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Mr. Ahmed Asif Ejaz Rasool Dar Advanced Research Methods MBAD (1) 13-09-2013

Number 4 (2010) Purpose of Research: This study is conducted to evaluate the suitability of existing business environment in Pakistan for application of Sharia based financing. .com/locate/jwb Purpose of Research: The purpose of this research paper is to tell the importance of the diversity in Asian countries like Japan and Korea. Research Approach Used: The current research is performed with a two research agenda. Abdullah Muhammad Iqbal Source: European Journal of Social Sciences – Volume 15. Eunmi Chang Source: Journal of World Business 44 (2009) 31-40 URL: http://www. qualitative in-depth interviews with HR managers were used to report how companies implemented their diversity management practices. and a quantitative analysis was used to examine the effects of these practices on employee’s commitment. This research paper describes the realities of diversity management practices in Japanese and Korean Companies. and empirically examines how the practices influence employee’s attitude workplace. Type of Research: This is a basic research paper because the authors identify the role of diversity and collects the data to show the importance of diversity management.Research Paper 1 Title: Diversity management and the effects on employees organizational commitment: Evidence from Japan and Korea Authors: Emiko Magoshi.elsevier. Research Paper 2 Title: Islamic Financing and business framework: A Survey Authors: Muhammad Hanif.

4 (Dec. 1. pp. Research Paper 4 Title: Measuring ethical ideology in business ethics: A critical analysis of the ethics position questionnaire Authors: Mark A. collect the data and then interpret the Purpose of Research: The purpose of this research paper is to determine whether persons who report perceived organizational wrongdoing. and Whistle-Blowing Status: A Discriminant Analysis Authors: Marcia Parmer lee Miceli and Janet P. 35-53 URL: http://www. Research Paper 3 Title: The Relationships among Beliefs.Type of Research: This is basic research paper because the authors are getting information Islamic banking. Mark G. Andersen. Vol. . No. Davis.. Vol. 27. Type of Research: This research paper is basic because these findings were not tested.jstor. 2001). pp. Curtis Source: Journal of Business Ethics. Special Issue on Marketing Ethics (Jul. Mary B. 1984). No.500 employees it is predetermined and also they get data from observations. Research Approach Used: The authors use qualitative approach. 687-705 URL: http://www. they design a questionnaire.jstor. differ from other employees as to their beliefs about organizational conditions and their organizational position. Organizational Position. Near Source: The Academy of Management Journal. Research Approach Used: This is quantitative research paper as well as qualitative because authors get survey data from 8.

no of students is given. Research Paper 5 Title: Islamic finance and market segmentation: Implications for the cost of capital Authors: BruceHearn. In this research paper hypothesis are used instead of research questions. RogerStrange Source: International Business Review 21 (2012) 102–113 URL: www. Purpose of Research: This paper considers the impact of full Islamic sharia compliance on developing stock exchanges in their effective provision of development capital. The 55% respondents were male and subject median age was 24 years old. .els evier. Type of Research: This is an applied research because this research was applied on 285 graduate and under graduate business students enrolled in organizational behavior courses at a large public university. 3% American African and 1 percent Hispanic. Research Approach Used: This is qualitative research paper because the authors are assessing the quality of Islamic finance. 14% Asian. it contains 82% Caucasian. Type of Research: This is basic research paper because the authors addresses some questions in this paper. Research Approach Used: This research paper is quantitative because of sample size. Evidence from a unique study focusing on the Sudan telecommunications company and its listings on the Khartoum as well as Arabian Gulf stock exchanges.Purpose of Research: The purpose of this research paper is to measure ethical ideology along two dimensions relativism and idealism.