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Everyone’s life is limited by TIME, and measured by what you have done to, self, and someone or to the World

. If we really asses what we have done? And we really find few answers, and many times brood over the matters not under our control. If you ask any successful man how he is successful the majority answer that he is faithful to the life, and TIME. Think about blind man how he sees the world, even the answer is yes to life; still many blind people achieve many matters than many people who are fully sensible misses many matters, and live subordinate life. If I stand in front of a school, the little kids in huge numbers are hurry to life challenges; how about us are we taking life seriously, or just spending the time without purpose. Just our thinking changes the world and real man in us, Why not? What would happen if…? Don’t accept that things just are the way they are. Question why something can’t be done. And when you get pushback to these questions, reframe the negative answers with possibilities. It is human nature, blame game always pointing on someone around you or our parents, for many failures in life. Ask many true achievers, they had no parental support they made the success as their own however there is a true story behind what made the real man in anyone. I find many solutions in us just think of , What can we do today to improve? Consistent, incremental improvement is the secret to achieving the greatest of feats. Life has changed so much today with evolution of Technology, we are aware by the late 20th century; a knowledge economy began to take hold you are appointed for skills and just for the qualification as many have it. Workers became valued not for their labour, but for specialized knowledge, much of which was inscrutable to their superiors. Successful enterprises became learning organizations. The role of humans is again being rapidly redefined. Organizations will have to change the way that they learn and teachers and mentors primary task will be to design the curricula. In the modern world what remains is achievement at any cost than morality in contrast to thinking of Plato, Who believed in ideal forms. To him, true knowledge consisted of familiarity with those forms and virtue (which, in modern terms would have been closer to ability than to morality) was a matter of actualizing those forms in everyday life. The relation of students and teachers have taken the beating, as Teachers are stuck on the syllabus and don’t have time to update themselves beyond the subject books. As a result, students, feel their teachers don’t know their work.” and also many teachers live under compulsions under many who administer these organizations. The nations can improve with empowering the youth power; one of the greatest shortcomings of political establishments in most countries is the absence of any efficient mechanism to harness the ideas, energy, enthusiasm and sheer numbers of the younger Students of the countries they govern. Most political establishments the world over are filled to the brim with older people —mostly older

men—that are for the most part out of phase with the ideas, ambitions and aspirations of

the young multitudes. Never forget a Teacher is like Parents, and are gifted with power of change, I feel proud and wish to be Teacher for Today, to make my little contributions, no matter how old you are, think you are power of change for better. The ultimate question remains that empowering our concern we have to do empower ourselves to be in steam of life in the bitterly competitive world. . We need reminders that help us move forward, that prompt us to shift our course and take new steps to things that activate us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I find self-empowerment will be best empowerment; this is where empowerment comes in. It helps when you have a reminder that empowers you. Something that helps you feel strong, centered, motivated, ready to take compassionate care of yourself. Keep a motivating book by our side, just for reading articles when you are perplexed with the soundings. These can be articles on anything from setting personal boundaries to dreaming big dreams even a Bible or Gita. They remind me that I deserve respect that I deserve to be a priority in my own life. That it’s the only way I can be of service to others. So what helps you feel empowered, what spurs you to action? Best way we manage ourselves remain with managing our TIME which remain equal to both privileged and unprivileged, "Good TIME Management allows you, to better manage your time so that you can focus on the things that’ll make you or keep you successful, "If you don't manage your time well, you'll still be spending the same amount of time as anyone else — as we all get 24 hours a day — but you'll have to work a lot harder or longer to accomplish what good time managers can accomplish." One of the most important strategies to be utilized for time management is being able to prioritize tasks effectively. If you have doubts about how to overcome bad times Read a Book HELEN KELLER – THE STORY OF MY LIFE, how a Deaf and Blind person made her presence immortal in the World. To avoid getting bogged down with menial tasks, it is important to pass certain tasks off to others, or if they cannot be avoided, to leave the least important tasks for the end of the day. Start each day by planning out what the most important items to complete each day are, in order to ensure that these items get done first and are of the utmost priority. "Forget about the 'normal' way or 'typical' way things are done, and find out what way is best for your goals, one of my favourite sayings is "there is no time like the present, the best way to survive in this world continues to manage our TIME to our advantage, Time Management Can Make or Break our Careers. Dr.T.V.Rao MD. Professor of Microbiology – A Freelance writer Email