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TabView ©2006-2009 by Simone Tellini All rights reserved.

How to install
Simply drag and drop TabView to your Applications folder.

Release History

Release 1.29 % When Metronome Intro was enabled, the bass score was active and you choose to start playing from a bar that didn't exist in the guitar score (because it was shorter than the bass one), a crash occurred. Fixed. % MIDI playback: fixed a crash that occurred with scores incorrectly containing Guitar In symbols for non-defined guitars.

Release 1.28 % Mac OS X 10.4 is now the minimum requirement. % Fixed crash when changing Display Mode while playing a tab.

Release 1.27 % MIDI playback: fixed a crash that occurred with some tablatures.

Release 1.26 % Rhythm slash: fixed a rendering bug involving beamings of 16th notes. % Display an error dialog in case the required system fonts cannot be opened.

Release 1.25 % MIDI playback: added a "Play Selection" function. It will play the selected part and then stop, so you can repeat it with your guitar. A "Play Selection"

22 % MIDI playback: when a repeat end bar line is encountered. Release 1. while the return key will loop over the current selection. Release 1. Release 1. % Added a keyboard shortcut to start playing from the selection: shift + spacebar. Release 1. This behaviour is similar to that of PowerTabEditor.21 % MIDI playback can be paused.20 % Fixed "Play from selection" to work correctly in presence of repeated sections.19 % Updated the Apple Remote functions to support Leopard. its repeat count value is ignored if there are alternate endings in the bar. Release 1.24 % Fixed a crash that occurred opening certain tablatures.23 % MIDI playback: added an option to mute either the guitar or the bass score (MIDI -> Mute).18 . % MIDI playback: added an option to start with a metronome intro (MIDI -> Metronome Intro) Release 1. % Added a couple of keyboard shortcuts to control MIDI playback: the spacebar will start or stop the playback from the start.button is available among those that can be added to the toolbar. A Pause button is available among those that can be added to the toolbar. Release 1.

17 % Fixed the way accidentals are rendered. % MIDI playback: capo is handled in the same way as PowerTabEditor.g. 7 strings for 6 strings guitars).14 % Added a Guitar Setup panel (View->Guitar Setup) which display information about the guitars and tuning used in the tablature. Fixed. % Bar numbers at the beginning of the system take multibar rests into account. if the guitar score is totally empty. Release 1.16 % Chord diagrams were rendered with an extra string (e. Release 1. the bass score will be automatically displayed. % MIDI playback: PowerTabEditor allows the tabber to specify a notation offset for a tuning. % MIDI export created unreadable files on several OS X versions due to a bug in a system function. Release 1. TabView now behaves in the same way.% Fixed a print problem that happened on Leopard when the print dialog was showing the page thumbnail. so you can find your tabs more easily. A different way to perform the same operation has been implemented in order to work around the problem. % Fixed the rendering of Eb chord names (they were mistakenly printed as E#). Release 1. While it applies the offset when displaying the standard notation.15 % It's now possible to switch among three display modes: % Normal (the same as the previous versions) % Tablature only % Notation only % Spotlight support: a Spotlight plugin has been integrated in TabView. Release 1.13 . % When opening a document. it doesn't apply it when playing the song.

It allows to jump easily to the desired parts of the tablatures. Release 1. Release 1. % MIDI playback: added autoscroll options. The minimum requirement is OS X 10.11 % Code cleanup: removed the workaround for an OS X 10.8 % Rhythm slash: fixed the rendering of beams.% MIDI playback: improved handling of tabs with both low and hi melodies.3. OS X 10. % Added support for the Apple Remote: it can be used to control the MIDI playback. please update your system.10 % A drawer with a list of the sections of the score has been added. % MIDI playback: guitar volumes are more similar to those produced by PowerTabEditor. If you are affected by the bug.9 includes the official fix from Apple. Release 1.9 % MIDI playback: it's possible to select and loop over a part of the tab. % MIDI playback: improved the handling of alterations of pace (ritardando/accelerando). % Rhythm slash: guitar in markers have been added. OS X 10. % MIDI playback: fixed a bug when dealing with directions pointing to a position with multiple signs. .12 % Starting from this release. Release 1.4 bug which prevented to correctly export tabs to MIDI files on Intel machines. Release 1.4.2 is no longer supported. % MIDI playback: the rhythm slash doesn't get out of sync when there are multibar rests.9.

Release 1.5 % It's now possible to control the speed of MIDI playback. MIDI files generated on Intel machines contained invalid data.g.4 % In order to be OS X 10. Since Apple still hasn't provided a fix for the bug.% MIDI export: due to a bug of Mac OS X 10. Release 1. You might need to edit your toolbar to add the slider. the PPC binary has been compiled with GCC 3.2/10.3 bug that prevented to print the tabs correctly has been implemented. a workaround has been implemented and now TabView generates working files on Intel Macs as well. % Added a document icon.6 % Font handling has been improved. Helvetica. % When generating MIDI data from a tab. bass score). the tempo marker of the first bar of the currently displayed score (e. This is what PowerTab on Windows does and it helps to keep the two parts in sync even if the tempo is not properly set in both the scores.g guitar score) is used as a default value for the other score (e. Times and Baskerville should be installed. . Release 1. Helvetica is now used as a fallback for any font that cannot be found.3 % Fixed a problem which prevented to view correctly tabs containing floating texts using unavailable fonts. % A workaround for the OS X 10. Release 1.7 % MIDI generation has been moved in a background thread so that the application won't feel unresponsive just before playing or exporting a tab. Release 1.2 compatible. For optimal results.4.3.

1 % % % % Added MIDI support. Release 1. end. Added a toolbar. arrow keys).0 % First public release . Improved a bit the rendering speed when scrolling the document. home. % Keyboard can be used to scroll through the tab (using page up/down. When launched it'll prompt for a tab to open.2 % Fixed a bug that prevented to print the last page correctly in some circumstances.Release 1. Release 1. unless it's been started by double clicking on a document.