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Kentucky State University KSU Girls Rock Constitution Article I – Name The name of the organization shall be KSU

Girls Rock at Kentucky State University. Article II – Mission The mission of the KSU Girls Rock organization is to promote empowerment, unity and service amongst the female students of Kentucky State University. Article III – Qualifications of Members As the purpose states, KSU Girls Rock is targeted at reaching female students of Kentucky State University. In order to best reach this group, participants of KSU Girls Rock are to be current students enrolled at the university. KSU Girls Rock should not become an exclusive “club,” with restricted membership; however, a key principle in the KSU Girls Rock strategy to reach these students is for the commonality of all women within the group to remain obvious. Article IV – Officers and Elections Section I: Officers to be Elected The KSU Girls Rock organization shall have officers as follows: 1) President 2) Vice President 3) Secretary 4) Treasurer 5) Public Relations Representative 6) Social Media Correspondent 7) Fundraising and Event Coordinator

Section II: Qualifications of Officers An officer must be a member of the KSU Girls Rock organization at Kentucky State University, in agreement with the KSU Girls Rock mission and meet any qualifications set by the school for holding office in an organization that is consistent with the KSU Girls Rock mission. Section III: Duties of Officers A. President will preside over all meetings, work with other officers in planning programs, give direction in setting group goals and demonstrate leadership qualities. B. Vice President will assist the President in any way, inform members of meeting time and place, assist in program planning and take care of any general needs of the meeting. C. Secretary will keep a record of each meeting, and take care of any other written correspondence. D. Treasurer will be responsible for all funds acquired by the organization, paying bills and keeping record of all income and disbursements. E. Public Relations Representative will serve as the media personnel and contact for the organization.

F. Social Media Correspondent will take control of all aspects of virtual communication pertaining to the organization. The correspondent’s role is to serve as a supplement to that of the Public Relations Representative. G. Fundraising and Event Coordinator will act as the key planner of events designed to bring revenue to the organization. The coordinator’s role is to serve as a supplement to that of the Public Relations Representative. Section IV: Elections Election of officers will be held once a year, preferably during March or April. This will allow newly elected officers to be trained by the existing officers. Potential officer candidates will be screened by existing officers and organization advisor to ensure their commitments to the KSU Girls Rock mission. A majority vote will be necessary for an officer to be elected. In case of no majority, a runoff will be held immediately. Article V – Meetings Meetings will be held weekly or, at least, twice a month and can be conducted in an atmosphere where fellowship, growth and outreach can be accomplished. Article VI – Amendments Amendments to this Constitution may be proposed by any organizational member. Amendments shall become effective if approved by two-thirds vote of the organization. Any amendments shall also be given to the Kentucky State University Office of Student Life for approval.