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Society for Collegiate Journalists Biola Chapter

A Honorary Society for Journalism and Integrated Media

Overview Membership in this society is open to students in any concentration, but is available only to Journalism & Integrated Media majors who are enrolled full-time at the university. Those seeking membership in this society must have a 3.75 overall grade point average when applying. Application for membership will not be accepted from students who have earned less than 12 units of credit in the major, no less than 9 of which must be at Biola. To be admitted, and to maintain membership, students must provide the Biola faculty a packet that contains a cover letter, resume and portfolio of evidence of having met the following three criteria: — Minimum overall grade point average of 3.75 or higher. Print-out of degree audit is sufficient. — Evidence of media leadership and initiative This can be within campus media, internships and/or journalism-related paid employment in their area of media expertise. Authoritative and persuasive letter(s) of support will demonstrate this. — Active involvement in ministry or missions work or community service in the Los Angeles region or in their home community. Authoritative, detailed and persuasive letter(s) of support can demonstrate this, as can demonstrated evidence through media. Advantages of Membership — Students admitted to the Biola Honorary Society will be provided one-half support toward the $30 annual membership dues, which includes membership in the national SCJ organization, with all the rights and privileges that entails. — Students entering in Fall 2011 or later who successfully perform up to the Biola Honorary Society standards for one year will be able to fast-track their senior portfolio review, providing only a letter of support from a top-level professional in

their area of media expertise indicating satisfactory professional review of the member’s materials. — Each member of the society, as a graduating senior, will be provided a framed certificate, graduation cord and collar pin that can be worn at commencement. —Graduating members of the society will be honored at the fall Journalism chapel or in the spring Awards Event for the department. Stipulations After Spring, 2013, except in emergency circumstances (i.e. medical emergency, death in the family) students cannot gain membership less than one semester before graduation. Students must be enrolled full-time at Biola to qualify for membership. Students admitted to the society will be evaluated each spring to see that they are maintaining their minimum (3.75) GPA and are continuing to show evidence of media leadership and initiative as well as active involvement in ministry, missions or community service. Students whose performance drops below the three standards of the society will be given a warning and one semester of probationary status to bring themselves up to those standards. If, after that time, the student has not met the standards, the student will be dropped from formal membership, but will be invited to re-apply. Students who withdraw from the university forfeit their active Biola Honorary Society status but are encouraged to re-apply upon returning; if they do not return, they will be considered alumni and are encouraged to maintain contact with the Biola Society in ensuing years. The faculty adviser and Biola Honorary Society leadership (acting as a committee) serve as the chapter’s Admission Review Committee. A majority vote is required for action. The faculty adviser has the option of overruling a vote that he believes violates the mission of the university, standards of the society, or of the Society of Collegiate Journalists (SCJ), with which this chapter is affiliated. The Admission Review Committee reserves the right to deny admission or ongoing

membership (or alumni status) to students whose conduct violates biblical standards and/or ethical codes of the media professions that society members represent in their disciplines of study: (e.g. Society of Professional Journalists, Public Relations Society of America, Radio Television Digital News Association, National Press Photographers Association and other pertinent media groups.) Application deadline for all students, including seniors graduating in Spring, 2014 is Oct. 1, 2013.