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Midterm Investigation Project: Get to Know Your Classmates Objectives:     Goals:      To develop new technology skills, replacing paper

based skills To reinforce time management responsibilities To assess data organization skills To assess qualitative data analysis skills To assess quantitative data analysis skills Plan and implement descriptive investigations including asking questions, formulating testable hypotheses, and selecting and using equipment and technology. (TEKS 8.2A) Collect, analyze, and record data by observing and measuring. (TEKS 8.2B) Analyze and interpret information to construct reasonable explanations from direct and indirect evidence. (TEKS 8.3C) Employ curriculum-specific simulations to practice critical-thinking processes. (1, 4) NETS

Required Tools:    The form app in Google drive The spreadsheet app in Google drive The document app in Google drive

Help Guides: *Use your notes from class for signing into Google, creating new documents, and basic document tools. Help with sharing your documents: Help with creating graphs: (Google calls them charts.) Ms. Heater’s example of a form: Ms. Heater’s example of a spreadsheet: Ms. Heater’s example of a document: haring

Check In and Due Dates: Check In on September 30: Login into Google; create all three documents; share all three documents with Ms. Heater. The three documents DO NOT have to be finished at this time. Check In on October 7: Check In on October 14: Check In on October 25: Due Date on October 28: Form Document should be completed and shared with ALL classmates at this time. Responding to ALL forms. In class time for any last minute questions about technology or assignment issues. All documents must be completed at this time.

Project Description: Form:      The line of questioning for data collection does not violate school policy and does not ask for vital personal information (address, phone number, grades, gender, identification numbers of any kind, etc.) The first question must gather the names of responders (first and last), and is not used as “data”. There are a minimum of 4 data questions. (with a minimum of 2 different questioning types) I suggest not using any written response for data collection. Remember, the more data you collect, the more options you have for analysis.

Spreadsheet:      This should be the automatic location for data collection. Add two more tabs to this spreadsheet. (“Data Tables”, “Graphs”) In “Data Tables” tab, create 3 data tables from the data collected by your form. In “Graphs” tab, create 3 graphs, one representing each of the 3 data tables. (2 graphing styles must be used) Double check for titles, labels, and units.

Document:    Follow the Friday Folder Guidelines for Document Format. Create a qualitative analysis for each of the three graphs (address the graphs by Title) These narratives should include the following: - Overall view - Maximums, Minimums, Spread - Outliers - Conclusion with reasoning