• Executive summary • Background • Objective of the Research • Approach to the Problem • Research Design • Field Work/ Data Collection • Data Analysis • Reporting • Appendices

Executive Summary
Lensel Optics Pvt Ltd was founded in 1979 by a technocrat with work experience in U.S.A. In 1982, they received the prestigious Parkhe award from Maharatta Chamber of Commerce for import substitution. Since 1995, their in-house research capability has formal recognition from Government of India (Ministry of Science and Technology). Lensel Optics Pvt Ltd has a 16,000 square feet manufacturing facility with 11 engineers; 54 skilled workers; and 16 staff and managerial personnel. Their office and manufacturing facility are located in the metropolis of Pune, which is situated 160km south east of Mumbai which is the commercial capital of India. They have the only production unit with varied operations in manufacturing facility regarding optics. They also give technical solutions and help to other organizations with their expertise. Together with these things they also have facilities like:

Injection molding of precision plastic lenses (spherical and aspheric), lens holders & casings, complete instrument bodies etc. Precision glass optics workshop manufacturing high precision lenses, prisms, windows, flats, mirrors, graticules etc. Tool room facilities for computerized design and fabrication of molds, die/punches, jigs/fixtures and precision metal components.

• • •

Computerized optics design capability. Vacuum coating plant. Software development cell Systems Integration - complete design, assembly, and testing facilities for producing sophisticated Video Based Magnifiers, as well as Machine Vision.

They manufacture more than 50 products. I have not included low volume and very low cost products are excluded as well as high technicality and complexities of products have also been excluded. I have taken the products of L-104 and L-140 and their variations which are the highly sold products by the company because high value and high volume. Their Technical Support Service includes: • They can meet any requirement you may have in optical elements; subassemblies, as well as custom made optical equipments in plastic as well as glass. They also welcome large as well as small quantities. • • Our highly experienced technical team would be happy to help you solve any problem you may have in optics or opto-electronics. Our technical team will not only help you solve your problems, but might even suggest novel solutions and different ways of meeting your requirements more efficiently or more economically. • We can reverse engineer, prototype and manufacture any non-patented optics that you may have found useful for your application, and supply it to you at the same quality but at a more economical price. The research will be quantitative and also qualitative. The research will be conducted in the electronic city where it will be a combination of Descriptive and Exploratory research where I will gather information regarding Image, Product usage and Distribution as well as Sales for the products of the company. The research will be conducted to know the satisfaction as well as awareness of the products. I will extract the information with the help of questionnaires (mailed or personally interviewed). I will be using certain scaling and projective techniques to know the preference of the products of Lensel Optics Pvt Ltd over others. The questionnaire will consist of average number of questions and the interviews will also be of short period. The sampling population will be from the electronic city itself. Data collected from these resources will be tabulated as per the variability of data.

NOTE: If the respondents of the electronic city don’t respond I will take into account other customers of Pune city only.

Background of the Problem:
Lensel Optics Pvt Ltd together with great manufacturing capacities also has great distribution in Poona and other cities like Mumbai. With its most famous and best selling products like L-104 and L-140 it also gives a option for customized products in these and other ranges. In 2007 due to some reasons like economic conditions and other factors the sales in this city was hindered. So I have decided to research in this city.

Objective of the Research: “To know the satisfaction and awareness of the products (L-104 & L-140) in the electronic city” Hypothesis:
H1: Brand name itself talks about the quality H2: Increase in Technology will lead to switching into other products.

Research Design:
The research will be a combination of Exploratory and Descriptive because the objective is to find out the opinion of the existing customers over the products and also to know about how many people are aware of their products. Because of not getting information fully as perceived by us I will also use certain Projective Techniques to get the desired information. The questionnaires will be short and not that ambiguous so that the respondents who will solve the questionnaire can answer fast because they will be busy in their business. I will also interview certain users and also non-users based on their availability and convenience. The scaling techniques I will be using are certain comparison based like Pared comparison, constant sum

scaling, rank order and also non comparison like likert scale. The sampling population will be taken from the electronic city. The samples will be selected separately for satisfaction and awareness. The sampling for both satisfaction and awareness will be done using probability and non-probability sampling plans. Here further I will use Convenience sampling for those customers who are easily available and will also use Snowballing technique for getting to others who are not aware about the product. In knowing about awareness I would also use Simple Random Sampling where I would randomly select some samples for awareness the electronic city. The sample size will be limited to 100.

Field Work:
The data will be collected personally by me in order to minimize disguised information from people and will personally approach to all the respondents. The customer database from the company will let me get with the people who are the existing customers of the company. Then with the help of these respondents I will get to know the potential respondents for my research for awareness (Snowballing). For those who are ready to fill the questionnaire I will get them the questionnaires for getting information. Certain respondents who are convenient for getting interviewed will be interviewed.

Data Analysis:
The data got from the interviews and questionnaires will be tabulated using simple cross tabulations and then will be represented using certain statistical tools like the pie chart, bar charts, etc.

The collection of data will be reported regularly to the company by me; may be on alternative days. I would also report to the college about my progression in collection of data from the respondents weekly.

The appendices will be consisting of the brochures of L-104 and L-140 and their variations which I shall insert in the Final Research Report.

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