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Delegation : Ukraine Committee: Third World Assembly on Ageing Topic A: Addressing The Social and Economic Effects of Aging Populations As a country where a rather high level of population ageing is combined with massive depopulation, Ukraine experiences significant difficulties in ensuring social security of older persons. The socio-demographic policy in Ukraine in the recent five years is characterized by some revitalization and has some achievements. There are yet some achievements in the pension system, increasing the retirement age, and introducing incentives for the participation of older workers in the labour force. Further steps to reform the pension system in Ukraine and ensure successful adaptation of the labour market adaptation to demographic changes should be taken towards the transformation of retirement into a flexible and gradual process. This should include financial incentives for employers to hire workers in the pre- and post-retirement ages, focusing on education and training of older workers and eradication of age discrimination in favour of younger workers. Interventions are also necessary to maintain and promote health and well-being of older people, improve working conditions and create conducive environment for various economic activities of older people. In the recent years, Ukraine has been actively developing legal frameworks for continuous education and life-long learning, including in the area of vocational training. Innovative forms of social and educational services for the elderly were piloted. The main challenge for the future is further improvement of mechanisms for implementing the legislation and empowering older people to participate in appropriate education and training programmes. Housing subsidies programmes and privileges also cover mainly older persons. Reducing poverty levels among pensioners’ households is an important achievement of Ukraine over the last five years. Extreme poverty levels among older persons were decreasing at a steady and quick pace. However, the level of deprivation of older people in certain living conditions remains rather high: accessibility of good quality health care, infrastructural facilities, transportation etc. is limited in many cases. Therefore the issue of increasing the living standards and improving the quality of life in older age remains important and topical. To comprehensively address the poverty challenges, on 31 August 2011 the Government approved the draft law "On approval of the national programme for overcoming and preventing poverty by 2015". Ukraine believes that each member state has their own regulation in sociodemographic which one of the purposes is strengthen the social and economy security among older people. Each member states were marked with certain economic hardships caused by both the world economic crisis and long-lingering internal controversies of the country’s socioeconomic development. Therefore, Ukraine believes that UN within Third World Assembly on Ageing committee could bring together the framework on a joint project on system revitalization and enhance public awarness on maintaining older population.