Old Mint “The Granite Lady” San Francisco, California
The Mint was designed by Arthur Mullett is just one of only five National Historic Landmark buildings in San Francisco. The GSA ranks the Mint as the second most important government building in the country for historical and architectural significance. (The Old Executive Building Washington, D.C., also by Arthur Mullett ranked number 1). The 100,000 sq. ft. Classical Revival styled Mint was built in 1874 for two million dollars. By 1880, the Mint was producing 60 percent of U.S. gold and silver coins. It survived the 1906 earthquake and remained in service until the last coin was minted in 1937. The $89.7 million renovation and adaptive reuse project now underway will transform the Mint Into the first U.S. history museum to be built in the 21st Century. When it opens in 2011 Mint will attract an estimated 600,000 visitors annually. The Mint will be one of the first LEED-Certified (probably Silver) National Landmarks in the United States. The five primary uses planned for the building are: 1. San Francisco and Bay Area Museum 2. San Francisco Visitors Information Center 3. American Money Museum 4. Museum Store and several dining and retail venues 5. Event-rental space San Francisco Museum Programming Highlights: 1. 360-degree, multi-media Orientation Program in the Courtyard 2. Interactive vintage press for visitors to personally mint their own coins 3. Four different historic event spaces each with state-of-the-art facilities 4. Barbary Coast GPS Caching Walking Tour 5. History Wiki compiling a comprehensive history of San Francisco NBA is providing complete MEP design services. We are working with other consultants to avoid damage to or visual impact on the historic building elements while incorporating the latest green design technology for the LEED rating. NBA is providing final dynamic analysis of the building envelope using DOE2. Title 24 Energy to exceed energy requirements and design for regenerative power i.e. photovoltaic. NBA is providing plumbing calculations and construction documents for all plumbing systems including plumbing design for water pressure booster pump, and fire pump. A Separate HVAC system will be designed for the enclosed courtyard. Energy management direct digital control for HVAC system will be provided. Electrical power and lighting design include load calculations and location of meter and service points. NBA also designing data, telephone and wireless networking. Special fire protection will be addressable, multiplex type detection. The www.nbaeng.com

alarm system will include pull stations, alarm horns, strobes, water flow annunciation, smoke detection, and fire damper interface capability.


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