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1. The world of Solid Surface materials 2. Duralight®: general characteristics and strong points 3. A story that starts way back: origins and evolutions of Duralight® 4. Teuco manufacturing technologies: complete mastery of the material 5. Unlimited applications: in the bathroom, beyond the bathroom 6. Duralight® close up: technical sheet and features 2 4







1. The world of Solid Surface Materials

Of living environments, we ask uncommon sensations, aesthetic and multisensory pleasure, and the spaces must reflect our inner self and give us wellbeing. This is what the world of furniture and interior design is aiming for, forever searching for innovative materials, unusual, versatile and yet at the same time simple and functional, pleasant to see and to touch. Like Solid Surface Materials, innovative compounds that have their strong points precisely in their mouldability, their strength, their elegance, their ability to please. They are materials that open radically new scenarios to designers, overcoming all limits on design. Freedom to create, freedom to give shape, freedom to imagine new functions, together with surprising strength. In this world Teuco Duralight® is a leading force. An acrylic-based composite material patented, produced and processed entirely by Teuco, a material that combines superior performance and aesthetic beauty. Contact with Duralight® is surprisingly, unexpectedly pleasant owing to the “warm” feel, similar to natural stone, given by the polished and continuous surfaces. Duralight® is a “silky” material, both solid and strong, durable over time and easily moulded, which ensures almost total freedom of design.

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from yachts to airports. Duralight®: general characteristics and strong points DURALIGHT BY TEUCO: REVOLUTIONISING THE WORLD OF COMPOSITE MATERIALS. innovative designs and applications which stand the test of time. The features of absolute uniqueness of Duralight® are due exclusively to Teuco research.2. because it is patented by Teuco. unique are the technologies used by Teuco to process it. . 5. from hotels and shops. with a know-how in new materials built up over the years. Unique is the recipe for Duralight®. ® 4. starting from the company’s foundation in 1972. Duralight® is ideal for creative uses. Duralight®: unique. in residential and commercial environments.

it enhances the pleasure of contact with the water. with the ability to create precious plays of contrast between gloss and matt. scratches and mould formation. the desired aesthetic effect is thus achieved every time. Visually appealing The fluid. when it burns it only gives off carbon dioxide and the smoke does not contain toxic gases. Renewable The surfaces can be restored to mint condition using a delicate abrasive detergent and an abrasive sponge. joint-free forms make a unique visual impression. and the surfaces have an uninterrupted flow about them. Hygienic and easy to clean Being compact and non-porous in all its thickness. Non-toxic At normal temperatures it does not release gas. in both matt and gloss finishes. Easily moulded The exclusive Teuco technologies used to process Duralight® ensure total freedom of design. with high resistance to stains. it is resistant to external agents and is therefore easy to clean. The finishes of Duralight® Teuco is capable of giving Duralight® the required finish. just like a natural surface.Duralight® is: Surprising to the touch With its warm and appealing tactile sensation. Long lasting Colours which don’t fade under natural or artificial light. . from matt to gloss.

and made-to-measure products and installations. Creativity and technology without forgetting efficiency: products in Duralight® have competitive positioning not only with respect to other acrylic-based compounds.2. Duralight® bathtubs are also the only Solid Surface Material bathtubs which can be fitted with wellness functions.high quality acrylic resin (PMMA) .chemicals and binders 6. but also to the more economical polyester-based Solid Surface Materials.aluminium trihydrate . including the traditional methods. without giving up relaxation and physical form. Room for design. . and can work it with patented processing technologies. Duralight®: general characteristics and strong points Teuco produces its own Duralight®. This enables us always to find the best design solutions. 7. with the ability to create complex forms. large objects and curved forms without joints. Thanks to Teuco’s versatile technology. The original Duralight® formula consists of: . considerable thicknesses without adhesive.


it received important international recognition. an avant-garde material in those days in the bathroom industry. the whole industry followed the route laid down by Teuco. Not longer after. The company thus began to develop composite materials of different types. Without neglecting attention to design. Teuco was therefore founded with innovation and material expertise in its DNA. Thanks to an internal research laboratory which collaborates with leading Italian universities and European institutes. which were then used in production. Duralight® is the product of know-how that wasn't born today. after years of experience with Fratelli Guzzini in the production of design objects for the home. used mainly in the production of kitchen sinks. 9. It was in this period of experimentation that new formulations were achieved that went to expand the range of compounds. for which. durability and resistance to wear. In this way Duraquartz®. . and has always had research and know-how among its strong points. On the strength of its acrylic bathtubs and showers. right from the start. A story that starts way back: origins and evolutions of Duralight® DURALIGHT .3. moving from the raw materials used previously (ceramics and enamelled steel) to acrylic. A STORY THAT STARTS WAY BACK. ® 8. Patented materials differing in their composition. Duravitro® and Duralight® were created. decided to take a new road: the production of bathtubs made of acrylic. but with the same features of long life. derived from acrylics: Duralast® came first. at the end of the ’80s. Teuco began processing new materials. when the Guzzini family. Teuco is a story of innovations that began in 1972. Teuco intensified research and innovation on materials and acquired important know-how in the chemical field.

and of Duralight® in particular. Teuco created the first projects in the contract world.1994: the first manufacturing plant dedicated to composite materials. 1997-2000: the applications of Duralight® have no limits. the tactile performance and the long life are truly exceptional. Thanks to the perfect combination of superior performance and aesthetic beauty. For this reason. because the material. producing them in slabs and supplying them to companies in the furniture industry. . including Duralight®. Since then. Teuco has had exclusive rights to formulate and process Duralight®. Teuco immediately understood the potential of these composite materials. like the bathrooms at Athens airport and the custom washbasins of a large shopping centre in Catania. in 1994 the company launched the first manufacturing plant dedicated to composite materials. Duralight® was thus soon a major force in interior design: between the end of the ‘90s and the early 2000s.

In this way. Such as the new Duralight® washbasins: free-standing or integrated solutions. Teuco thus decided to bring the qualities of Duralight® into everyday use. customisation possibilities and price. new products and solutions. modular. creating products made from this material to the bathroom: in 2006. Innovation in Teuco products also arises in the field. totally configurable by the customer. 2009: the launch of Paper. the Feel and View bathtubs and the Unlimited series of shower trays were launched. the revolutionary bathtub project in Duralight®.3. Riding the wave of the continual improvements in technologies and manufacturing efficiency. in 2009 Teuco launched Paper: a modular project of Duralight® bathtubs which further revolutionized the market for products in Solid Surface Materials. A story that starts way back: origins and evolutions of Duralight® 2006: Teuco launches the first bathroom products in Duralight®. . customisable in shape and size and in the management of odd angles. The numerous projects developed for supplies to the Contract market have given rise to the most diverse custom products. 2010: from the world of custom projects. some solutions were then industrialized and added to the Teuco catalogue. up to the supply of complete bathrooms and settings in Duralight®. in terms of flexibility. 11. 10.


Teuco is the only company producing and processing Duralight®. to enable the best design and manufacturing solution always.4. complete mastery of the material. Teuco manufacturing technologies: complete mastery of Duralight® TEUCO MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGIES: COMPLETE MASTERY OF THE MATERIAL. 13 . It can also mould it to create complex shapes. With exclusive rights. 12. Teuco can in fact process it with different technologies besides the traditional ones. which means it has developed. with the greatest simplicity. products and settings made to measure. over time. large objects without visible joints.


and means less load on the floor. two shells can be bonded together to create hollow products. reducing the bonding necessary to create the finished product to the minimum. An innovation which adds to Teuco's consolidated know-how in the more traditional thermoforming technology. All Solid Surface materials present on the market are normally processed with thermoforming and subsequent bonding of sheets.4. Duralight Granite owes its aesthetic effect to coloured crunches. also to recyclability: Teuco reuses production waste. Teuco has finalized another manufacturing process. For total freedom of design. an exclusive option only in Duralight® bathtubs. owing to the need to bond together a large number of pieces. pouring the acrylic compound into the mould and waiting for the mass to solidify and take shape. being able to create hollow. 14. Teuco manufacturing technologies: complete mastery of Duralight® The exclusive technology patented by Teuco. “monoblock”. and this makes the creation of objects with special shapes costly and difficult. obtained from the precise grinding and screening of 100% of the Duralight® production waste. After three years of research. putting it back into the production cycle to make Duralight® with Granite effect. and therefore lighter. even and above all for custom settings. Duralight® is processed paying the greatest attention. In addition. in particular in terms of flexibility and being able to offer customised solutions promptly. or “Cold Cure”. 15. Teuco's Cold Cure technology offers a further advantage: in the production of bathtubs. Duralight® products in complex shapes with different dimensions and thicknesses. This new technology lets Teuco manufacture single unit. products makes handling and installation easier. . This makes it possible to insert the wellness functions. for example. which allows products to be created “cold”. Duralight® is totally Teuco: control over every stage of the manufacturing process (from production of the raw material to the finished product) offers numerous advantages. which is much more flexible and advantageous: cold polymerisation.

2. Teuco. and by thermoforming of slabs 2. even at a high level of industrial efficiency in the manufacture of Duralight®. carried out by hand on every single piece. 1.The manufacturing stages of Teuco Duralight®. does not neglect the extreme craftsmanlike care in the processing stages . Manufacturing of semi-finished Duralight® products by Cold Cure. Gluing . 3. Automated deburring and milling 3. 1.

5. Teuco manufacturing technologies: complete mastery of Duralight® 4. . 17. to give the end product a glossy or matt finish as required 5. Visual inspection and touching up of any imperfections using our special Duralight® based glue 16.4. Application of the frame and the systems 6. Manual polishing. 4. 6.


beyond the bathroom DURALIGHT BY TEUCO. UNLIMITED APPLICATIONS: IN THE BATHROOM. Unlimited applications: in the bathroom. BEYOND THE BATHROOM. ® 18. . 19.5.

freely shaping one or more sides. Sinking into a Duralight® bathtub. contact with the water becomes even more pleasurable. Design. but also in the ability to adapt to the space. then. thanks to both their clean and elegant lines and their versatility. the unique Teuco feature. thanks to the blower massage and its invisible nozzles. . amplified by the sensation of the material on the skin. that doesn't neglect wellbeing. the Duralight ® bathtubs integrate perfectly into any setting. Paper Bathtubs Talocci design A wide range of bathtubs characterized by the maximum versatility: not only in the choice of sizes and installation methods.Duralight® Bathtubs Created to respond to the growing desire to make the bathtub a personal and customised space.

both in the rectangular and in the corner version. View Bathtubs Lenci design In a perfect harmony of shapes and transparencies. 21. the beauty of Duralight® merges with glass. different versions come into being.5. Unlimited applications: in the bathroom. from the totally white version to the modern black and white. beyond the bathroom Feel Bathtubs Talocci design From the elegant oval and enveloping shape of the Feel bathtub. which runs along the entire front panel. . 20. meeting every need: from the centre-of-the room to the undermount.

and the tray can be positioned either flush with the floor or above the floor. elegance. The dimensions are customisable.Duralight® shower trays Duralight® means quality. according to personal tastes. . centimetre by centimetre within the range permitted (from 80x90 cm up to the large 200x120 cm) making it possible to obtain sizes not normally present on the market. as in the Unlimited shower trays. freedom. The look is customisable too: Unlimited is available as a free basin. with slats or footboards.

In each case. customising the distance between one washbasin and the other and the size of the Duralight® shelf. they can be installed integrated into a Duralight® shelf (semi-recessed) or free-standing on Duralight® shelves or even wooden ones. customisable in the look. Unlimited applications: in the bathroom. 22.5. the size and the installation. These washbasins interpret the same philosophy as the Duralight® bathtubs: available in different sizes. of high aesthetic and functional quality. . one or more elements can be chosen in succession. and can be combined with the Duralight® bathtubs to obtain a coordinated space. 23. beyond the bathroom Duralight® washbasins Duralight® washbasins are modular solutions.


. The Teuco Contract Division works on this every day: a dedicated staff putting all the skills. including the ability to produce ad hoc equipment for specific projects. with different technologies besides the traditional ones. make Teuco the ideal partner to supply products and entire bathrooms for the Contract market. THE IDEAL MATERIAL FOR THE CONTRACT MARKET.5. 25. products and can-do that Teuco has to offer at the disposal of industry professionals. beyond the bathroom DURALIGHT . together with the superior qualities of the material. makes it possible to create the best design and production solution in every context: these reasons. Unlimited applications: in the bathroom. ® 24. The great ease with which Teuco processes Duralight®.

Milan The Teuco project for “La casa del Ben Essere”. the raw material of creativity. All the shower and Turkish bath functions are integrated into the walls. 100 mq furnished by leading Italian design companies. . Clear examples of the unlimited potential of Duralight®.Custom projects: Duralight®. which are also made of Duralight®. ergonomics. managed by the domotics system that controls all the electronic functions of the house. Additionally. La casa del Ben-Essere. wellbeing and technological research. specially designed and inspired by the complete customisation ability of the Unlimited series. customised in every detail. safety. is developed in a bridging structure made of orange Duralight®. an LED chromotherapy system. The Teuco shower enclosure. united by values of sustainability. in the enclosure. The great versatility of Duralight® and Teuco's total mastery in producing and working the material are expressed to the highest degree in the creation of custom projects.

27. Integrated into the ceiling are the shower heads. inside and out. Central St. On the inside. the shower tray in Duralight® merges with the floor of the same material. and the seats and handbasins are also in Duralight®. an innovative complex situated in the heart of London’s West End designed by the Renzo Piano Building Workshop. . Unlimited applications: in the bathroom. providing custom modular washbasin shelves for offices. 26. beyond the bathroom (copyright RPBW – photo Maurits van der Staay) Hammam lined with Duralight® Hammam custom lined with Duralight®. the Chromoexperience and the audio system. Giles Teuco contributed to the creation of the Central St.5. Giles development.


Thanks to its characteristics of strength. a special pencil holder cube and a note holder in Duralight® (limited edition).5. Left-hand page: Room for the imagination. Unlimited applications: in the bathroom. beyond the bathroom BEYOND THE BATHROOM. . pleasantness to the touch and mouldability. Duralight® can take on many different shapes and can be used to create any kind of object. 28. not just in the bathroom. compactness. 29.

M. A temporary exhibition at the MAK Museum in Vienna was devoted to Rotator in 2009. conceived and designed by Ron Arad and J. Wilmotte. presenting two radical new bathroom scenarios with a Fuori Salone fringe event. Teuco organized the launch of Duralight® in the week of the Milan Furniture Show. and the continual flow of water becomes an essential element of the beauty of the product.Rotator and Geografia: the interpretations of Duralight® designed by two great international designers. all in Duralight®. positioned vertically. In 2008. The background to this creation is a white mirrored floor and glossy white walls with red shelves and grouting. . completely in Duralight®. Rotator by Ron Arad Rotator is the unexpected and visionary interpretation of Duralight® designed by Ron Arad: the bathtub. turning slowly is transformed into a shower.

5.31. Unlimited applications: in the bathroom. . beyond the bathroom 30.

showing the different ways of using water. . Wilmotte gives life to a winding landscape in which the products. are inspired by unusual and timeless natural places. Wilmotte With Geografia.Geografia by J. the shower becomes a fascinating waterfall and in this scenario water in movement creates a unique and exciting overall effect.M. Bathtubs and washbasins become lakes in hills or valleys.

32. . 33.


® 34. . Duralight® close up: technical sheet and features DURALIGHT CLOSE UP.6. 35.

applying international standards. .The properties of Duralight® The properties of Duralight®. have been rigorously tested. having a profile of high quality and resistance at every level.

50-60 Mpa Ref.2 Gpa 50. Duralight® close up: technical sheet and features Physical and mechanical properties of Teuco Duralight® PROPERTY* METHOD OF TEST RANGE OF ACCEPTABILITY TYPICAL RESULTS Determination of the resistance to chemical agents.91 Mpa 6. 3-8 KJ/m2 Ref. B.5 KJ/m2 8.C CLASS (A + B) ** 8 mm slabs portrayed * 12 mm slabs portrayed 36. D Range of smoke: Classification S1-S2-S3 4.B . . 75-95 HRM Range of resistance to fire: Class A2. d0 Fire resistance classification at the Giordano Institute** Classification in slipperiness tests Range: Class A . 70-80 Mpa Ref. 6-10 Gpa Ref. stains and domestic detergents Determination of the Charpy resilience Determination of the bending modulus Resistance to bending Determination of the tensile modulus Determination of the bending breakage sigma Determination of the Rockwell hardness Fire resistance tests Ignitability of products at the Giordano Institute UNI EN 14527 Consistent with all reagents UNI EN ISO 179-1 UNI EN ISO 178 UNI EN ISO 178 UNI EN ISO 527-1 UNI EN ISO 527-1 UNI EN ISO2039-2 UNI EN ISO 119252:2005 Part 2 UNI EN 13238:2002 Ref. -s. 6-10 Gpa Ref.2 Fire classification class attributed: B Smoke classification class attributed: S1 Smoke classification at the Giordano Institute NF F16-101 (1998) NF X10-702-2 (1994) NF X70-100 (2006) UNI EN 13501:2007 UNI EN 13823: 2005 UNI EN 13238: 2002 NF F16-101 (1998) NF X10-702-2 (1994) NF X70-100 (2006) UNI EN 13501:2007 UNI EN 13823: 2005 UNI EN 13238: 2002 DIN 51097 UNI EN 13451-1 Range of opacity of smoke F0-F2 Smoke opacity classification class attributed: F0 Fire resistance classification at the Giordano Institute Range d0-d2 Drops/particles ignited absent Classification: d0 Euroclass: FIRE RESISTANCE CLASSIFICATION is: B.6. 37.27 Mpa 93.1 Gpa 76. C.

.The performance of Duralight® Owing to its composition and in particular to it having the acrylic PMMA as a basic substance. Duralight® has superior features and performance that make it the ideal material for uses that require duration over time. resistance to wear and total safety.

Constancy Test: Breaking.91 10.16 6. UNI EN ISO 527-1 Material Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Section (mm) Max Stress (N/mm2) Breaking Stress (N/mm2) Duralight® Polyester-based compound Breaking and bending stress (N/mm2) 80 60 40 20 0 52.27 38. Duralight® close up: technical sheet and features 1) Physical and mechanical resistance Duralight® is highly resistant to shocks.94 Duralight® Polyester-based compound 38.92 9.6.76 10. especially in the bathroom. The resistance to shocks and abrasions of an acrylic-based compound is much higher than (practically double) that of any other polyester-based compound.7 76.14 15. scratches. bending and stretching stresses IO10C23. abrasions.19 50.64 6. UNI EN ISO 178-98.72 52. .91 10.27 50.94 8.37 52.82 97. wear and stresses which are typical in everyday use.39 38.27 9.91 76.04 15.96 38. 39.72 Material Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Section (mm) Max Stress (N/mm2) Breaking Stress (N/mm2) Duralight® Polyester-based compound Breaking stress on stretching (N/mm2) 60 40 20 0 50.41 91.72 76.

5 18.4 Polyester351.7 based compound 452.2 500 400 300 200 100 0 421. Barcol hardness Type of test: Standard: Instruction: Mould: Temperature: Relative Humidity: N.0 60 58 60 58 Abrasion Resistance Test UNI ISO 9352 Test that determines the resistance of the material to wear.8 Std dev loss of weight 3 8.8 334.3 20.9 15.5 843.9 Taber abrasion (500 cycles) loss of weight in mg 100 200 300 400 500 CYCLES Samples 544.6 0.5 Average wear factor 163.59 10 Barcol 60.1 Std dev loss of weight 4.2 10.9 167 Duralight® 251.9 30.0 58.9 26.° of readings: Type of scale: Point penetration D 2583-2001 D 2583-2001 FLAT 28.8 13.7 544.7 246.0 60.5 1088. and is therefore more resistant to abrasion.4 Std dev wear factor 5.0 Barcol value Duralight® Polyester-based compound Average 60 58 61 58 60 58 60 58 60 58 59 58 61 58 59 58 60. Hardness tests determine the resistance offered by a material against being penetrated by another material.0 57. Duralight® records a lower loss of mass than that of the best polyester-based compound.9 703.5 905.6 26.5 57. D2583-95 Hardness is a value that indicates the plastic deformability of a material.4 21.3 Std dev wear factor 9. After 500 revolutions on 5 10x10mm samples it is measured by the loss of mass.8 421.Surface Hardness (Barcol) test IO10C212.0 59.0 58.1 502.9 16. and is defined as resistance to permanent deformation.3 21.4 13.7 .5 492.8 9.1 10. UNI 4278.5 59.5 673.2 10.0 58.3 Average loss of weight mg 81. CYCLES Samples Average loss of weight mg 139.5 Average wear factor 279.3 100 200 300 400 500 336.5 58.

Duralight® close up: technical sheet and features 2) Durability over time Duralight® is extremely resistant to exposure to heat up to 100°C and to UV rays: so even if it is exposed to natural or artificial light (glass.200h (Xeno test in conditions of humidity) IO10C220.000-1. it will not yellow and will not undergo colour changes. . This method measures irradiation on the surface of the sample comparing the exposure times. etc. In this respect. 41. UNI EN ISO 4892-1 The purpose of this test is to subject the samples to exposure to laboratory light sources in controlled conditions for 1. its performance is absolutely superior to polyester-based compound materials which tend inevitably to yellow over time. near windows.200h. Aging test of products with laboratory light sources for 1.) for a long time. The chromatic variation of the sample subjected to UV is measured with respect to a standard. UV aging Duralight® 6 5 4 DE 3 (aging comparison test 1000h before and after) Polyester-based compound 2 1 0 250 500 750 Aging time (h) 1000 (aging comparison test 1000h before and after) Duralight® Polyester-based compound 40.6.000-1.

of samples: Type of sample: Relative humidity: Observations: CIGARETTE TEST UNI 9241 FLAT 1 170x200 mm 44% Colour change and/or evident burns but not extended over the entire test zone. Polyester-based surfaces on the other hand are porous and therefore more difficult to clean. removable with sponge and bleach Type of test: Standard: Mould: No. hygiene. A non-porous surface also reduces dirt and limescale deposits to a minimum. It can be wiped clean with a soft damp cloth and with most bathroom cleaners. and some detergents can dull their surface. Surface resistance to cigarettes test UNI9241 The effect of a lit cigarette resting on the surface is assessed for the time taken to burn 2 cm of the cigarette. ease of cleaning Duralight® is non-porous and cannot be attacked by mould and bacteria.3) Chemical resistance. It is also stain-resistant and resistant to the majority of acids. of samples: Type of sample: Temperature: Relative humidity: Observations: CIGARETTE TEST UNI 9241 FLAT 1 170x200 mm 23Ð 44% Colour change and/or evident and permanent burns extended over the entire test zone . preferably creams. Duralight® Polyester-based compound Type of test: Standard: Mould: No.

Duralight® close up: technical sheet and features Stain Resistance Test ISO 4586-2:2004 To demonstrate the great resistance of Duralight® to stains. finally.6. . Remove the stain with the solvent indicated by the standard and. clean the surface of the sample with ethanol. special tests were carried out using the procedure indicated by the relevant standard: apply a small quantity of staining agent (2 or 3 drops) at room temperature to the sample surface and cover the resulting stain with a boron silicate watch glass for approximately 16 hours. 43. check the surface for any visible stains. After approximately 1 hour. STAIN CLEANING INSTRUMENT RESULT COFFEE SPONGE + VIAKAL No stain residue HAIR DYE SPONGE + SOAKING WITH BLEACH (held in place for 16h) No stain residue MAKE UP FOUNDATION SPONGE + VIAKAL No stain residue MAKE UP LIPSTICK SPONGE + VIAKAL No stain residue MAKE UP EYE PENCIL SPONGE + VIAKAL No stain residue MAKE UP MASCARA SPONGE + VIAKAL No stain residue NAIL VARNISH SPONGE + VIAKAL No stain residue CIGARETTE SPONGE + SOAKING WITH BLEACH No stain residue 42.

256 MJ Also regarding the production of smoke. analyzes the opacity of the smoke emitted into the atmosphere (NF X10-702-2 1994) and the combustion and pyrolysis gases (NF X70-100 2006).falling drops and/or particles on fire Duralight® recorded the following parameters in relation to its resistance to fire: FIGRA 0. Therefore. During 20 minutes of exposure to the flames. logically speaking. d0. Smoke classification The test.605 W/s FIGRA 0.lateral spread of flame .4) Fire resistance Being a composite material but with a plastic component.production of heat .7 ± 2. if the tip of the flame reaches 150 mm from the point of application . the best in terms of fire resistance. it is however classified in class B.043 m2 Moreover no burning drops and/or particles were found (class d0). Duralight® comes in the best category. s1.any combustion of the filter paper placed under the two samples. the following parameters were noted: .0 kW. the following values were recorded: .production of smoke .Front of the flame < 150 mm within 60 sec . Duralight® comes in Class B – s1. with the following parameters: SMOGRA: TSP 600s: 0. Duralight® was found to belong to Smoke Class f0 (the best in the f0-f2 range set by the standard).Ignition of the filter paper: NO Duralight® is therefore in Class B.any combustion of material. according to the Fire Resistance Classification of construction products (UNI EN 13501-1:2007). . From the tests performed at the Giordano Institute. Duralight® cannot. be considered fireproof. which has the purpose of assigning one of the smoke classes laid down by the NF F16 101 (1988) standard to the material.605 W/s LFS < end of sample THR 600s: 7. Fire resistance classification of construction products UNI EN 13823:2005 Duralight® was subjected to flames obtained from the combustion of propane which delivers heat energy of 30.2 MJ: 47. During the test on Duralight®.4 MJ: 47. Test for the ignitability of construction products subjected to the direct attack of flames according to the UNI EN ISO 11925-2:2005 standard The test monitors two aspects: . with the emission of non-toxic clear fumes.000 m2/s2 14.

In particular. For customers who choose Duralight® with a gloss finish. thanks to the Cold Cure manufacturing process the acrylic can be worked creating surfaces with a gloss and not just a matt finish.5 cm thick. which specialises in research and experimentation for the ceramic industry. where safety must be especially guaranteed. . was tested according to the international standard DIN 51097(92) “SLIP RESISTANCE”: Duralight® comes in the A+B band. therefore. Duralight® close up: technical sheet and features 5) Slip resistance DIN 51097 (92) Every Teuco product lives with water and for water: for us it is vital that the materials used are safe and non-slip. Surface Specular Reflection (Glossy) Test UNI 9149 This test measures the specular reflection of the surfaces by means of a Picogloss. Duralight® was tested at the Bologna Ceramic Centre. The slab of Duralight® 100x50cm. 6) Brilliance and brightness Among the advantages of Duralight®. greater brilliance and brightness. the same as generic shower rooms. 0.49 8 6 4 2 3.6. 45. swimming pools for children. DLI F27 Cold Cure Glossy Test 60° 7. the maximum brightness is assured. bathtub perimeter zones and water access ladders.56 Intensity of the beam reflected at 60° % Polyester-based compound Intensity of the beam reflected at 60° % 0 44. The gloss effect is obtained by pouring the liquid material into a mould with a glossy surface.

. Duralight®: easier to repair than polyester-based surfaces. For circumstances other than those described in this document. Moreover any retouching on polyester surfaces becomes even more obvious. Teuco Duralight® is easy to clean because it is uniform and compact. Vigorous scrubbing may bring out a different colour in the thickness. The instructions provided below are the result of experience gained in the laboratory with respect to the most common circumstances found in the practical use of Duralight® products. be able to solve problems caused by improper use. repairs are more difficult because the colouring is often only superficial and not in the product's mass. which might not. however.Maintenance and cleaning of Teuco Duralight® surfaces. we suggest you seek further information from Teuco Technical Assistance. On polyester-based surfaces.

the abrasive (Scotch-Brite™) sponge supplied (HARD abrasive sponge. strong acids and acetones.with a composition of not more than: 15% sodium alkyl benzene sulfonate. Rinse with hot water and dry with a soft cloth. Restoration of the surface If stains cannot be removed by the above methods.g. Limescale residue Remove limescale deposits with a cloth or sponge. In the event of damage which cannot be repaired using the abrasive (Scotch-Brite™) sponge. Recommended products . using a slightly abrasive detergent.Bathroom sponges (non abrasive) .Gloss surfaces After rubbing down with the abrasive (Scotch-Brite™) sponge. Avoid contact between the material and products with high colouring power such as nail varnish.Matt surfaces Rub down the surface with the abrasive (Scotch-Brite™) sponge making successive circular movements. we suggest. If products of this kind come into contact with the material.. LYSOFORM) . VIAKAL) .Descaling detergents(c) (e.with a composition of not more than: 5% sodium tripolyphosphate. 150 FEPA finish) should be used. using a descaling detergent. or if there are signs of abrasion or superficial notches. 5% phosphoric acid (d) . . 5% alkyl alcohol ethoxylate (c) . Duralight® close up: technical sheet and features Care and maintenance Warning Detergents that contain alcohol.with a composition of not more than: 5% non-ionic surfactants.sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) in concentration of not more than 15% 46.g. self-tanning products etc. 47. Rinse with hot water and dry with a soft cloth. Rinse with hot water and dry with a soft cloth.6. because they could cause permanent stains. the treated surface must be polished with the aid of a polishing paste (polish) and a soft cloth. leaving it to act for a maximum of 8 hours. Take care not to use coloured detergents which could leave pigment residues.g. Colouring substance residues Remove stains with a cloth or sponge. (a) . and oil-based products (hair oil and balsam). CIF) . repeat the operation leaving the descaling detergent to act for a maximum time of 5 min. In the case of persistent deposits. In the case of persistent stains repeat the operation with bleach. 5% alkyldimethylbenzylammonium chloride. Daily cleaning Remove dirt residue with a wet cloth or sponge. Rinse with hot water and dry with a soft cloth. we recommend cleaning the surface immediately with abundant water and detergent in order to avoid the formation of permanent stains. Burns Small burns and nicotine residues can be reduced/removed by working with a cloth or a sponge. contact Teuco Technical Assistance. must not be used to treat the surface of Teuco Duralight®.Bleach(d) Extraordinary cleaning In order to maintain the initial colour of the material. .Soft cotton cloths of a “natural multiuse” type . applying a solution composed of ¾ bleach and ¼ water to the surface. Rinse with hot water and dry with a soft cloth. from time to time. using a slightly abrasive detergent or some bleach.Ammonia-based detergents(a) (e. 5% alkyl alcohol ethoxylate (b) .Slightly abrasive cream-based detergents(b) (e. hair dyes. using a detergent. 5% formic acid. . Do not use cloths or pads with metal wires. preferably dampen the sponge with water.

.p. . The information and characteristics specified in this catalogue do not bind Teuco Guzzini S. which reserves the right to make any changes without prior notice or replacement.The photographic reproduction of the colour shades may not match the actual hue perfectly.A.