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Shadi Al Barhouch

(+963) 9495-22575 E-mail: Nationality: British,Syrian

Software development with more than 11 years experience bringing products from concept to release in a variety of environments and companies in the commercial IT industry including the: Banking financial Services, e-government, Archiving Systems, Health Information System, Social Network.

Key Skills
Plan time Management Programming Language MSProject (+3), JIRA (+5) Java / J2ee(EJB2.1,EJB3 +9, WebService (+5), ORM, JPA +7 ) (+9) C/C++ (+2) .Net (+5)(C#,VP,ASP.Net, Linq,,J2ME (+2),CSS,CSS3

Applications Architecture and Analyzer

Design Pattern MVC ORM AJAX Franework SOA Application Server IOC/AOP Performance management Building tools Version Control DataBases

IDE Reporting Soscial Network

UML Class Diagram (+9) Use case Diagram (+9) Activity Diagram (+9) State Diagram (+9) Sequence Diagram (+9) Magic Draw . Singleton, Factory, Façade, Builder, Visitor Struts2 (+5). JSF (RichFaces, ICEFaces, Openfaces)(+6) Spring Web Flow (+4) JPA/Hibernate (+6) Jquery (+4), GWT (+5),BootStrap Aqualogic, BPEL, jbpm Weblogic (+5) , WebSphere (+5), JBOSS (+5), Tomcat (+5) Spring (+5) Open STA, LoadRunner, Optimizet Suit maven, ant SVN, vss (PL/SQL Oracle (+7), MySQL(+7), DB2(+5), SqlServer(+7)) (native sql, stored procedures, triggers) JBuilder(+7) eclipse(+7) NetBeans(+5) JasperReports, xsl FOP Python- Django

Senior System Developer: 1/1/2012 to Present: ( Key Projects  Implementing Proof of Concepts for FreeLancer Social

Network that contains : Authentication ,Invite, Grouping, Post jobs, Search for resume, Post Blogs, Aggregation RSS, Upload image, integration with Link, Integration with PHP Project Management
using Django (JQuery, css, SAAS) Implements webrtc application including conference room, contacts from several Social Media using Python/Django SAAS (, (Login with facebook

is available)(webrtc,saas,css,nodejs) Implementing Numeric Organizer game for mobile. This game contains 4X4 squares has numbers from 1 to 15 and empty square. When the game started, the numbers are scrambled. The user should reorganize the numbers (1 to 15) by moving the squares. The game was available also for touch screen mobiles.(J2ME) Create and implements a Saw Software System for Aluminuim Saw Industrial Company using JBPM and modifying the default GWT Comsole. The system comprises:  Workflow Processes for each Saw Stage.  Ability to route the original Order.  Saving the data using Hibernate / JPA.  Generating Reports by using default console (JBPM,Hibernate,JBoss,CSS,JQuery)

Senior System Developer: 1/1/20111 1/1/2012:(Accumed) Key Projects  Change the PIMS (Patient Information System) and Billing System design from JSP to SOA/JSF/Spring (WebService,JSF2,Spring,Hibernate,JasperReport)  Implements a workflow engine using Spring framework. (Spring,Hibernate,jxgraph)  Design and implements PIMS (Paitent Information Management System) (Struts2,JasperReport,Spring,Hibernate)  Increase the performance of the previous system by 80%

Technical Team Leader JIRSyria: Novenber 2010 1/10/2012 (Hours)
Key Projects

Technical team leads for financial broker system that makes the system automatically sends advises to the client to sell, buy stocks from the DSE (Damascus Stock Exchange). (JSP,Hibernate,JDBC)  Implements a Rule engine that send notification according to the registered user types, users portfolios, and dynamic exchange for the stock prices(Ajax,jQuery,Hibernate).  Install the svn on the site .
Technical Manager SoftNet – Syria Damascus - June 2009-September 2010:
Key Projects

Responsible for designing and distributing task as a team leader to implements the phoenix framework according to the MDA concepts (By converting UML Class Diagram to a Legal Entities, and dynamic pages was generated using JSF technology) On agile Methodology.

The framework (and the projects that developed on has been controlled by using subversion). This framework facilitates the business developer work to make his interests only on the business requirement and reduce the project time implementation by 60 % (UML,MDA,JBOSS,RichFaces,JSF,JPA,Hibernate,Quartz)
 Analyzing and designing a workflow engine, EDMS - ERMS, and Communication System for using it for automating ACCAD (UI: Rich Faces, Persistence : JPA/Hibernate, Application Server : JBoss).

 

Workflow engine has been being developed upon the specification of BPMN 2.0 and TIBCO.

(UML,MDA,JBOSS,RichFaces,JSF,JPA,Hibernate) The ERMS has been designed upon the specification of Moreq

Invest4All. - Syria, Damascus – November 2008 –May 2009  Implements a web-design workflow using GWT  Implements the workflow java engine using JPA , EJB3, and WebService.  Install the oracle fail safe on Windows 2000 server clustered for the DMS application (GWT,JPA,EJB3,WebService,JMS) Vermeg – Tunis ,Tunis July 2005 – October 2008: Senior developer, Team Leader, Performance Analyzer, Module Analyzer, Deployer in the corporation which make j2ee applications for Banking Financial Services. Creating a new framework design according to the spring/struts framework according to the MDA concept      Implements a web module designer using GWT to design the report on the web.(Supported HTML, PDF) (GWT,XSL,Ajax) Modifying the apache fop code to accepts Arabic characters. This modification enables Vermeg corporation to sign a contract with al Raje7i bank for corporate action solution(Fop, XSL). Enhances the performance of a background process from 5 hours to 10 minuites (JDBC,ORM) for Stock Brokerage Application (about 3M Euro) Santante Group Madrid Spain. Integrating with other systems using JMS, MQSeries, Excel Files, FIX Protocol) (MQSeries,POIFParser) Implementing a new services within the Brokerage (broker Stock System) . This system was implemented base on Palmyra Framework which has been certified as SOA framework by IBM (SOA,SOAP,JMS).

Ugarit Vermeg Group. – Damascus, Syria December 2002 – July 2005:  Senior developer in the Syria branch of vermeg that supports j2ee application for banking services (Java,J2ee)  Implements a desktop application for designing a report (Supported HTML, PDF, PS). This application was web-enabled and gathers the required information from the system. (Swing,REST)  A Mission in Madrid – Spain to solve a disaster problem in the j2ee Stock Broker application. This saved the contract between the Vermeg and Sntante Groupe from dismissing (WebSphere,Java,J2ee).  Joining a team in France (Montpellier, Paris) to prepare a Bench-mark for resolving 375 Corporate Action Simultaneously. The bench mark enabled Vermeg to have a Big contract with the Bank de France(WebSphere,Java,J2ee,LoadRunner).  Implements a Query Language Parser which called Palmyra Query Language to deal with entities using javacc ( The query is similar to HQL and JPA-QL. This query was used in the company ORM module that called persistence) (Java,J2ee,ORM,JDBC,JavaCC).

Implements a state-machine module called Automate (Java,J2EE,UML.State Diagram). With its Dynamically Generated View just like Spring Web Flow.

SofNet: - Damascus, Syria August 2002 – December 2002 Junior java developer , implementing services in time calculation and procedures in Sybase database (Java, Swing, JDBC)

References Dr. Ammar Jokhadar: + 963 11 22 44 184 +963 944 44 50 86 Dr. Maher Salam: 0933445573 Imed Ben Mimoun: +21671964459

Education Electronic Engineer, University Of Damascus Graduated April 2003 Certificate JSCP 1.4 : Sun Micro System