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Requirement 1:- JD Pre population information from OM to E rec .

Pre populated JD in Requisition Request in E Rec from ECC JD info type 1000 & 1001 can be achieved by adding a message type HRMD_A and setting up ALE as per standard guidelines.

Requirement 2:-Data transfer from E rec to PA - Hiring Action (PA48) RFC connection as the value for the parameter RECFA DTCBA needs to be enabled and RFC call of a function module to set the information into table T752F which is used to set the information into the info types when running the hiring action from PA48 .PA 48 call the Data method TRANSFER_DATA and the method of class

CL_HRRCF_ACT_DATA_TRANS_RECORD. In this method it calls RFC HR_PREPARE_NEW_EE and pass following data from info types as follows.
    Info type 0001 Info type 0002 Info type 0006 Subtype 0001 Info type 0105 Subtypes 0001, 0010

Please find the Fields below:transfer_data-hiredate transfer_data-employeenumber transfer_data-orgunit transfer_data-position transfer_data-lastname transfer_data-firstname transfer_data-academicgrade transfer_data-initials transfer_data-formofaddress transfer_data-gender transfer_data-dateofbirth transfer_data-correspondance transfer_data-street transfer_data-city transfer_data-zipcode transfer_data-country transfer_data-state and For >hrobject-objid we need to add a filter for Info types 1000 and 1001 for objects P, S, O and C .We need to use the subtype to restrict relations and avoid unnecessary relations in the IDoc. P->CP. .

The destination needs to set up in PA . If you have any query .Not required PA This can be used for follow up data processing after PA48 action. we have enhance the BADI “HRRCF04_STORE_HRSKIL” based on customer requirement E Rec work experience info type (5103) and Education info type (5104 )& Qualification Info type ( 5129) against PA Qualification (0022) & previous employment information (0023) & education information (0022) against along with transfer . .. These attachments will be transferred as PREL-. Attachment transfer to PA requirement We can use the same BADI HRRCF04_STORE_HRSKIL to transfer the attachments aswell against filtered subtype 001 and 005 from Attachment infotype 5134 .please let me know.  0001 Resume (contains attachments which candidates upload to supplement their curriculum vitae)       0002 Talent Relationship Management (currently not used) Not required for PA 0003 Requisition Management (contains attachments for requisitions) Not required for PA 0004 Applicant Tracking (Not required 0005 Activities (contains attachments for activities) 0006 Activity: E-mail Attach..On top above data.OAAD – Administration of Stored documents to receive the documents and assign document with info type reference to an employee in PA. We have to call a RFC in e-rec for reading attachments. In all cases report HRALXSYNC needs to run for CP-BP Sync. (contains attachments for correspondence activities) 0007 Talent Group (contains attachments for talent groups).Employee Document. Note :.