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Non-Volatile SRAM MODULE 256Kbit (32K x 8-Bit),28Pin DIP, 5V Part No. HMN328D GENERAL DESCRIPTION
The HMN328D nonvolatile SRAM is a 262,144-bit static RAM organized as 32,768 bytes by 8 bits. The HMN328D has a self-contained lithium energy source provide reliable non-volatility coupled with the unlimited write cycles of standard SRAM and integral control circuitry which constantly monitors the single 5V supply for an out-oftolerance condition. When such a condition occurs, the lithium energy source is automatically switched on to sustain the memory until after VCC returns valid and write protection is unconditionally enabled to prevent garbled data. In addition the SRAM is unconditionally write-protected to prevent an inadvertent write operation. At this time the integral energy source is switched on to sustain the memory until after VCC returns valid. The HMN328D uses extremely low standby current CMOS SRAM ’s, coupled with small lithium coin cells to provide nonvolatility without long write-cycle times and the write-cycle limitations associated with EEPROM.

w Access time : 70, 85, , 120, 150 ns w High-density design : 256Kbit Design w Battery internally isolated until power is applied w Industry-standard 28-pin 32K x 8 pinout w Unlimited write cycles w Data retention in the absence of VCC w 10-years minimum data retention in absence of power w Automatic write-protection during power-up/power-down cycles w Data is automatically protected during power loss w Industrial temperature operation


A14 A12 A7 A6 A5 A4 A3 A2 A1 A0 DQ0 DQ1 DQ2 VSS

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15

w Timing 70 ns 85 ns 120 ns 150 ns

- 70 - 85 -120 -150

VCC /WE A13 A8 A9 A11 /O E A10 /CE DQ7 DQ6 DQ5 DQ4 DQ3

28-pin Encapsulated Package

URL : Rev. 0.0 (April, 2002)


HANBit Electronics Co.,Ltd

5 volts. /WE must return to the high state for a minimum recovery time (tWR) before another cycle can be initiated. if the output bus been enabled (/CE and /OE active) then WE will disable the outputs in tODW from its falling edge.. As Vcc falls below approximately 3 V. Powerdown/power-up control circuitry constantly monitors the VCC supply for a power-fail-detect threshold VPFD. the HMN328D operates as a standard CMOS SRAM. 0. During power-up. The write cycle is terminated by the earlier rising edge of /CE or /WE. BLOCK DIAGRAM /OE /WE 32K x 8 SRAM Block Power A0-A14 DQ0-DQ7 PIN DESCRIPTION A0-A14 : Address Input /CE : Chip Enable VSS : Ground /CE CON VCC DQ0-DQ7 : Data In / Data Out /WE : Write Enable /OE : Output Enable Lithium Cell VCC: Power (+5V) NC : No Connection /CE Power – Fail Control URL : www. All inputs to the RAM become “ don’t care” and all outputs are high All address inputs must be kept valid throughout the write cycle.37 V nominal.HANBit FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION HMN328D The HMN328D executes a read cycle whenever /WE is inactive(high) and /CE is active(low). the SRAM automatically write-protects the data. Valid data will be available to the eight data output drivers within tACC (access time) after the last address input signal is stable.0 volts. the power switching circuit connects the lithium energy soure to RAM to retain data. The address specified by the address inputs(A0-A14) defines which of the 32. when Vcc rises above approximately 3. During power-down and power-up cycles. Normal RAM operation can resume after Vcc exceeds 4. The HMN328D is in the write mode whenever the /WE and /CE signals are in the active (low) state after address inputs are stable. automatically protecting and preserving the memory contents.Ltd . However.5 V and write protects by 4. The /OE control signal should be kept inactive (high) during write cycles to avoid bus contention. the HMN328D acts as a nonvolatile Rev. When power is valid. The later occurring falling edge of /CE or /WE will determine the start of the write cycle. The HMN328D provides full functional capability for Vcc greater than 4.768 bytes of data is accessed. When VCC falls below the VPFD threshold. the power switching circuit connects external Vcc to the RAM and disconnects the lithium energy source. 2002) 2 HANBit Electronics Co.0 (April.

3V 0.3V to 7.hbe.3 Commercial Industrial CONDITIONS TOPR TSTG TBIAS TSOLDER NOTE: Permanent device damage may occur if Absolute Maximum Ratings are exceeded. Functional operation should be restricted to the Recommended DC Operating Conditions detailed in this data sheet.3V to 7.0V 0 MAX 5.Ltd ..2 -0. 2002) 3 HANBit Electronics Co. RECOMMENDED DC OPERATING CONDITIONS ( TA= TOPR ) PARAMETER Supply Voltage Ground Input high voltage Input low voltage SYMBOL VCC VSS VIH VIL MIN 4.HANBit TRUTH TABLE MODE Not selected Output disable Read Write /OE X H L X /CE H L L L /WE X H H L I/O OPERATION High Z High Z DOUT DIN HMN328D POWER Standby Active Active Active ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS PARAMETER DC voltage applied on VCC relative to VSS DC Voltage applied on any pin excluding VCC relative to VSS Operating temperature Storage temperature Temperature under bias Soldering temperature SYMBOL VCC VT RATING -0.0V -0. Exposure to higher than recommended voltage for extended periods of time could affect device Rev.3 TYPICAL 5.0V 0 to 70°C -40 to 85°C -55°C to 125°C -40°C to 85°C 260°C For 10 second VT≤ VCC+0.0 (April.5V 0 VCC+0.5V 0 2.8V NOTE: Typical values indicate operation at TA = 25℃ URL : www.

37 3 ISB1 2.0mA IOL= 2. 0V≤ VIN≤ 0.9KΩ +5V DOUT +5V 1.1mA /CE=VIH /CE≥ VCC-0.2V. II/O=0㎃ ICC VPFD VSO 4. 4 HMN328D MAX ± 1 ± 1 Rev. or VIN≥ VCC-0.hbe. 2002) 4 HANBit Electronics Co..50 - ㎃ V V CAPACITANCE (TA=25℃ .Ltd .30 55 SYMBOL ILI ILO VOH VOL ISB MIN 2.2V.HANBit DC ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (TA= TOPR. VCCmin £ VCC≤ VCCmax ) PARAMETER Input Leakage Current Output Leakage Current Output high voltage Output low voltage Standby supply current Standby supply current CONDITIONS VIN=VSS to VCC /CE=VIH or /OE=VIH or /WE=VIL IOH=-1.2V Operating supply current Power-fail-detect voltage Supply switch-over voltage Min. /CE=VIL. VCC=5.0 (April.4 TYP. Output Load B URL : www.5V ( unless otherwise specified) See Figures 1and 2 1KΩ 100㎊ 1KΩ 5㎊ DOUT 1.4 1 100 UNIT mA mA V V ㎃ mA 15 4. Output Load A Figure 2.9KΩ Figure 1.duty=100%.cycle. f=1MHz.0V) DESCRIPTION Input Capacitance Input/Output Capacitance CONDITIONS Input voltage = 0V Output voltage = 0V SYMBOL CIN CI/O MAX 10 10 MIN UNIT pF pF CHARACTERISTICS (Test Conditions) PARAMETER Input pulse levels Input rise and fall times Input and output timing reference levels Output load (including scope and jig) VALUE 0 to 3V 5 ns 1. 0.

If /CE goes low simultaneously with /WE going low or after /WE going low.Ltd .kr Rev.hbe.HANBit READ CYCLE (TA= TOPR. 0. 2002) 5 HANBit Electronics Co. URL : 5. A write occurs during the overlap of allow /CE and a low /WE. A write ends at the earlier transition of /CE going high and /WE going high. 4. 2. VCCmin £ VCC≤ VCCmax ) PARAMETER Read Cycle Time Address Access Time Chip enable access time Output enable to Output valid Chip enable to output in low Z Output enable to output in low Z Chip disable to output in high Z Output disable to output high Z Output hold from address change SYMBOL tRC tACC tACE tOE tCLZ tOLZ tCHZ tOHZ tOH Output load A Output load A Output load A Output load B Output load B Output load B Output load B Output load A CONDITIONS MIN 70 5 5 0 0 10 -70 MAX 70 70 35 25 25 MIN 85 5 0 0 0 10 -85 MAX 85 85 45 35 25 -120 MIN 120 5 0 0 0 10 MAX 120 120 60 45 35 - HMN328D -150 MIN 150 10 5 0 0 10 MAX 150 150 70 60 50 - UNIT ns ns ns ns ns ns ns ns ns WRITE CYCLE (TA= TOPR. Either tWR1 or tWR2 must be met. 3. Either tDH1 or tDH2 must be met. A write begins at the later transition of /CE going low and /WE going low. Vccmin £ Vcc ≤ Vccmax ) PARAMETER Write Cycle Time Chip enable to end of write Address setup time Address valid to end of write Write pulse width Write recovery time (write cycle 1) Write recovery time (write cycle 2) Data valid to end of write Data hold time (write cycle 1) Data hold time (write cycle 2) Write enabled to output in high Z Output active from end of write SYMBOL tWC tCW tAS tAW tWP tWR1 tWR2 tDW tDH1 tDH2 tWZ tOW Note 4 Note 4 Note 5 Note 5 Note 1 Note 2 Note 1 Note 1 Note 3 Note 3 CONDITIONS MIN 70 65 0 65 55 5 15 30 0 10 0 5 -70 MAX 25 MIN 85 75 0 75 65 5 15 35 0 10 0 0 -85 MAX 30 -120 MIN 120 100 0 100 85 5 15 45 0 10 0 0 MAX 40 -150 Min 150 100 0 90 90 5 15 50 0 0 0 5 Max 50 UNI T ns ns ns ns ns ns ns ns ns ns ns ns NOTE: 1. the outputs remain in highimpedance state..0 (April.

READ CYCLE NO.HANBit POWER-DOWN/POWER-UP CYCLE (TA= Rev. 2002) 6 HANBit Electronics Co. 0.4 /CE tACE tCLZ DOUT High-Z tRC tCHZ High-Z URL : www. 4. VSO to VPFD (max) Chip enable recovery time Data-retention time in Absence of VCC Data-retention time in Absence of VCC Write-protect time SYMBOL tPF tFS tPU Time during which SRAM tCER is write-protected after VCC passes VPFD on power-up.75 to VSO VCC slew. industrial temperature range (-N) only Delay after VCC slews down tWPT past VPFD before SRAM is Write-protected.25V VCC slew.2 (/CE Access)*1.Ltd . VCC=5V) PARAMETER VCC slew. 40 100 10 6 40 80 CONDITIONS MIN 300 10 0 TYP.hbe.2 tRC Address tACC tOH DOUT Previous Data Valid Data Valid ..0 (April. tDR tDR-N TA = 25℃ TA = 25℃ .75 to 4.3. - HMN328D MAX - UNIT ㎲ ㎲ ㎲ 120 ms - years years 150 ㎲ TIMING WAVEFORM . 4.READ CYCLE NO.1 (Address Access)*

HANBit .3 tWC Address tAW tCW /CE tAS /WE tDW DIN tWZ DOUT Data Undefined (1) Data-in Valid tOW High-Z tDH1 tWP tWR1 URL : www. 4.Ltd . /WE is held high for a read 0. 2..READ CYCLE NO. Device is continuously selected: /CE = VIL .hbe.2.3 (/OE Access)*1. Device is continuously selected: /CE = /OE Rev.WRITE CYCLE NO. 2002) 7 HANBit Electronics Co.1 (/WE-Controlled)*1. /OE = VIL. Address is valid prior to or coincident with CE transition low.5 tRC Address tACC /OE tOE DOUT tOLZ High-Z tOHZ Data Valid High-Z HMN328D NOTES: 1. 5. 3.0 (April.

Either tDH1 or tDH2 must be met.0 (April.2 (/CE-Controlled)*1.75 VPFD tPF VPFD 4. If /OE is high. Because I/O may be active (/OE low) during this period.HANBit Rev.5 tWC Address tAS /CE tWP /WE tDW DIN tWZ DOUT Data Undefined (2) NOTE : 1. data input signals of opposite polarity to the outputs must not be applied. /CE or /WE must be high during address transition. 0.Ltd .hbe. 5. HMN328D tAW tCW tWR2 tDH2 Data-in Valid High-Z .25 VSO tFS tWPT tDR VSO tPU tCER /CE URL : www. the I/O pins remain in a state of high impedance.POWER-DOWN/POWER-UP TIMING VCC 4. Either tWR1 or tWR2 must be met.4. 3.2. 4. 2002) 8 HANBit Electronics Co.. 2.WRITE CYCLE NO.3.

375 0.0 (April.110 0.710 0.hbe.008 0.023 0.470 0.365 0. 2002) 9 HANBit Electronics Co.740 0..075 0.090 0.110 0.500 0.012 0.630 Rev. : Blank = Commercial (0 to 70 °C ) I = Industrial (-40 to 85°C) Speed options : 70 = 70 ns 85 = 85 ns 120 = 120 ns 150 = 150 ns Dip type package Device : 32K x 8 bit Nonvolatile Timekeeping SRAM HANBit Memory Module URL : www.Ltd .590 0.70 I Operating Temp.017 0. 0.HANBit PACKAGE DIMENSION Dimension A B C D E F G H I J Min 1.013 Max 1.150 HMN328D J A H G I B C D E F ORDERING INFORMATION H M N 32 8 D .