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Lest we forget the negative-impact of ObamaCare, Fitzpatrick delivered a floor-speech during which he noted that the ACA Costing

Hours, Insurance for Bucks Co. Workers; he cited the fact that sesameplaces-parent-company-was cutting-part-time-hours. Well-publicized is the fact that walgreen-joinedin-exodus-of-workers-to-private-exchanges simply by changing the health-care-plan, thereby affecting 160,000 people. Similarly, home-depot-sent-20,000-employees-into-ObamaCare simply by shifting medical coverage for 20K part-time workers to new public marketplace exchanges ahead of new benefits requirements under the U.S. Affordable Care Act; the worlds largest home improvement retail chain announced its move shortly after a similar announcement from Trader Joes Co, a popular privately-held grocery chain. Meanwhile, non-partisan actuaries at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a report that concluded ObamaCare would increase national health spending over the next 10 years by $621 billion, undermining its being the Affordable Care Act. Building on this concern is the claim that the USA must cut $2 trillion over 10 yrs to stabilize debt, as per the CBO, essentially predicting-unsustainable-debt. Thus, some observers have warned that it would be wise to Forget shutdown, for a debt hike is the real problem; What You Need to Know About the Debt Limit has been distilled, while others maintained that defunding ObamaCare would alleviate these concerns [During an interview by FNC's Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Scottie Nell Hughes (News Director, Tea Party News Network)said, "There's NOTHING affordable about the 'Affordable Health Care Act" and Congress and staff should not be getting special ObamaCare exemption benefits that no other American gets.] Into this environment stepped pure partisans, such as lefties who mis-framed the issue when claiming republicans are willing to risk default because they think its more important than Big Government and, specifically, that ted-cruz-strategy-ObamaCare-government-shutdown. They choose not to note that cruz-says-he-will filibuster-to-defund-ObamaCare, that this plan has support of conservatives, and that this may be effectuated on Wednesday after reid files a-cloture-motion on the continuing-resolution. And they fail to note the contingency plan to invite the house-to-pass-military-only-funding-measure: Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said Friday that the House should pass a government funding measure for only the military if the Senate sends back a spending bill that does not defund ObamaCare. [When the government nearly shut down in 2011, Pentagon planners told service members they would remain on the job without pay, while roughly have of Defense Department civilians would be sent home without pay, according to Stars and Stripes. Troops would not be paid, however, until the shutdown.] I hope they respond to the Senate, if Harry Reid does try to force a government shutdown, by passing one continuing resolution (CR) after another funding each specific piece of government, starting off with funding the military, Cruz said on Fox News. He and others have been blanketing the [conservative, mostly] media, elucidating these plans in-detail; Cruz was interviewed by Neil Cavuto, Cruz was interviewed by Andrea Tantaros, sen-mike-lee-was onsean-hannity, Sen. Sessions was noted to have claimed it is Time to 'Defend Working Americans,' and Rep graves was on Heritage. rand-paul-reportedly was willing-to-compromise-on-defunding-ObamaCare and reportedly claimed the republicans were-unlikely-to-succeed-in-ObamaCare-defunding-effort but, later, Rand-Paul claimed the-AP-has-it-wrong [Im-fighting-Obamacare-as-hard-as-I-can.]. [Also, Vitter accused-fellow-lawmakers-of-lying-about-ObamaCare-exemption, as they resurrected his alleged history

of prostitution.] Although Senate-GOP was initially mum on House CR plan, Conservatives asserted Republicans Are 'United' in Move to Defund ObamaCare. Others have weighed-in, such as when dr-ben-carson-went on-the-record [This is a moment that defines courage; the direction of our country is not good, but Lawmakers can prove their backbone by defunding ObamaCare.] and when mark-levin [the great one] delivered an-epic-monologue-on-republicans-being-forced-to-defund-ObamaCare and thus defended Ted Cruz and Mike Lee from attacks by Greg Gutfeld, Dana Perino, and Karl Rove on FNCs The Five. Interlaced through his overall radio presentations, With half his brain tied behind his back just to make it fair, El Rushbo responded to the argument that conservatives should surrender on ObamaCare because it is the law of the land; Rush pointed out that liberals take no issue with undermining other laws of the land [e.g., slavery, the Second Amendment, the Defense of Marriage Act]. After Boehner vowed Were Going to Put ObamaCare Defunding Directly Into the CR, he indeed included-defunding-ObamaCare-in-budget-cr and passed the bill [to avert a shutdown, to keep the government running, but to strip funding from ObamaCare]; yet, the question was raised by some pundits whetheralthough Boehner had Declared WAR on ObamaCarehe would See it Through. Undermining this claim was Boehners remarks after the had House voted to approve the CR that provided funding for the federal government at current levels, and protected the American people from the president's health care law. Nevertheless, from Rep. Ted Yoho and Justin Amash to Tom Graves, many colleagues challenged Speaker Boehner at every turn; Boehners reaction to such criticism of his Leadership was 'I Just Let That S--t Roll Off My Back.' And, emulating the Speakers newfound burst of energy and calm, eric-cantor-defended-the tea-party-against-the wackobird-label, while Stutzman said [on FNC] that "The House Stood Up With the American People and Is Defunding ObamaCare" These shows of unity failed to silence the media, as per this [unreferenced] dispatch: ABC's RICK KLEIN: In the short, mostly charmed Senate career of Ted Cruz, he's gotten his share of blowback from the Republican side. But the battle he provoked yesterday among House Republicans - not just leadership aides, but rank-and-filers who actually agree with him on the policy choices - is something different. Cruz's statement that Senate Democrats "likely" have the votes to preserve ObamaCare funding, coming even before House Republicans take the vote he browbeat them into taking, struck some House members as lecturing from the sidelines. "Do something!" Tweeted Rep. Tim Griffin, R-Ark. "Wave white flag and surrender," went the Tweet from Rep. Sean Duffy, R-Wis. It hints at rivalries and mistrust between the legislative bodies, and also some unease among Republicans about the path Cruz is leading them down. In the high-stakes game of funding for the government, members of Congress are already worrying about who will take the blame when the string is played out. So yes, Cruz is getting his way but not entirely comfortably. Politico appeared to spearhead this effort, choosing to discuss this issue on MSNBCs Morning Joe @ 6:25 a.m. [CRUZ FANS FLAMES OF GOP CIVIL WAR House to pass CR, defund ObamaCare]: Cruz has been the most polarizing within the party, calling out wayward GOP senators in speeches and on talk radio, with his chief of staff even singling out Senate Republicans for joining a 'surrender caucus.' The talk has made Cruz a hero on the right, boosting his stock among conservatives who argue that the party lacks a spine and needs more brass-knuckled leaders. But it has made him a pariah among

many of his colleagues, and that could certainly come back to haunt him should he seek the 2016 nomination. ... The House GOP's outright disdain for their Senate colleagues has never been more pervasive - or pronounced. Speaker John Boehner's (R-Ohio) conference ... is flatly sick of the criticism lobbed at them from their Senate colleagues. And after Cruz said on Wednesday that the Senate probably has the votes to include ObamaCare funding in the stopgap measure, House Republicans believed he was trying to deflect the blame for near-certain failure." Nor did the plan for a Friday vote [hatched on Wednesday] forestall utterances on Thursday by putative POTUS-candidate Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.), who accused Cruz of "carrying out a fraud" on CNN and warned if-cruz-cant-deliver-on-this-defunding-thing-he-should-keep-quiet-from-now-on. Predictably, the media claimed that the GOP civil war was boosting BHO, quoting an allegedly corroborative tweet ["I didn't go to Harvard or Princeton, but I can count"] by Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), subtly mocking Cruz's Ivy League education. Coining a neologism that others quoted thereafter, he said, "The defunding box canyon is a tactic that will fail and weaken our position." Anonymously, members of the House allegedly accused Senate colleagues of caving on push to de-fund ObamaCare and the claim persisted [even after Cruz discussed his strategy candidly] that the ObamaCare Fight Divided the GOP in Congress.