianity. 【The Guardian】 Yuki Furukawa quivers with nervous energy as a Jesuit convert caught between his cross and his ancestral sword.. .