CRITIQUE OF A JOURNAL ARTICLE Format  Name of the authors (including affiliations)  Title of the article  Title of journal, volume

and issue number, date, and page numbers Content 1. Thesis  A thesis is a treatise advancing a new point of view resulting from research.  clearly state the thesis 2. Methods  What methods did the author use to investigate the topic?  Were the appropriate methods used?  Did the author's approach to supporting the thesis make sense?  Did the author employ the methods correctly?  Have the procedures been presented in enough detail to enable a reader to duplicate them?  Did you discover any errors in the way the research was conducted? 3. Evidence of thesis support  What evidence did the author present in support of the thesis?  What are the strengths of the evidence?  What are the weaknesses?  How did the author support the thesis? 4. Contribution to the literature  Conduct your own research and include at least five other authors on the subject.  Evaluate the contribution that your selected article makes to a better understanding of the subject. 5. Recommendations  Summarize your evaluation of the article. o Is the title of the article appropriate and clear? o Is the abstract specific, representative of the article, and in the correct form? o Is the purpose of the article made clear in the introduction? o Do you find errors of fact and interpretation?  You can check on this by looking up yourself the references the author cites. o Is all of the discussion relevant?
Prepared by A. R. Caparanga, Ph.D. for ENV304

in the text. or references that are not pertinent. o What underlying assumptions does the author have? o Has the author been objective in his or her discussion of the topic?  Who will benefit from reading this article? o What will the benefit be? o How important and extensive is that benefit?  Clearly state your evaluation of the article in the form of a thesis for your own critique. or omitted? o Are the author’s statements clear?  Challenge ambiguous statements. References Prepared by A.D. o Have any ideas been overemphasized or underemphasized?  Suggest specific revisions. 6. literature?  If the author has included inconsequential references. Suggest that tabular data be interpreted or summarized. for ENV304 . condensed.  Suggest by examples how clarity can be achieved. R. and only pertinent. but do not merely substitute your style for the author’s.o Do you find any content repeated or duplicated? A common fault is repetition in the text of data in tables or figures. Caparanga. not merely repeated. Ph. o Should some sections of the manuscript be expanded. suggest deleting them. o Has the author cited pertinent.

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