Not Part of The Plan (by Haley Miller


I smile, glancing down at my book. That’s when reality decides to rear its ugly head. I sigh and tuck my bookmark out of sight. “Actually I can’t.”

He shrugs; his smile a former shadow of itself. “Maybe another time. Can I still get your number? Just so I can recommend more coffee literature of course.”

I stifle my smile. “I’ll just have to do without.” I joke. He gives me this look then, as if he can see through my lie. ‘Stop being paranoid.’ I back up. “Besides I just remembered I’m late for something so later?”

He nods as he grabs his rag. “I’ll be here.” Hearing the defeat in his voice should make this easier. While he doesn’t know it I’m saving him a lot of headaches and stress by giving up now. Why does my heart hurt then as I merely give a lame wave before pushing outside. I stop on the other side of the window. Looking back I see him shake his head with a wry grin before beginning to clean down the station.

I drop my head against the brick with a sigh. I pull my bookmark back out. Where it mocks me. I shove it away and lean back again, catching one more glimpse of what I’ve given up. My phone buzzes in my hand. “Karma you’ve got one cruel sense of humor.” I mumble.

Cursed (by Haley Miller)

"Are you done yet?"

He chuckles, his voice like gravel. "You could help me finish if you're so impatient."

I stiffen but keep my voice flat. "Pass." He chuckles agains, then his exaggarated slurping fills my ears. My gums start burning, teeth aching. "Cut it out." I growl.

His sudden breath at my ear makes me shiver in longing. "Make me."

I step away; my leather jacket scraping against the brick wall. "Just finish." I mutter. My teeth screech as i grind them, fighting the change. The sudden silence makes me uneasy.

He finally gives a satisfied sigh. "I admire your restraint Ami. But you don't need to pretend with me."

I roll my eyes as I shift my weait. "Why is that?"

"Because I saw you in your hayday," I freeze in dread. "and that hunger isn't turned off like a switch."

"Who's pretending?" I ground out. He strolls in front of me, high on his feast. His rune marks have lost their glow and flicker in and out but his eyes still burn an unnatural green.

He chuckles and it grates against my nerves, like salt to an open wound. But his eyes are tight, humorless. "Dol you really think I can't see it?" He leans against the alley wall. I tighten my fists, ignoring the feel of two fingers breaking under the strain. He absently licks the remaining essence from his fingers. "face it honey once an addict always an addict. And no amount of

'good' deeds is going to change that."

"You're wrong." I blurted out. Too late I realized denial was the wrong choice.

He stills as he cocks his head. "Am I?" He holds his arms out, "prove it then. Prove to me how you're so much better than us mere monsters.

I start for the entrance, deciding the information isn't worth all this drama. "Screw you Nate." I regret turning my back when he slams me against the wall. He's panting from the effort though, muscles twitching from the change. Knowing he can no longer take me physically, he uses his one advantage: he breathes out. As the essence invades my senses I'm paralyzed. The uncomparable scent brings all my faded human memories back full force. Not to mention the hunger.

With a smug little grin he backs up. "Thought so." He mutters. But he already made his fatal mistake. Relinquishing my fangs, I slammed him against the wall as an inhuman growl tore free. His eyes widened, pupils dilating, irises losing their ethereal glow. Distantly I realized he was now at war with the mortal instinct of fight or flight.

I gave him a feral grin. "Bad move Nate." He opened his mouth and I took advantage. Barely checking my strength, trying to remember he'd changed, I slammed my mouth on his. Teeth clashed, tongues dueled, and I fought with an embarrassing desperation to inhale every molecule of essence spiked air he released. But I was far too gone to care.

Eternity (by Haley Miller)

The crowd was enraged as he progressed closer. Blood lust ran rampant and I marveled at his choice. Was free will really worth this? Out of the corner of my eye I could see the angels hovering over their charges. Most remained

impassive, but some ranged from disgust to contempt. Though they weren't aimed at humanity nor the savage behavior displayed: they were aimed at him. I pulled my shawl up to hide my face, before slipping to the front.

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